2024 Speedo Western Canadian Championships

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2024 Speedo Western Canadian Championships

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  • Complex Pan Am Pool
  • City Winnipeg, MB
  • Country Canada
  • Course 50m
  • Team Level WPS Competition Approval

The Officials Form is now closed. If you have any questions or need to change your availability please contact Daryle Martin ([email protected])

Name Resource
Day 4 Finals Heat sheets Day-4-Finals-Heat-sheets.pdf
Day 4 Prelim Heat sheets Day-4-Prelim-Heat-sheets.pdf
Relays - Day 3 Finals Relays-Day-3-Finals.pdf
Day 3 Finals Heat sheets Day-3-Finals-Heat-sheets.pdf
Relays - Day 3 Prelims Relays-Day-3-Prelims.pdf
Day 3 Prelim Heat sheets Day-3-Prelim-Heat-sheets.pdf
Relays - Day 2 Finals Relays-Day-2-Finals.pdf
Day 2 Finals Heat sheets Day-2-Finals-Heat-sheets.pdf
Relays - Day 2 Prelims Relays-Day-2-Prelims.pdf
Day 2 Prelim Heat sheets Day-2-Prelim-Heat-sheets-1.pdf
Day 1 Finals Heat sheets Day-1-Finals-heat-sheet.pdf
Day 1 Prelim Heat sheets Day-1-Prelim-Heat-sheets.pdf
2024 Westerns FINALS SCHEDULE 2024-Westerns-FINALS-SCHEDULE.pdf
2024 Westerns Technical Meeting presentation EN 2024-Westerns-Technical-Meeting-presentation-EN.pdf
UNOFFICIAL Westerns Psych Sheets - 3.15.2024 20231113-Western-psychsheet-01.pdf
20240313-Western Preliminary Timelines - DRAFT 20240313-Westerns-sessionreport-preliminaries-01.pdf
20240315-Westerns Teamlist 20240313-Westerns-TeamList-01.pdf
2024 Speedo Western Canadian Championships - Meet Information Package 03.15.2024 2024-Speedo-Western-Canadian-Championships-Meet-Information-Package-03.15.2024-1.pdf