Senior Teams Selection Criteria

Team or National Activity Staff: When appointed as a Staff member with a National Team or High Performance Center camp, activity or competition, Staff are required to have met specific requirements. The National Activity Staff Requirements (PDF): provides an outline of the requirements.

2021 Update: The Swimming Canada Selection Committee has invoked the Unexpected Circumstances clause of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Pool Swimming and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Marathon Swimming nomination criteria.

Within the criteria approved July 6, 2020, the Unexpected Circumstances clause allows the Swimming Canada Selection Committee to determine if unexpected or unusual circumstances have arisen during the process of applying these Criteria and have the full and absolute discretion to resolve the matter as it sees fit, taking into account factors and circumstances that it deems relevant. Any such exercise of discretion shall be subject to the Canadian administrative law principles of fairness.

Name Resource
PROCESS to NOMINATE Tokyo 2020 Olympic Team Pool Events-approved19May2021 PROCESS-to-NOMINATE-Tokyo-2020-Olympic-Team-Pool-Events-approved19May2021.pdf
2021 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Pool Swimming INP-FINAL_21MAY2021 2021-Tokyo-2020-Olympic-Games-Pool-Swimming-INP-FINAL_21MAY2021.pdf
2021 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Open Water Swimming INP-FINAL_6July2020 2021-Tokyo-2020-Olympic-Games-Open-Water-Swimming-INP-FINAL_6July2020.pdf
2021 FINA World Championships 25m_revised19May2021 2021-FINA-World-Championships-25m_revised19May2021.pdf