Nathalie Giguère

Nathalie Giguère

Quick Facts

Category: Swimmer
Name: Nathalie Giguère
Club: Ste-Foy Selecte
Coach(es): Benoit Lebrun


1990 Commonwealth Games, Auckland,
New Zealand, Gold 200m Breaststroke

Canada's Nathalie Giguère competing in the swimming event at the 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona. (CP PHOTO/ COA/Ted Grant) Nathalie Giguère du Canada participe en natation aux Jeux olympiques de Barcelone de 1992. (PC Photo/AOC)

Nathalie Giguère has a very extraordinary swimming career under her belt. Born in Quebec City, Quebec on January 16th, 1973, Nathalie had an early start to the sport of swimming. She first began at the age of 8 and it didn’t take long for her to climb up the ladder, qualifying for Youth Nationals at the age of 11, Senior Nationals at the age of 13 and winning her first National Title in 1989 at only 16 years old. Nathalie continued to make strides through her career as she became a dominant member of the National Team in the 200 Breaststroke for nearly 10 years.Alongside her coach Benoit Lebrun at Rouge et Or Swim Club at Université Laval in Quebec, Nathalie achieved the Canadian National Champion title an impressive 8 times from 1989 to 1996. A member of the 1992 Olympic Games Team in Barcelona, Nathalie came in 6th place in the 200 Breaststroke in front of millions of spectators. Nathalie contributed to the aspiring history of Canadian International swimming when she became a gold medalist. She achieved this victory at the US International Open in Florida in both 1989 and 1990. She also won the gold medal at the World Cup in East-Berlin in February of 1990 and at the 1990 Commonwealth games in Auckland. To add to her collection, she received two well deserved silver medals, one at the Pan Pacific championships in Tokyo of August of 1989 and the other at the World Cup of East Berlin and Bonn, always competing in the Breaststroke events.After Nathalie retired from her inspiring 17 year swimming career; she moved on to complete her university degree with a bachelor in communications, specializing in public relations at the Université Laval. Since then, Nathalie has been organizing and managing special events for numerous companies and is currently working as an events coordinator for cooperate business at a law firm in Montreal. In 2006, Nathalie was selected as a member of the Commonwealth Games Mission Staff. Her international games experiences as an athlete were an asset to Team Canada as she led the Athletes’ services department in the Games’ village.