Para-swimming Select Coaches Group

As Swimming Canada works towards its mission of being amongst the world leading swimming nations by 2020, one strategic aim is to enhance the development of a sustainable stream of world leading High Performance Coaches. To that end, Swimming Canada has developed the Select Coaches Group that will be an annual professional development program for developing High Performance Coaches in Canada.

Call for Application (PDF Download) Date Published Successful Candidates
2019-2020 Season June 7, 2019 Ryan Allen (CNBO), Rachelle Campbell (OTTSC), Breah Dunn (TYEE), Nicolas Perron (UL), Vicki Keith (KYPS)
2018-2019 Season May 31, 2018  Breah Dunn (TYEE), Johanne GIrardin (UL) & Kendra Papple (GMAC)