Integrated Support Team

Integrated Support Team

Susan Boegman

Role: Nutrition Lead CSIP

Credentials: Registered Dietitian, BSc. with a final year specialization in sport nutrition.  International Olympic Committee Diploma Sports Nutrition. ISAK Level 1 certified anthropometrist.=

Past experience/How did you get involved with sport?

  • In addition to the High Performance Swim Centre – Victoria, Susan currently provides nutrition expertise to Rowing Canada Aviron Heavy Men’s Program and the Canadian National Rugby Women’s 7’s program
  • In 1992 Susan started her nutrition career working as a nutrition counsellor at the highly specialized Eating Disorders Program in Victoria B.C.
  • In 1994 Susan also began a private practice as a sport nutrition consultant providing both individualized nutrition programs and service to teams such as the men’s national rugby program, under 23 rugby program, Rowing Canada Aviron and Athletics Canada.
  • 8 years ago Susan joined the Canadian Sport Institute family.
  • Susan started her career in sport providing free consultations to varsity team friends at the University of Alberta and the rest as they say is history.

Favorite quote?   I have 2 that I like but often forget to live by! You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take –Wayne Gretzky and You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore –Christopher Columbus.

Where’s the best place you have travelled?  For sport?   Toss-up between London and Barcelona.  For Pleasure? Toss-up between Rural France and South Africa.

Sharleen Hoar

Role: Mental Performance Consultant

Credentials: Ph.D. Sport & Exercise Psychology; Accredited Member of Canadian Sport Psychology Association


  • Sharleen’s first involvement in sport was when her mother enrolled her in skating so she could attend birthday parties at a young age, little did she know this is what lit the fire that turned into a lifelong passion for sport and her future endeavors
  • She was a Junior National team member in Figure Skating
  • Sharleen has been a Mental Performance consultant for almost 20 years working with athletes and performers from different sports and different competitive levels

Quick Facts:

  • Favorite Quote: “Success is about having. Excellence is about being!” Mike Ditka
  • Best place they have travelled: Barbados, WI.  I love that island!

Dr. Steve Keeler

Role: Lead Physician Swimming Canada

Credentials: MD


  • Dr. Keeler is the UANA Medical Commission-Secretary
  • He is the Clinical Faculty UBC Department of Family Medicine
  • Dr. Keeler is a Clinical Instructor for Island Medical Program
  • He has been the team Physician for 2 quads: 2008 & 2012 Olympics

Quick Facts:

  • Favorite Quote: “wash your hands”(makes my job easier)
  • Best place they have travelled: Cycling the Sa Colabra, Mallorca Spain.

Kirsten Barnes

Role: Lead Mental Performance Consultant for Canadian Sport Institute Pacific

Credentials: PhD Sport Psychology


  • Kirsten was a rower on the Canadian National Team and wanted to continue her involvement with sport through Sport Psychology

Quick Facts:

  • Favorite Quote: The path of least resistance leads to the garbage heap of despair (Matt Johnson, The The)
  • Best place they have travelled: Nepal

Dr. Allan Wrigley

Role: IST Director (Swimming Canada)

Credentials: PhD


  • Dr. Wrigley was hired by Dr. Gord Sleivert in 2006 to start-up the Biomechanics and Performance Analysis department for Pacific Sport out of Vancouver
  • For the first few years he worked with a number of different National and Provincial sports, including swimming.
  • He attended the 2010 Vancouver Olympics with theFreestyle Ski Team (Moguls), and then transitioned to work exclusively with swimming full-time.

Quick Facts:

  • Favorite Quote: You can’t use any of my favorite quotes on a public website…
  • Best place they have travelled: Zermatt, Switzerland

Brad Dingey

Role: Swimming Next Gen Coach

Credentials: BEd., National Coaching Institute diploma


  • Brad grew up swimming, although admitting it wasn’t his strong suit, he was taken at how quickly athletes adapted to swimming and the training, and the profound effect that sport had on the rest of participant’s lives. He knew pretty early on that he wanted to maintain his involvement in the sport in some way, which led him to coaching
  • He moved from Montreal to Victoria in 2015 to take over the Next Gen swimming Program

Quick Facts:

  • Favorite Quote: “We don’t buy superstars. We make them.”- le professeur Arsene Wenger
  • Best place they have travelled: Larajasse France

Liz Johnson

Role: Lead Physiologist IST

Credentials: Physiology Lead with CSI Pacific, Physiologist and IST Lead for HPC Vic, MSc., CEP


  • Passion for sport and science started when Liz was a young competitive alpine ski racer and cyclist (primarily mountain biking) before she moved towards the academic side of sport
  • She has been working at Canadian Sport Institute Pacific since 2006 as a physiologist and is now the Physiology Lead and Lead physiologist for SNC
  • Liz has been working with swimming since 2008 and was brought on board by the late Dr. Gord Sleivert, but had no experience with swimming when she started… she just got thrown into the deep end working with head coach Randy Bennett.
  • She supports athletes and coaches through testing and monitoring in the daily training environment and in competition and to carefully monitor all aspects of the athletes’ physical state. Through field testing collaboration with all Integrated Support Team staff we work to ensure swimmers performance is moving forward and closing identified gaps
  • Liz continues to build her knowledge and understanding of the unique physiological requirement of the sport working closely with the coaches and athletes in the DTE and supporting SNC athletes and coaches at multiple international events.

Quick Facts:

  • Favorite Quote: “It is better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.”-Originally Grace Murray Hopper – but was a staple of Gord Sleivert’s
  • Best place they have travelled: Nepal – the Himalayas are incredible and the culture is rich.

Matt Rose

Role: Physiotherapist

Credentials: MScPT, BScKIN, cAFCI


  • Matt has over 20 years experience as a competitive swimmer, including 9 years on the Canadian National Team.
  • Along the way he had a lot of help from lots of IST members and jumped at the opportunity to become a part of the Victoria Center IST back in 2010.

Quick Facts:

  • Favorite Quote: Make it so
  • Best place they have travelled: The west coast of Vancouver Island!