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Pratt takes two golds in 200-metre freestyle and 100-metre backstroke at RBC Junior Canadian Championships

2018 RBC Canadian Junior Championships –

Winnipeg — Cole Pratt of Cascade Swim Club won two golds in the men’s 14 to 15 200-metre freestyle at 1:53.99 and 100-metre backstroke at 56.72 on the fourth night of the RBC Canadian Junior Championships.

By Liam Harrap

“It went pretty good,” said Pratt.

However, Pratt said going into the race, he wasn’t concerned about getting a “good time.” He just wanted to score points for his team the Cascade Swim Club.

“Going into the 200-metre free, our coaches really just wanted to get points for our team. We weren’t really worried about time. My teammate this morning got disqualified in the 100-metre back. We kind of needed to step-up a bit to get points.”

Pratt said he had some difficulties in the 100-metre backstroke.

“I had a little bit of trouble getting my tempo up in the first 50, but then I finished hard on the back half of that race.”

Tayden De Pol of the Nanaimo Riptide Swim Team came second at 57.47.

While this is Pratt’s first gold of the competition, it’s his third medal overall. He won a silver in the 100-metre butterfly on Wednesday and another silver in the 100-metre freestyle on Thursday.

Pratt is also going to the Junior Pan Pacific Championships next month in Fiji.

The training for that competition is in California.

“We’re just going to wait there and get a little bronzed, so we don’t burn in Fiji,” said Pratt.

While Pratt’s goal may have been to score the most points for his team, Olivia Starzomski said she wanted to get a new personal best time. And she did.

Starzomski won gold in the women’s 15 to 17 200-metre breaststroke at 2:34.40.

“Since this morning I took off a second but I took off another three seconds since my previous time,” said Starzomski.

“It felt really good and I liked it.”

Another impressive finish was by Alicia Arcand of Neptune Natation. She took gold in the women’s 15 to 17 100-metre backstroke at 1:02.92.

“I’m really happy of the result because it’s a best time I think. And also I can work on other things so I can get better. I’m pretty excited about that,” said Arcand.

Arcand said she’s hoping for another successful day tomorrow.

“My goal is to just make the A Final tomorrow and a best time. Maybe.”

Arcand is competing in the 200-metre medley on Sunday.

In another remarkable finish, Justin Konik won the men’s 17 to 18 200-metre at 1:52.69.

“I thought it was pretty good. I could work on the splitting a little bit more. I’m happy with the time,” said Konik.

He is also going to the Junior Pan Pacific Championships.

Some of the relay races at the end of the night were nail-biting-finishes. The Etobicoke Swim Club in the women’s 13 to 14 100-metre freestyle managed to just squeak past the University of Calgary Swim Club for an end time of 3:50.67. The University of Calgary Swim got 3:50.84. The Edmonton Keyano Swim Club came third at 3:55.82.

At the end of the night, the Etobicoke Swimming Club has a strong lead in total points won during the six-day competition at 1203. Cascade Swim Club has 998.5 and Pointe-Claire Swim Club has 971.

The RBC Canadian Junior Championships continue through to Monday at the Winnipeg Pan Am Pool and is being webcast at

For full results from the competition:

Here is a complete list of medal winners from tonight’s action.

Girls 200-m freestyle

  • 13-14

o            Gold: Katrina Bellio, ESWIM

o            Silver: Christey Liang, EKSC

o            Bronze: Camryn Stannard, NRST

  • 15-17

o            Gold: Emma O’Croinin, EKSC

o            Silver: Brooklyn Douthwright, CVAC

o            Bronze: Chantel Jeffrey, ISC

Boys 200-m freestyle

  • 14-16

o            Gold: Cole Pratt, CASC

o            Silver: Ian Friesen, CW

o            Bronze: Joshua Liendo, NYAC

  • 17-18

o            Gold: Justin Konik

o            Silver: Kier Przyswitt

o            Bronze: Raben Dommann

Girls 100-m Backstroke

  • 13-14

o            Gold: Regan Rathwell, GO

o            Silver: Ella Varga, CASC

o            Bronze: Dylan Scholes, OAK

  • 15-17

o            Gold: Alicia Arcand, NN

o            Silver: Haley Klenk, SPART

o            Bronze: Asia Minnes, NN

Boys 100-m Backstroke

  • 14-16

o            Gold: Cole Pratt, CASC

o            Silver: Tayden De Pol, NRST

o            Bronze: Joshua Liendo, NYAC

  • 17-18

o            Gold: Stephen Hou, CASC

o            Silver: Christopher Alexander, LASC

o            Bronze: Graysen Bernard, TSC

Girls 200-m Breaststroke

  • 13-14

o            Gold: Jade Lo, APEX

o            Silver: Simonne Barbeau, NN

o            Bronze: Ashley McMillan, KISU

  • 15-17

o            Gold: Olivia Starzomski, SSAT

o            Silver: Emma Myburgh, ISC

o            Bronze: Tina Guan, CHENA

Boys 200-m Breaststroke

  • 14-16

o            Gold: Jacob Gallant, FAST

o            Silver: Aiden Luykenaar, UCSC

o            Bronze: Colton Milne, NKB

  • 17-18

o            Gold: Gabe Mastromatteo, KSS

o            Silver: Graeme Aylward, MMST

o            Bronze: Apollo Hess, LASC

Boys 1500-m Freestyle

  • 14-16

o            Gold: Alexander Axon, MAC

o            Silver: Eric Brown, PCSC

o            Bronze: Benjamin-Michael Coté, MY

  • 17-18

o            Gold: Raben Dommann, CHENA

o            Silver: Alexander Katelnikoff, CASC

o            Bronze: David Quirie, NKB

Open Womens 4×100-m freestyle relay

  • Gold: Etobicoke Swim Club

o            Caroline Carruthers

o            Xiaoran Mao

o            Elan Daley

o            Hanna Henderson

  • Silver: University of Calgary Swim Club

o            Laura Albers

o            Elizabeth Ling

o            Sarah Corson

o            Hannah Bennett

  • Bronze: Edmonton Keyano Swim Club

o            Christey Liang

o            Teagan Vander Leek

o            Sophia Robertson

o            Emma O’Croinin

Open Mens 4×100-m freestyle relay

  • Gold: Cascade Swim Club

o            Sho Neilson

o            Sebastian Somerset

o            Cole Pratt

o            Alexander Katelnikoff

  • Silver: CAMO

o            Mathieu Ionescoux-Tremblay

o            Akram Alaoui

o            Guillermo Cruz Zuniga

o            Félix David

  • Bronze: University of Calgary Swim Club

o            Paul Latkovic

o            Charles Wang

o            Liam Dennett

o            Nicholas Kennedy