Marketing Philosophy

Marketing Philosophy

Policy Section: Board

Policy Subsection: Business and Risk Management

Policy Title: Marketing Philosophy

Policy Statement

Swimming Canada develops and maintains long term corporate partnerships and relationships that satisfy both the needs of the corporate partners and the strategic needs of Swimming Canada.


Swimming Canada finances its programs through a combination of membership fees, direct funding from Sport Canada, the Canadian Olympic Committee and other non-profit organizations, and revenues from relationships with various corporate sponsorships. This policy addresses Swimming Canada’s responsibility to balance revenue generation with necessary independence from its corporate sponsors, to maintain the Swimming Canada brand image and to prevent the exploitation of swimmers.

This policy will direct the efforts of Swimming Canada to develop long-term corporate relationships that will:

  • increase revenues through sponsorship, event marketing and merchandise sales;
  • reduce costs through value in kind donations;
  • position Swimming Canada as a leading “brand” in the Canadian sport community;
  • increase the number of participants in the sport of swimming;
  • support program development;
  • create cross-promotion opportunities with the Provincial Sections and swimming clubs;
  • create a positive profile for athletes and the sport of swimming;
  • develop long term strategic alliances with corporations that will allow us to market our sport and organization.
  • take into consideration athletic performance and the competitive environment.

The CEO will develop specific goals and objectives and evaluation/measurement criteria for the marketing efforts of Swimming Canada as part of the annual business plan.  The activation of these goals and objectives will be the responsibility of the CEO and Swimming Canada staff.

The results of the marketing activities are reviewed with the Board on a regular basis.

Body Action
Business and Risk Management Committee 1. Review annually the sponsorship policies of Sport Canada and the COC to ensure compliance by the Swimming Canada Marketing Philosophy Policy

1. Align the operations to support the marketing plan and initiatives.

2. Ensure consistency of Swimming Canada plans with Best Practices in the sport community.

3. Maintain long-term positive relationships with corporate partners around Swimming Canada sponsorship and event assets.


Swimming Canada will not develop relationships with corporations in the sport betting, tobacco or liquor industries.

Swimming Canada will not develop corporate relationships with companies that violate the core ethical principles of Swimming Canada

Advertising or promotion involving athletes must adhere to the requirements of all relevant sporting authorities.

Any relationship or sponsorship must not, unreasonably, compromise the athlete performance or the competitive environment.


Athletes Agreement Policy

Review and Approval

Approved:  June 1, 2007

Reviewed:  September 2010

Review Approved:  October 22, 2010