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2022 Pan Pacs deferred to 2026, Canada remains host

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Out of respect for the recent changes to the international sporting calendar due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the four Pan Pacific Charter Nations have agreed to defer the 2022 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships.

Swimming Canada was scheduled to host the championships in summer 2022. With the Commonwealth Games already set for July 27-Aug. 7, 2022, in Birmingham, England, and FINA moving the 2021 World Championships in Fukuoka, Japan, to May 13-29, 2022, organizing a third major championships in that window presented several challenges.

Charter Nations Australia, Canada, Japan and USA agreed to defer the 2022 Pan Pacs to 2026, with Canada remaining the host nation.

“We are looking forward to hosting this event, but in the bigger picture, everyone can benefit from the decision to defer the Pan Pacific Championships by four years,” said Swimming Canada President Cheryl Gibson. “The Pan Pacific Championships will remain a benchmark event in the future. We now look forward to hosting a great event in 2026, welcoming our fellow Charter Nations Australia, Japan and Team USA, as well as other guests from around the world for a celebration of our sport at its best.”

In addition, the 2020 Junior Pan Pacific Championships will not be held and will be deferred to Aug. 24-27, 2022 in Hawaii.

Swimming Canada also notes that FINA has deferred the 2020 World Swimming Championships (25m) in Abu Dhabi to Dec. 13-18, 2021. As such, Canada will look to determine an alternate national team activity for the December 2020 time period, in accordance with health and safety guidelines.