2022 Speedo Canadian Junior and Senior Championships

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2022 Speedo Canadian Junior and Senior Championships

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  • Complex Olympic Park & Olympic Rowing Basin
  • City Montreal, QC
  • Country Canada
  • Course 50m




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Name Resource
Day 8 - Open Water Heat sheets open-water-heat-sheets-1.pdf
2022 Speedo Canadian Junior and Senior_OW_Technical Meeting presentation EN 2022-Speedo-Canadian-Junior-and-Senior_OW_Technical-Meeting-presentation-EN.pdf
Day 7 - Finals Heat sheets finals-day-7.pdf
Day 7 Time Trial Heat sheets day-7-time-trials.pdf
Day 7 Prelim Relay Heat sheets day-7-AM-relays-1.pdf
Day 7 Prelim Heatsheets Day-7-Prelim-Heatsheets.pdf
Day 6 Finals Relay Heat sheets relays-finals-day-6.pdf
Day 6 - Finals Heat sheets Day-6-Finals-Heat-sheets-1.pdf
Day 6 Time Trial Heat sheets day-6-time-trials.pdf
Day 6 Prelim Relay Heat sheets day-6-AM-relays.pdf
Day 6 Preliminary Heat sheets day-6-prelims-heat-sheet.pdf
Day 5 Finals Relay Heat sheets relays-friday-finals.pdf
Day 5 Finals Heatsheets Day-5-Finals-Heatsheets.pdf
Day 5 Time Trials Heatsheets Day-5-Time-Trials-Heatsheets.pdf
Day 5 Prelim Relay Heatsheets Day-5-Prelim-Relay-Heatsheets.pdf
Day 5 Preliminary Heat sheets Day-5-Prelim-Heatsheets.pdf
Day 4 Finals Heat sheets Day-4-Finals-Heat-sheets-2.pdf
time trials day 4 time-trials-day-4.pdf
Day 4 Preliminary Heat sheets Day-4-Preliminary-Heat-sheets-1.pdf
Day 3 Finals Heatsheets Day-3-Finals-Heatsheets.pdf
Day 3 Time Trials Day-3-Time-Trials.pdf
Day 3 Prelim Relay Heatsheets Day-3-Prelim-Relay-Heatsheets.pdf
Day 3 Prelim Heatsheets Day-3-Prelim-Heatsheets.pdf
Day 2 Final Relay Heat Sheets Relay-Heat-Sheets-Day-2-FInals.pdf
Day 2 Finals Heat sheets Day-2-Finals-Heat-sheets-1.pdf
Day 2 TIme Trials time-trials-tuesday.pdf
Day 2 - Preliminary Heat sheets Day-2-Preliminary-Heat-sheets.pdf
Day 1 Finals Heatsheets Day-1-Finals-Heatsheets.pdf
Day 1 Time Trials time-trials-day-1.pdf
Day 1 Prelim Heatsheets Day-1-Prelim-Heatsheets.pdf
2022 Speedo Canadian Junior and Senior_Technical Meeting presentation UPDATE EN 2022-Speedo-Canadian-Junior-and-Senior_Technical-Meeting-presentation-EN-1.pdf
TENTATIVE - SPEEDO Juniors & Seniors Prelims Timelines 7.21.2022 TENTATIVE-SPEEDO-Juniors-Seniors-Prelims-Timelines-7.21.2022.pdf
Coaches Bulletin – Last minute items… -- Bulletin des entraineurs - Information de dernière minute.. Coaches-Bulletin-–-Last-minute-items…-Bulletin-des-entraineurs-Information-de-dernière-minute...pdf
2022 SPEEDO Junior & Senior Champs UNOFFICIAL PsychSheets Updated 07.20.2022 20220720PsychSheetsCJC-CSC.pdf
2022 SPEEDO Junior & Senior Champs Club Lists-07.18.22 CJCCSCclubs20220714.pdf
Olympic Stadium Parking Information sandwich-champ-natation-v4-bilingue.pdf
2022-SPEEDO-Junior-and-Senior-Championships-Trousse-dinformation-MIS-A-JOUR-7.15.2022 2022-SPEEDO-Junior-and-Senior-Championships-Trousse-dinformation-MIS-A-JOUR-7.15.2022.pdf
July 5th Coaches Bulletin -- Bulletin des entraineurs – 5 juillet July-5th-Coaches-Bulletin-Bulletin-des-entraineurs-–-5-juillet-1.pdf
Time-Trial-Process-2022-FINAL Time-Trial-Process-2022-FINAL.pdf
15 June 2022 - Coaches Bulletin -- Bulletin des entraineurs - 15 juin 15-June-2022-Coaches-Bulletin-Bulletin-des-entraineurs-15-juin.pdf
Coaches Bulletin – Update to SPEEDO Junior & Senior Champs - Bulletin des entraineurs - Mise à jour concernant les championnats juniors et séniors SPEEDO Coaches-Bulletin-–-Update-to-SPEEDO-Junior-Senior-Champs-Bulletin-des-entraineurs-Mise-à-jour-concernant-les-championnats-juniors-et-séniors-SPEEDO-.pdf
2022 Canadian Junior and Senior Swimming Championships - Event Schedule_update 2022-Canadian-Junior-and-Senior-Swimming-Championships-Event-Schedule_update-1.pdf