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CanadaLong Course
Men, OpenTop TimesSeason 2019
Last Changed
IndividualsAthletesYoBClubTimeDateCity (Nation)
50m FreestyleKISIL Yuri1995Whitby DolphinsToronto
100m FreestyleTHORMEYER Markus1997University Of British ColumbiaVancouver
200m FreestyleTHORMEYER Markus1997UBC Thunderbird Swim ClubToronto
400m FreestyleJOHANSSON Victor1998Unattached CanadaToronto
800m FreestyleJOHANSSON Victor1998Unattached CanadaToronto
1500m FreestyleBROTHERS Peter1996University Of Calgary Swim ClubToronto
50m BackstrokeTHORMEYER Markus1997UBC Thunderbird Swim ClubVancouver
100m BackstrokeTHORMEYER Markus1997UBC Thunderbird Swim ClubToronto
200m BackstrokeTHORMEYER Markus1997UBC Thunderbird Swim ClubToronto
50m BreaststrokeMILANOVICH Alexander2002Etobicoke Swim ClubToronto
100m BreaststrokeFUNK Richard1992Toronto Swim ClubToronto
200m BreaststrokeDERGOUSOFF James1996Chena Swim ClubToronto
50m ButterflyPISANI William1997Unattached CanadaToronto
100m ButterflyLIENDO Joshua2002North York Aquatic ClubQuebec
200m ButterflyDARRAGH Mack1993Oakville Aquatic ClubToronto
200m MedleyKNOX Finlay2001Okotoks Mavericks Swim ClubToronto
400m MedleyCOTE Tristan1995University Of Calgary Swim ClubToronto
LapsAthletesYoBClubTimeDateCity (Nation)
50m Freestyle LapsAYOUBI Mehdi1998Club Aquatique MontrealMontreal
100m Freestyle LapsTHORMEYER Markus1997University Of British ColumbiaVancouver
200m Freestyle LapsTHORMEYER Markus1997University Of British ColumbiaVancouver
50m Breaststroke LapsMILANOVICH Alexander2002Etobicoke Swim ClubEtobicoke
100m Breaststroke LapsWALL Eli1995Toronto Swim ClubNapoli (ITA)
50m Butterfly LapsPRATT Cole2002Cascade Swim ClubCalgary
100m Butterfly LapsBINNEMA Josiah1997University Of British ColumbiaVancouver
Club RelaysAthletesClubTimeDateCity (Nation)
4 × 50m FreestyleBERNARD-LALONDE A., IONESCOUX-TREMBLAY M., CRUZ ZUNIGA G., AYOUBI M.Club Aquatique MontrealMontreal
4 × 100m FreestylePRATT A., BINNEMA J., THERRIEN A., THORMEYER M.University Of British ColumbiaVancouver
4 × 200m FreestylePRATT A., THORMEYER M., BINNEMA J., YOUNG B.University Of British ColumbiaVancouver
4 × 50m MedleyBERNARD G., HUANG O., HAVLIK D., LOGINOV O.Toronto Swim ClubToronto
4 × 100m MedleyTHORMEYER M., LEFRANC J., BINNEMA J., PRATT A.University Of British ColumbiaVancouver