Dryland Training

Dryland Training

Weekly Template and General Information

Recommended program for at home training during the pandemic

Include in every week:

  • 5-6 dryland activation sessions (what you would normally do on-deck before swimming)
    • We suggest that you add some swimming specific band work in 3 activation sessions in the week
  • 2 moderate intensity cardio sessions
  • 2 high intensity cardio sessions
  • 2-3 strength sessions
  • Consider adding a video analysis session with your coach

Proposed schedule:

*Warning: this is a general document; please contact your coach, performance link and S&C coach to individualize this training plan for you

You will find examples of training sessions in the shared folder:

Activation sessions

  • Band work videos and progression
  • Example of dryland activation sessions (with and without band work)

Active Release

  • Active self-release techniques, information sheet and videos

Cardio sessions

  • Examples of moderate intensity cardio sessions
  • Examples of high intensity cardio sessions
  • Special note on running progression
  • Rate of perceived exertion (RPE) scale

Strength sessions

  • Equipment recommendations
  • Examples of strength sessions
  • Core stability session