Policy Section: Board
Policy Subsection: Sport Development
Policy Title: Officiating

Policy Statement

Swimming Canada sanctioned competitions are officiated by trained volunteers who interpret and apply the International rules of swimming consistently in all parts of the country, in a fair and unbiased manner. Once a competition is sanctioned, Swimming Canada officials provide the best possible competitive environment at all levels of athlete development.


Swimming Canada recognizes the role of volunteer officials and that continuous development of officials, from the club level to the international level, is essential to the provision of competently officiated competitions in support of the goals of Swimming Canada. At all sanctioned competitions, Swimming Canada officials provide a fair and positive competitive opportunity for swimmers in all disciplines and stages of development.


Swimming Canada recognizes the integral role of the Provincial Section Members in the preparation and advancement of certified officials in Canada. Swimming Canada also recognizes the tireless contributions of the volunteers in swimming that provide countless hours of officiating and competition management support for swimmers in all disciplines and at all levels and stages of development. Without these efforts, the sport of swimming would not meet the goals of the Programs at the Provincial or National level.

To maintain the highest quality of officiating and a consistent competitive experience for swimmers, Swimming Canada develops and maintains the National curriculum content and experience requirements for advancement in all officiating positions in Canada. The content and requirements are based on the FINA International and Domestic Rules of Swimming. The FINA Rules are received each quadrennial through the FINA Swimming Technical Committee. Through the curriculum, Swimming Canada illustrates and communicates a clear Officials Development strategy.

The Provincial Section Members deliver the National Certification curriculum that, in a supported, planned and evaluated method, advances officials from the Club to the National level. Swimming Canada manages a supported strategy and structured mentoring program to advance senior National Level officials (referees and starters) and to promote senior officials from the National to International level.

To facilitate the recognition, development and advancement of officials, Swimming Canada will maintain a National Registry of accredited/certified officials in all positions, in all disciplines and levels of development.

Swimming Canada ensures the respectful treatment of officials at all levels by swimmers, coaches, spectators and Provincial Sections. To protect officials, the development of swimmers, Provincial Section Members and Swimming Canada, officiating is directed by a signed Code of Conduct and Professionalism that supports the development of swimmers in all disciplines and at all levels and stages of development.

Body Action
Board- Sport Development Committee Ensure that all policies of the Board related to competition and officiating are aligned with the long-term athlete development strategy.
Conduct an evaluation of the progress of the strategic milestones/goals/programs of Officiating
CEO Delegates the officiating initiatives to an appropriate Operational structure
Communicates a strong position concerning the role and effective implementation of standards in officiating in the long term development of swimmers.
Develops a registry, reporting and evaluation system that regularly monitors the effectiveness of national and international development of officials
Develops and continually evolves the overall communication and consultation strategy to lead change among the clubs, Provincial Section Members and Swimming Canada concerning the officiating initiatives

In that the control to grant sanctions is held by Swimming Canada and is provided to the Provincial Section Member under the by-law of Swimming Canada, Swimming Canada reserves the right to authorize sanction authority to a Provincial Section Member contingent on the planned and evaluated development of officials consistent with the National Standards.

Review and Approval

Approved: July 14, 2014 by the Board