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2015 Canadian Age Group Championships

Live Results
  • Complex PEPS
  • City Quebec City, QC
  • Country Canada
  • Course 50m
  • Team Level National

This meet is designed to give swimmers ages 12 through 18 the opportunity to race against the best athletes in their age group in Canada. The long course meet is held every summer in various cities across Canada.

Meet Information Package – update July 9, 2015

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Aggregate Award Winners aggregatesnoforeign-1.pdf
Combined Team Scoring combinedscoringnoforeign.pdf
Women's Team Scoring womenscoringnoforeign.pdf
Men's Team Scoring menscoringnoforeign.pdf
Meet Results results_orderofpublication.pdf
Open Water Entry List entrylistow.pdf
Open Water Club List ow_clubslist.pdf
Open Water Technical Meeting owe_cagc2015_techpresentation-v.3ct.pdf
Open Water Consent Form 2015_consent_form_open_water_en_final.docx
Updated Psych Sheet - July 26 20150725-cagc-psychsheet-04.pdf
Update Post Tech Meeting changes-post-tech-meeting1.pdf
Meet package 2015 Canadian Age Group Championships