Policy Section: Board

Policy Subsection: Program Policy

Policy Title: Selection

Policy Statement

Swimming Canada selects swimmers, coaches, managers and support staff to represent Canada in a fair, open and timely manner in order to maximize the individual performance of each swimmer.


Each year, Swimming Canada selects swimmers, coaches, managers and support staff to participate in training camps, represent Canada at international competition and/or be members of the National Team.

Selection Committees, reporting to the CEO are formed each year immediately following the AGM for the purpose of making decisions about participation and representation. The selection processes and standards used must be determined and applied objectively, transparently and in a timely manner, to the benefit of all selection candidates.

The application of selection standards must ensure:

  • Qualified swimmers, coaches, managers and support staff
  • Optimal performance of individual swimmers and the team

Selection standards and processes are to be developed by the CEO and National Coaches in consultation with coaches of national team swimmers, the CSCTA and other stakeholders at the discretion of the CEO.

In some cases (for example Olympic Games, Paralympic Games) selection criteria is negotiated between Swimming Canada and the event franchise holder. In these cases, Swimming Canada will follow the standards set while vigorously representing the interests of the Swimming Canada to the franchise holder.

In all cases, the standards and processes used to select swimmers, coaches, managers and support staff must be disseminated to the broader swimming community as soon as they are known.

The CEO shall form selection committee to develop and oversee the application and implementation of selection standards and processes, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of the standards and process.

Body Action
CEO 1. Formulate the selection standards and processes.
2. Forms selection committees immediately following the AGM, and ensure that members understand their responsibilities and agree to the Swimming Canada Board and Committee Member Code of Conduct.
3. Play a positive role in the education and awareness of the selection standards and process to the broader swimming community – specifically the swimmers and coaches.
4. Liaise with external franchise holders on the development and application of selection standards

Selection standards may not be developed that purposefully eliminate a “qualified” individual (swimmer, coach, manager, support staff) from selection or that advance an “unqualified” individual in selection.


COC, Commonwealth Games and Sport Canada Selection Standards.
Swimming Canada Committee Member Code of Conduct

Review and Approval:

Approved by the Board: February 12, 2007
Review and Approval: March 28, 2009