Swimming Canada Registration Tracking and Results System (RTR) Updates

Swimming Canada Registration Tracking and Results System (RTR) Updates

August 2019

  • Added ability for PSO to see CSCTA invoice amount for Coach invoices.

May 2019

  • Correct Meet Entries Form to allow entries past deadline if meet is not marked as full or closed.

April  2019

  • Added membership types to swimmer export in Registration Report.

March 2019

  • Removed Non-Applicable from the Aboriginal Report.
  • Added additional fields to the Meet Manager Para Report.
  • Changed the Swimmers name in the Time Validation Report to pull the name from the Database, not the entry file.
  • Meet entries can be submitted without selecting a coach for Unattached Clubs (PSO and Masters) that have no registered coaches (select “No Coach Club”).
  • Corrected cross province transfer of Officials.
  • Meet Manager now receives a post meet report via email.
  • Meet List Export now includes Sanction Status, Contact Person and Email Address, Meet Referee and their level of certification.
  • Sanction Request Email now includes more detailed information about the event.

FebruARY 2019

  • Number of lanes and pool configuration no longer need to be selected when requesting sanctions for Open Water events.

January 2019

  • Official recovery for deleted officials added for NSO user.
  • Added fields for Meet exports.
  • Fixed email consent reporting for Swimmer exports.

December 2018

  • Added Receiving COA to list of message recipients for Officials Transfer.
  • Incorrect swimmers showing on para-classification report for Meet Managers.
  • Inactive POAs were receiving emails regarding transfers of Officials in their province.
  • Hearing Impaired report can now be retrieved

November 2018

  • COAs can no longer delete an Official account. Only the POA/PSO has the ability.
  • Added historical lookup feature for Officials.
  • Added ability to send login information for Registered Coaches.
  • Added ability to send login information for Officials in invoice pending status.
  • PSO Coach Requirement option to allow for registration was not working correctly.
  • Fixed pathway for Officials in Ontario reaching Level 3.
  • Some invoices when marked as paid would place Swimmers back in a pending status.

October 2018

  • Expanded information available on the Masters API list.
  • Added Masters Club list to API.
  • Added confirmation field for the password field on a user’s profile.
  • Removed ability for Official to change Club and Region on profile in Ontario.
  • Add prevention for using an email address as a username, this is not allowed.
  • Coaches Requirements automatically clear after expiry date.

September 2018

  • System Shutdown and launch of the 2019 Season.
  • Changes to Para-Classification
  • System now supports Para Classification and Rule Exception information, and has been added to the RTR database. Registrars no longer place the classification code at the end of the last name.
  • The validation process for a classified swimmer’s last name has temporarily been disabled due to the amount of errors that can occur based on mismatched classification data. The system will still validate a classified swimmer for Swimmer ID, DOB, Club and Gender to confirm a match.
  • The swimmers classification code in the final meet management software will be dependent on the name was submitted in the entry file by the club (coach), and not the name in the RTR.
  • Para-Swimmer report has been added to the Entry Management module. This allows Meet Managers to view a list of para-swimmers with their exception codes entered into the chosen meet.
  • Mass upload feature added for COAs & POAs to add multiple officials at once.
  • NCCP Information removed from view in the RTR. Historical data remains. NCCP is used by http://edu.swimming.ca/
  • NCCP Course Calendar removed from view. NCCP is used by http://edu.swimming.ca/
  • Fixed error viewing list of Master’s Coaches from NSO view.

August 2018

  • Added requirement for NCCP # Field.
  • Increase amount of athletes displayed for Masters API.
  • Quebec Officials imported into the system.
  • Added prevention to NCCP # field so that only numeric characters can be entered.
  • Fixed “Send Login” for Officials accounts.
  • Officials certification details for officials from the officials list, the officials sometimes appear twice on the list.
  • Fixed Coach Requirements view on the coach list export.
  • System-wide clean-up of incorrect NCCP numbers.
  • Fixed Send Email to Official function.

July 2018

  • Multiple Changes to the Officials Module:
  • Removed add Deck Evaluation.
  • Added option for Clinic Co-Conducted.
  • Added Swimming Canada National Competitions to the dropdown.
  • Selection Labels for Meet Positions updated.
  • option added to record “On-Deck Evaluation Received.”
  • Separated Sanctioned and Non-Sanctioned events on the deck log.
  • Removed the Para-swimming Officiating section.
  • Removed Classifier section.
  • Changed “National” Label to “Domestic”.
  • Updates to the export of Officials Data

June 2018

  • Primary Server and Redundancy Server Hardware upgraded.
  • Added Summer Clubs into SwimRankings allowed clubs list.
  • PSO coach requirements column to be included for affiliated coaches, so that they can view list of requirements.
  • Affiliated Coaches added to Coaches List export for Club Registrar.
  • Roster Check report updated to be more readable.
  • Meet Upload and Entry Validation speed improvements.
  • Stop compression of single entry download when using the bulk selection tool.

May 2018

  • Officials automatically to be set active status when added (except Ontario).
  • Improvements to Meet Upload processing speed.