ID Team Female 20182018 National Team Development Program “ID Team” criteria

The Swimming Canada National Team Development Program focuses on the identification and development of talent for the purpose of progression to the Senior National Team and International podium success. ID Teams are determined by long course performances only for the purposes of recognition, reward and potential programming opportunities

Target Groups:
Four Age Categories will be recognized for each gender.

As of December 31st, 2018:

Female 16 years (2002) Male 17 years (2001)
15 years (2003) 16 years (2002)
14 years (2004) 15 years (2003)
13 years (2005) 14 years (2004)

The following points describe the procedures and conditions wherein “ID” Teams are determined:

• Swimming Canada ID Teams will be named based only on Long Course performances
• Swimmers will be ranked according to the Swimming Canada National Development Program times

1. Prime Selection
ID Teams will be named in May based on LC performances achieved during the Spring peak performance window – March – April 2018.

2. Team additions
Swimmers will be added to the ID Teams based on LC performances achieved during the Summer peak performance window – July-August 2018.

NOTE – Being named to an “ID Team” does not automatically qualify a swimmer for selected National Team Development Program initiatives.

Relay Selection:
An 8 member Relay Pool will be named for Male and for Female 100 and 200 Freestylers. The pool will consist of the top 8 male swimmers and top 8 female swimmers in the 100 and 200 Freestyle from all age categories in the ID Team Target age range.

Name Resource
ID Teams Times id-team-times.pdf
2018 Female ID Team ID-Team-Female-2018-june-25-update.pdf
2018 Male ID Team ID-Team-Male-2018.pdf