Clifford Barry Follow your Heart Excellence Project

The Clifford Barry Follow your Heart Excellence Project (the Fund) is established to remember Cliff’s extraordinary legacy of coaching reaching the highest level of sporting achievement. His contribution to Canadian swimming and his values based approach for leadership and mentorship was exceptional. Encouraging Canadian coaches to pursue excellence in coaching as a long term profession, the Clifford Barry Project will recognize the coach who demonstrates the love and passion for the sport and profession with an emphasis on Club development from grassroots to national and international competition.

Cliff’s Follow your Heart principles will serve as the foundation for the development plan and the criteria for the award. Three key areas of development: 1) Coaching Philosophy   2) Character   3) Skills

Proceeds from the Fund will provide support for the education development and financial reward to continue their professional development.

Name Resource
Cliff Barry Follow Your Heart Fund Application Form v2023 Cliff-Barry-Follow-Your-Heart-Fund-Application-Form-v2023-1.pdf
TOR Clifford Barry final TOR-Clifford-Barry-final.pdf