Funding Programs

2021 Para Swimming CAN-AM Female Coach Development Scholarship

As Swimming Canada strives to fulfill its mission to pursue excellence across all levels of the sport and the organization, a strategic aim is to enhance the development of coaches who are knowledgeable about Para swimming and are able to grow, lead, and support Para swimming programs. Within this, we seek to accelerate the development and provide exclusive learning opportunities for female coaches.

2019 International High Performance Para Swimming Reward Program

This is program was first introduced in 2017.  The Para-swimming Reward Programs will make payouts based on international performances at the senior paralympic program event.  In 2019 this event will be the 2019 Worlds Para Swimming Allianz Championships, September 9 to 15, in London, UK.

2017-2020 Speedo Canada Medal Bonus Program – Paralympic

Speedo Canada, in partnership with Swimming Canada, introduced the Speedo Medal Bonus Program at the beginning of the 2008.  The program has been renewed in April 2017 and extends through  to 2020 and includes performances at the 2017 and 2019 World Para Swimming Championships and  the 2020 Paralympic Games.

Name Resource
2021 CanAms Female Coach Scholarship 2021-CanAms-Female-Coach-Scholarship.pdf
2019 Swimming Canada - Para Swimming Int Reward Program EN 2019-Swimming-Canada-Para-Swimming-Int-Reward-Program-EN.pdf
Speedo Medal Bonus Program 2022-2028 - Paralympic program Speedo-Medal-Bonus-Program-2022-2028-Paralympic-program-2022-03-29.pdf