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FINA World Championships (25m): By the Numbers

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Canada had its best ever FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) last month in Abu Dhabi. With the holidays behind us, it’s time to look back at Team Canada’s historic world short-course performance.

Medals for Canada at the 15th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m): 15

Most medals won at a previous FINA World Swimming Championships (25m): 8

Place on the total medal count for the women’s team: 2nd

Place on the gold medal count for the women’s team: 1st

Total gold medal count: 7

Most gold medals won at a previous FINA World Swimming Championships (25m): 2

Swimmers on the team: 12

Swimmers that won a medal: 11

Swimmers who raced in a final: 12

Total number of finals Canadian swimmers competed in: 25

Medals won by Kylie Masse to make her Canada’s most decorated FINA swimmer of all time: 11

Consecutive years that Kylie Masse has medaled at a major international event: 7 (more than any Canadian woman in history)

Medals won by Maggie Mac Neil: 5 (4 gold, 1 silver)

World records: 1 (Maggie Mac Neil, 50-m backstroke)

Total Canadian records broken: 16

National age group records: 1 (Summer McIntosh, 200-m freestyle)

Canadian relay records broken by Kayla Sanchez: 5

Canadian male individual and relay records broken by Joshua Liendo: 4

Average number of Instagram posts per Team Canada swimmer during the FINA World Championships: 2.2

Time difference between Abu Dhabi and Toronto: 9 hours

Average high temperature in Abu Dhabi: 26 Celsius

Length of flight from Toronto to Abu Dhabi: 12 hours, 45 minutes