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2009-13 Rule Changes

by: Bill Hogan – Swimming Canada Rules Co-ordinator

This “Rule Change Proposal” document applies only to Canadian Swimming rules and not to the FINA international rules, as explained below:

1. General Rules – Canadian General Rules have the indicator CGR. (GR rules are in FINA’s domain and are changed and approved at FINA Congresses only, and are not addressed by us.);

2. Swimming Rules – Canadian Swimming Rules have the indicator CSW. (SW rules are also in FINA’s domain and cannot be changed except at a FINA Congress.);

3. SNC Designated Meet Rules– These rules have the indicator “SNC” (these rules apply to all NC Designated Meets which are usually National meets, Trials, and/or Selection meets).

Part I - General Rules (changes)

CGR To compete in SNC events and CIS events a CIS swimmer shall be registered with SNC in the appropriate registration categories as outlined in the National Registration Policy and Membership Operational Procedures Manual. Similarly, a CIS swimmer who wishes to represent their CIS program and club program concurrently must register in the appropriate registration categories as outlined in the National Registration Policy and Membership Operational Procedures Manual. A swimmer may compete for only their Club or their CIS program (but not both) at a particular competition. All CIS competitors entering SNC sanctioned meets and CIS meets must comply with SNC CIS Registration policies and procedures.

CGR Any competitor who wishes to change club affiliation must do so in accordance with SNC Registration Policy and specifically with the SNC National Transfer Procedure and SNC National Cross Province Swimmer Registration.

CGR A swimmer may wear only one swimsuit in competition, and shall observe all FINA regulations related to swimwear as stated in the FINA By-Laws and Rules.

FINA Swimsuit Regulations

FINA rule GR 5 addresses the use of swimsuits in competition. Two major changes in the swimsuit rules in effect on January 1, 2010 are now clearly stated in two FINA By-Laws, specifically BL 8.2 and BL 8.3 as follows:

BL 8.2 In swimming competitions the competitor must wear only one swimsuit in one or two pieces. No additional items, like armbands or leg bands shall be regarded as parts of a swimsuit.

BL 8.3 From January 1, 2010 swimwear for men shall not extend above the navel nor below the knee, and for women, shall not cover the neck, extend past the shoulder, nor shall extend below knee. All swimsuits shall be made from textile materials. (For Canadian meets, the rule comes into effect immediately, as per Pierre Lafontaine’s directive.)

Part II – Swimming Rules (changes)

SW Where a 10 lane pool is available and equal times are established for the 8th place in the heats of 800m and 1500m Freestyle events, lane 9 will be used with a draw for lane 8 and lane 9. In case of three (3) equal times for 8th place, lane 9 and 0 will be used with a draw for lane 8, 9, and 0.

CSW Seeding procedures and conversion of times information, if conversions are permitted, are to be stated in the Meet Information.

(Applies to local Provincial Meets)

CSW 3.6.2 - HEATS & FINALS: Scratch Deadlines shall be clearly stated in the Meet Information.

TIME-FINAL EVENTS: For individual events or relays that are Time Finals, the Scratch Deadlines shall be clearly stated in the Meet Information.

CSW 3.6.3 - PENALTIES: Penalties for failure by a swimmer to scratch from Preliminaries, Finals, or Time Final events shall be clearly stated in the Meet Information.

SW 7.1 After the start and after each turn, the swimmer may take one arm stroke completely back to the legs during which the swimmer may be submerged. A single butterfly kick is permitted during the first arm stroke, followed by a breaststroke kick.

SW 10.1 All individual races must be held as separate gender events.

SW 10.8 No swimmer shall be permitted to use or wear any device or swimsuit that may aid his/her speed, buoyancy or endurance during a competition (such as webbed gloves, flippers, fins, etc.). Goggles may be worn. Any kind of tape on the body is not permitted unless approved by FINA Sport Medicine Committee.

CSW In Canada, two (2) watches/plungers per lane are permitted and acceptable to record official times. When only two watches/plungers are being used, the arithmetic average to the 1/100 of a second shall be the official time. (see CSW 1.2.1)

CSWAG 1.1.7 In age-group relays, one (1) or two (2) swimmers may be from a younger age group. In such cases, the swimmer(s) may swim in both their own age-group relay as well as in one or more older age-group relays.

Appendix A – SNC Designated Meet Rules (changes)

SNC 2.3.4 Entries shall be received by the Meet Organizing Committee by the entry deadline and shall be sent on official SNC forms signed by a team official, by electronic email format, or by any other format approved in the meet information package. The deadline for upgrading relay entry time shall be at registration.

SNC 3.2 - Preliminaries: (Scratch Deadlines for Individual Events and Relays):

a) For Individual Events and relays having Heats and Finals, the scratch deadline for Preliminaries shall be stated in the Meet Information package. There shall be no further re-seeding for subsequent scratches or “no shows”.

b) Relay ‘Name Changes’ shall be accepted each day up to 30 minutes before the start of the session.

SNC 3.3 - Finals:

a) The Scratch Deadline for Finals shall be 30 minutes following the posting of results after each preliminary event.

b) A swimmer may make a declaration of ‘INTENT TO SCRATCH’ within 30 minutes after the posting of each preliminary event results – the same as the scratch deadline as stated in SNC 3.3 (a) - with the final decision to scratch or not scratch to be reported back to the Clerk of Course within 30 minutes after the completion of the swimmer’s last individual preliminary event of that session. A swimmer failing to return to the Clerk of Course to make a final decision on the intent to scratch from that event in Finals, will be seeded into the final for that event.

SNC 3.4 - Penalties (These penalties apply to Heats and Finals at SNC Designated Meets)

Penalties for Scratches made after the Scratch Deadline shall be:

1. A $50 penalty. This penalty shall apply to all step-downs, no-shows, and unexcused incomplete swims for Heats and Finals. (Such unexcused incomplete swims shall be so determined by the referee).

2. Fines incurred in Preliminaries may be paid immediately, or at the end of the preliminary session. The swimmer in question may swim other events in that preliminary session prior to paying the penalty.

3. Fines incurred in Finals must be paid immediately. The swimmer in question shall not swim subsequent events (current session or other) until the fine has been paid. The swimmer’s team members will not be affected.