National Training Centres

National Training Centres

Policy Section: Board

Policy Subsection: Program Policy

Policy Title: National Training Centres

Policy Statement

Swimming Canada is committed to providing comprehensive and concentrated opportunities that support the development of Canada’s international swimmers.


The successful preparation of high performance swimmers requires attention to certain fundamental components. Coaches and athletes have described these components as concentrated and expert coaching, specific facilities and equipment of international standards, access to professional support and assistance in sport medicine and science, and financial resources.

Swimming Canada believes that it is through the provision of these fundamental components that Canada’s international swimming performance goals will be reached.  This policy provides the leadership and coordination in the technical areas for the purpose of creating a comprehensive, high performance environment that supports the development of Canada’s international swimmers.


Swimming Canada will undertake responsibility to identify and develop National Training Centre(s) as one part of a planned and coordinated national technical program intended to improve Canada’s international swimming performance.  This responsibility will include the development of technical criteria and the identification of appropriate facilities, expert coaches and eligible athletes.

The CEO will be responsible for the annual planning, implementation and evaluation of the Centre staff and program. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Develop specific technical requirements and selection procedures for National Training Centre(s).
  • Present, for Board approval, eligible sites for National Training Centre(s).
  • Develop, as part of an annual business plan for approval by the Board, a budget and annual goals for the Centre.
  • Recruiting, hiring and supervision of the Head Coaches.
  • The on-going evaluation of the Head Coaches’ competence, performance and integrity.
  • Assessing the Centre’s performance and effectiveness in achieving Swimming Canada international performance goals.
  • Identifying eligible swimmers to participate in Centre activity.
  • Advocacy and liaison with partners (operational and funding) and the Swimming Canada members.
  • Ensuring the Centre(s) maintain sufficient financial resources to function effectively.

The success of National Training Centre(s) is dependent upon the coordination of resources of all concerned at the various jurisdictional levels – Swimming Canada, Provincial Sections, local clubs, facilities and funding partners. Swimming Canada will take the lead responsibility in the coordination of all jurisdictions and partners.

Body Action/Responsibility
Board 1.  Play a positive role in raising awareness and understanding of the need/role of the National Training Centre(s) with Provincial Sections and all member categories.
Program Policy Committee 1.  Ensure that all revisions to Sport Canada’s National Training Centre Policy, Athlete Assistance Policy and National Coaches Policy definitions, criteria and procedures are reflected in the Swimming Canada policy.

1.   Develop technical criteria and requirements for the identification and selection of appropriate sites for National Training Centres.

2.   Provide on-going information to the Swimming Canada membership on Centres and their effectiveness.

3.   Evaluate Centre effectiveness against annual performance goals and Swimming Canada international performance goals.


The CEO should not present a deficit budget for any Centre.


Sport Canada Policy of National Training Centres

Review and Approval

Review and Approval – October 13, 2006