Determination of Eligible Candidates

Determination of Eligible Candidates

Policy Section: Board of Policy

Policy Subsection: Governance

Policy Title: Determination of Eligible Candidates

Policy Statement

Candidates for positions on the Board of Swimming Canada are qualified and skilled persons capable of, and committed to, providing effective leadership to Swimming Canada.

The Nomination committee is responsible for conducting a recruitment process that seeks out qualified and skilled persons and promotes an interest in seeking a nomination. The Nominations Committee makes best efforts that no candidate gains office by acclamation.


This policy has been created to provide the authority for the inclusion of nominees from candidacy for election for the Board of Directors, as outlined in Bylaw 4.02, and described below:

Individuals are determined eligible as candidates for the election to the Board of Directors if they are:

  1. More than 18 years of age.
  2. A resident of Canada as defined in the Income Tax Act.
  3. Meet the “Qualifications and Core Competencies” in attachment “A”.

The application of this policy is the responsibility of the Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee must ensure that nominees are qualified and that the election process outlined in section 4.7 and 4.8 of the Articles are followed at every Annual General Meeting.

An appeal from a decision of the Nominating Committee may be brought under the Swimming Canada Appeals Policy.

Body Action
Board of Directors 1.      Appoints a Chair to the Nominations Committee annually, following the Annual General meeting.
2.      Approves members of the nominations Committee, as recommended by the Committee Chair.
Nomination Committee

1.      Create a standardized template and timetable for the presentation of information on all nominated candidates to include biographical information, affiliations and memberships, nominee’s statement and contact information.

2.      Conduct an unbiased recruitment of skilled persons.

3.      Accept, review and present to the Annual General Meeting, all nominations that satisfy the eligibility criteria.

CEO 1.     Provides support to the Nominations Committee in the preparation and distribution of notices, the receipt of nominations and in the recruitment of candidates.
Nominees Notified of Exclusion 1.     Are responsible for the initiation of any appeal of a decision made by the Nominations Committee.

The Nominations Committee cannot present a candidate that is an employee or has an employment contract with Swimming Canada, the Canadian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association, or any Provincial Section. (Employees and contract employees who are employed by a National Training Centre that has a contractual agreement with Swimming Canada shall be deemed to be employees of Swimming Canada.)


Article 4.2 of the Swimming Canada Bylaws.

Review and Approval

Review and Approval:   September 11, 2006
Review:   September 2008

Review and Approval:   March 28, 2009
Review and Approval:   June 26, 2012
Review and Approval:   September 19, 2014

Attachment A

Board Directors shall fulfill all requirements of the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and further, resident of Canada and of legal age. Candidates shall be independent, meaning that once elected they may not hold any elected or employment position with a Category A or B member member or with a National Swim Centre.

In recruiting candidates, the Nominating Committee will have regard to the regional, linguistic and ability diversity of the membership of Swimming Canada, and will strive to achieve gender balance.

Candidates will be recruited based upon their demonstrated ability to contribute significantly to the leadership of Swimming Canada.

The core competencies that ideally will be reflected in the Board are:

  • Swimming background and knowledge as an athlete, coach, official, administrator or volunteer leader;
  • Knowledge of strategic and business planning;
  • Knowledge of human resources management;
  • Knowledge of legal and risk management;
  • Knowledge of business and corporate experience, including expertise in financial management; and
  • Demonstrated leadership skills in non-profit including revenue generation or other endeavours.