National Teams

National Teams

Policy Section: Board

Policy Subsection: Program Policy

Policy Title: National Teams

Policy Statement

Swimming Canada will annually recognize National Teams in several categories.


Swimming Canada believes that long-term high performance swimmer development is contingent on the provision of a supported training and competitive environment. Over the course of a calendar year, Swimming Canada selects swimmers to both receive financial and program support, and participate in national training and competitive programs. On occasion, Swimming Canada will select swimmers to represent Canada at international competition. These swimmers must meet specific performance criteria established by Swimming Canada.

It is Swimming Canada‘s intention to identify and support those swimmers whose dedication to swimming and performance results have met the highest standards and name those swimmers to a National Team.


Swimming Canada will prepare annually, objective, performance-based selection criteria for National Teams. Selection criteria will be established and distributed to the swimming community in the year prior to the identified year for selection.

Swimmers will be identified and selected to a National Team for a specified period of time, communicated at the time of selection. Once identified, each swimmer will be notified of the privileges and responsibilities associated with membership on a National Team. Swimming Canada will facilitate access by the swimmer to any available financial and training support.

Selection to a National Team may not guarantee participation in international events.

Any swimmer or coach believing that the selection criteria was not fairly or objectively applied may appeal National Team selection decisions through the Dispute Resolution Policy.

Body Action/Responsibility
CEO 1. Develop annually national teams selection criteria.
2. Communicate to the broad swimming community, the selection criteria in the year prior to application.
3. Identify swimmers successfully meeting the selection criteria.
4. Evaluate the effectiveness of the criteria in contributing to Swimming Canada international performance goals.

CEO may not establish criteria that purposefully exempts a swimmer from selection, or is seen in any way to breach the Swimming Canada Code of Conduct.


Dispute Resolution Policy

Review and Approval

Review and Approval: October 13, 2006
Review and Approval: March 28, 2009