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CanadaLong Course
Men, Open50m Freestyle LapsSeason 2018
Last Changed
Pos.AthletesYoBClubTimeDateCity (Nation)
1LOGINOV Oleksandr1992Toronto Swim ClubEtobicoke
2GAZIEV Ruslan1999Markham Aquatic ClubEtobicoke
3FAZEKAS Ethan1999Windsor Aquatic ClubEtobicoke
4BOGUSKI Daniel2002St. James SealsSaskatoon
5BAKER Justin2001North York Aquatic ClubEtobicoke
6BOUGIE Spencer1994Pointe-Claire Swim ClubPointe-Claire
7NI Brian2000Island Swimming ClubVictoria
8BROWN Taila2000North York Aquatic ClubEtobicoke
9GRAMATKE Adrian2000Cascade Swim ClubCalgary
9CHIRAKORN Parry1999University Of Calgary Swim ClubCalgary
11INTAS Dominykas1999Ramac Aquatic ClubEtobicoke
12DIXON Keith1997Manta Swim ClubSaskatoon
13PRATT Alexander2000Cascade Swim ClubCalgary
14PRATT Cole2002Cascade Swim ClubCalgary
15FULLUM-HUOT Edouard2002Neptune NatationQuebec
16GRIFFITH Samuel2001North York Aquatic ClubEtobicoke
17SHI Simon1997Mississauga Aquatic ClubEtobicoke
18LATKOVIC Paul1999University Of Calgary Swim ClubCalgary
19TONG Eric2002Markham Aquatic ClubEtobicoke
20COTE-FOREST Ismael2001C.N. Region de QuebecQuebec
21WALL Tyler2001Kisu Swim ClubVictoria
22LI Zixuan1998Club Warrior Swimmers@UWWindsor
23FREUND Joshua2000La Swim ClubLethbridge
24FAUTEUX Nicholas2001Mississauga Aquatic ClubEtobicoke
25BRACHO Canek2001Club Warrior Swimmers@UWPointe-Claire