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Martha’s Canadian Drive ready to inspire a new wave of swimmers

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Fresh off her second outing at the Olympic Games, Martha McCabe will begin her 23-day drive across western and central Canada on Tuesday.

The 27-year-old breaststroker will be partnering with Fuelling Women Champions to visit 26 cities spanning from Victoria, B.C., to her hometown of Toronto, Ont.

McCabe, who trained out of the High Performance Centre – Vancouver this past year, will offer in-water stroke clinics and motivational speeches to young swimmers in local swim clubs.

A member of the senior national team since 2009, McCabe has a wealth of experiences to draw upon during her tour. Included in her impressive swimming résumé is her role as co-captain for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, where she finished 23rd in the 200-m breaststroke.

One of her overarching themes deals with overcoming adversity and hardships, insisting that the Olympic journey is anything but easy.

“I want to get across that Olympians are human too, and we all go through rough patches in our careers,” she said. “But that doesn’t mean that good things can’t come out of that, and sometimes you can be more successful than you could have ever imagined.”

Paired with Fuelling Women Champions to endorse healthy living and female participation in sport, McCabe aims to spread positive messages encouraging young athletes to train and compete at their fullest potential. Instilling these ideas in the next generation of Canadian swimmers is important for promoting long-term involvement in a sport environment, all the while learning, growing and having fun.

McCabe starts her drive on Aug. 30 and finishes up on Sept. 21. For more information regarding her tour schedule and clinic options, visit her website at