Circle of Excellence

Swimming Canada’s Circle of Excellence

The greatest Canadian swimmers of all time are recognized for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the sport of swimming through Swimming Canada’s Circle of Excellence.

In order to be considered for nomination, a swimmer must have achieved: a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games or Short Course World championships or; a gold, silver or bronze medal at the Olympics or Long Course World Championships. A Para swimmer must have achieved three individual gold medals at the Paralympic Games (1988 or prior), two individual gold medals at the Paralympic Games (1992-2004), or one individual gold medal at the Paralympic Games (2008 or later).

New inductees will be honoured at special ceremonies throughout the years at various Swimming Canada domestic competitions.

Ron Jacks 2022
Pamela Rai 2022
Walter Wu 2022
Ryan Cochrane 2017
Stephanie Dixon 2016
Marcel Gery 2015
Stephen Clarke 2015
Andrew Haley 2015
Donna-Marie Gurr 2013
Joanne (Mucz) Vergara 2012
Graham Smith 2012
Wendy Quirk 2012
Becky Smith 2012
Tim McIsaac 2012
Josée Lake 2012
Ralph Hutton 2011
Mike West 2011
Jessica Sloan 2011
Marion Lay 2010
Marilyn Corson 2010
Bruce Robertson 2010
Michael Edgson 2009
Cheryl Gibson 2009
Elaine Tanner 2009
Greg Streppel 2009
Alex Baumann 2008
Kelly Stefanyshyn 2008
Leslie Cliff 2007
Jane Kerr 2006
Sandy Goss 2006
Anne Jardin 2006
Anne Gagnon 2005
Nathalie Giguère 2005
George Hodgson 2005
Richard Pound 2005
Mark Tewksbury 2004
Anne Ottenbrite 2004
Lori Melien 2003
Keltie Duggan 2003
Andrea Nugent 2003
Tom Ponting 2003
Cam Henning 2003
Curtis Myden 2002
Victor Davis 2001
Ron Jacks 2022
Randy Bennett 2018
Howard Firby 2011
George Gate 2008
Dr. Jeno Tihanyi 2007
Deryk Snelling 2007
Clifford Barry 2007
Paul Meronen 2007
Edgar Théôret 2008
G.L “Flip” Filippelli 2008