Athlete Agreements

Athlete Agreements

Policy Section: Board

Policy Subsection: Business and Risk Management

Policy Title: Athlete Agreements

Policy Statement

Swimming Canada and national team members have written agreements setting out their respective rights and responsibilities.


Swimming Canada understands the essential relationship between itself and its athlete members. This policy is to provide an overview of the legal and ethical principals that shall guide Swimming Canada in the crafting of it’s Athlete Agreements with national team members.

This policy ensures that the agreements accomplish their objectives in a fair and transparent manner using plain language and incorporating the principals of natural justice and procedural fairness.


It is the intention of Swimming Canada to ensure that athletes selected to represent Canada are signatories to an Athlete Agreement that allows them to clearly understand their rights and responsibilities while a member of a national team. The rights and responsibilities contained in the agreements will be derived from mandated obligations from regulatory stakeholders and others.

Body Action
Business and Risk Management Committee Ensure that staff and the membership understand the principles that guide the crafting of the Swimming Canada Athlete Agreements.

Ensure the Athlete Agreements contain all of the rights and responsibilities necessary to fulfill the objectives of Swimming Canada. This must be accomplished, bearing in mind Swimming Canada’s obligations to FINA, Sport Canada, CCES and others.

Ensure that the Athlete Agreements are written in plain language, in both official languages and incorporate principals of natural justice and procedural fairness.


Swimming Canada shall not develop Athlete Agreements inconsistent with the policies, and ethical principals of Swimming Canada and its partner organizations including Sport Canada, the CCES and FINA.


Swimming Canada Policy Manual
Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Guidelines
FINA/Swimming Canada Rule Book

Review and Approval: June 1, 2007