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Brousseau ties Henderson as most decorated Canada Games athlete

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ST. CATHARINES, Ontario – With 11 medals, Julie Brousseau matches the record for the most medals won at a single Canada Games that was set by Ontario swimmer Hanna Henderson at the 2017 Canada Summer Games.

The pool portion of the 2022 Canada Games came to an end on Thursday with the final 15 gold medals handed out at the Eleanor Misener Aquatics Centre.

A total of 317 swimmers, Para swimmers and special Olympians are competing at this six-day competition which ends on Friday with open water races at the Welland International Flatwater Centre.

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Men’s 1500-m freestyle

Gold: Timothé Barbeau (Québec) – 15:51.52

Silver: Sebastian Gonzalez Barboza (Québec) – 15:59.91

Bronze: Eric Dupre (Manitoba) – 16:03.48

Timothé Barbeau on his race: “Knowing that from the beginning of the race I was first, it gave me confidence”

Barbeau on winning with his teammate: “I’m happy for him and he’s happy for me”

Sebastian Gonzalez Barboza on being on the top of the podium with his teammate: “finishing 1, 2 Québec is the best thing that could happen”

Women’s 50-m backstroke

Gold: Rebecca McGrath (Québec) – 29.91

Silver: Dakota Howard (Alberta) – 30.02

Bronze: Sienna Rodgers (Alberta) – 30.03

Rebecca McGrath on winning: “It’s great winning a medal at Canada Games, especially gold. It’s so nice to represent Québec”

Men’s 50-m backstroke

Gold: Wells Ginzer (Alberta) – 27.06

Silver: Alexandar Lackovic (Ontario) – 27.25

Bronze: Tristan Govier (British Columbia) – 27.45

Women’s 50-m freestyle multi-class

Gold: Katie Gosgriffe (Ontario) – 29.93

Silver: Alisson Gobeil (Québec) – 44.10

Bronze: Breanna White (Alberta) – 32.74

Men’s 50-m freestyle multi-class

Gold: Reid Maxwell (Alberta) – 29.21

Silver: Nathan Luscombe (Newfoundland and Labrador) – 28.22

Bronze: Cameron Chambers (British Columbia) – 28.19

Women’s 50-m freestyle Special Olympics

Gold: Teagen Purvis (Manitoba) – 35.98

Silver: Naomi Leam (Alberta) – 37.52

Bronze: Emma Girard (Québec) – 37.54

Men’s 50-m freestyle Special Olympics

Gold: Connor Bissett (Alberta) – 26.81

Silver: Thomas Pelley (Newfoundland and Labrador) – 28.95

Bronze: Lucas Landry (Québec) – 29.52

Connor on winning his fifth gold medal: “I’m very proud”

Women’s 800-m freestyle

Gold: Bailey O’Regan (Ontario) – 8:54.70

Silver: Maya Bezanson (Ontario) – 8:55.16

Bronze: Lydia Kilger (Québec) – 8:55.36

Bailey O’Regan on her experience at Canada Games: “I didn’t know what to expect going into it, but it has definitely exceeded all expectations”

Women’s 200-m IM

Gold: Julie Brousseau (Ontario) – 2:14.93 – Canada Games record

Silver: Mia West (Manitoba) – 2:17.98

Bronze: Maxine Clark (Alberta) – 2:19.25

Julie Brousseau: “it’s been a pretty long meet but it’s really exciting getting to medal and being on the podium. I’m super happy with the results”

Men’s 200-m IM

Gold: Jordi Vilchez (Ontario) – 2:08.90

Silver: Addison Butler (Alberta) – 2:11.94

Bronze: Nicholas Duncan (Alberta) – 2:12.60

200-m IM (SM5-14)

Gold: Katie Cosgriffe (Ontario) – 2:41.15

Silver: Tatiana Nault (Québec) – 3:36.67

Bronze: Alisson Gobeil (Québec) – 4:53.18

Katie Cosgriffe on her experience at the games: “The atmosphere of being with a team and supporting each other through all the races is something that I will carry with me for the rest of life”

Men’s 200-m IM (SM5-14)

Gold: Jesse Canney (New Brunswick) – 2:30.73

Silver: Hunter Helberg (Alberta) – 2:40.84

Bronze: Cameron Chambers (British Columbia) – 2:35.24

Women’s 50-m freestyle

Gold: Dakota Howard (Alberta) – 26.28

Silver: Leilani Fack (British Columbia) – 26.60

Bronze: Julie Brousseau (Ontario) – 26.67

Men’s 50-m freestyle

Gold: Laon Kim (British Columbia) – 24.04

Silver: Chris Weeks (Newfoundland and Labrador) – 24.07

Bronze: Preston McMann (Ontario) – 24.51

Mixed 4×100-m freestyle relay

Gold: Alberta (Addison Butler, Maxine Clark, Dakota Howard, Wells Ginzer) – 3:38.47

Silver: British Columbia (Bill Dungfang, Leilani Fack, Sienna Angove, Laon Kim) – 3:39.73

Bronze: Ontario (Jordi Vilchez, Preston McMann, Julie Brousseau, Laila Oravsky) – 3:40.17