Official Languages

Official Languages

Policy Section:  Board

Policy Subsection:  Business and Risk Management

Policy Title: Official Languages

Policy Statement

Swimming Canada is committed to the promotion and use of the two official languages of Canada in the delivery of its services. Persons (member of Swimming Canada or of the general public) wishing to communicate with Swimming Canada must feel free to do so in the person’s preferred official language.


The Swimming Canada official languages policy is founded on the belief and respect for the linguistic rights of members of the Swimming Canada.  In keeping with that belief, the purpose and application of the Official Languages Policy is consistent with spirit and intent of both the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) and the Official Languages Act (1988). 


In both the governance of Swimming Canada and the conduct of its business, members of the Swimming Canada must have the opportunity to be served in the language choice.  To that end, the Board of Directors, staff and volunteer committees must have the capability to meet the needs of members in both official languages.

Because it values its employees and respects their linguistic rights, Swimming Canada shall encourage employees to work in the official language of their choice. 

When programs, communications, or contributions are provided to members of the Swimming Canada of both official language communities, the delivery of services shall be in both official languages, in accordance with the spirit of the Official Languages Act.

This policy also applies to Swimming Canada partners when they are doing business with Swimming Canada. These partners include but are not limited to the National Centre(s), sponsors, suppliers, licensees and event organizing committees.

With the exception of the participation in activities and the delivery of services where linguistic capacity require a capability in both official languages, no Swimming Canada member or employee shall have his or her opportunities for participation or advancement adversely affected.

Body Action
Board of Directors Ensure that all governance documents and services are provided in both official languages.

Ensure operational compliance with Official Languages Policy as consistent with the official language clause in the contribution agreement with Sport Canada.Prepare and maintain an Operational Policy outlining its application and procedures.

Ensure the application of this policy to Swimming Canada partners (see above) when they are doing business with Swimming Canada.


Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 1982

Official Languages Act (OLA), 1988 – the Treasury Board Manual, Official Languages Component, Part I

The official languages clause(s) in the contribution agreement to which Swimming Canada is a signatory, along with Sport Canada.

Review and Approval – October 13, 2006