Masters Swimming



Welcome to the 2023-2024 swimming season! Swimming Canada is pleased to launch the season’s first challenge, a 200m kick for time.

Instructions: push start, kick board optional, any stroke. Record your time and submit your results using this form: Submit Individual results for September. Coaches can submit team results by submitting this spreadsheet: Spreadsheet for September team results.

Full instructions about the challenge are available on the first page of the excel form. You will have until October 5th to submit the September results, which will be published on the Swimming Canada website. A draw will take place for the Swimming Canada Store gift cards.

JUNE 2023 challenge results

The results of the June Challenge are now available.

Congratulations to our participation prize winners of a 25$ gift certificate to the Swimming Canada Store.

Heike Beer WRW – White Rock Wave
Linda Stanley Wilson WRW – White Rock Wave
Trevor Scofield WRW – White Rock Wave
Ross Nicholson WRW – White Rock Wave