2017 Canadian Junior Championships

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2017 Canadian Junior Championships

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  • Complex Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre/Professor's Lake
  • City Toronto, ON
  • Country Canada
  • Course 50m

This meet is designed to give swimmers ages 13 through 18 the opportunity to race against the best athletes in their age group in Canada. The long course meet is held every summer in various cities across Canada.

Name Resource
Technical meeting presentation - Open Water 2017-cagc-technical-meeting-open-water.pdf
Results and Awards 2017_cjc_final_results-copy.pdf
Finals Heat Sheet- Day 5 2017_cjc_sun-finals_heatsheets.pdf
Prelims Heat Sheet - Day 5 2017_cjc_sun-prelims_heatsheets-1.pdf
Finals Heat Sheet- Day 4 2017_cjc_sat-finals_heatsheets.pdf
Prelims Heat Sheet - Day 4 2017_cjc_sat-prelims_heatsheets-1.pdf
Finals Heat Sheet- Day 3 2017_cjc_fri-finals_heatsheets.pdf
Prelims Heat Sheet - Day 3 2017_cjc_fri-prelims_heatsheet.pdf
Finals Heat Sheet- Day 2 2017_cjc_thu-finals_heatsheet.pdf
Prelims Heat Sheet - Day 2 2017_cjc_thu-prelims_heatsheet.pdf
Finals Heat Sheet- Day 1 2017_cjc_wed-finals_heatsheets.pdf
Prelims Heat Sheet - Day 1 2017_cjc_wed-prelims_heatsheets.pdf
Psych Sheet - updated 25.07.2017 2017_cjc_psych_sheet_2017-07-25.pdf
RaceTek 2017-jr-champs-toronto-rsi-vra-info-signup-sheet-1.pdf
Timelines - updated 21.07.2017 2017_cjc_sessions_2017-07-19.pdf
Psych Sheet - Open Water 2017_cjc_psych_sheet_open_water_2017-07-13.pdf
Open Water Consent Form 2017-consent-form-open-water-en-final-1.docx
Final Relay Rankings 12/07/2017 combined-relay-results-final-12072017.pdf
Officials Form 2017-officials-form-cjc-1.docx
Technical meeting presentation canadian-junior-championships-technical-meeting-presentation-package-final.pdf
Meet package 2017 Canadian Junior Championships