Keltie Duggan

Keltie Duggan

Quick Facts

Category: Swimmer
Name: Keltie Duggan
Club: Edmonton Keyano Swim Club
Coach(es): Dave Johnson


1990 – Gold and Bronze Medals Commonwealth Games, Auckland New Zealand
1989 – Gold Medal Pan Pacific Aquatic Championships, Tokyo, Japan
1988 – Bronze Medal 4X 100 Medley Relay Seoul Korea
1987 – Gold and Silver Medals Pan American Games Indianapolis, USA

Former holder of an 18 year old Canadian record in 50 meter breaststroke,
the second longest standing Canadian short course record at the time it was broken (1990-2008).

Canada's Keltie Duggan competing in the swimming event at the 1988 Olympic games in Seoul. (CP PHOTO/ COA/ Cromby McNeil) Keltie Duggan du Canada participe en natation aux Jeux olympiques de Séoul de 1988. (PC Photo/AOC)

Born in Edmonton in 1970, Keltie Duggan started swimming at 8 years of age as a ‘small fry’ with the Edmonton Keyano Swim Club.

Keltie was an average swimmer for many years but gradually improved with the help of great coaches at the Keyano Swim Club and the support of a single parent, Keith Duggan. In 1985, Keltie qualified for her first Nationals at age 15. Two years later in 1987, Keltie qualified for her first ‘B’ international competition in Sweden, then she went on to win several national and international championships in the 50 and 100 meter breaststroke over the next 6 years.

Among her numerous accomplishments, several highlights include winning gold at the Pan American Games in Indianapolis, USA in 1987; winning gold at the Pan Pacific Championships in Tokyo, Japan in 1989 and winning gold at the Commonwealth Games in Auckland, New Zealand in 1990. These international competitions and podium accomplishments were very important milestones in Keltie’s National Team career spanning from 1987-1993.

Other milestones in Keltie’s career include receiving the Swimming Canada Athlete of the Year Award in 1989-90 and she becoming a finalist in the 100m breaststroke at the 1991 World Aquatic Championships in Perth, Australia.

A student athlete at heart, Keltie was a six time CIAU Champion. She was the winner of University of Alberta’s Female Athlete of the Year (Bakewell trophy) in 1989-90. In 1992-93 Keltie was awarded the Nick Carter Trophy MVP and was the team captain in 1993-94.

While studying at the University of Alberta, Keltie earned five consecutive All Canadian Honours and graduated with a B.A. with Distinction. She was the recipient of the Randy Gregg Athletics Award in 1994, the Peter Lougheed Scholarship in 1992-93, the Petro Canada Olympic Torch Scholarship in 1992, The Universiade ’83 Scholarship in 1991 and the Jimmy Condon Athletic Scholarships in 1989 through 1994.

Keltie really enjoyed coaching and coached age group swimming for the University of Calgary Swim Club for two years (1994-96) with former teammates Chris Bowie and Tom Ponting.

In her spare time, Keltie volunteered for 5 years at the Alberta’s Children’s Hospital from 1994-99. She used this experience to achieve her goal of attending medical school at the University of Calgary in 1996. Also in 1996, Keltie married former U of A swim teammate Peter Graboski and her first child was born after her first year of medical school. Keltie graduated medical school in 2000, completed her residency training in Family Medicine in 2003 and started practicing in Calgary in family medicine and obstetrics. Currently, Keltie practices in acute care as a hospitalist physician. She enjoys family life raising four children: Lucas, Alex, Theo and Katie who are all involved in swimming!