Board Committees Policy

Board Committees Policy

Policy Section:  Board of Directors

Policy Subsection: Policy and Governance

Policy Title: Board Committees

Policy Statement

Policy governance is the belief and practice that the Board of Directors is a governing Board with the ultimate authority and accountability for the results of Swimming Canada. The actions of the Board of Directors are guided by results-oriented policies researched, developed and overseen by Committees established by the Board.


Board Committees are struck to provide evidence based options and advice to the Board to support it in its decision making process.  Care must be taken to ensure Board Committees do not have overlapping areas of purpose with other Board or Operational Committees.

The Committees of the Board are struck to aid the process of governance, not management. Board committees are in place to delve into more detail than the Board itself is able. The committees prepare truly board-level policy issues, but not in areas that have been delegated to staff, so as not to compromise the clear accountability linkage between the Board and the CEO.


The Board of Directors is mandated to strike committees as set out in the By-Laws.

A specific Terms of Reference that outlines the following sections must guide the formation and role of each Committee:

  • Mandate
  • Key Duties
  • Authority
  • Policy Responsibility
  • Composition
  • Term
  • Meetings
  • Resources
  • Objectives/Deliverables
  • Evaluation
  • Reporting

The Board of Directors may be required, from time-to-time, to create adhoc committees to aid the process of  governance.

Body Action
Board of Directors Establishes, and evaluates annually the performance of Board Committees.

Board Committees must not be assigned tasks that oversee, become involved in, or advise management functions.


Swimming Canada General By-laws
Policy: Board of Directors
Policy: Chief Executive Officer

Review and Approval

Reviewed:    August 2010

Approved:     June 1, 2007
October 24, 2008
September 7, 2010

Reviewed & Approved:     November 24, 2017