Policy Review Policy

Policy Review Policy

Policy Section: Board of Directors

Policy Subsection: Policy and Governance

Policy Title: Policy Review

Policy Statement

The Board of Swimming Canada is responsible for clearly defined, contemporary organizational policies as the foundation of good governance.


Policies come in many forms and serve many purposes.  They may be organizational in nature – focusing the Board and the CEO on their responsibilities. They may also be operational – focusing the CEO and staff on their responsibilities.

In general, the organizational policies of Swimming Canada:

  • Express the values and the philosophies of the organization;
  • Outline the results expected for various constituencies;
  • Provide direction and suggest means of getting there;
  • Serves as a guideline for carrying out action; and
  • Govern the course of action for a program or an organization.

It is critical, for good governance, to continually review the organization’s policies (both Board and Operations); ensure consistency, compliance and that the policies reflect the strategic direction of Swimming Canada as well as contemporary beliefs, regulations and practices.


The Board of Directors (Board) approves organizational policies intended to guide the working responsibilities of the Board and the operations of the Swimming Canada.  These policies have been assigned to Board committees for monitoring and research.

Each Board committee receives annually the Swimming Canada business plans from the CEO and has the mandate to advise the Board on its oversight responsibility related to organizational policy.  The Board Committees have the authority to research, recommend action and prepare policy for Board consideration.

The policies of Swimming Canada be reviewed bi-annually.  Only the Board of Swimming Canada can approve organization policy.

Body Action
Board of Directors

1.  Review and recommend changes to the General By-Laws of Swimming Canada.

2. Assume full responsibility for the policies establishing the direction of Swimming Canada – strategic purpose and values.

3.   Approve policy.

Board Committees

1.   Advise the Board in fulfilling its policy oversight responsibilities relating to the committee’s mandated area.

2.   Research policy and governance issues and then propose action in the form of recommendations to the Board for approval.

CEO Recommend areas of policy need.
Review and Approval
Approval: October 13, 2006
Review and Approval: October 24, 2008
Review and Approval: April 12, 2011

Reviewed:                      November 8, 2017
Approved:                      November 24, 2017