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Gobeil sets 50-m backstroke national record on Day 3 of the 2022 Canada Games

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ST. CATHARINES, Ontario – The 2022 Canada Games continued Tuesday at the Eleanor Misener Aquatics Centre at Brock University, with 16 champions crowned on Day 3.

A total of 317 swimmers, Para swimmers and special Olympians are competing at this six-day competition which ends on Friday with open water races at the Welland International Flatwater Centre.

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Women’s 100-m backstroke

Gold: Delia Lloyd (Ontario) – 1:04.47

Silver: Natascha Borromeo (British Columbia) – 1:04.62

Bronze: Sienna Rodgers (Alberta) – 1:04.74

Men’s 100-m backstroke

Gold: Thomas Caruso (British Columbia) – 58.66

Silver: Alexandar Lackovic (Ontario) – 58.76

Bronze: Antoine Destang (Ontario) – 1:00.38

Women’s 50-m backstroke (S1-5)/100-m backstroke (S6-14)

Gold: Katie Cosgriffe (Ontario) – 1:13.46

Silver: Breanna White (Alberta) – 1:21.58

Bronze: Ruby Stevens (Ontario) – 1:35.54

Alisson Gobeil broke the Canadian record twice in the 50-m backstroke S5, first posting a time of 57.45 in the preliminaries and then finishing fourth in the finals with a time of 56.90.

Gobeil on breaking the record: “I’m very happy, I wanted to do better in the finals”

Men’s 100-m backstroke (S6-14)

Gold: Cameron Chambers (British Columbia) – 1:08.69

Silver: Jesse Canney (New Brunswick) – 1:09.36

Bronze: Reid Maxwell (Alberta) – 1:17.17

Women’s 100-m backstroke Special Olympics

Gold: Teagen Purvis (Manitoba) – 1:38.61

Silver: Bonnie Jean Shade (British Columbia) – 1:43.24

Bronze: Katie Xu (Ontario) – 1:45.92

Men’s 100-m backstroke Special Olympics

Gold: Connor Bissett (Alberta) – 1:11.36

Silver: Ramon Siytangco (British Columbia) – 1:16.54

Bronze: Thomas Pelley (Newfoundland and Labrador) – 1:18.36

Women’s 400-m freestyle

Gold: Bailey O’Regan (Ontario) – 4:19.03

Silver: Lydia Kilger (Québec) – 4:19.53

Bronze: Maya Bezanson (Ontario) – 4:20.53

Bailey O’Regan on winning: “I just wanted to get my hand on the wall first to score some points for Team Ontario”

Men’s 400-m freestyle

Gold: Aidan Erickson (British Columbia) – 4:03.34

Silver: Timothé Barbeau (Québec) – 4:03.48

Bronze: Eric Dupre (Manitoba) – 4:03.66

Aidan Erickson on winning: “It’s a great feeling. I went first in the prelims and I wanted to match that. I’m super happy”

Women’s 200-m breaststroke

Gold: Julie Brousseau (Ontario) – 2:34.82

Silver: Halle West (Manitoba) – 2:36.76

Bronze: Laila Oravsky (Ontario) – 2:38.66

Men’s 200-m breaststroke

Gold: Cole Tanner (Alberta) – 2:21.32

Silver: Nathan Thomas (Québec) – 2:22.93

Bronze: Justin Jung (British Columbia) – 2:23.39

Women’s 50-m butterfly

Gold: Leilani Fack (British Columbia) – 27.61

Silver: Ashlyn Massey (Québec) – 27.87

Bronze: Jasmine Nicols (Ontario) – 28.12

Men’s 50-m butterfly

Gold: Chris Weeks (Newfoundland and Labrador) – 24.53 – Canada Games record

Silver: Antoine Destang (Ontario) – 25.35

Bronze: Addison Butler (Alberta) – 25.54

Women’s 50-m butterfly (S1-7)/100-m butterfly (S8-14)

Gold: Katie Cosgriffe (Ontario) – 1:10.08

Silver: Breanna White (Alberta) – 1:26.85

Bronze: Hannah Ouellette (Saskatchewan) – 1:00.23

Men’s 50-m butterfly (S1-7)/100-m butterfly (S8-14)

Gold: Hunter Helberg (Alberta) – 1:07.48

Silver: Reid Maxwell (Alberta) – 1:14.69

Bronze: Jesse Canney (New Brunswick) – 1:08.74

Women’s 4×100-m freestyle relay

Gold: Ontario (Julie Brousseau, Taya Hutchison, Maya Bezanson, Laila Oravsky) – 3:50.04

Silver: British Columbia (Julia Strojnowska, Sienna Angove, Maria Saldana Riebeling, Leilani Fack) – 3:51.73

Bronze: Alberta (Matea Gigovic, Dakota Howard, Maxine Clark, Milena Cosic) – 3:53.54

Men’s 4×100-m freestyle relay

Gold: British Columbia (Laon Kim, Peter Huang, Tristan Govier, Bill Dongfang) – 3:30.80

Silver: Québec (Antoine Sauvé, Laurier Lafontaine-Giguère, Timothé Barbeau, Zachary Parisé) – 3:31.96

Bronze: Ontario (Antoine Destang, Alexandar Lackovic, Preston McMann, Jordi Vilchez) – 3:32.39