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Officiating » Rule Interpretation » Electronic Relay Takeovers
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Electronic Relay Takeovers

(by Bill Hogan, SNC Rules Coordinator) 

The allowable differential is -.03 seconds for a legal relay takeover. (Omega Swiss Timing)
Therefore, -.04 seconds and above is reason for a DQ if there is no detection of failure in the electronic system block sensors or the touchpads. For Daktronics, there is no allowable tolerance. A differential of -.01 on a relay takeover using Daktronics is a Disqualification. *

Question: Do the Electronics overrule a Turn Judge who is standing over the lane?

Answer: YES. (provided there is no electronic equipment failure)

Interpretation: Just as with Automatic Officiating Equipment at the finish of a race, so too the Electronics shall have precedence in relay-takeovers. (SW 13.1)

* The reliability of Automatic Officiating Equipment is dependent on two electronic devices working in concert with each other, the touchpad indicating the swimmer has touched, and the block sensor indicating the swimmer has left the blocks.
So if the touchpad malfunctions or if there is a “light touch”, the system will be in error and will need to be judged as an “electronics failure”. In such cases, the backup systems (relay takeover judges and backup timing systems) are to be consulted.