#SwimAgain Challenge

It’s time to #SWIMAGAIN!

Each week, for 6 weeks, swimmers from our High Performance Centres and clubs will be challenging all swimmers across the country to participate in and submit their results via their coaches.  These fun and simple challenges will be broadcast on social media and the results will be posted below.


The #SwimAgain Challenge launches September 28, 2020.

  • A member of the National Team will lead a Zoom chat with swimmers of the winning club as well as participate in a Q & A.
  • The winning club will receive gift cards to a participating restaurant for their swimmers who participated in the challenge.
  • The winning club will be chosen by random draw at the conclusion of the 6 weekly challenges.
  • Speedo product
  • All Tides Gift Cards
  • Swimming Canada Online Shop Gift Cards
  • These weekly prizes will be drawn from the designated demographic of the week, who participated in that week’s challenge
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15 & Over Prizes


13-14 Prizes


11-12 Prizes


10 & Under Prizes Para Swimmer Prizes Masters Prizes



Week 3 Results

Club CodeFull NameProvinceTimeAge Group
GMACGabby BairdON02:03.10Para-Swimmer
ENCFélix-Antoine BéginQC02:03.9315 and Over
PSSCPereira JoshuahMB02:07.98Para-Swimmer
CWCTristan HolmesAB02:22.20Para-Swimmer
KYPSNathan TraceyON02:22.25Para-Swimmer
KYPSEdward Major GingrasON02:39.88Para-Swimmer
KYPSJack MorganON02:58.56Para-Swimmer
PSSCFalcetta EllaMB03:13.87Para-Swimmer
KYPSJessica TinneyON03:46.27Para-Swimmer
GMACJordan TuckerON03:51.22Para-Swimmer
PABPLiam O'BrienNL03:51.56Para-Swimmer
PSSCGauthier CassiaMB04:13.34Para-Swimmer
PSSCLindgren AveryMB04:29.68Para-Swimmer
CASCSebastian PawelczakAB04:34.0011 to 12
PSSCRich LilyMB05:15.14Para-Swimmer
GMACRussell BurtonON05:17.3915 and Over
CASCKadin Werner EnnsAB05:20.4015 and Over
CASCParker DeshayesAB05:25.7013 to 14
RODBrendan VanherkSK05:26.7415 and Over
CASCMadilyn ConnellAB05:26.9013 to 14
CASCJune VarbanAB05:27.3013 to 14
PSSCRheault Joshua MB05:27.85Para-Swimmer
RODMichael McGillivraySK05:28.1815 and Over
CNCIBenjamin GagneQC05:29.9915 and Over
CASCPayton SheehanAB05:30.7013 to 14
GPPCatherine MinicAB05:31.0015 and Over
DALLogan SparkesNS05:32.915 and Over
BrantSebastian PaulinsON05:33.715 and Over
ROCSSawyer BosleyON05:34.0015 and Over
DALDarby GielewskiNS05:35.115 and Over
ELACAlyssa HebertON05:35.97Para-Swimmer
LOSCHugh McNeillBC05:38.0015 and Over
MUSC Thomas chafeNL05:39.3015 and Over
VPSCTadahiro HirukiBC05:39.4015 and Over
GMACTristan JankovicsON05:40.8015 and Over
NKBMegan WheelerON05:41.0015 and Over
ROCSWilliam RiskON05:42.0015 and Over
GMACThomas McDonaldON05:42.0215 and Over
PSWBrielle WoodruffBC05:42.3011 to 12
PSWBrielle WoodruffBC05:42.3015 and Over
MMEdward MolloyMB05:42.4615 and Over
DALEthan BoyleNS05:42.715 and Over
HANEYBrynn FirthBC05:43.0013 to 14
WDSCCalvin SlinnBC05:43.0015 and Over
DALToby HendersonNS05:43.815 and Over
CASCMaya Schutte CamposAB05:44.4011 to 12
PSSCMagnusson ColeMB05:45.03Master
CASCBroden KellyAB05:45.8013 to 14
CASCCole PrattAB05:45.9015 and Over
RDCSCJayden ValeAB05:45.9015 and Over
NKBKevin YuON05:46.0015 and Over
DALJames Quigley NS05:46.415 and Over
VPSCAlbert ChenBC05:46.5013 to 14
TIDEAbby McKinleyNB05:47.0015 and Over
RODMatthew SyrgiannisSK05:47.3315 and Over
NNHarik AdamQC05:47.9815 and Over
NKBAlejandro GiggeyON05:48.0015 and Over
SCARRobert TaON05:48.0015 and Over
BTSCJordyn HunterON05:49.7415 and Over
LOSCPiyush KaulBC05:50.0015 and Over
SCARDeclan McGroartyON05:50.0015 and Over
GMACAli KudoON05:50.7215 and Over
BTSCJack SerreON05:51.4015 and Over
RODMya ThompsonSK05:51.9215 and Over
LACBaris KartogluON05:52.0015 and Over
LACVladislav ZagidulinON05:52.0015 and Over
WLBFJadyn  JohnstonBC05:52.0215 and Over
BrantKatrina DavisON05:52.813 to 14
PSWAlex ChernomorchenkoBC05:52.8015 and Over
NKBBreckin GormleyON05:53.0015 and Over
DUCKSAlexander Alonso SutersON05:53.8115 and Over
ROWAlexander RusON05:54.3015 and Over
NNAlec GiacomelliQC05:54.7515 and Over
LOSCAidan EricksonBC05:55.0015 and Over
DALIsabel Sarty NS05:55.115 and Over
DALAdam BoumaNS05:55.615 and Over
COMOXIris TinmouthBC05:55.7015 and Over
PSWSergey ChernomorchenkoBC05:56.5015 and Over
DALJonathan Taylor NS05:57.115 and Over
DALEwan MacLeanNS05:57.415 and Over
GPPJordan GreberAB05:58.0013 to 14
RLGFMaveric AikenON05:58.0013 to 14
GPPJordan GreberAB05:58.0015 and Over
NNTimothé BarbeauQC05:58.3813 to 14
VPSCTristan govierBC05:58.6013 to 14
GMACColin CampbelON05:58.7015 and Over
RDCSCBrooklyn WiensAB05:58.7015 and Over
GMACMarcus Beckstead-HolmanON05:58.9015 and Over
SLSCEverett SmithON05:59.0015 and Over
SWOTTLydia James-BrennanON05:59.1015 and Over
MMTy UnrauMB05:59.5415 and Over
GMACAlex JensenON05:59.6015 and Over
RDCSCCooper WaddleAB05:59.8015 and Over
CASCAdam ConnellAB05:59.9215 and Over
MUSC Joseph DwyerNL06:00.3015 and Over
DALBenjamin Rafales-NordoffNS06:00.415 and Over
VPSCEggcy LiBC06:00.5013 to 14
DUCKSZachary CattoON06:00.5715 and Over
WGBAlex PitrewYT06:01.0015 and Over
WGBHannah KingscoteYT06:01.0015 and Over
SCARAnthony Di CarloON06:02.0015 and Over
DALJasmine Delima-BarilNS06:02.015 and Over
NKBThinula De SilvaON06:02.0015 and Over
UCSCMaxine ClarkAB06:02.0011 to 12
WAACLuka TomicON06:02.0115 and Over
MJKFFCadence JohnsSK06:02.0615 and Over
DALMartine NyhofNS06:02.715 and Over
GMACSteven ArmstrongON06:02.9015 and Over
MUSC Logan PalmerNL06:03.0015 and Over
RODKareem Tarek MohammedSK06:03.0015 and Over
MUSC Emily RickettsNL06:03.2015 and Over
DALMichael Smith NS06:03.515 and Over
BrantMaxwell DobieON06:03.815 and Over
ROWDylan ThomasON06:03.8015 and Over
SLSCEthan ThomasON06:03.9015 and Over
SLSCJeremi AubinON06:03.9015 and Over
KCSSela WistBC06:04.1015 and Over
KCSDiego PazBC06:04.8015 and Over
VPSCAlvin ChanBC06:05.2013 to 14
RODMatthew BroughSK06:05.3215 and Over
MMHannah SchanelMB06:05.4015 and Over
WLBFCale  MurdockBC06:05.4015 and Over
BrantGraydon DicksonON06:06.015 and Over
WGBThomas GishlerYT06:06.0015 and Over
MPMAliceyn WarrenNL06:06.0011 to 12
MPMAliceyn WarrenNL06:06.0015 and Over
TIDEJulia HusseyNB06:06.0015 and Over
UCSCTheo GraboskiAB06:06.0015 and Over
NNLiam LambertQC06:06.3415 and Over
NNCharlotte BlanchardQC06:06.3413 to 14
BTSCEthan BoddyON06:06.6615 and Over
CASCCorah WilsonAB06:06.9015 and Over
CASCMarina XuAB06:07.0015 and Over
RODAden DickinsonSK06:07.0015 and Over
BTSCErika ThomasON06:07.1615 and Over
MUSC Sam PennellNL06:07.8015 and Over
KBMBenjamin WinterbornON06:08.0013 to 14
NKBJulie BrousseauON06:08.0013 to 14
UCSCRachel WiggintonAB06:08.0013 to 14
DALVeronica Hollick NS06:08.115 and Over
WAACAmy MehargON06:08.3215 and Over
SJLBenjamin PritchettNL06:08.5213 to 14
GSHNathan DunbarON06:09.8015 and Over
VPSCRuitong ZhangBC06:09.9013 to 14
CASCMiles DennisonAB06:10.0010 & Under
LACAlana SkillingON06:10.0015 and Over
NKBDarren Kirabo SsamulaON06:10.0015 and Over
TIDEBrynne LeRoyNB06:10.0015 and Over
WGBAmelia FordYT06:10.0015 and Over
WGBBronwyn PasloskiYT06:10.0015 and Over
SWOTTEllie Enticknap-SmithON06:10.3015 and Over
VPSCDavid WangBC06:10.3015 and Over
BTSCElla LightheartON06:10.5315 and Over
RDCSCJaden DeBruijnAB06:10.8015 and Over
SLSCNina KucheranON06:11.0015 and Over
BTSCJulia DenesON06:11.0013 to 14
DALBenjamin DornanNS06:11.115 and Over
CASCHazel MilneAB06:11.7010 & Under
DALChristian Payne NS06:11.715 and Over
BrantSamual PilkingtonON06:12.015 and Over
KCSMichael DagassoBC06:12.0015 and Over
SCARAlyse BorgesON06:12.0015 and Over
NNWalid BenzaazouaQC06:12.1315 and Over
DALRyan Jardine NS06:12.215 and Over
WLBFTaylor  FitzgeraldBC06:12.2215 and Over
BTSCAjete EggersON06:12.8115 and Over
HANEYIsabella SeneviratneBC06:13.0015 and Over
SCARJared MelzackON06:13.0015 and Over
GLENJack WalkerAB06:13.0715 and Over
RODRegina SaenzSK06:13.0915 and Over
GLENJack WalkerAB06:13.1015 and Over
VPSCLily BuderBC06:13.3015 and Over
VPSCRainie YangBC06:13.6015 and Over
USCFinn TuckON06:13.7015 and Over
DALLauren Mosher NS06:13.715 and Over
CNCISaad BennaniQC06:13.8415 and Over
WDSCNaomi ColeBC06:13.8815 and Over
LESJasmine SavoieNB06:14.0013 to 14
STARSMario AgostinoON06:14.0015 and Over
STARSMario AgostinoON06:14.015 and Over
BrantHunter PayneON06:14.213 to 14
WAACEmmaJane Fowler ON06:14.4215 and Over
BrantAlanna CasasantaON06:14.615 and Over
SWOTTEva HeggeON06:14.8015 and Over
BBSTAshley AllaireON06:15.0015 and Over
KBMLewis CrightonON06:15.0015 and Over
NKBJulian Vivas-MoncadaON06:15.0015 and Over
MUSC Kathryn StokesNL06:15.2015 and Over
MUSC Dylan MorawskiNL06:15.2015 and Over
MUSC Kathryn StokesNL06:15.215 and Over
CCSCHailey AbbottON06:15.3015 and Over
RODAnnabel KolmanSK06:15.4913 to 14
GLENSydney HeasmanAB06:15.8915 and Over
GLENSydney HeasmanAB06:15.9015 and Over
LOSCKatie SchroederBC06:16.0013 to 14
LOSCSam ParkBC06:16.0015 and Over
NKBPreston McMannON06:16.0015 and Over
SSATMikhaela JohnsonON06:16.1215 and Over
MMTia CumminsMB06:16.1915 and Over
DALReagan Crowell NS06:16.315 and Over
ROCSJohnny MarrongelliON06:16.4015 and Over
SWOTTAntoniaHo HoON06:16.7013 to 14
CASCKaiden BenningAB06:17.0011 to 12
GMACTia JankovicsON06:17.4013 to 14
MMTanner SandersMB06:17.8015 and Over
MMRoss WilderMB06:17.8015 and Over
LUAbby McDonaldON06:18.0015 and Over
ROCSMaiya DaltonON06:18.0015 and Over
GPPGavin GreberAB06:18.0015 and Over
PSWRay CaoBC06:18.0013 to 14
WGBAidan HarveyYT06:18.0015 and Over
BrantJack TranON06:18.413 to 14
VPSCCarisma AnanthBC06:18.4015 and Over
DALJasmine SkuseNS06:18.715 and Over
RDCSCMadison WiensAB06:18.7015 and Over
RDCSCIsaac BahlerAB06:18.8015 and Over
SCARSamantha BerezaON06:19.0015 and Over
OSACHenryPink PinkON06:19.0015 and Over
RLGFAngelina NylundON06:19.0013 to 14
ROCSAlexander D'AlessioON06:19.0015 and Over
WAACMilo LjubisicON06:19.0115 and Over
DALKatie Berwick NS06:19.315 and Over
PSWEdison LiuBC06:19.3015 and Over
PSWEdison LiuBC06:19.3015 and Over
GMACWilliam Beckstead-HolmanON06:19.5915 and Over
USCRachel WangON06:19.8013 to 14
SEALSLolita DuschingerMB06:19.8015 and Over
BBSTBrendan MacQuarrieON06:19.9013 to 14
WDSCJeremy SlinnBC06:19.9513 to 14
LACHeidi BartochON06:20.0015 and Over
LACColin ShearerON06:20.0015 and Over
VPSCSirius(Sirui) WangBC06:20.2013 to 14
VPSCJacky TangBC06:20.4015 and Over
MMJames ChapmanMB06:20.7013 to 14
RODTaylor HebertSK06:20.8915 and Over
OAKAlex ShiON06:21.0013 to 14
SCARKatelyn HumeON06:21.0015 and Over
CASCAlexandra WarrenAB06:21.0013 to 14
VPSCTyler LeeBC06:21.0015 and Over
MMNatalya VergaraMB06:21.1115 and Over
SEALSAvery JohannessonMB06:21.2015 and Over
SEALSPaige McAuleyMB06:21.2013 to 14
CNMTPatrick TurnerQC06:21.415 and Over
BrantAlexis ChisholmON06:21.415 and Over
DALMadeline ShivgulamNS06:21.815 and Over
USCRobin VadeikaON06:21.9015 and Over
LACTony KimON06:22.0015 and Over
GPPMarshall FraynAB06:22.0015 and Over
ABCROUSSEAU LOICQC06:22.1215 and Over
RODBen StewartSK06:22.1713 to 14
GMACJenna WaltersON06:22.7313 to 14
BTSCOlivia WilsonON06:22.8515 and Over
SJLThomas BestNL06:22.9513 to 14
GPPBrooke ReidAB06:23.0013 to 14
LOSCTyler FriesenBC06:23.0015 and Over
MMLara HodgesMB06:23.0015 and Over
DALAmy Hartling NS06:23.015 and Over
UCSCVictoria ChenAB06:23.0013 to 14
SLSCGrace ThomasON06:23.2013 to 14
VPSCHaoxi HuBC06:23.3013 to 14
COMOXSavanna HallBC06:23.6015 and Over
SWOTTCara MacDonaldON06:23.7015 and Over
GOLillian ZouON06:23.9013 to 14
BTSCDyllon CoubroughON06:23.9015 and Over
USCLukas VadeikaON06:23.9015 and Over
OAKOlivia FrostON06:24.0013 to 14
BTSCLaila OravskyON06:24.0013 to 14
CASCPaige SlavichAB06:24.0010 & Under
EKSCCohen ChanAB06:24.0013 to 14
VPSCSora YungBC06:24.0015 and Over
ELACDeclan WorkmanON06:24.1215 and Over
CARATReily ProvostQC06:24.2315 and Over
RDCSCEmma SaundersAB06:24.5015 and Over
BrantEmma CabralON06:24.615 and Over
MPMPhillip WeeksNL06:24.7013 to 14
MPMPhillip WeeksNL06:24.7015 and Over
DALImani Theodore NS06:24.815 and Over
RDCSCLogan LopaschukAB06:24.8015 and Over
NNAnisAyoub AlimQC06:24.9413 to 14
EKSCHannah CosseyAB06:25.0015 and Over
HANEYKeenan GanderBC06:25.0013 to 14
NKBYannick LongvalON06:25.0015 and Over
UCSCHudson WowkAB06:25.0013 to 14
PSWSabastian(200) MassabieBC06:25.00Para-Swimmer
SLSCBella MastroianniON06:25.4015 and Over
TRUWEmily DagassoBC06:25.60Master
DALEvan FeickNS06:25.815 and Over
LOSCSienna HarderBC06:26.0013 to 14
SCARRebecca HanON06:26.0015 and Over
WAACSilas CampbellON06:26.0011 to 12
CASCJonah SmithAB06:26.0013 to 14
EKSCKailee CraneAB06:26.0013 to 14
ROCSMadison SimoniniON06:26.0015 and Over
ROWFergus ParkON06:26.1015 and Over
DUCKSNicole LauON06:26.2615 and Over
CASCEmery RobertsonAB06:26.3010 & Under
CBSCLiam MacArthurNL06:26.3013 to 14
BrantMaddy GlowinskiON06:26.715 and Over
NNLeo PlamondonQC06:26.9515 and Over
GPPAspyn HufnagelAB06:27.0015 and Over
ROCSRachel WangON06:27.0013 to 14
STARSRiley CayenON06:27.013 to 14
UCSCYaseen DaoudAB06:27.0015 and Over
UCSCJeremy RoAB06:27.0015 and Over
GPPAspyn HufnagelAB06:27.0015 and Over
MPMMegan HoldenNL06:27.4013 to 14
MPMMegan HoldenNL06:27.4015 and Over
CASCIan AvalosAB06:27.5010 & Under
SLSCQueline PitreON06:27.7015 and Over
COMOXLaine PerryBC06:28.0013 to 14
EKSCEleaunah PhillipsAB06:28.0013 to 14
HANEYJuan ArangoBC06:28.0013 to 14
HANEYDaniel HaiBC06:28.0013 to 14
LACGeorge TrevorON06:28.0015 and Over
ROCSElsa WiebeON06:28.0015 and Over
UCSCSydney StewartAB06:28.0013 to 14
UCSCMaya BesselingAB06:28.0015 and Over
SWOTTMaya McGhanON06:28.2015 and Over
ROWKelton LangmanON06:28.4015 and Over
DUCKSLeonardo GomezON06:28.5011 to 12
MMEmma ModrcinMB06:28.9015 and Over
SLSCRyan TomON06:28.9015 and Over
HANEYMoira MinichielloBC06:29.0013 to 14
GATORCarson WongBC06:29.5915 and Over
WAACGracin Black ON06:29.7615 and Over
CCSCMaggie Rhodes ON06:29.8715 and Over
BrantNick AdamsON06:30.015 and Over
KCSSienna Angove BC06:30.0013 to 14
LACAhmed El TatawyON06:30.0015 and Over
LASCDaniel AlexanderAB06:30.013 to 14
SWOTTSammy LancaON06:30.0613 to 14
CPWDJordan SchaepperON06:30.2113 to 14
WAACSara BulzON06:30.2513 to 14
CAJJosephine StreppelON06:30.3015 and Over
PSWEmma LawsonBC06:30.5013 to 14
VPSCEuain FinlaysonBC06:30.5015 and Over
PSWEmma LawsonBC06:30.5015 and Over
CASCRachel HausermannAB06:31.0010 & Under
EKSCBrooke AndersonAB06:31.0013 to 14
EKSCMaya SleeAB06:31.0013 to 14
HANEYMatthew AngohBC06:31.0015 and Over
LACHayden BartochON06:31.0015 and Over
NCSAAdam FedorkoAB06:31.0013 to 14
TIDEMarcus VaillancourtNB06:31.0015 and Over
VPSCAlexandros PanosBC06:31.0013 to 14
UCATAndrée-Ann BolducQC06:31.1015 and Over
RODMelissa AdelmanSK06:31.3615 and Over
SWOTTChloe DanksON06:31.8713 to 14
LACSarah TyrrellON06:32.0015 and Over
NKBAiden GunningON06:32.0015 and Over
UCSCNicholas DuncanAB06:32.0013 to 14
OAKKeyvan Mehta-OwensON06:32.0013 to 14
SLSCAli BertrimON06:32.0015 and Over
MUSC Laura PittmanNL06:32.2015 and Over
MUSC Laura PittmanNL06:32.215 and Over
NNIsabelle GrecoffQC06:32.5013 to 14
RDCSCBrennan WoodsAB06:32.5015 and Over
CASCHarper WarnerAB06:32.7010 & Under
CASCMadison FoxAB06:32.7013 to 14
COMOXNadia MacluskieBC06:32.7013 to 14
COMOXAva RevenbergBC06:32.7013 to 14
MUSC Marcy WhelanNL06:32.9015 and Over
CPWDLillian TerpstraON06:32.9215 and Over
LOSCJohn ParkBC06:33.0015 and Over
CWCStephanie DoerksenAB06:33.0015 and Over
KBMBryn BainON06:33.0015 and Over
KBMSam DelisleON06:33.0015 and Over
NKBBeidi LiuON06:33.0015 and Over
BBSTVictor CoutuON06:33.4015 and Over
WDSCYinan ZhoBC06:33.4415 and Over
WDSCZach McLeodBC06:33.4513 to 14
CNCIXavier SavardQC06:33.6513 to 14
CNCIJerome MorissetteQC06:33.6515 and Over
CADACTyler BlaisQC06:34.0015 and Over
CASCAna GodoyAB06:34.0010 & Under
CASCGabriela Bracho ParisAB06:34.0011 to 12
LUErin GallaherON06:34.0015 and Over
UCSCMonica OleszczukAB06:34.0013 to 14
OAKBevin ToewsON06:34.0013 to 14
SCARSkyyler GeorgeON06:34.0013 to 14
SCARKarim CisseON06:34.0015 and Over
GRANJonathan GolerON06:34.10Master
COMOXJordan RaumeBC06:34.3015 and Over
MUSC Lauryn CoadyNL06:34.4015 and Over
RDCSCNoah ThomasAB06:34.4015 and Over
CBSCStephen LaceyNL06:34.6015 and Over
RODEmma SpenceSK06:34.6315 and Over
RODJada DickinsonSK06:34.9013 to 14
DUCKSSimon RasmussenON06:34.9113 to 14
CADACEmie BoulangerQC06:35.0013 to 14
NKBJace BordenON06:35.0013 to 14
SCARQuintin GeorgeON06:35.0015 and Over
RODAva HarlosSK06:35.1513 to 14
SWOTTIsabella ChiumeraON06:35.5611 to 12
VPSCMackenzie WarringtonBC06:35.9015 and Over
OAKKealeigh McLeodON06:36.0013 to 14
CASCCole CyrAB06:36.0010 & Under
HANEYKailyn FirthBC06:36.0013 to 14
KBMKatie PainON06:36.0015 and Over
LACAmaris PengON06:36.0015 and Over
OSACQuinton RodgersON06:36.0015 and Over
BBSTAustin WilliamsON06:36.1011 to 12
CASCKaliah HrehirchukAB06:36.3010 & Under
SJLAiden CarrollNL06:36.3613 to 14
NNAlexia KovalukQC06:36.3813 to 14
ROCSSamantha JanssenON06:36.4013 to 14
DUCKSMatraca Kennedy-MunstermanON06:36.4615 and Over
COMOXJulia RevenbergBC06:36.5011 to 12
COMOXSadie WilliamsBC06:36.7013 to 14
MPMAdam HawcoNL06:36.8013 to 14
MPMAdam HawcoNL06:36.8015 and Over
LULauren ThomasON06:37.0015 and Over
NKBJack CockingON06:37.0015 and Over
NKBXavier-Baltazar MoralesON06:37.0015 and Over
PSWElina HuangBC06:37.1011 to 12
FASTEthan NestorukNB06:37.1215 and Over
NNJustine MénardQC06:37.3315 and Over
SSATErik KaryON06:37.3813 to 14
GSHJames ClarkeON06:37.4015 and Over
SSATKevin LiON06:37.6013 to 14
CARATÉmile PouliotQC06:37.6113 to 14
MMTheo PerryMB06:37.9715 and Over
WGBMia BarraultYT06:38.0015 and Over
WGBThomas BakicaYT06:38.0015 and Over
SEALSPayton RerieMB06:38.00#N/A
PSWDarby WalshBC06:38.1013 to 14
PSWDarby WalshBC06:38.1015 and Over
PPACDakota DotzlafAB06:38.4013 to 14
SWOTTSparsho ChakrabortyON06:38.4013 to 14
GOLDIan GenestSK06:38.5013 to 14
GSHDilara PamukON06:38.5015 and Over
ELACAva YoungON06:38.6513 to 14
WLBFMorgan  LangfordBC06:38.7115 and Over
MJKFFErica ZinnSK06:38.7715 and Over
GOLDRebeka MourreSK06:38.9013 to 14
NKBElla MoustgaardON06:39.0015 and Over
OSACLauren AnstettON06:39.0015 and Over
VPSCCadence GuntherBC06:39.0015 and Over
SCARSarah JeffriesON06:39.0015 and Over
MJKFFEmily LinSK06:39.0611 to 12
NNYuliya Shostko-DatchQC06:39.0615 and Over
DALCalum KershawNS06:39.115 and Over
GoElla XuON06:39.7013 to 14
PSWDelphine WangBC06:39.8015 and Over
SWOTTClaire BagloleON06:39.8113 to 14
NNCamille MilotQC06:39.8713 to 14
DALAbbey Nichols NS06:40.015 and Over
KBMAmelia RaynerON06:40.0013 to 14
KSCAlan PiatekAB06:40.0011 to 12
LACSydney SpowartON06:40.0015 and Over
OAKElizabeth MouratovaON06:40.0013 to 14
OSACBethany WoodhouseON06:40.0015 and Over
ROCSMerin BoydON06:40.0015 and Over
STARSSophia CaloviniON06:40.015 and Over
BrantAbby ForsterON06:40.215 and Over
BrantCarter ScheffelON06:40.215 and Over
DALLauren MouserNS06:40.315 and Over
VPSCTheodore TrinhBC06:40.3015 and Over
TRITBreanne KeaneAB06:40.3413 to 14
CASCHayden ChauAB06:40.5013 to 14
MMChristine McKinleyMB06:40.60Master
KCSParker CameronBC06:40.7015 and Over
CASCAmelia WoodsAB06:40.8011 to 12
DALSarah Bond NS06:40.915 and Over
PSWDaniel WangBC06:40.9015 and Over
RODBen BottrellSK06:41.0015 and Over
SCARJoyce HanON06:41.0015 and Over
CASCEthan Van VlietAB06:41.0015 and Over
EKSCHugo NguyenAB06:41.0015 and Over
BrantAngela MarinaON06:41.115 and Over
MJKFFChloe JohnsSK06:41.1813 to 14
SWOTTFiona StewartON06:41.3015 and Over
SDAlthea De BelenMB06:41.5013 to 14
SWOTTLeona SmithON06:41.5015 and Over
RODMackenzie ClarkSK06:41.7015 and Over
LACMireya BartochON06:42.0013 to 14
MMKaya JoyalMB06:42.0013 to 14
OAKNicolas SachadeON06:42.0013 to 14
BrantMadison ChisholmON06:42.413 to 14
PSWTristan SchanzBC06:42.5015 and Over
PSWTristan SchanzBC06:42.5015 and Over
CASCNicolas IsasAB06:43.0010 & Under
KCSTrevor LauplandBC06:43.0015 and Over
LACSiporah SangON06:43.0015 and Over
LACEmilee PoolON06:43.0015 and Over
ROCSOlivier RiskON06:43.0015 and Over
ROCSJalen RamsaranON06:43.0015 and Over
RDCSCAnnika EricksonAB06:43.1013 to 14
DUCKSErik SoON06:43.1713 to 14
PSWDaniel WangBC06:43.3013 to 14
PSWDaniel WangBC06:43.3015 and Over
GATORJenny XuBC06:43.3915 and Over
PSWMadelaine CowieBC06:43.4015 and Over
SWOTTAmari BarilON06:43.5015 and Over
SWOTTMegan EmonON06:43.5015 and Over
RODOlena RashovichSK06:43.5015 and Over
WLBFCristelle Panida BC06:43.5615 and Over
SLSCJordano PiccoliON06:43.7015 and Over
BTSCAlex OttodinotoON06:44.0013 to 14
CASCHannah BairdAB06:44.0010 & Under
OSACGrace WoodhouseON06:44.0015 and Over
OSACSarah DiemertON06:44.0015 and Over
UCSCCooper ScottAB06:44.0015 and Over
NNSebastienNicolas VoicuQC06:44.1215 and Over
WAACRyan BossyON06:44.1815 and Over
TRITSophia DilleAB06:44.8911 to 12
LACAlex LoboON06:45.0015 and Over
STARSAllison StoehrON06:45.015 and Over
TIDEAlex HusseyNB06:45.0013 to 14
UCSCEmily BugbeeAB06:45.0015 and Over
SWOTTGwen CreskeyON06:45.2013 to 14
USCMolly PriestmanON06:45.2013 to 14
SLSCMegan UrwinON06:45.3015 and Over
MUSC Aaron CoadyNL06:45.3015 and Over
MUSC Aaron CoadyNL06:45.315 and Over
ROCSTyler LaliberteON06:45.7013 to 14
CARATCoralie SabourinQC06:45.7315 and Over
OAKEmma Turton-SugdenON06:46.0011 to 12
OAKAdam WangON06:46.0011 to 12
LESSamuel CrépeauNB06:46.0015 and Over
RLGFKieran FauldsON06:46.0013 to 14
TIDEMargaret QuinnNB06:46.0015 and Over
DALAbbey Corish NS06:46.315 and Over
DALEben Tebay NS06:46.415 and Over
MUSC Erica McKinnonNL06:46.5015 and Over
MUSC Erica McKinnonNL06:46.515 and Over
WAACClara NascuON06:46.5115 and Over
WLBFBraedi Hamar BC06:46.8713 to 14
LACNoah GillON06:47.0013 to 14
LACDanielle HartON06:47.0013 to 14
LACSonya DemidenokON06:47.0015 and Over
LUChristopher BallON06:47.0015 and Over
OSACAlex ChabanON06:47.0015 and Over
sdChloe ChauMB06:47.0011 to 12
STARSTaira VroomON06:47.013 to 14
UCSCConnor SortlandAB06:47.0013 to 14
OAKSophie KissukON06:47.0013 to 14
RDCSCElle CoutureAB06:47.2015 and Over
ROCSRyan Ait mamarON06:47.3013 to 14
BrantNadia GillisON06:47.513 to 14
BBSTJoseph WestON06:47.5013 to 14
SWOTTAlivia ChuimeraON06:47.6015 and Over
PSWIndia PoveyBC06:47.7015 and Over
PSWIndia PoveyBC06:47.7015 and Over
ENCRosalie BienvenueQC06:47.7515 and Over
WGBAlexa ManenYT06:48.0015 and Over
EKSCAndrew ChiltonAB06:48.0013 to 14
EKSCTanner ColeAB06:48.0013 to 14
LACCleo MurphyON06:48.0015 and Over
FASTEmma SinclairNB06:48.2713 to 14
CBSCCole BurdenNL06:48.4015 and Over
MPMEmily WalshNL06:48.4013 to 14
MPMEmily WalshNL06:48.4015 and Over
RDCSCDalia MoralesAB06:48.8015 and Over
CCSCChantal AbbottON06:48.9513 to 14
NNCharles GauvreauQC06:48.9515 and Over
EKSCSophia ChinAB06:49.0011 to 12
GPPMarley MonsenAB06:49.0011 to 12
LURyllie TryonON06:49.0015 and Over
RLGFAlexander LeBlancON06:49.0015 and Over
UCSCClaire BennettAB06:49.0015 and Over
PICKJasmine jaswalON06:49.0015 and Over
WDSCNadya StefirtaBC06:49.0015 and Over
GOJonathan ChenON06:49.2013 to 14
SSATElisa DumanskiON06:49.3515 and Over
RDCSCAbbigail BahlerAB06:49.4013 to 14
MMTam DpanMB06:49.4013 to 14
MMLauren WitwickiMB06:49.5515 and Over
DALLauren WilliamsNS06:49.715 and Over
KCSJack CameronBC06:49.8015 and Over
GSHJulia GarnettON06:49.9015 and Over
SSATLogan BelangerON06:49.9215 and Over
BrantCharlotte RooneyON06:50.015 and Over
BTSCGavin UsherON06:50.0013 to 14
BTSCReighan TeggartON06:50.0015 and Over
CASCJoey MolnarAB06:50.0011 to 12
GPPEthan RochonAB06:50.0013 to 14
PICKDante ReidON06:50.0013 to 14
PICKCallie McGilleyON06:50.0015 and Over
PICKmegan wrightON06:50.0015 and Over
UCSCIsabella KorczewskiAB06:50.0013 to 14
BTSCHannah KoopmansON06:50.2515 and Over
MPMDarcy ButlerNL06:50.3011 to 12
MPMDarcy ButlerNL06:50.3013 to 14
WAACSammie OrrON06:50.4113 to 14
PSWKatherine ToyBC06:50.5015 and Over
RDCSCMiyanna GrahamAB06:50.5015 and Over
PSWKatherine ToyBC06:50.5015 and Over
RODNolan MessierSK06:50.6413 to 14
RAPIDShane SagarBC06:50.8815 and Over
PSWSelina JiangBC06:50.9011 to 12
NORACAbby TenoON06:50.9415 and Over
FASTSophie PenneyNB06:50.9815 and Over
CASCEllie MironAB06:51.0010 & Under
CWCKate LendrumAB06:51.0013 to 14
EKSCEric MrugalaAB06:51.0013 to 14
NKBEmma MoffittON06:51.0013 to 14
UCSCLiam GrantAB06:51.0015 and Over
RAPIDYuseki FujinoBC06:51.0915 and Over
DUCKSRobert ChenON06:51.1913 to 14
SWOTTZach PantarottoON06:51.2013 to 14
WAACMacarther BrennanON06:51.2415 and Over
COMOXGrace RevenbergBC06:51.3015 and Over
PSWOliver AllenBC06:51.3013 to 14
MMElene Apraiz ZenonMB06:51.4015 and Over
DUCKSYeeMingEric LiuON06:51.4711 to 12
WLBFPeyton  BaileyBC06:51.5313 to 14
RODSloane KerrSK06:51.6115 and Over
BBSTOwen GoogeON06:51.7015 and Over
GOLDNatalie EarlSK06:51.7015 and Over
NNLaurier Lafontaine-GiguèreQC06:51.8815 and Over
SEALSBraxton CaseMB06:51.9013 to 14
GOLDMateya OlszinskiSK06:52.0015 and Over
UCSCDesmond WangAB06:52.0013 to 14
VPSCElaine ChenBC06:52.1015 and Over
MMAlexis BruMB06:52.1315 and Over
CAJNoah RothON06:52.3015 and Over
BrantFiona LiaoON06:52.513 to 14
BBSTLauren MacQuarrieON06:52.9011 to 12
CASCPayton KellyAB06:52.9015 and Over
WDSCKelly QiBC06:53.0011 to 12
CASCLuca MoscibrodzkiAB06:53.0011 to 12
KBMAndrei Neder SerafiniON06:53.0013 to 14
RDCSCDelaney LehmanAB06:53.3015 and Over
CAJHannah CaronON06:53.4015 and Over
WDSCIsabella MadyBC06:53.4413 to 14
VPSCIden FarzadehBC06:53.6013 to 14
MJKFFRebekah WrightSK06:53.6215 and Over
VPSCBlake CurrieBC06:53.7015 and Over
CASCHeidi AlbinusAB06:53.8011 to 12
WAVESRowynn BiffartAB06:54.0011 to 12
DCSCNIARA SMITHNS06:54.1011 to 12
ROWTyson MacDonaldON06:54.30Para-Swimmer
SDMadison ReimerMB06:54.3013 to 14
CASCSebastian ArbelaezAB06:54.5010 & Under
COMOXNathan JohnsonBC06:54.5013 to 14
GSHSpencer GelinasON06:54.6015 and Over
SJLKiran O'BrienNL06:54.7113 to 14
SEALSNick DuschingerMB06:54.9015 and Over
GPPIreland WalshAB06:55.0013 to 14
GPPMarissa LaurinAB06:55.0013 to 14
OAKAvery ToewsON06:55.0013 to 14
BTSCTaylor BarbourON06:55.0015 and Over
KBMTara CoulterON06:55.0015 and Over
LULeah DawsonON06:55.0015 and Over
LULiam McKennaON06:55.0015 and Over
SWOTTAlex BrownON06:55.0013 to 14
SJLAnnabel PentonNL06:55.0213 to 14
GOEmma WangON06:55.2013 to 14
CPWDMorgan AndrewsON06:55.2615 and Over
GMACThomas SteeleON06:55.2815 and Over
DCSCROSALYN TATENS06:55.7013 to 14
RDCSCAva HarringtonAB06:55.7013 to 14
GOLDTori StrydomSK06:55.8015 and Over
SWOTTSophie BeauchesneON06:55.8015 and Over
SWOTTMartha ScottON06:55.8015 and Over
BTSCPatryk DandaON06:56.0013 to 14
EKSCMerik PhillipsAB06:56.0013 to 14
MUSC Kelsey DwyerNL06:56.0015 and Over
TIDEWill DauphineeNB06:56.0015 and Over
LOSCGeorge MatheosBC06:56.0015 and Over
OAKZihan WangON06:56.0013 to 14
SSATKaelyn AlbertON06:56.1815 and Over
UCSCZoey JANZENAB06:56.2011 to 12
MJKFFAustin LinSK06:56.5615 and Over
CBSBNathan AndrewsNL06:56.8015 and Over
GLENFleur GouldAB06:56.8013 to 14
GLENFleur GouldAB06:56.8113 to 14
KSCMatea GigovicAB06:57.0011 to 12
LACJacqueline ChambersON06:57.0013 to 14
LACEmilie DuggalON06:57.0015 and Over
FASTNicolas DuguayNB06:57.1715 and Over
MUSC Rachel LeggeNL06:57.3015 and Over
CAJEdward TreissON06:57.6015 and Over
WLBFRebecca  ElefsonBC06:57.7915 and Over
SEALSHalle WestMB06:57.8011 to 12
DUCKSDylan Pacitto PotapczukON06:57.9615 and Over
GPPJessie CarlsonAB06:58.0013 to 14
CASCCamile GuerraAB06:58.0013 to 14
KBMOlivia DelisleON06:58.0013 to 14
MUMSFabrice DinhQC06:58.00Master
MUSC Keelin TuckerNL06:58.0015 and Over
UCSCLachlan SimpsonAB06:58.0013 to 14
UCSCKathryn FeddersonAB06:58.0015 and Over
DUCKSTulia WuON06:58.2211 to 12
CASCAdelaide MalsburyAB06:58.3011 to 12
RAPIDClement HoBC06:58.3113 to 14
BTSCMadison RussellON06:58.5713 to 14
CCSCJulia TrippON06:58.5715 and Over
DUCKSChloe LauON06:58.6113 to 14
RDCSCMax LeforteAB06:58.7015 and Over
GLENElise RetzerAB06:58.8013 to 14
GLENElise RetzerAB06:58.8413 to 14
DUCKSGala GomezON06:58.9313 to 14
AUROTristan LehariON06:59.0Master
CASCGreyson ComfortAB06:59.0010 & Under
KBMAnia CampbellON06:59.0015 and Over
LASCPetra TymkoAB06:59.013 to 14
UCSCSonia BakhshiAB06:59.0011 to 12
SCARRhys BernardON06:59.0015 and Over
VPSCdaniel suBC06:59.1013 to 14
MMKatie DillonMB06:59.3915 and Over
WAACBrayden VanDeWynckelON06:59.6515 and Over
NKBJakub MikolajczakON06:59.6613 to 14
GOElla BrewerON06:59.7013 to 14
SWOTTGrace CharnessON06:59.7015 and Over
GLENNika EvensonAB06:59.8015 and Over
GLENNika EvensonAB06:59.8215 and Over
ELACEmma YoungON06:59.8915 and Over
GMACLiam BaenaON06:59.9015 and Over
BrantJoshua McDougallON07:00.015 and Over
LOSCMinhyuk(Danny) ParkBC07:00.0011 to 12
OAKEmma LechON07:00.0013 to 14
BTSCAdriana MartoneON07:00.0013 to 14
CWCElla SledzAB07:00.0015 and Over
RLGFHeaven WesleyON07:00.0013 to 14
GOSophie QinON07:00.1013 to 14
MPMKailey MurrinNL07:00.1013 to 14
MPMKailey MurrinNL07:00.1015 and Over
GMACTrinity LeON07:00.1715 and Over
VPSCNoah DeschambaultBC07:00.3013 to 14
WLBFJordyn  StokesBC07:00.3213 to 14
SWOTTCharlie AndersonON07:00.4211 to 12
BBSTJayden MacDonaldON07:00.6013 to 14
GMACEllie SchlotzhauerON07:00.7113 to 14
DCSCSOPHIA DEANENS07:00.9013 to 14
BTSCVanessa HunterON07:01.0013 to 14
CASCNaomi MayrAB07:01.0011 to 12
LACCiaran BuyseON07:01.0015 and Over
RLGFSadie WoodON07:01.0011 to 12
UCSCKatie GraboskiAB07:01.0013 to 14
PICKGraydon hughesON07:01.0015 and Over
CASCDennis PavlovAB07:01.3711 to 12
CASCJack TeveleinAB07:01.4015 and Over
MMAbby SywakeMB07:01.4115 and Over
RAPIDJoseph YehBC07:01.4315 and Over
GLENNathan SullivanAB07:01.7013 to 14
SWOTTKarina GrusonON07:01.7015 and Over
GLENNathan SullivanAB07:01.7113 to 14
SJLKennedy SearsNL07:01.7213 to 14
MPMMia FarrellNL07:01.9011 to 12
MPMMia FarrellNL07:01.9015 and Over
BTSCEllie MuxlowON07:02.0015 and Over
MPMFelix SheppardNL07:02.0011 to 12
MPMFelix SheppardNL07:02.0015 and Over
NCSAHailey MartinAB07:02.0013 to 14
UCSCMeredith ChiciloAB07:02.0013 to 14
WAVESJaivyn BarabeAB07:02.0015 and Over
WAACEmma HeinbuchON07:02.1115 and Over
ROWHannah GallagherON07:02.2015 and Over
PSWCindy ShuBC07:02.3015 and Over
CAJJack CroswellON07:02.3015 and Over
DALNoah Brake NS07:02.315 and Over
PSWCindy ShuBC07:02.3013 to 14
SJLLauren MooresNL07:02.4413 to 14
RODVina ChenSK07:02.5013 to 14
DCSCLUKE ROBERSNS07:02.7015 and Over
MMSarah GoldfarbMB07:02.7013 to 14
DCSCOLIVER DAWOODNS07:02.8015 and Over
SLSCDaniel OrtizON07:02.8015 and Over
HANEYRyan LeslieBC07:03.0013 to 14
RDCSCMyles GrantAB07:03.0313 to 14
PSWEthan KimBC07:03.1015 and Over
BBSTAlexa BuchananON07:03.2015 and Over
SWOTTMichael McCormickON07:03.5013 to 14
NNAnais L'HôteQC07:03.5213 to 14
CBSBJack HannNL07:03.8015 and Over
KCSKate McCullaghBC07:03.8015 and Over
LACJonah EaglesonON07:04.0015 and Over
WAACSimon PoeluevON07:04.1013 to 14
GOLDHolden LeesSK07:04.1013 to 14
FASTTom WielemakerNB07:04.2115 and Over
CASCHelena MooreAB07:04.6013 to 14
FASTVeronica BelshNB07:04.7015 and Over
LOSCFinnegan ParrBC07:05.0013 to 14
BTSCMax ChaikouskiON07:05.0013 to 14
CADACBecky VanderhaegheQC07:05.0015 and Over
CASCAbigal Werner EnnsAB07:05.0011 to 12
LACNiamh O'LearyON07:05.0013 to 14
NCSAKenzie HughesAB07:05.0013 to 14
OSACSophia KocherON07:05.0015 and Over
TIDEZack MurphyNB07:05.0013 to 14
VPSCAdrian KanBC07:05.0015 and Over
CASCOlivia BaethkeAB07:05.2015 and Over
SJLKate PowerNL07:05.2913 to 14
GOLDClaire YeoSK07:05.5013 to 14
NESInass RachidiNB07:05.6615 and Over
RDCSCMicah TweedaleAB07:05.7013 to 14
HANEYStephanie SchneiderBC07:06.0015 and Over
OSACHailey WignallON07:06.0013 to 14
OSACKaleigh StewartON07:06.0015 and Over
RDCSCKaillen SumangAB07:06.0013 to 14
SWOTTAnna WhittakerON07:06.1013 to 14
MJKFFMateah PurdySK07:06.2813 to 14
DUCKSNanami Fukamachi-JonesON07:06.4511 to 12
DCSCMYERS CALLUMNS07:06.5015 and Over
RODMev DaschukSK07:06.7915 and Over
DALJonathan MadeyskiNS07:06.815 and Over
EKSCAshlee JacksonAB07:07.0013 to 14
HANEYJordan PatrickBC07:07.0015 and Over
LACCarissa PetersON07:07.0015 and Over
UCSCSaoirse MCKEGNEYAB07:07.0011 to 12
VPSCHenry HoBC07:07.0013 to 14
VPSCAamiya SidhuBC07:07.0015 and Over
LOSCKay SuenBC07:07.0013 to 14
LOSCKody SuenBC07:07.0013 to 14
OAKCordelia FrenchON07:07.0013 to 14
PICKSarah LacyON07:07.0015 and Over
SEALSAnjelika JohnsonMB07:07.10#N/A
USCHannah HoogON07:07.2015 and Over
GATORAbhi SidhuBC07:07.2915 and Over
GMACBrody SkeochON07:07.2913 to 14
SEALSEleanor WainioMB07:07.3013 to 14
FASTLanden MacDonaldNB07:07.3315 and Over
WAACLachlan HarkerON07:07.5113 to 14
MPMBaileigh AndrewsNL07:07.7011 to 12
MPMBaileigh AndrewsNL07:07.7011 to 12
MJKFFReese KochSK07:07.7515 and Over
ROWAvery RouthierON07:07.8013 to 14
LOSCElla BelgicaBC07:08.0013 to 14
SLSCCoheed HingstON07:08.0013 to 14
COMOXSamuel KrieglerBC07:08.0013 to 14
EKSCAlecksisFrance EguiaAB07:08.0013 to 14
KCSRyder LitkeBC07:08.0013 to 14
ROCSJackson WaddellON07:08.0015 and Over
STARSTevaun StewartON07:08.015 and Over
UCSCHadrian LinnAB07:08.0013 to 14
CCSCOrlaina FernandesON07:08.0615 and Over
RODChloe HegiSK07:08.0813 to 14
CASCReegan Van VlietAB07:08.3011 to 12
SWOTTDanielle MossON07:08.3015 and Over
RDCSCAnja GassnerAB07:08.4015 and Over
RDCSCkayla ZanklAB07:08.5013 to 14
RDCSCPaige PaquinAB07:08.5015 and Over
CNJAVincent LalancetteQC07:08.7113 to 14
NNAymen BelkalemQC07:08.7715 and Over
SSATEthan HaasON07:08.9013 to 14
CASCAmelia MayrAB07:09.0013 to 14
CASCHannah McIntoshAB07:09.0015 and Over
EKSCElizabeth-Layne CareyAB07:09.0010 & Under
UCSCMatthew CheungAB07:09.0013 to 14
WAACJackson MeyerON07:09.1115 and Over
RODSadie AndersonSK07:09.1213 to 14
PSWCyan QingquiBC07:09.4013 to 14
RODMaddie GdanskiSK07:09.5313 to 14
CCSCReese WessingerON07:09.6213 to 14
MPMKatelyn StoweNL07:09.7011 to 12
MPMKatelyn StoweNL07:09.7015 and Over
VPSCGavin BakerBC07:09.8011 to 12
GATORTommy ChungBC07:09.8115 and Over
RODMacy HarlosSK07:09.8111 to 12
LOSCKevin DeeBC07:10.00Master
PICKJesh AnthonyON07:10.0015 and Over
EKSCEmma MoAB07:10.0013 to 14
HANEYMadi SeneviratneBC07:10.0015 and Over
GMACZach De La MercedON07:10.0615 and Over
BBSTEthan WilliamsON07:10.1013 to 14
BrantAustin GodwaltdON07:10.113 to 14
WAACWestely Martin-RootON07:10.1013 to 14
RODCashis TaypotatSK07:10.1211 to 12
BrantBrynn ScheffelON07:10.211 to 12
BTSCAva SurbekON07:10.3513 to 14
CPWDAndrew CulhaneON07:10.4515 and Over
SJLClaireR FrenchNL07:10.7113 to 14
DALQuinn WestNS07:10.815 and Over
SWOTTAnthony Della ValleON07:10.8013 to 14
BrantAbigail FellingerON07:10.813 to 14
MPMSawyer LeBlancNL07:10.9011 to 12
MPMSawyer LeBlancNL07:10.9013 to 14
MUSC Melissa BrownNL07:10.9015 and Over
NESElodie MartinNB07:10.9015 and Over
GATORCharles ChangBC07:10.9115 and Over
BTSCTatum McLeanON07:11.0015 and Over
KBMThomas Birnie-WortleyON07:11.0015 and Over
NCSAVictoria HaynesAB07:11.0013 to 14
LOSCSamantha BurwellBC07:11.0013 to 14
CAJJewel BuckleyON07:11.2015 and Over
MJKFFKate WaldenbergerSK07:11.4113 to 14
CCSCGrace AbbottON07:11.5215 and Over
LASCCalyn LothianAB07:12.011 to 12
GMACElla MacNeilON07:12.0515 and Over
RDCSCKaymin GrahamAB07:12.1013 to 14
GOAnnika HolloON07:12.2011 to 12
STRATMegan MertzAB07:12.2015 and Over
WDSCIsabelle RapierBC07:12.2215 and Over
NKBEkin AtakanON07:12.2813 to 14
RODRichard QinSK07:12.4010 & Under
GATORKylie TsaiBC07:12.4815 and Over
KCSHaley RowdenBC07:12.6015 and Over
MMMahinder SinghMB07:12.7013 to 14
SEALSRosemary BowlesMB07:12.8015 and Over
CPWDIsabel LowryON07:12.9711 to 12
LOSCLeila FackBC07:13.0013 to 14
NORACAdam JamnickyON07:13.0015 and Over
WGBBrynna LalondeYT07:13.0015 and Over
KSCMaya ShareAB07:13.0011 to 12
RLGFOlivia SzaflikON07:13.0011 to 12
TIDEMax MacNeilNB07:13.0015 and Over
VPSCMairin LeitchBC07:13.0015 and Over
CPWDJaden KingON07:13.0311 to 12
CBSBDaniel PearceNL07:13.1015 and Over
SWOTTErica RoyON07:13.2015 and Over
LESJade HébertNB07:13.3213 to 14
SWOTTNatasha LawsonON07:13.4015 and Over
WAACKendra HusseyON07:13.4215 and Over
MMIan QuinnMB07:13.6013 to 14
SJLGinger YuNL07:13.7213 to 14
CNMTAlex BertrandQC07:13.815 and Over
GOLDMariah WeberSK07:13.8010 & Under
NKBVictoria YuON07:13.8811 to 12
MMValencia FernandesMB07:13.9011 to 12
GOMaeve MullowneyON07:13.9013 to 14
BTSCAbby MarshallON07:14.0015 and Over
CASCNathan ZhuangAB07:14.0011 to 12
EKSCKiera O'CroininAB07:14.0013 to 14
GOEmmanuelle LivingstonON07:14.0011 to 12
LASCSarah HillAB07:14.015 and Over
OSACMeghan CalhounON07:14.0015 and Over
UCSCSienna RodgersAB07:14.0011 to 12
GPPKirill LyzhinAB07:14.0013 to 14
RODJordan KnudsenSK07:14.0515 and Over
CNJARaphaël SavardQC07:14.1615 and Over
MUSC Hailey St. CroixNL07:14.2015 and Over
CPWDTrinity EtheringtonON07:14.2410 & Under
ROCSDarren GaoON07:14.3015 and Over
SWOTTClare BoltON07:14.3015 and Over
ROCSMartina BasermanON07:14.4015 and Over
MMChris TorranceMB07:14.60Master
SWOTTIsla PulsiferON07:14.7513 to 14
NESDavid ZhangNB07:14.7613 to 14
EKSCShirin BhatAB07:14.9013 to 14
GOLDCassidy DarlingSK07:14.9015 and Over
ROCSJacob PawlakON07:14.9013 to 14
CNJAAnaëlle DufourQC07:14.9215 and Over
GPPKate WalshAB07:15.0015 and Over
PSWAlex GuoBC07:15.0015 and Over
BTSCDorothy DongON07:15.0011 to 12
CASCMichael CairnsAB07:15.0011 to 12
COMOXJasmine Ho-GillisBC07:15.0011 to 12
EKSCTess BaslerAB07:15.0013 to 14
KBMPetronella SummersON07:15.0011 to 12
KSCSaskia JarmolaAB07:15.0013 to 14
LACJacob SeddonON07:15.0013 to 14
OSACAidan NelsonON07:15.0015 and Over
MPMKiera HydeNL07:15.2011 to 12
MPMKiera HydeNL07:15.2013 to 14
MUSC Victoria StokesNL07:15.2015 and Over
MUSC Victoria StokesNL07:15.215 and Over
SLSCNoah RiouxON07:15.2013 to 14
CCSCMeg HowellON07:15.3115 and Over
ROCSCecily GoddardON07:15.4013 to 14
ROCSSarah FlynnON07:15.4013 to 14
PSWWilliam HuangBC07:15.5015 and Over
WAACLauren ReeveON07:15.5513 to 14
GMACErik JensenON07:15.7415 and Over
NESMaya DoucetteNB07:15.7711 to 12
LACTristan Look-HongON07:16.0015 and Over
UCSCJordan LloydAB07:16.0013 to 14
LOSCDanika BedardBC07:16.0015 and Over
WDSCMatt FriesenBC07:16.0011 to 12
NKBJordan Jolly SsamulaON07:16.0411 to 12
SJLWilliam HarveyNL07:16.1113 to 14
CCSCMatthew Schroeder ON07:16.1615 and Over
COMOXSam SouthenBC07:16.2013 to 14
KCSJake GyselBC07:16.2015 and Over
DCSCSARA BENNETTNS07:16.3015 and Over
GOVictoria TrangON07:16.4013 to 14
CBSBAmelia SmithNL07:16.5011 to 12
MPMGraham NoseworthyNL07:16.5011 to 12
MPMGraham NoseworthyNL07:16.5013 to 14
GOLDRhett SmithSK07:16.6013 to 14
SJLMary StricklandNL07:16.6513 to 14
CPWDAva WebbON07:16.8715 and Over
RAPIDAvery RitchieBC07:16.8911 to 12
NCSADayn ReganAB07:17.0015 and Over
OSACTess CavanaghON07:17.0011 to 12
SWOTTIsabel Wettlaufer-WangON07:17.0015 and Over
UCSCJude CanjiAB07:17.0013 to 14
UCSCDaniel ZhangAB07:17.0013 to 14
CASCLilah ThiessenAB07:17.0511 to 12
LESKikpesan WardNB07:17.1013 to 14
RODAlex OlfertSK07:17.2013 to 14
CCSCGabrial WadeON07:17.6115 and Over
CNJAMarie-Léa GirardQC07:17.6113 to 14
SJLJosh BonnellNL07:17.7315 and Over
EKSCJosephine O'KellyAB07:18.0013 to 14
HANEYMaya LlarenaBC07:18.0015 and Over
KBMAila CourtyON07:18.0015 and Over
RDCSCDalton PowellAB07:18.1013 to 14
RAPIDChantelle EdwardsonBC07:18.2213 to 14
GMACEthan MarkON07:18.3415 and Over
CARATNoah RocheleauQC07:18.4515 and Over
WAACMia TomicON07:18.5111 to 12
GSHCaitlin CoxON07:18.6015 and Over
SEALSNatalie VarasMB07:18.7015 and Over
CCSCNathan BedardON07:18.9413 to 14
HANEYRobynn ReidBC07:19.0015 and Over
KBMPatrick KeayON07:19.0013 to 14
KBMJilly DaltonON07:19.0013 to 14
LASCSara KozubAB07:19.013 to 14
STARSJulia GueldisON07:19.013 to 14
TIDECatherine AlexanderNB07:19.0013 to 14
OAKCeleste ArthurON07:19.0011 to 12
NKBMaizie MoustgaardON07:19.1313 to 14
BrantYuna KodamaON07:19.213 to 14
MMDru CulletonMB07:19.3013 to 14
SDAryana Reyes-ArgueroMB07:19.7013 to 14
FASTJesse Canney_S14SB14SM14NB07:19.78Para-Swimmer
WGBEmily VangelYT07:20.0015 and Over
KCSPeter TulkBC07:20.0015 and Over
TIDEJordan LeRoyNB07:20.0013 to 14
VPSCEumi FinlaysonBC07:20.0013 to 14
GODalia BouazizON07:20.1011 to 12
MMIsis FernandesMB07:20.1013 to 14
SWOTTCatie BrownON07:20.2015 and Over
BrantEllery McLeanON07:20.211 to 12
GOTaha AlmangushON07:20.3013 to 14
CARATGabriel MichaudQC07:20.4313 to 14
NESAlyssia BergeronNB07:20.5615 and Over
GATORNathalie NgBC07:20.6113 to 14
EKSCOlivia MorrowAB07:21.0013 to 14
RAPIDCindy DuBC07:21.0111 to 12
EKSCLauren JenkinsAB07:21.2015 and Over
GOTea BouchardON07:21.2013 to 14
GOLDLauren AndersonSK07:21.2013 to 14
AUROCarolyn BrndiarON07:21.4Master
CASCAsher Main-BodieAB07:21.4310 & Under
DALAmelia Lane NS07:21.515 and Over
RAPIDTristan SasanBC07:21.5413 to 14
CCSCLiam PatersonON07:21.6511 to 12
CADACFelicia SassQC07:22.0015 and Over
CASCRyan ZhuangAB07:22.0013 to 14
CASCTristan VanVlietAB07:22.0013 to 14
KBMMatthew PainON07:22.0013 to 14
KBMJericho MordasiewiczON07:22.0015 and Over
KSCJoy PhanAB07:22.0011 to 12
OSACSam RosselON07:22.0013 to 14
GOAllan BordovskyON07:22.1011 to 12
GOLDZoe BenningSK07:22.2013 to 14
BrantLexi McLeanON07:22.215 and Over
BrantDylen HarrisonON07:22.213 to 14
MPMAva DeckerNL07:22.4011 to 12
MPMAva DeckerNL07:22.4013 to 14
MUSC Theresa AllinghamNL07:22.5015 and Over
WLBFRowan  SmithBC07:22.5311 to 12
LACMaxwell BurtonON07:23.0015 and Over
UCSCAustin MaAB07:23.0013 to 14
GOKira CharapovaON07:23.1011 to 12
CARATMalek LaroucheQC07:23.1715 and Over
STRATErik MeyerAB07:23.3015 and Over
SWOTTEllie TowaijON07:23.4015 and Over
WAACRobert PopON07:23.5111 to 12
TRITNoah ThompsonAB07:23.6413 to 14
RAPIDAlexander BulgakovBC07:23.7013 to 14
GPPMaddox WoodruffAB07:24.0010 & Under
STARSMavis BhatiaON07:24.013 to 14
OAKRebecca NewtonON07:24.0011 to 12
PICKDalton wrightON07:24.0011 to 12
BrantDigby BerridgeON07:24.213 to 14
CBSCNathan FlynnNL07:24.3015 and Over
CNMTJulot Lavoie D'OrQC07:24.415 and Over
RODGillian KimensSK07:24.6010 & Under
CASCLydia ZielkeAB07:24.6011 to 12
DUCKSSean LeeON07:24.7515 and Over
SCARVeronica PatrianakosON07:25.0013 to 14
AURODan ThompsonON07:25.0Master
BBFLaurent BilodeauQC07:25.0011 to 12
BBFMarcus VendittiQC07:25.0011 to 12
BTSCRowan SerreON07:25.0015 and Over
EKSCDiana YangAB07:25.0013 to 14
LACAlexis HarbackON07:25.0015 and Over
LACPaige ElliottON07:25.0015 and Over
STARSVictoria PankiwON07:25.015 and Over
GSHRyan NguyenON07:25.1015 and Over
DALAndreanne Paul-ChowduryNS07:25.315 and Over
GMACNoah BradwinON07:25.5413 to 14
COMOXHailey HickmanBC07:25.7013 to 14
UCSCHayleigh HAINESAB07:25.7011 to 12
SWOTTLauren RichardsonON07:25.8015 and Over
VPSCBrian YooBC07:25.9013 to 14
NKBYuto LeeON07:25.9513 to 14
CASCClaire LiAB07:26.0011 to 12
HANEYPreston SeneviratneBC07:26.0011 to 12
LACKyle StucklessON07:26.0013 to 14
UCSCSeth Michael-AlluelohiaAB07:26.0011 to 12
MMEvan StebnerMB07:26.2013 to 14
SWOTTKennedy SmithON07:26.2015 and Over
SWOTTAnasofia Emmond PolaON07:26.2513 to 14
RODAlex KaulbachSK07:26.3013 to 14
MPMOlivia PorterNL07:26.4011 to 12
MPMOlivia PorterNL07:26.4015 and Over
BBSTFayrouz MeckyON07:26.5013 to 14
WAACMakayla DuffON07:26.5115 and Over
NKBElla YoungON07:26.5315 and Over
LESHayley MacEachernNB07:26.5815 and Over
EKSCDylan WalesAB07:26.8015 and Over
CCSCEden HarbecON07:26.9415 and Over
KSCDorothy FangAB07:27.0013 to 14
NCSAElla SnyderAB07:27.0013 to 14
STARSMichael BluntON07:27.013 to 14
UCSCTjais HirstAB07:27.0013 to 14
BrantMadelyne GruenwaldON07:27.513 to 14
NKBAddison StorieON07:27.5613 to 14
TRITPavit JhinjarAB07:27.6015 and Over
NORACMason LeRouxON07:27.7613 to 14
MMEmma SywakeMB07:27.8715 and Over
LACKiera BallON07:28.0015 and Over
LASCSophia BekkerAB07:28.010 & Under
OAKMaya Mehta-OwensON07:28.0013 to 14
SJLChristian StricklandNL07:28.4713 to 14
CPWDDarwyn BaxterON07:28.4813 to 14
CARATRose LandryQC07:28.5813 to 14
SWOTTJenna ZaitlinON07:28.5913 to 14
VPSCFangxun WangBC07:28.6013 to 14
CNJAGabriel BarbeauQC07:28.7513 to 14
MPMJames ElliottNL07:28.8015 and Over
GLENGrier McClayAB07:28.9411 to 12
CADACMackenzie BlaisQC07:29.0015 and Over
EKSCAmelie DonaldAB07:29.0013 to 14
LASCTaylor GintherAB07:29.011 to 12
STARSSienna ModyON07:29.013 to 14
STARSLuca LynON07:29.011 to 12
UCSCMalak BESHRYAB07:29.0011 to 12
WDSCSohie RaffaiBC07:29.0011 to 12
WDSCHarriett BusbyBC07:29.0015 and Over
NKBAnnika LebenON07:29.0113 to 14
CCSCMeredith Holloway ON07:29.1411 to 12
CPWDSavannah BrownON07:29.9511 to 12
TRITMakynna NuttallAB07:29.9511 to 12
WDSCBodey IversonBC07:29.9913 to 14
LOSCMacey LarsonBC07:30.0013 to 14
CBSCCarly ApplinNL07:30.0015 and Over
CWCTalyn FlamanAB07:30.0013 to 14
CWCIsabella HugoAB07:30.0013 to 14
CWCAnnalise GeremiaAB07:30.0015 and Over
GOOwen JungON07:30.0010 & Under
KBMRyan Layton-MatthewsON07:30.0011 to 12
KSCKamryn RideoutAB07:30.0011 to 12
OSACSarah AveryON07:30.0011 to 12
OSACTaryn LeeON07:30.0013 to 14
OSACNick TurgeonON07:30.0015 and Over
MPMLindsey GoodlandNL07:30.1011 to 12
MPMLindsey GoodlandNL07:30.1013 to 14
WAACRemi Hayes ON07:30.2013 to 14
VPSCKiara LambertBC07:30.4015 and Over
CNMTRebecca BrossardQC07:30.513 to 14
SWOTTMolly BarberON07:30.5911 to 12
MMEmily CuvelierMB07:30.7013 to 14
MPMMatthew RandellNL07:30.8011 to 12
MPMMatthew RandellNL07:30.8013 to 14
RDCSCGavin PiecowyeAB07:30.8013 to 14
GATORBryan StartupBC07:30.9315 and Over
WLBFAliya Grant BC07:30.9813 to 14
CADACLoic LaroucheQC07:31.0015 and Over
EKSCTekla RachmielowskiAB07:31.0011 to 12
NCSAOlivia HatchAB07:31.0013 to 14
RDCSCDanica MacPhersonAB07:31.0013 to 14
SEALSRhade KostelnykMB07:31.0015 and Over
WDSCTiffany HoBC07:31.0011 to 12
CPWDChloe FortierON07:31.2715 and Over
NKBMia MartelON07:31.3313 to 14
MMHunter DaleyMB07:31.7015 and Over
SLSCLara MakelaON07:31.7013 to 14
BrantRachel SteinbergON07:31.813 to 14
CNMTJustine MckaleQC07:31.813 to 14
SDMekayla ErpeloMB07:31.8011 to 12
KCSSunelle BrinkBC07:32.0013 to 14
LACZach KostadopoulosON07:32.0015 and Over
GOLDVictoria DarlingSK07:32.1011 to 12
CARATLyssa BrooksQC07:32.1613 to 14
RDCSCPriya ThomasAB07:32.2013 to 14
MMAmanda HaighMB07:32.3115 and Over
WLBFGabbrielle KnoxBC07:32.3613 to 14
DUCKSStephen AntoniosON07:32.4213 to 14
BrantLeo HuangON07:32.513 to 14
RDCSCDyllan GravelleAB07:32.5013 to 14
VPSCYeonsoo LeeBC07:32.8013 to 14
CARATChloé BédardQC07:32.9013 to 14
ROCSEmma FayON07:32.9013 to 14
CWCMichael LendrumAB07:33.0013 to 14
LACLeah BoulianneON07:33.0013 to 14
LACJunsoo PakON07:33.0015 and Over
LASCAki OshimaAB07:33.013 to 14
OAKVictoria EdgarON07:33.0011 to 12
NESIain BullaNB07:33.1615 and Over
SWOTTEuan Van StrattenON07:33.2813 to 14
UCSCXinYao PENGAB07:33.3011 to 12
NKBAva MartelON07:33.5015 and Over
MJKFFDayna NewberrySK07:33.5613 to 14
SJLJack DavisNL07:33.7413 to 14
TRITGavin LyonsAB07:33.7813 to 14
BBSTFrancis BrennanON07:33.8011 to 12
GOLucas YaoON07:34.0010 & Under
GPPBrendan McKechnieAB07:34.0013 to 14
OSACMichelle KocherON07:34.0011 to 12
UCSCJeffery CheungAB07:34.0011 to 12
SSATBrie ReidON07:34.0811 to 12
CARATMarie-Joëlle BrièreQC07:34.1513 to 14
DUCKSMatthew ChuON07:34.1613 to 14
MMPatts ArielleMB07:34.2013 to 14
CARATSamuelle PotvinQC07:34.2713 to 14
DUCKSMichelle XuON07:34.4311 to 12
BBSTCaelen CalderON07:34.5013 to 14
CAJMaya TroupON07:34.5011 to 12
MPMAlexa CarterNL07:34.6015 and Over
NKBBronwen Feeney-SvabON07:34.6815 and Over
NKBNathaniel EibnerON07:34.7513 to 14
CAJHolly RicherON07:34.8015 and Over
BTSCSydney ColquhounON07:35.0013 to 14
KSCCharlie TrofimukAB07:35.0013 to 14
LACClaire BaoON07:35.0015 and Over
LACKennedy CookeON07:35.0015 and Over
CNJAVincent DesjardinsQC07:35.0913 to 14
NKBIsabelle ChenON07:35.2311 to 12
PPACEaston CampbelAB07:35.4013 to 14
BBSTAbbi SolomonON07:35.4013 to 14
COMOXShayna JewittBC07:35.4015 and Over
GOLDJacey LutzeSK07:35.4011 to 12
RDCSCAnna HorbushkoAB07:35.5013 to 14
SWOTTAlice de VliegerON07:35.7313 to 14
DCSCMADISON SLACKNS07:35.8015 and Over
CARATFrédérique LapierreQC07:35.8613 to 14
CADACMagalie BanvilleQC07:36.0013 to 14
GPPAbigail CruzAB07:36.0011 to 12
KCSMeredith FranksBC07:36.0015 and Over
KCSMax AngoveBC07:36.0015 and Over
LACAlec GelzON07:36.0015 and Over
OSACTrip MorrisON07:36.0013 to 14
PICKEmmanuell CundanganON07:36.0013 to 14
PSWClaire ZhuBC07:36.1015 and Over
PSWClaire ZhuBC07:36.1013 to 14
BrantConnor CabralON07:36.413 to 14
CASCJonathan PawelczakAB07:36.6110 & Under
NESEmilie D'AmoursNB07:36.7715 and Over
GOLDLucas KellnSK07:36.8013 to 14
GOLDIsabel MagusSK07:36.9011 to 12
ROCSMollie O'TooleON07:36.9013 to 14
PICKmegan satumbaON07:37.0013 to 14
BTSCClare PrettyON07:37.0013 to 14
LASCElizabeth HillAB07:37.015 and Over
LASCBronwyn HamerAB07:37.011 to 12
KCSLucas HeerBC07:37.2015 and Over
MUSC Ryan AdamsNL07:37.2015 and Over
MUMSMatei PetrescuQC07:37.38Master
BBSTMaddy LevesqueON07:37.4013 to 14
CCSCAvery KnightON07:37.5211 to 12
VPSCMariaVictoria ZhuBC07:37.8011 to 12
CADACFlavie ThebergeQC07:38.0013 to 14
CADACBeatrice BureauQC07:38.0015 and Over
ROCSBen ThomsonON07:38.0013 to 14
PICKClaire wrightON07:38.0013 to 14
WAVESHunter MandelAB07:38.0013 to 14
SJLJulia ThomsNL07:38.0213 to 14
GMACSophia SongON07:38.3511 to 12
MPMJoel ThomasNL07:38.5013 to 14
MPMJoel ThomasNL07:38.5013 to 14
CCSCSpencer Adlington ON07:38.5211 to 12
NKBEmily ZhouON07:38.6913 to 14
WAACZan PapadakosON07:38.7215 and Over
SSATHaley MacFarlaneON07:38.9715 and Over
GOLDNicole GodboutSK07:39.0011 to 12
LACAlex BeckettON07:39.0013 to 14
LACAlyssa BallON07:39.0015 and Over
LASCLily PetryAB07:39.013 to 14
LASCLiam AserballeAB07:39.013 to 14
WAACJadyn CoombsON07:39.1513 to 14
CNJAElla BeaulieuQC07:39.3715 and Over
CNJAAlice Bouchard-RouleauQC07:39.3813 to 14
MMCooper KleinMB07:39.5013 to 14
GOLDKeiran DyckSK07:39.6013 to 14
GOLDJacob CameronSK07:39.6013 to 14
DUCKSBrooke LewisON07:39.7015 and Over
WDSCCaitlyn FowlerBC07:39.9911 to 12
GPPOliver DawsonAB07:40.0011 to 12
NCSAKennedy PalmerAB07:40.0011 to 12
VPSCBrad HuangBC07:40.0015 and Over
BrantBen RooneyON07:40.013 to 14
NORACOlivia HarveyON07:40.1315 and Over
RAPIDDaymon WijayakoonBC07:40.1413 to 14
RAPIDCoco XieBC07:40.2510 & Under
WAACDominic ViveriosON07:40.2615 and Over
BrantSebastian luzuriagaON07:40.413 to 14
CAJHailey MurdochON07:40.5011 to 12
DUCKSTimofey MordukhaiON07:40.6011 to 12
SWOTTBeckett CameronON07:40.6911 to 12
CARATAlyson TherrienQC07:40.7615 and Over
NKBQuinn FitzgeraldON07:40.8411 to 12
CAJLaura WilsonON07:40.9015 and Over
GOTuNhi HuynhON07:40.9011 to 12
GOLDAnika LiSK07:40.9013 to 14
NKBAnthony DonaldON07:41.0015 and Over
SCARRaya BasuON07:41.0011 to 12
WGBKale MassieYT07:41.0013 to 14
WGBJulia RobbinsYT07:41.0015 and Over
GMACAndrea MintisON07:41.1513 to 14
VPSCAlex LiuBC07:41.2011 to 12
SLSCIvy Shulte-HosteddeON07:41.3013 to 14
GLENSophia FeleskyAB07:41.3611 to 12
GLENSophia FeleskyAB07:41.4011 to 12
RODStephanie AdelmanSK07:41.4211 to 12
CASCMorgan ZhangAB07:41.4513 to 14
GATORLeta RainerBC07:41.6613 to 14
GMACAlice ParsonsON07:41.6613 to 14
UCSCJulia NORMANAB07:41.7011 to 12
VPSCJoshua WarringtonBC07:41.7013 to 14
DUCKSIsabella ColalilloON07:41.7815 and Over
MJKFFDamian ChartrandSK07:41.7813 to 14
CNJAVictor HarveyQC07:41.7915 and Over
SSATElla HaasON07:41.9915 and Over
COMOXSophie NelBC07:42.0011 to 12
CWCRemo CramerAB07:42.0013 to 14
VPSCRamon Siytangco S14SB14SM14BC07:42.00Para-Swimmer
NKBAnna PolisenaON07:42.0111 to 12
NKBSophia KellyON07:42.0311 to 12
GSHJakob RogersON07:42.2015 and Over
RDCSCPayden VanMaarionAB07:42.3015 and Over
VPSCJacob ShewBC07:42.3015 and Over
GMACAnthony GunnON07:42.4215 and Over
CASCAlexandria FeuchterAB07:42.4510 & Under
NORACJackson StratfordON07:42.4815 and Over
GMACGabby PollockON07:42.5615 and Over
SSATLauren BowdenON07:42.6015 and Over
CASCJacob WindsorAB07:42.7215 and Over
RAPIDYiguo SongBC07:42.7811 to 12
GOLDMilayna MildenbergerSK07:42.8011 to 12
RDCSCLaina PowellAB07:42.8011 to 12
DUCKSAngie ChungON07:42.8615 and Over
VPSCAidan ZhangBC07:42.9011 to 12
NKBHarold FanON07:42.9013 to 14
RAPIDYuuki von HuendebergBC07:42.9911 to 12
CBSBRachel SlaneyNL07:43.1011 to 12
GMACAbby GerrardON07:43.2013 to 14
SLSCLauren BuchowskiON07:43.2013 to 14
GOLDAdam FosterSK07:43.2013 to 14
MUSC Ashlen MersereauNL07:43.2015 and Over
VPSCDian ShengBC07:43.3013 to 14
GLENAbigail HeasmanAB07:43.3613 to 14
GLENAbigail HeasmanAB07:43.4013 to 14
SDJacob BellMB07:43.5013 to 14
CNJAGabrielle Beaulieu-LavoieQC07:43.6013 to 14
CASCAlexandra HallettAB07:43.6115 and Over
BTSCAndie RoseON07:44.0013 to 14
CWCMaya KalmakoffAB07:44.0011 to 12
LACAndy LianON07:44.0015 and Over
LACChloe KennedyON07:44.0015 and Over
PICKBryan WrightON07:44.0011 to 12
PICKDavid HarvieON07:44.0015 and Over
RDCSCMakena VictorAB07:44.0013 to 14
SCARLaureen NiersteON07:44.0013 to 14
SCARNazli HartON07:44.0013 to 14
BBSTKarissa ManlowON07:44.3013 to 14
CAJBrooke-Lynn LitwillerON07:44.3015 and Over
GOLDAlyssa ClarkSK07:44.3015 and Over
PPACGabrielle HenryAB07:44.4011 to 12
GMACHanna SchlotzhauerON07:44.4415 and Over
CARATMarie-Maxime CossetteQC07:44.7913 to 14
MPMDale CooneyNL07:44.8013 to 14
MPMDale CooneyNL07:44.8015 and Over
BTSCElla JeffelsON07:45.0011 to 12
BTSCShea GillespieON07:45.0013 to 14
CADACLinda ChabotQC07:45.0013 to 14
GO Lucas LivingstonON07:45.0010 & Under
NCSALauren RawlyckAB07:45.0011 to 12
ROCSEmma McNichollON07:45.0015 and Over
UCSCYianni MylonasAB07:45.0013 to 14
UCSCKarah PetersenAB07:45.0013 to 14
LOSCJihoon BaeBC07:45.0013 to 14
OAKYoussef RefaatON07:45.0011 to 12
SWOTTChristina WangON07:45.1113 to 14
MPMJames RyanNL07:45.2011 to 12
MPMJames RyanNL07:45.2013 to 14
GATORJonathan XiongBC07:45.3613 to 14
KISUHannah RuttenBC07:45.3811 to 12
NKBTeagan MacDonaldON07:45.4010 & Under
WAACAllina MeulemannON07:45.5911 to 12
CNMTAnthony DufortQC07:45.815 and Over
KISUJulia StirlingBC07:45.8811 to 12
RODMarko EftimovSK07:45.9013 to 14
KCSDominic AmlerBC07:46.0015 and Over
RLGFSydney CampbellON07:46.0011 to 12
VPSCLucia PochynokBC07:46.0015 and Over
OAKMicah AlbertON07:46.0013 to 14
KISUBrelyn CourtnayBC07:46.2713 to 14
RAPIDJerry TaoBC07:46.3211 to 12
CNCIVictoria ChevretteQC07:46.4513 to 14
MMNataniel VasermanMB07:46.4615 and Over
MPMLiam TweedieNL07:46.6013 to 14
MPMLiam TweedieNL07:46.6015 and Over
WAACJulia NotebomerON07:46.6113 to 14
VPSCAoi YasumoriBC07:46.7015 and Over
CWCAntonia LamontagneAB07:47.0010 & Under
GOAva NoordhofON07:47.0011 to 12
STARSKlara VrbanekON07:47.015 and Over
CNJAFlorence MichaudQC07:47.0813 to 14
SSATAndrew LiON07:47.2210 & Under
CNMTLarissa BruchigQC07:47.313 to 14
GATORTerrance WenBC07:47.6113 to 14
GATORMarcus HoBC07:47.6115 and Over
CNJALaurence GouletQC07:47.7413 to 14
TRITSophia CaronAB07:47.8711 to 12
MPMConnor GashNL07:47.9013 to 14
MPMConnor GashNL07:47.9015 and Over
GOOlivia JodoinON07:48.0011 to 12
NCSASage SmithAB07:48.0013 to 14
OSACKennedy CounahanON07:48.0015 and Over
OAKLily MacPhersonON07:48.0013 to 14
CCSCJames SpracklinON07:48.1113 to 14
KISULeland MullinBC07:48.2613 to 14
WAACAlexa PollardON07:48.3815 and Over
AUROEmma PointON07:48.5Master
CCSCMegan BlackON07:48.8713 to 14
VPSCJames ZhaoBC07:48.9011 to 12
BTSCAlex DuffinON07:49.0013 to 14
CADACSarah-Kim LatourQC07:49.0013 to 14
KLACdrew mccrankON07:49.013 to 14
KSCCalen PlanaAB07:49.0011 to 12
STRATSydney GetzingerAB07:49.0015 and Over
TIDEChloe XuNB07:49.0011 to 12
WAVESKage SenftAB07:49.0011 to 12
BTSCJakob DermottON07:49.2013 to 14
RAPIDTai StroudBC07:49.5013 to 14
SWOTTInaya SerajON07:49.5615 and Over
BTSCMatthew KarasmanisON07:49.6215 and Over
CBSBJames TraverseNL07:49.7011 to 12
SCARGeorgia MiddletonON07:50.0011 to 12
CWCPeyton CroteauAB07:50.0013 to 14
GOCassandra ChartrandON07:50.0011 to 12
OSACCatherine AveryON07:50.0011 to 12
SSATGeorgia BurnsON07:50.5411 to 12
GMACMatthew MarsellaON07:50.6813 to 14
STRATJosh KennedyAB07:50.7015 and Over
SWOTTJiazi LaoON07:50.7511 to 12
GATORMegan MoyBC07:50.9015 and Over
CBSBBryan LeeNL07:51.0015 and Over
CBSCAideen NelsonNL07:51.0015 and Over
GLENHolden GouldAB07:51.0013 to 14
VPSCMark ZhitnitskyBC07:51.0015 and Over
SCARArielle RampersadON07:51.0013 to 14
GLENHolden GouldAB07:51.0213 to 14
TRITBrielle MenardAB07:51.2313 to 14
CAJMikayla HeeleyON07:51.3013 to 14
GOLDTrinity SchmidtSK07:51.3011 to 12
SJLJulia DwyerNL07:51.3913 to 14
CASCAlyssa GutersonAB07:51.5313 to 14
FASTClaire FinleyNB07:51.7015 and Over
OAKGavin YouON07:52.0011 to 12
GOSaul DeronethON07:52.0010 & Under
VPSCLucas TrigerBC07:52.0015 and Over
NKBEvan CagiannosON07:52.1813 to 14
CNJARafaëlle CôtéQC07:52.1913 to 14
GOLDAdrianne TanjusaySK07:52.2015 and Over
WAACMya ParishON07:52.2211 to 12
GOHelena ScullionON07:52.3013 to 14
BBSTLogan HicksON07:52.5013 to 14
KISUSarah AndrewsBC07:52.5111 to 12
SWOTTJozsi McKeeON07:52.5615 and Over
GOSean HughsonON07:52.6013 to 14
MPMMaria PrettyNL07:52.6013 to 14
MPMMaria PrettyNL07:52.6015 and Over
DCSCLUKE ELLISNS07:52.7011 to 12
NESOcéane ParentNB07:52.7713 to 14
RAPIDSophia ChenBC07:52.8111 to 12
EKSCBridget EvansAB07:53.0011 to 12
GPPHudson FraynAB07:53.0013 to 14
OSACSebastain VanWieringenON07:53.0015 and Over
CAJSean MaileON07:53.3013 to 14
BrantBrendan GibsonON07:53.313 to 14
GMACKalei CarrollON07:53.4811 to 12
WAACBrayden MannON07:53.6113 to 14
SEALSDylan Montemurro-AndersonMB07:53.8015 and Over
CARATZac GilbertQC07:53.8311 to 12
SWOTTOkyana Le Clair-HaddadON07:53.8411 to 12
OAKBrayden RajotteON07:54.0011 to 12
GPPDominik KwiecienAB07:54.0013 to 14
HANEYZwena AwondzekoBC07:54.0013 to 14
LASCJayda TymkoAB07:54.013 to 14
GOLDOliver GenestSK07:54.2011 to 12
NKBEllie GadzosON07:54.2815 and Over
RAPIDKen StroudBC07:54.45Masters
GMACSofia MclachlanON07:54.4615 and Over
RAPIDJoshua NygardBC07:54.6613 to 14
GATORNathan WongBC07:54.7115 and Over
VPSCMuqing(Emma) ZhangBC07:54.8010 & Under
BTSCLucian VilchezON07:55.0011 to 12
HANEYMariella MissoriBC07:55.0013 to 14
KBMEmily DewalON07:55.0013 to 14
KCSCate WhartonBC07:55.0015 and Over
LASCGrace DeJongAB07:55.015 and Over
MUSC Emily Gagne-HeddersonNL07:55.0015 and Over
NCSAEaston HughesAB07:55.0015 and Over
OSACAleida NelsonON07:55.0013 to 14
PICKJesus baylonON07:55.0015 and Over
RAPIDYona BergerBC07:55.0115 and Over
WAACBailey EwanchukON07:55.0111 to 12
SLSCBen SchellON07:55.1013 to 14
MMJonah BrownsonMB07:55.2013 to 14
NKBErin OvertonON07:55.3813 to 14
BTSCKiera FrommON07:55.5715 and Over
CARATFlorence PouliotQC07:55.8511 to 12
NKBSarah ZaniewskiON07:55.8911 to 12
BTSCNoemi BlakeON07:56.0011 to 12
CADACVictor CharronQC07:56.0015 and Over
GOElianne GravelleON07:56.0011 to 12
SCARAliya CisseON07:56.0011 to 12
SCARLyla NolanON07:56.0011 to 12
BBSTElizabeth BurnettON07:56.1011 to 12
GOLDMerieliss LyleSK07:56.1013 to 14
SWOTTHenry de VliegerON07:56.5911 to 12
SWOTTCalum MacDonaldON07:56.7313 to 14
SJLJada RobertsNL07:56.9313 to 14
LOSCAlex VelicicoBC07:57.0011 to 12
PICKmarshall monroeON07:57.0015 and Over
SCAREric TianON07:57.0011 to 12
WDSCMaxim CherdantsevBC07:57.0013 to 14
LASCKaitlin KozubAB07:57.011 to 12
LASCLauren AndersonAB07:57.011 to 12
STRATMia GrantAB07:57.0013 to 14
CNCIAnjali GuhaQC07:57.0711 to 12
WAVESSarah KradovillAB07:57.4711 to 12
CCSCJordan Holloway ON07:57.6110 & Under
GMACSophia AnstettON07:57.6711 to 12
NKBAddison BairdON07:57.7811 to 12
WAACMaxwell Hall-SmithON07:57.9413 to 14
COMOXTobias MacluskieBC07:58.0011 to 12
KBMKaie BainON07:58.0011 to 12
GOLDAva NormanSK07:58.1013 to 14
CNCIRose TremblayQC07:58.3313 to 14
UCSCPeyton RULEAB07:58.8011 to 12
MMMahri JoyalMB07:59.0013 to 14
PICKAlison HarvieON07:59.0015 and Over
CASCBlake OBrienAB07:59.0010 & Under
EKSCKiera CraneAB07:59.0011 to 12
RODSoumaya TissiraSK07:59.1013 to 14
CNJAXavier LalancetteQC07:59.3011 to 12
GSHTeagan KnelsenON07:59.3015 and Over
CBSCJenna BoardmanNL07:59.4015 and Over
DUCKSTristanLevente PethoON07:59.4111 to 12
DUCKSIlariaIsabella Di BattistaON07:59.4113 to 14
UCSCJonathan CameronAB07:59.7011 to 12
CCSCDani Schroeder ON07:59.7211 to 12
FASTThomas MorganNB07:59.9015 and Over
RODMateo BecerraSK07:59.9011 to 12
WAACKaleb KuttschrutterON07:59.9111 to 12
BTSCConnor WilsonON08:00.0013 to 14
COMOXLuca BisaroBC08:00.0013 to 14
KCSLI BailinBC08:00.0015 and Over
SCARFeliziana LingON08:00.0011 to 12
CAJKate KennedyON08:00.1015 and Over
FASTFred LuNB08:00.1411 to 12
COMOXDevyn CruickshankBC08:00.2011 to 12
STRATLauryn HansenAB08:00.6013 to 14
NKBAngus JohnstoneON08:00.6413 to 14
NKBMarlowe HalloranON08:00.6613 to 14
SJLKate SquiresNL08:00.9613 to 14
BTSCJordyn GardnerON08:01.0011 to 12
CADACGaelle ThebergeQC08:01.0013 to 14
LACLenka MyattON08:01.0013 to 14
OAKAaron ChuON08:01.0011 to 12
WAACTess WeyersON08:01.0111 to 12
DUCKSBiancaSuniya IacoucciON08:01.2711 to 12
SWOTTStella GuestON08:01.3013 to 14
EKSCHarriet LiAB08:01.5015 and Over
FASTSky YuNB08:01.6015 and Over
SLSCEthan HandyON08:01.7015 and Over
USCMaryn WrayON08:02.0011 to 12
WAVESTaigan WalkerAB08:02.0013 to 14
EKSCMeagan ChanAB08:02.0011 to 12
SJLEmily MurphyNL08:02.3213 to 14
NKBAnna CookON08:02.4011 to 12
RAPIDGary DuBC08:02.5111 to 12
GOLDAnastasia SasataSK08:02.6015 and Over
SJLEmma VavasourNL08:02.9913 to 14
EKSCJennifer PulidoAB08:03.0013 to 14
GOSaoirse DeronethON08:03.0010 & Under
GMACFaith LinON08:03.1411 to 12
CASCJolie KwanAB08:03.3510 & Under
ROCSLogan MilneON08:03.4013 to 14
CASCVivianne WeirAB08:03.4510 & Under
FASTLiam WeberNB08:03.4615 and Over
RAPIDAdelina PeiBC08:03.5013 to 14
NESAlexis DuquetteNB08:03.5513 to 14
GOLDSami BenningSK08:03.6011 to 12
AUROKathy McKnightON08:04.0Master
STARSYsabelle RubisON08:04.013 to 14
GLENAlexandra FredricksonAB08:04.2011 to 12
GLENAlexandra FredricksonAB08:04.2311 to 12
NKBLaurel NaikON08:04.4011 to 12
PPACSydney Guertin-BougerolleAB08:04.4011 to 12
PPACHaylee BeelerAB08:04.4011 to 12
STRATWill KarkutAB08:04.4013 to 14
MPMAva KellyNL08:04.5013 to 14
NKBElizabeth YaoON08:04.5013 to 14
WAACKristine KingON08:04.5811 to 12
NESFelix-Antoine DuquetteNB08:04.8911 to 12
LACCharlie PyeON08:05.0015 and Over
UCSCAndrew WangAB08:05.0011 to 12
RAPIDDaniel DuBC08:05.1215 and Over
RDCSCZafar KhamidullaevAB08:05.3011 to 12
MMAbi DeibertMB08:05.3315 and Over
FASTRori GainesNB08:05.4511 to 12
GATORRachel RonqueBC08:05.5013 to 14
GATORKaylee HoangBC08:05.5013 to 14
PSWAlexander ChanBC08:05.6013 to 14
ELACEthan YoungON08:05.8911 to 12
BrantMadden RupraiON08:06.013 to 14
GOGrace SottanaON08:06.0011 to 12
LASCPayton WalperAB08:06.013 to 14
BrantAnna MyersON08:06.113 to 14
MPMSarah TurnerNL08:06.2015 and Over
MPMSarah TurnerNL08:06.2015 and Over
KISUCharlotte GlynesBC08:06.5111 to 12
CNCIGabrielle MonzerolQC08:06.9211 to 12
HANEYDenys TymchukBC08:07.0013 to 14
ROCSArthur GalianoON08:07.0011 to 12
RAPIDJenna ZhangBC08:07.0913 to 14
VPSCEmma ArandaBC08:07.1013 to 14
RODIsaac CurrieSK08:07.2013 to 14
MJKFFNicole GraySK08:07.2713 to 14
NKBZoe KeppieON08:07.3011 to 12
GOSarah LegerON08:07.4011 to 12
NORACMegan JonesON08:07.4915 and Over
PPACElise CookeAB08:07.6010 & Under
CPWDStella GardinerON08:07.7113 to 14
MPMVictoria TuffNL08:07.8011 to 12
MPMVictoria TuffNL08:07.8015 and Over
BTSCRachel HessON08:07.9113 to 14
BTSCAlex KarasmanisON08:07.9115 and Over
COMOXSasha WoldnikBC08:08.0011 to 12
GONea DodgeON08:08.0013 to 14
ROCSJordan PawlakON08:08.0011 to 12
ROCSJoy SawyerON08:08.0015 and Over
STARSGabriella SalterON08:08.015 and Over
LOSCKeith VermeulenBC08:08.0015 and Over
TRITPhilip BileskyAB08:08.0611 to 12
UCSCSadie MORANAB08:08.1011 to 12
NESOlivia LevesqueNB08:08.2613 to 14
MPMAmelia TobinNL08:08.4013 to 14
MPMAmelia TobinNL08:08.4015 and Over
GOGavin BurkeON08:08.5011 to 12
DUCKSAdonis PagiamtzisON08:08.7513 to 14
BBSTMyles JacksonON08:08.9011 to 12
USCLauren Dalla VicenzaON08:09.0015 and Over
GLENOlivia JanmohamedAB08:09.0013 to 14
GLENOlivia JanmohamedAB08:09.0413 to 14
BrantChloe SvecON08:09.115 and Over
CARATÈve GélinasQC08:09.1113 to 14
NKBGarrett BertrandON08:09.2515 and Over
CPWDAnaliese TerpstraON08:09.7813 to 14
CBSBEmma PowerNL08:09.9013 to 14
AURONikki MinchinON08:10.0Master
CBSCNatalie ParsonsNL08:10.0013 to 14
OAKGeorge RadicON08:10.0013 to 14
PICKnicholas gunterON08:10.0013 to 14
KISUMarlee WinserBC08:10.0611 to 12
BrantMaksim PokorskiON08:10.111 to 12
SEALSQuinn SnivelyMB08:10.1011 to 12
GMACAngela ZhuON08:10.1111 to 12
CASCStefan KirovAB08:10.2811 to 12
GODeclan SweetnamON08:10.3011 to 12
RODSophia NikitovicSK08:10.3013 to 14
GOOmar GanaOn08:10.5011 to 12
PPACPeyton TuckerAB08:10.6011 to 12
SWOTTOwen MalindzakON08:10.6513 to 14
CASCLucas LeniusAB08:10.8110 & Under
NKBGemma WirtanenON08:10.8913 to 14
DCSCSOPHIA CROFTNS08:11.0013 to 14
NKBChelsea GoddardON08:11.1813 to 14
SWOTTJohan RoczniakON08:11.1811 to 12
CPWDJosie PatchellON08:11.8611 to 12
LOSCSunny SandhuBC08:12.0011 to 12
EKSCTruman VincettAB08:12.0011 to 12
GPPBrandon StantonAB08:12.0011 to 12
KLACLaiken McginisON08:12.013 to 14
WAACCorina MotorcaON08:12.3413 to 14
UCSCSophie SMITHAB08:12.6011 to 12
BBSTMackenzie WilsonON08:12.7013 to 14
SDCazie BissonMB08:12.8013 to 14
DUCKSAudrey ZhangON08:12.8810 & Under
CBSCRebecca PyeNL08:13.0013 to 14
NCSABree GuestAB08:13.0013 to 14
ROCSSophie Jimenez LeivaON08:13.0011 to 12
ROCSLauren GravelleON08:13.0013 to 14
BrantNiamh KuklaON08:13.113 to 14
SJLEmma AngelovaNL08:13.1813 to 14
MMSarah McAvoyMB08:13.20Master
GATORKarman WongBC08:13.2713 to 14
GOWilliam LangridgeON08:13.3013 to 14
MUSC Vanessa LeggeNL08:13.3015 and Over
RAPIDEmma SunBC08:13.5710 & Under
COMOXLiam WiggerBC08:14.0013 to 14
KLACKATE IVANOVON08:14.015 and Over
KSCKatiya BerezowskyAB08:14.0011 to 12
LASCTaylor De JagerAB08:14.011 to 12
OSACBrennan LawON08:14.0011 to 12
OSACLindy KingstonON08:14.0013 to 14
CASCElle BakerAB08:14.1413 to 14
GOLDKai BurkeSK08:14.4011 to 12
CARATAurélie MorelQC08:14.4115 and Over
CASCBrookelyn McKeenAB08:14.4410 & Under
WLBFJadyn Grant BC08:14.5913 to 14
BrantLauryn PhilipsON08:14.711 to 12
FASTElizabeth WaughNB08:14.8013 to 14
SJLElla IlijanicNL08:14.8713 to 14
CARATLaurie ArcandQC08:14.9813 to 14
BBFMila MartinQC08:15.0011 to 12
CADACLea JalbertQC08:15.0015 and Over
GOSienna Smith JohnstonON08:15.0013 to 14
GPPMya MonsenAB08:15.0010 & Under
ROCSIsabella DeanON08:15.0013 to 14
TIDEOlivia CalderNB08:15.0013 to 14
LOSCJoshua WilliamsBC08:15.0015 and Over
BrantCozzette PilkingtonON08:15.113 to 14
WDSCZander NunesBC08:15.1513 to 14
GOLDJoseph ShaoSK08:15.3013 to 14
NKBRiley St MichaelON08:15.3613 to 14
BrantAvery SlotON08:15.513 to 14
BBSTSophie O'NeillON08:15.6013 to 14
CADACClara IppercielQC08:16.0013 to 14
CWCElijah HutzalAB08:16.0011 to 12
EKSCZackary BowieAB08:16.0013 to 14
NKBAlyssa BruleON08:16.0713 to 14
CBSBNeely McGrathNL08:16.1013 to 14
RAPIDGrace WangBC08:16.2810 & Under
BBSTLeah HudacinON08:16.3011 to 12
WAVESKeira LeclairAB08:16.4911 to 12
EKSCDarius SahidAB08:16.5015 and Over
SDGabrielle AlyeaMB08:16.6013 to 14
SEALSNathaniel TamangMB08:16.7013 to 14
NESLogan AlbertNB08:16.7811 to 12
SCARKamea McKennonON08:17.0013 to 14
EKSCAndreas JostAB08:17.0011 to 12
WAACChalie O'LearyON08:17.0613 to 14
WAACHarrison LackenbauerON08:17.1215 and Over
ROCSLouis LalondeON08:17.4013 to 14
GMACJacob MarkON08:17.6711 to 12
BBSTCarley ShortON08:17.8015 and Over
UCSCSophia MELLERAB08:17.8011 to 12
AUROJean JanzenON08:18.0Master
FASTAlex EbbettNB08:18.5015 and Over
UCSCJenna THARANIAB08:18.5211 to 12
CPWDThomas GriffithsON08:18.8813 to 14
WDSCNaomi MynottBC08:18.8811 to 12
CBSBNoah DeanNL08:18.9013 to 14
MJKFFEmma StaffordSK08:18.9013 to 14
OSACKerissa ProwseON08:19.0013 to 14
SWOTTChloe Campbell-DoidgeON08:19.0313 to 14
GMACNoah KranjecON08:19.2511 to 12
SEALSRachael DickMB08:19.4011 to 12
GMACEmily GerrardON08:19.6515 and Over
SWOTTJaida LawsonON08:19.8011 to 12
SWOTTLuke SmithON08:19.9313 to 14
RAPIDEaton LiBC08:19.9910 & Under
BTSCLilli WilfordON08:20.0013 to 14
GPPKayla MazurkewichAB08:20.0010 & Under
KBMJulia CollinsON08:20.0011 to 12
NCSAChelsey HughesAB08:20.0013 to 14
ROCSLiya RavardON08:20.0011 to 12
UCSCFrank HollowayAB08:20.0011 to 12
UCSCOwen LinAB08:20.0013 to 14
SCARAbbigail MarananON08:20.0013 to 14
WAACBlythe BenderON08:20.0011 to 12
NESSophie PageNB08:20.1613 to 14
NESAudrey LangNB08:20.2215 and Over
SEALSGrace MetcalfeMB08:20.3011 to 12
GMACCharlotte BaaderON08:20.3915 and Over
SJLHelena LeMessurierNL08:20.4013 to 14
WAACAlicia LazarON08:20.4115 and Over
SWOTTSydney ColesON08:20.6113 to 14
SEALSMatt MillerMB08:20.70Para-Swimmer
GMACJulian MagyarON08:20.7811 to 12
UCSCPaula CLEMENTSAB08:20.9011 to 12
BTSCVeronica MacfieON08:21.0013 to 14
STARSAdi VasudevaON08:21.013 to 14
NKBAdelyn ChandlerON08:21.2013 to 14
SWOTTJason WenON08:21.2111 to 12
MPMKate RogersNL08:21.3011 to 12
MPMKate RogersNL08:21.3013 to 14
CBSBAnna MorrisonNL08:21.8013 to 14
SWOTTCharlotte WatchornON08:21.8613 to 14
COMOXAlisha PriebeBC08:22.0013 to 14
EKSCVida WagenseilAB08:22.0013 to 14
ROCSSamantha LaliberteON08:22.0013 to 14
SSATAnirudh GuptaON08:22.0013 to 14
GLENElizabeth FreebornAB08:22.1511 to 12
GLENElizabeth FreebornAB08:22.2011 to 12
NORACEthan DeryawON08:22.2911 to 12
SWOTTNaomi LeBlancON08:22.5011 to 12
NESCamille SimardNB08:22.5913 to 14
KISUDanielle CutjarBC08:22.6013 to 14
SWOTTSarah LudmerON08:22.6311 to 12
ROCSMylie HollingworthON08:23.0011 to 12
SSATElla RoccaON08:23.0013 to 14
GSHEmily ParsonsON08:23.1015 and Over
WAACAustin HeinbuchON08:23.1411 to 12
CNJAMagalie MartelQC08:23.3113 to 14
NKBJack Rollins-MondouxON08:23.7013 to 14
PPACDanika BeelerAB08:23.7010 & Under
GMACRiley PatayON08:23.8011 to 12
LACRyan JaberiON08:24.0015 and Over
LASCWilliam HillAB08:24.010 & Under
TIDEMorgan TutschkaNB08:24.0011 to 12
TIDEKrisana MacleodNB08:24.0013 to 14
SJLEthan HaywardNL08:24.1813 to 14
BrantMaxwell Pletch-YoungON08:24.213 to 14
CASCRoan CliffordAB08:24.3515 and Over
DUCKSEmmaTian PorterON08:24.4313 to 14
CNJAMarianne GuillemetteQC08:24.5013 to 14
ROCSWilliam GaoON08:24.8013 to 14
BBFEvan AlexanderQC08:25.0011 to 12
EKSCNatalie ChowAB08:25.0013 to 14
LASCAmy SchaafAB08:25.013 to 14
LOSCMackenzie DriedigerBC08:25.0011 to 12
SJLKyran HayesNL08:25.0315 and Over
CASCBenjamin WeirAB08:25.0611 to 12
RAPIDLuciano BANZONBC08:25.1113 to 14
GLENGeorgia SkeansAB08:25.2613 to 14
GLENGeorgia SkeansAB08:25.3013 to 14
WAACBenjamin SosON08:25.5811 to 12
GOLDClaire HuberSK08:25.6011 to 12
LOSCKalan LarsonBC08:26.0013 to 14
USCJack BarryON08:26.0013 to 14
OSACAlexsa StewartON08:26.0011 to 12
ROCSEvelyn LiON08:26.0011 to 12
STARSTara PerreraON08:26.011 to 12
NKBQuincy DawsonON08:26.1313 to 14
EKSCMayia HitchingsAB08:26.2013 to 14
UCSCLauren MELLERAB08:26.3011 to 12
WAACSiena BegemannON08:26.4213 to 14
GMACMackenzie LakeON08:26.9810 & Under
PICKmarissa robertsonON08:27.0013 to 14
BTSCAnna PizzaleON08:27.0011 to 12
RLGFKatherine LeBlancON08:27.0011 to 12
STARSAngelo GueldisON08:27.011 to 12
GOGregory HoweON08:27.1011 to 12
GMACCharles StuartON08:27.1510 & Under
CBSBElly StaffordNL08:27.2011 to 12
CASCAlana CarageaAB08:27.2413 to 14
CARATMathieu RiouxQC08:27.2815 and Over
GOLDJonathan ArndtSK08:27.3013 to 14
RDCSCCheye-Anne WesselsAB08:27.3013 to 14
SEALSHayden GrenkowMB08:27.3011 to 12
WAACShona CassidyON08:27.4511 to 12
GMACCharlotte HarveyON08:27.7511 to 12
EKSCLiam UlrichAB08:28.0011 to 12
HANEYJoe MinichielloBC08:28.0011 to 12
WDSCKeira ZepedaBC08:28.0013 to 14
SDIan GurneyMB08:28.4015 and Over
WAACSawyer BrennanON08:28.4913 to 14
MMChloe MathewMB08:28.6013 to 14
GOLDLandon KennedySK08:28.6010 & Under
GMACEmily MintisON08:28.6911 to 12
GOLDMinh NguyenSK08:28.7013 to 14
CBSCAidan MercerNL08:29.0015 and Over
CNCISarah-Kym BlaisQC08:29.2815 and Over
RAPIDYuAn SunBC08:29.3313 to 14
WAACIsabel WillsonON08:29.7211 to 12
WDSCAbigail McLeodBC08:29.9910 & Under
CADACRosalie BonenfantQC08:30.0015 and Over
EKSCMia LastovkaAB08:30.0013 to 14
CNJAThomas MartelQC08:30.0913 to 14
CNMTEloise LadouceurQC08:30.115 and Over
USCEvan SabourinON08:30.1013 to 14
SWOTTCharlotte RoyON08:30.2015 and Over
EKSCRobyn ColemanAB08:30.3015 and Over
SDHayley KisiloskiMB08:30.6015 and Over
CASCLocke CyrAB08:31.0010 & Under
EKSCRachel BergmanAB08:31.0011 to 12
CBSBEmma DaltonNL08:31.3015 and Over
MPMJaya PatelNL08:31.3013 to 14
MPMJaya PatelNL08:31.3015 and Over
BBSTMaddy KortON08:31.5011 to 12
GOLDSophia SukutSK08:31.7011 to 12
ROCSMary OliveiraON08:31.7013 to 14
BrantMadeline PedleyON08:32.013 to 14
BTSCEmmy HankinON08:32.0013 to 14
COMOXSolena ChernovBC08:32.0011 to 12
FASTMark AddisonNB08:32.0011 to 12
GPPStella RobinsonAB08:32.0011 to 12
PABPAbigail WillisNL08:32.0011 to 12
PSWTim GuoBC08:32.0011 to 12
UCSCAiya KINAWIAB08:32.2011 to 12
CADACRaphaelle LerouxQC08:33.0013 to 14
SDHarrison DouglasMB08:33.0011 to 12
STARSBridget SalterON08:33.013 to 14
UCSCAlicia DAIAB08:33.1011 to 12
CASCDawson SheehanAB08:33.2015 and Over
SWOTTWilliam BrownON08:33.4711 to 12
WAACEvan KimON08:33.6513 to 14
ABCAurélie LavoieQC08:33.7313 to 14
SWOTTAlexander PershukevichON08:33.9711 to 12
OAKNicolas Ghert-RousseauON08:34.0011 to 12
PICKkendra MurrayON08:34.0013 to 14
GPPCelia HolmAB08:34.0013 to 14
SJLClaireE FrenchNL08:34.0113 to 14
CNJASarah-Kim LavoieQC08:34.0913 to 14
SWOTTCallum MacGreggorON08:34.5413 to 14
EKSCJack BashukAB08:34.6013 to 14
KISUDayla YamaokaBC08:34.8110 & Under
CNCIAnick PotvinQC08:34.8413 to 14
SWOTTMadison ColeON08:34.8713 to 14
BTSCSam TakacsON08:35.0011 to 12
BTSCMaddy KellyON08:35.0013 to 14
CWCSophia SalgadoAB08:35.0013 to 14
PICKemma owenON08:35.0015 and Over
SCARJahnavi SivaON08:35.0011 to 12
WAACGabby MacArthurON08:35.0011 to 12
WAACGrace BachON08:35.0111 to 12
BrantMatt SkrypekON08:35.111 to 12
USCJulianna KimballON08:35.1013 to 14
ABCJACOB FORTINQC08:35.1713 to 14
CCSCOlivea WadeON08:35.1913 to 14
LESKloé Hébert-DoironNB08:35.3613 to 14
ENCOcéane LambertQC08:35.3613 to 14
PSWVonzelle VenterBC08:35.5013 to 14
NKBEmily CantwellON08:35.5013 to 14
CASCMaria BanksAB08:35.6411 to 12
GLENMarco MarinAB08:35.8011 to 12
GLENMarco MarinAB08:35.8311 to 12
LOSCYuka PiersicBC08:36.0011 to 12
KCSManuel CentenoBC08:36.0015 and Over
KSCRanumi EashwarageAB08:36.0011 to 12
CNCIJustine GirardQC08:36.0513 to 14
BBSTMaisie WalshON08:36.1011 to 12
CBSBGracie Hardy-MacdonaldNL08:36.5013 to 14
BrantOlivia SvecON08:36.911 to 12
GOLDCharlie FidlerSK08:37.0011 to 12
KLACKaitlyn mailleON08:37.013 to 14
OSACKiera NechalaON08:37.0013 to 14
ROCSEmma FraserON08:37.0013 to 14
LOSCOlivia LosaccoBC08:37.0011 to 12
NORACEmily GoodallON08:37.0413 to 14
PABPKailey StricklandNL08:37.0915 and Over
CARATLouis SarrazinQC08:37.2211 to 12
ENCRosalie GauvinQC08:37.2513 to 14
ABCLÉA CIMONQC08:37.3215 and Over
RAPIDMarcus LeeBC08:37.3510 & Under
GOLDAbby FortierSK08:37.6013 to 14
MPMMaya HagenNL08:37.6013 to 14
MPMMaya HagenNL08:37.6015 and Over
SEALSArsenii VarchukMB08:37.6011 to 12
NKBGeorge ZhouON08:37.7010 & Under
WAVESKarsten SenftAB08:37.7415 and Over
MPMEwan MacIsaacNL08:37.8013 to 14
MPMEwan MacIsaacNL08:37.8015 and Over
CARATÉmile GagnonQC08:37.8715 and Over
CADACVictor BlaisQC08:38.0013 to 14
CWCElise ForsythAB08:38.0013 to 14
FASTEmerson ScottNB08:38.1015 and Over
BrantGarret(Roy) SallansON08:38.313 to 14
UCSCAhmad KINAWIAB08:38.5111 to 12
WAACLily MeyerON08:38.5313 to 14
EKSCNikolai SkokeAB08:38.7013 to 14
STRATEffram HookAB08:38.7015 and Over
NKBLucas PollardON08:38.7813 to 14
USCJeremie GarriockON08:38.8013 to 14
CWCElizabeth LendrumAB08:39.0011 to 12
LESJacob HachéNB08:39.0011 to 12
CAJLauren DobbieON08:39.1015 and Over
VPSCSophia MohasebBC08:39.2011 to 12
SEALSAnnalie WainioMB08:39.4011 to 12
NESNoemi ChasséNB08:39.4513 to 14
RAPIDJeffery LiBC08:39.6010 & Under
SWOTTNyla McIntyreON08:39.8513 to 14
BrantSophie DubeON08:39.913 to 14
WAVESRaegen FowlieAB08:39.9511 to 12
FASTDan WielemakerNB08:40.0015 and Over
NCSATessa SnyderAB08:40.0013 to 14
SCARRodrigo CastilloON08:40.0015 and Over
PPACSydney TuckerAB08:40.1011 to 12
RAPIDWesley LiBC08:40.1111 to 12
SWOTTAbby ArmstrongON08:40.1313 to 14
CNMTCelia CarbonneauQC08:40.411 to 12
CPWDClaire WilliamsON08:40.4113 to 14
GOAbbie ParaskevasON08:40.5013 to 14
DCSCDOMINIC COTENS08:40.6013 to 14
CPWDEmma LoweON08:40.6411 to 12
BrantAudrey AppellON08:40.711 to 12
BBSTKendall BoldtON08:40.9013 to 14
MPMEmily LeDrewNL08:40.9013 to 14
MPMEmily LeDrewNL08:40.9015 and Over
BTSCNathan DouglasON08:41.0011 to 12
TIDECharlotte GeroNB08:41.0011 to 12
MJKFFElizabeth ColenuttSK08:41.0411 to 12
ELACMaddison YorkeON08:41.1315 and Over
UCSCScarlett RODGERSAB08:41.2011 to 12
FASTJagger CanneyNB08:41.30Para-Swimmer
GLENRuby WalkerAB08:41.4011 to 12
GLENRuby WalkerAB08:41.4211 to 12
CNCICamille CôtéQC08:41.9715 and Over
AUROKimberly McBrideON08:42.0Master
CWCOlivia PearsonAB08:42.0013 to 14
NCSACaleb SharpeAB08:42.0015 and Over
DCSCJOHN CLUETTNS08:42.0013 to 14
KISUHercules GilmanBC08:42.0911 to 12
MMElliot BoucherMB08:42.2013 to 14
CNJASimon SavardQC08:42.2813 to 14
NKB Madelyn DuffinON08:42.3011 to 12
TRITLogan PriceAB08:42.3013 to 14
GOLDZoe ZimonickSK08:42.4011 to 12
BrantCeline DubeON08:42.415 and Over
CCSCAndersen HulshofON08:42.4811 to 12
EKSCKerolos EskanderAB08:42.6015 and Over
SSATMia LloydON08:42.7611 to 12
LASCNandi BayanjargalAB08:43.013 to 14
NORACAdrian LintonON08:43.1111 to 12
CASCJason YangAB08:43.3913 to 14
KISUQuin Markus-PawliukBC08:43.3913 to 14
RAPIDHeidi EkkBC08:43.4511 to 12
MJKFFKeaton ClarkSK08:43.6013 to 14
BTSCOwen AlexanderON08:44.0011 to 12
CADACSara-Maude LetourneauQC08:44.0015 and Over
EKSCFinley MinskipAB08:44.0011 to 12
ROCSZackary BoucherON08:44.0011 to 12
UCSCIllias MammadovAB08:44.0013 to 14
CBSCKeri EdwardsNL08:44.2011 to 12
UCSCChristine ZHOUAB08:44.3011 to 12
SSATEthan MurphyON08:44.4515 and Over
WAACDaija OliveriaON08:44.5411 to 12
GOJacob ZegersON08:45.0011 to 12
GSHAdam GilesON08:45.0015 and Over
KBMAna PayneON08:45.0011 to 12
RDCSCPeyton MalchowAB08:45.0013 to 14
RDCSCEthan MilmanAB08:45.0013 to 14
ROCSDaliane CardinalON08:45.0011 to 12
STARSPranjali DoshiON08:45.013 to 14
CCSCHaiden GreenON08:45.0013 to 14
SCARIzabella FurlongeON08:45.0011 to 12
GORose OrlichON08:45.2011 to 12
PSWLJ LiuBC08:45.3010 & Under
BrantAleaha BeckerON08:45.411 to 12
ROCSMia TocchiON08:45.7010 & Under
CARATDana-Ève RobinQC08:45.7510 & Under
OAKMaksim FedorovskiyON08:46.0011 to 12
CASCPaige BergenAB08:46.0015 and Over
GOConnor BrentON08:46.0010 & Under
UCSCMatthew LonginoAB08:46.0011 to 12
VPSCSimon VargasBC08:46.0015 and Over
CNJAÉmile SavardQC08:46.0515 and Over
RAPIDNathan FanBC08:46.0710 & Under
RAPIDMattias RempelBC08:46.0711 to 12
PSWMax WuBC08:46.1011 to 12
NKBAyla DoveON08:46.4011 to 12
EKSCUditSenapathi JanarthananAB08:46.4015 and Over
MJKFFJodi FrankenSK08:46.8011 to 12
WAVESIsabella MiddletonAB08:46.8313 to 14
NKBRyan YaoON08:47.0010 & Under
TIDEYoungwook ChoNB08:47.0015 and Over
CNCINoemie MorinQC08:47.4813 to 14
SDMia LambrechtsMB08:47.7013 to 14
MPMKatherine PelleyNL08:47.8010 & Under
MPMKatherine PelleyNL08:47.8015 and Over
AUROJohn CruzON08:48.0Master
AUROJanet MitchellON08:48.0Master
AUROShelagh GreenwoodON08:48.0Master
CADACZack AlbertQC08:48.0013 to 14
CASCRyder HezkyAB08:48.0010 & Under
PSWMatthew CaoBC08:48.1010 & Under
CASCCIARAN BLACKAB08:48.4010 & Under
CNJAAlisson GobeilQC08:48.5013 to 14
UCSCRaeanne GUDERJANAB08:48.6011 to 12
MPMSophie Gagne HeddersonNL08:48.8011 to 12
MPMSophie Gagne HeddersonNL08:48.8015 and Over
ABCÉLIANE PIGEONQC08:48.9511 to 12
BTSCRhys SerreON08:49.0013 to 14
BTSCRocco De OliveiraON08:49.0013 to 14
SSATKate deBeerON08:49.0011 to 12
RAPIDSerena YuanBC08:49.0111 to 12
VPSCCharlotte MacGowanBC08:49.2011 to 12
VPSCNoelle DeschambaultBC08:49.5010 & Under
CNJAGabrielle PotvinQC08:49.7215 and Over
BBFChelsea ChantlerQC08:50.0011 to 12
KBMReagan ChesneyON08:50.0011 to 12
KBMlauren DaweON08:50.0011 to 12
NCSAGavin QuiringAB08:50.0013 to 14
OSACSarah WignallON08:50.0011 to 12
PICKJULIA KEGELON08:50.0511 to 12
WLBFSaphira Hohert BC08:50.1311 to 12
ABCALEXANDRE Couillard QC08:50.1411 to 12
MPMHannah ChurchillNL08:50.4015 and Over
VPSCSarah NazifBC08:50.8011 to 12
BrantScarlett WhiteON08:51.011 to 12
BTSCAdrian HanciuON08:51.0011 to 12
EKSCJulia JaremkoAB08:51.0011 to 12
OSACEric MeikleON08:51.0011 to 12
ROCSJenny PetersON08:51.0013 to 14
MPMOwen CarewNL08:51.1011 to 12
MPMOwen CarewNL08:51.1015 and Over
SWOTTKinley ColeON08:51.3411 to 12
DUCKSErinYaeseul KimON08:51.3510 & Under
EKSCCaitlin PritchardAB08:51.7013 to 14
FASTRosalie SinclairNB08:51.7710 & Under
FASTMohamed ElshahatNB08:51.7711 to 12
CWCKatie KingsleyAB08:52.0013 to 14
CWCNolan RoseneggerAB08:52.0013 to 14
SCARMasha RajasinghamON08:52.0011 to 12
SCARAiden RampersadON08:52.0015 and Over
WAVESRyder DurksenAB08:52.1511 to 12
CAJEmiliano Cardenas-GranadosON08:52.2011 to 12
DUCKSJadaAdelinaGabriella DiTottoON08:52.2315 and Over
UCSCStephanie ZHANGAB08:52.4010 & Under
MPMMarie SheppardNL08:52.5013 to 14
MPMMarie SheppardNL08:52.5013 to 14
PPACRylee SteevesAB08:52.9013 to 14
DUCKSSteven TangON08:53.3013 to 14
SWOTTLukas RoczniakON08:53.7613 to 14
ELACTie RyanON08:53.7915 and Over
DUCKSNora Liaghati NasseriON08:53.8113 to 14
UCSCKaren BESTAB08:53.8211 to 12
BBSTMadeline RoseON08:53.9011 to 12
MPMSam GoodlandNL08:53.9011 to 12
MPMSam GoodlandNL08:53.9015 and Over
CASCAlexander LiniarskiAB08:53.9515 and Over
OSACMaya VermaON08:54.0011 to 12
NKBLiam KoON08:54.0010 & Under
NKBDaniel Mukasa MayanjaON08:54.0011 to 12
LESSimon LanctôtNB08:54.1013 to 14
VPSCCadelle RobertsBC08:54.5011 to 12
GMACAndrew PyperON08:54.5911 to 12
UCSCNatalie PEREZAB08:54.9011 to 12
DCSCFEDHRA SOTASNS08:55.0011 to 12
GPPZofia JasinskiAB08:55.0013 to 14
STARSBhavneet BalON08:55.013 to 14
USCChloe WalkerON08:55.0010 & Under
ELACBrendan WorkmanON08:55.0513 to 14
SEALSAurora ThomasMB08:55.2011 to 12
FASTVictor HuangNB08:55.3013 to 14
GOCarter RobinsonON08:55.3011 to 12
ENCMariana Wall-CerecedoQC08:55.3615 and Over
BTSCAdam HerzenburgON08:55.4715 and Over
ABCJACOB LessardQC08:55.4811 to 12
KISUPaige BartonBC08:55.5111 to 12
CAJMaggie FooteON08:55.6011 to 12
CASCGrayson AlmasiAB08:55.6015 and Over
NKBKayla ShafaieON08:55.7013 to 14
GOChantale PatryON08:55.7011 to 12
GMACNihinsa PereraON08:55.8511 to 12
USCEthan SneathON08:56.0011 to 12
GOKara LaddON08:56.0011 to 12
KLACclara daleyON08:56.013 to 14
GMACZoe CantelonON08:56.2413 to 14
CARATEmy LafontaineQC08:56.3213 to 14
MPMLeigha MeaneyNL08:56.4013 to 14
MPMLeigha MeaneyNL08:56.4015 and Over
GLENMegan LairdAB08:56.7713 to 14
GLENMegan LairdAB08:56.8013 to 14
SDCharlotte ReidyMB08:56.8013 to 14
SDMelody Mc CurdyMB08:56.8015 and Over
CNMTMaika RossQC08:56.911 to 12
SSATOliver BrownON08:56.8913 to 14
OSACVani MahajanON08:57.0013 to 14
ROCSMax Weiss-ReidON08:57.0011 to 12
WAVESKaden GoffinetAB08:57.0011 to 12
CNCIAdrien SoubrierQC08:57.0815 and Over
CNCIFrederic GilbertQC08:57.3315 and Over
SWOTTChristy BoswellON08:57.6313 to 14
USCMichela KennedyON08:58.0011 to 12
VPSCHannah BaangBC08:58.0011 to 12
VPSCMateo SinasacBC08:58.4013 to 14
ABCMATHIAS BÉRUBÉQC08:58.4615 and Over
CNMTKoko LeeQC08:58.510 & Under
GMACWilliam ParsonsON08:58.4911 to 12
GLENMary GiuffreAB08:58.5011 to 12
GLENMary GiuffreAB08:58.5111 to 12
CASCKeton MurphyAB08:59.0013 to 14
CWCMattayeh SpeersAB08:59.0011 to 12
RAPIDKayla ZhangBC08:59.2213 to 14
NORACLea RiouxON08:59.3311 to 12
GMACMaxwell WeberON08:59.5715 and Over
CBSCDaniel HigdonNL08:59.6015 and Over
FASTCollins XuNB08:59.6013 to 14
BBSTNathan FisherON08:59.7013 to 14
WAACAlayna EganON08:59.7711 to 12
NKBAlexander BeyeaON08:59.9311 to 12
AUROChungyee Leung-HagesteijnON09:00.0Master
BrantDustin HobbsON09:00.011 to 12
BTSCMakenna GunsonON09:00.0013 to 14
EKSCEdita MackayAB09:00.0011 to 12
GOErika SpeelmanON09:00.0011 to 12
KBMAnthony D'AlessioON09:00.0013 to 14
TIDEAlly QuinnNB09:00.0015 and Over
FASTAnna MacDonaldNB09:00.1711 to 12
SWOTTArielle Viner LemelinON09:00.2513 to 14
NKBPranay SriramON09:00.3011 to 12
CASCBennett ThiessenAB09:00.8110 & Under
SWOTTOlwen Enticknap-SmithON09:00.9911 to 12
MJKFFRylan MontgomerySK09:01.1011 to 12
SDHaylee KimballMB09:01.2015 and Over
DUCKSNik SoON09:01.3213 to 14
ENCCharles-Étienne BéginQC09:01.4613 to 14
SSATSophia LiON09:01.5010 & Under
FASTKat HamiltonNB09:01.7015 and Over
DCSCJAEGER DWYERNS09:01.9015 and Over
GPPWyllo LindbergAB09:02.0011 to 12
KSCMaisey PhilipsAB09:02.0011 to 12
NORACAriana HerronON09:02.3111 to 12
MPMThomas Pelley_S14SB14SM14NL09:02.40Para-Swimmer
MPMThomas Pelley_S14SB14SM14NL09:02.40Para-Swimmer
EKSCAidan LudwigAB09:02.5015 and Over
DUCKSJonathanMeade HelmanON09:02.5410 & Under
CCSCMicah AbbottON09:02.5910 & Under
SDThomas JohnsonMB09:02.7013 to 14
USCMaddie DalbyON09:03.0011 to 12
UCSCAlexander BUGBEEAB09:03.0311 to 12
CCSCElla WoodON09:03.0511 to 12
GMACNeil AtkinsON09:03.0913 to 14
GOAlexandra LettON09:03.2011 to 12
RDCSCIsla WoodsAB09:03.2011 to 12
VPSCMaja MolyneuxBC09:03.2010 & Under
UCSCJumana ABOUALYAB09:03.4011 to 12
SSATOliver BennettoON09:03.5110 & Under
WAACPeter BuehlowON09:03.51Master
CPWDSean StewartON09:04.1411 to 12
FASTRebecca MassieNB09:04.3015 and Over
CARATJade RémillardQC09:04.3615 and Over
NORACEdgar MerepezaON09:04.4411 to 12
SDWallace GlaspeyMB09:04.5013 to 14
SSATHaylen LeonardON09:04.7011 to 12
KISUPrehan MathewBC09:04.8111 to 12
RAPIDDamon MoBC09:04.9911 to 12
SCAREliana Hauser-KrupatON09:05.0013 to 14
USCElizabeth McCabeON09:05.0011 to 12
BrantKatelynn ThistleON09:05.111 to 12
FASTAurora NolanNB09:05.3015 and Over
FASTMackenzie NorrisNB09:05.5011 to 12
CNMTJulia HumQC09:05.613 to 14
CAJAshley GouldON09:05.7015 and Over
MPMMadelyn RogersNL09:05.7011 to 12
MPMMadelyn RogersNL09:05.7015 and Over
WAVESWilliam MillerAB09:06.0011 to 12
UCSCPaige DUGGANAB09:06.2011 to 12
WAACCalum MacLeodON09:06.5111 to 12
KISUNorah HamiltonBC09:06.6711 to 12
COMOXNoah McLarenBC09:07.0011 to 12
CWCReidun ChristensenAB09:07.0011 to 12
USCMichaela ClarkON09:07.0011 to 12
UCSCMadeleine JAMALAB09:07.1111 to 12
BBSTNate MackON09:07.4011 to 12
ENCKiriam Pellicer-LavoieQC09:07.8111 to 12
CASCPeyton Morey_S10SB9SM10AB09:07.89Para-Swimmer
DUCKSAvery McCafferyON09:07.9515 and Over
LOSCOliver MacPhersonBC09:08.0010 & Under
USCSimon ThibaudeauON09:08.0013 to 14
GOLDAvery KissickSK09:08.0011 to 12
KSCJulianna LitorcoAb09:08.0011 to 12
OSACHanne CavanaghON09:08.0011 to 12
CNCIYassine SioudQC09:08.0613 to 14
FASTNoemie SivretNB09:08.1511 to 12
GMACMelia PierceyON09:08.2911 to 12
NKBMaya LukeON09:08.5315 and Over
BBSTAdam CaseON09:08.6010 & Under
GMACAndrew ArmstrongON09:08.9913 to 14
GOLDScott HeinbignerSK09:09.0013 to 14
NCSARhett RosgenAB09:09.0015 and Over
GOJustin MaON09:09.1011 to 12
DUCKSPaul FinklesteinON09:09.3515 and Over
WAACJohn CooperON09:09.5811 to 12
GOLDSarah MacGillivraySK09:09.7013 to 14
NORACSofia JonesON09:09.9511 to 12
BTSCBrigid DavidsonON09:10.0011 to 12
BTSCSarah HankinON09:10.0013 to 14
COMOXKeira JohnsonBC09:10.0011 to 12
CWCKinnon SenAB09:10.0010 & Under
KBMTalyn BrownON09:10.0013 to 14
PICKCHLOE SMALLON09:10.1011 to 12
BrantMulan HowON09:10.211 to 12
UCSCCaroline LEGGETTAB09:10.7811 to 12
GOLDPiper LejbakSK09:10.8010 & Under
RDCSCLogan MilmanAB09:10.8011 to 12
DUCKSEllieYeryn HanON09:10.9510 & Under
USCCharlotte RourkeON09:11.0011 to 12
COMOXLuc NelBC09:11.0010 & Under
KLACeden turnerON09:11.013 to 14
UCSCWilliam WANGAB09:11.5111 to 12
SWOTTIleana Jaaskelainen LozanoON09:11.6211 to 12
BTSCThomas GangiON09:11.7213 to 14
KBMKaitlyn NataleON09:12.0013 to 14
USCHeath BarryON09:12.0011 to 12
CAJMarley PedersenON09:12.2011 to 12
AUROJames LittlejohnON09:12.3Master
BBSTHallie LuptonON09:12.3011 to 12
MJKFFCole HrechkaSK09:12.3410 & Under
ROCSJoshua SeelyON09:12.4011 to 12
GOLDAvery HouleSK09:12.5011 to 12
BrantMorgan SmithON09:12.511 to 12
SSATKeelin MaherON09:12.7113 to 14
USCLily PinzinON09:13.0013 to 14
KISUJulius BartkowiczBC09:13.0111 to 12
CARATAlexandra EnglehartQC09:13.4211 to 12
VPSCDavid ZhaoBC09:13.6011 to 12
GLENEdward WaresAB09:13.7013 to 14
GLENEdward WaresAB09:13.7313 to 14
COMOXJemin ParkBC09:14.0013 to 14
KSCKaeli WashbrookAB09:14.0011 to 12
LESCharlie Basque-GravelNB09:14.0015 and Over
NCSAAbi DaigleAB09:14.0013 to 14
ROCSLilly MeechanON09:14.0015 and Over
ROCSAlexandra SeamanON09:14.0015 and Over
GOLDMakenna ByersSK09:14.2010 & Under
KISUFraser GlynesBC09:14.6110 & Under
AUROJim MoultrayON09:15.0Master
CADACUlysse NoelQC09:15.0013 to 14
WAACMax CampbellON09:15.0611 to 12
BrantJack GollanON09:15.210 & Under
BrantOliver StackON09:15.210 & Under
KISUKyden HurstBC09:15.1811 to 12
GOAlicja ScullionON09:15.4011 to 12
BBSTLauren ReddenON09:15.9011 to 12
AUROStefanie LeeON09:16.0Master
OSACPayton DuwynON09:16.0013 to 14
SSATWilliam BantonON09:16.2015 and Over
SWOTTGabrielle ForestierON09:16.3211 to 12
DUCKSJuliaMichelle YacoubON09:16.4311 to 12
ABCNOÉMIE RACINEQC09:16.4413 to 14
MPMMadison HutchingsNL09:16.5011 to 12
MPMMadison HutchingsNL09:16.5015 and Over
CPWDLaila McGrathON09:16.7510 & Under
KBMZan LadinikON09:17.0011 to 12
DUCKSCamila MunozON09:17.2513 to 14
KISUPenelope Di LorenzoBC09:17.2911 to 12
BBSTAdrian BlackON09:17.7011 to 12
GMACAva MagyarON09:17.7210 & Under
MPMAvery SilverNL09:17.9011 to 12
MPMAvery SilverNL09:17.9015 and Over
COMOXKayleigh McDonaldBC09:18.0011 to 12
SSATEmma BroadbentON09:18.0315 and Over
WAACTaylor MurphyON09:18.0511 to 12
WLBFAshtynn CullumBC09:18.2111 to 12
SJLAaron RyanNL09:18.6113 to 14
CNCIRose BilodeauQC09:18.7215 and Over
CBSBJoey CluneyNL09:18.8013 to 14
LASCGiovanni TataAB09:19.013 to 14
GOLucas LiuON09:19.2010 & Under
SDLily DouglasMB09:19.3013 to 14
DUCKSAlexandru LupuON09:19.4211 to 12
CARATJustin BarilQC09:19.6311 to 12
UCSCConan LIAB09:19.6911 to 12
KBMDash BennyON09:20.0011 to 12
KSCJaxson MillardAB09:20.0011 to 12
NKBSofia AzarovaON09:20.0010 & Under
GOLDKatherine GebhardtSK09:20.1011 to 12
CASCRebekah SchulzAB09:20.4210 & Under
MPMJolie CarterNL09:20.5011 to 12
MPMJolie CarterNL09:20.5015 and Over
GMACPatrick KimON09:20.8110 & Under
WAACSadie Black ON09:20.8811 to 12
RAPIDElizabeth AndersonBC09:20.9011 to 12
USCJackson AcornON09:20.9011 to 12
GOCameron ChanON09:21.0011 to 12
NKBCarys EarleON09:21.5011 to 12
SWOTTSophia SkoutajanON09:22.2613 to 14
PSWBouroi ZhangBC09:22.7011 to 12
WLBFAmelia DellBC09:22.8411 to 12
CPWDErika VoisineON09:23.4711 to 12
FASTJudy LuoNB09:23.7011 to 12
KSCMabel PhilipsAB09:24.0013 to 14
ROCSSofia FrancoliON09:24.0011 to 12
WAVESEmma McCulloch-JonesAB09:24.0011 to 12
NORACTristan MerepezaON09:24.1811 to 12
CAJAva PiersonON09:24.3013 to 14
FASTEunyeong JeonNB09:24.3113 to 14
STRATJack YorstonAB09:24.7013 to 14
EKSCYuChen LiAB09:25.0013 to 14
GOTristan LabrieON09:25.0010 & Under
KBMJosh CoughlerON09:25.0013 to 14
ROCSLea Min-NielsenON09:25.1011 to 12
RAPIDEmily LiuBC09:25.1410 & Under
BrantCharlotte HobbsON09:25.213 to 14
CASCElleigh WiseAB09:25.2010 & Under
SEALSAsha ThiessenMB09:25.2013 to 14
BrantSophie CorreggiaON09:25.310 & Under
FASTAbigail LamontagneNB09:25.4013 to 14
UCSCKayla BESTAB09:25.4511 to 12
MPMNathan O'ConnellNL09:25.5013 to 14
MPMNathan O'ConnellNL09:25.5015 and Over
WAACOwen Hayes ON09:25.5313 to 14
CASCAiden GoetzAB09:25.6213 to 14
GOLDEllie ScottSK09:25.8010 & Under
SWOTTDylan PantarottoON09:25.8711 to 12
PSWRyan ZhangBC09:25.9013 to 14
CARATLajoie AlexandreQC09:25.9911 to 12
AURODelfina OnistoON09:26.0Master
GOLDJasmine Keindel-JelisavacSK09:26.0011 to 12
MPMKatherine BurkeNL09:26.1011 to 12
MPMKatherine BurkeNL09:26.1015 and Over
KISUViolet GilmanBC09:26.1611 to 12
MMPatrick PeacockMB09:26.40Master
PPACSara WilhiteAB09:26.4011 to 12
CBSCTessa UpshallNL09:26.8011 to 12
BTSCMadi SookhaiON09:27.0013 to 14
KLACbrooke pettenuzzoON09:27.011 to 12
CASCShayla ZielkeAB09:27.0715 and Over
MPMJaxson KneeNL09:27.1010 & Under
MPMJaxson KneeNL09:27.1011 to 12
CCSCCarter GreenON09:27.1810 & Under
VPSCFilip MilosevskiBC09:27.7010 & Under
FASTOlivia JenkinsNB09:27.8811 to 12
WAVESLara JordanAB09:27.9111 to 12
AUROEmily FahlgrenON09:28.0Master
KSCJonah ThiessenAB09:28.0013 to 14
SEALSMadi WoodwardMB09:28.1013 to 14
CARATSamuel RiouxQC09:28.2513 to 14
VPSCJonathan YuBC09:28.5015 and Over
GMACOliver KalavriziotisON09:28.8911 to 12
SCARWilliam BartonON09:29.0013 to 14
WAACAdi MotorcaON09:29.0011 to 12
WAACTrevor CampbellON09:29.0013 to 14
WAACAva degrauuwON09:29.1811 to 12
ROCSAgnes PolentaON09:29.3011 to 12
PABPNicholas DavisNL09:29.5615 and Over
WLBFDerose  Dylan BC09:29.6915 and Over
PSWMichael ChanBC09:29.7011 to 12
CASCMia KeoghAB09:29.8910 & Under
LOSCClaire SeoBC09:30.0011 to 12
BBFRoman D'AndreaQC09:30.0011 to 12
CARATMarame BouhamiQC09:30.2511 to 12
SWOTTDanica LicariON09:30.7110 & Under
BBFCharlotte MaagQC09:31.0011 to 12
BTSCQuinn MacKenzieON09:31.0013 to 14
COMOXJayden JiangBC09:31.0011 to 12
DCSCEMMA MULLETNS09:31.0013 to 14
FASTSadie DeapNB09:31.1011 to 12
CNJAJules ChasséQC09:31.1113 to 14
PABPGriffen MatthewsNL09:31.3813 to 14
FASTRuby SmithNB09:31.4711 to 12
ROCSAimee McNichollON09:31.7013 to 14
DUCKSBenIsadore KarmazynON09:31.7413 to 14
SWOTTThomas MannON09:31.7613 to 14
CASCHaley HassonAB09:32.0010 & Under
COMOXElyse MacluskieBC09:32.0010 & Under
SSATIsabella Gair-LecuyerON09:32.0013 to 14
RAPIDAimee AndersonBC09:32.3011 to 12
RAPIDLaurie LeungBC09:32.3310 & Under
VPSCEmerson Kavelaars-EakinsBC09:32.5011 to 12
KISUKarys KingBC09:32.6411 to 12
SWOTTAddison SmithON09:32.7710 & Under
MPMKate GibbonsNL09:32.8011 to 12
FASTAngelina WangNB09:32.8310 & Under
CASCLiam WeaverAB09:33.2015 and Over
NKBLogan MoreauON09:33.6011 to 12
KISUDaniel CallahanBC09:33.8211 to 12
DUCKSAlisonWingYan WongON09:34.1811 to 12
RDCSCAddison PrudenAB09:34.5011 to 12
WAACSergiu LazarON09:34.5911 to 12
CBSCSophie StewartNL09:34.9011 to 12
GOLDEmma FortierSK09:34.9011 to 12
NCSAMorgan GuinnAB09:35.0013 to 14
PSWCeleste LiangBC09:35.1010 & Under
NESThomas CarrierNB09:35.1211 to 12
ENCVincent PerreaultQC09:35.2115 and Over
BrantSebastian PokorskiON09:35.410 & Under
CBSCAbigail WhalenNL09:35.5011 to 12
NORACMolly SteevesON09:35.6911 to 12
SSATLyla WatsonON09:36.0013 to 14
WAACZach MannON09:36.1411 to 12
KISUYejun ParkBC09:36.2513 to 14
CASCAmy YaoAB09:36.5610 & Under
MJKFFRowan GraySK09:36.8813 to 14
GMACAidan D'OliveiraON09:36.9911 to 12
CWCNatalie LebitkaAB09:37.0011 to 12
UCSCReia THARANIAB09:37.3611 to 12
CBSBMolly VanBuskirkNL09:37.6011 to 12
WAACRendall LackenbauerON09:37.6811 to 12
GOLDOlaf KuklinskiSK09:37.8010 & Under
GOLDKatelyn LeggSK09:38.5011 to 12
RAPIDAnikah MercadoBC09:38.6110 & Under
UCSCJulia WAGNERAB09:38.7411 to 12
PSWMax XiaoBC09:38.9011 to 12
WAACMarijah JadavjiON09:39.1613 to 14
CASCJames DennisonAB09:39.3010 & Under
CASCEmilia SmithAB09:39.4010 & Under
CNCILambert FournierQC09:39.4013 to 14
MPMCole MoystNL09:39.6011 to 12
MPMCole MoystNL09:39.6013 to 14
PSWSarocha AllenBC09:39.8010 & Under
SSATMorgan SmithON09:40.0013 to 14
CAJLily DixonON09:40.0011 to 12
WLBFDexianna StewartBC09:40.0513 to 14
BrantJosephine GruenwaldON09:40.410 & Under
BrantIsreal PilkingtonON09:40.411 to 12
SWATBen Phillips NS09:40.6911 to 12
CASCJuanDiego Bracho ParisAB09:40.6910 & Under
CASCBrodie MeadusAB09:40.9010 & Under
CNJANathan TremblayQC09:40.9313 to 14
BBSTElla Corbin-MorganON09:41.3011 to 12
WAVESWilliam SmithAB09:41.5013 to 14
ABCÉMILE DUBÉQC09:41.5411 to 12
DCSCMIA BOWSERNS09:41.6011 to 12
NKBMatthew De SousaON09:41.6515 and Over
BBSTRacheal SwartzON09:41.9011 to 12
BBSTEleni PappasON09:42.1011 to 12
UCSCGopal PATILAB09:42.3211 to 12
UCSCGopal PATILAB09:42.32#N/A
GOLDAvyn MunshawSK09:42.4011 to 12
NKBErick LiON09:42.5011 to 12
TRITAbygail Campbell AB09:42.6410 & Under
GOLDJames DeLathouwerSK09:43.2010 & Under
GMACJack MoyerON09:44.3413 to 14
CAJAyla AshleyON09:44.4011 to 12
NKBAriella ToscanoON09:44.6011 to 12
VPSCMisha VulicBC09:44.6011 to 12
FASTHilary NorrisNB09:44.9110 & Under
NORACMaria LintonON09:44.9413 to 14
SSATTayte BorrelliON09:45.0011 to 12
BTSCConnor RaskON09:45.0011 to 12
ROCSKaitlyn Crinjala FacaON09:45.2010 & Under
FASTMackenzie KlinkerNB09:45.3011 to 12
GOEric LapnerON09:45.3011 to 12
BrantLuke PhilipsON09:45.410 & Under
MPMHannah KavanaghNL09:45.5011 to 12
PSWMadeleine OlverBC09:45.6010 & Under
PSWMadeleine OlverBC09:45.6011 to 12
ROCSNicolas AndersON09:46.0013 to 14
MPMJackson ProwseNL09:46.2010 & Under
MPMJackson ProwseNL09:46.2011 to 12
MJKFFMolly MackSK09:46.4710 & Under
MJKFFJulia ZinnSK09:46.5011 to 12
CBSBSkylar WallNL09:46.6013 to 14
GOLDLandon DubielSK09:46.6013 to 14
GOLDAdam SmittenSK09:47.1013 to 14
CASCHayden MeadusAB09:47.3010 & Under
BrantJennie BrockON09:47.711 to 12
GOLDAlyssa ParkSK09:48.6011 to 12
RAPIDBrendan LawBC09:48.7110 & Under
PSWNickolas MassabieBC09:48.9013 to 14
CAJAinsley MurdochON09:48.9010 & Under
GOLDOlivia HoffmannSK09:48.9010 & Under
PSWNickolas MassabieBC09:48.9011 to 12
AUROKatie TylerON09:49.0Master
TIDEAdam HusseyNB09:49.0011 to 12
TIDEMonica JayNB09:49.0011 to 12
SCARMahsen HassanON09:49.0013 to 14
NESAlex LebelNB09:49.1211 to 12
BBSTRayan MeckyON09:49.2011 to 12
GOGrace McIntoshON09:49.2011 to 12
CNMTMaude CroteauQC09:49.211 to 12
RAPIDThomas JinBC09:49.3711 to 12
GOArielle OuimetON09:50.0011 to 12
WAACAlex JonesON09:50.6611 to 12
BrantIsabel WhiteON09:50.811 to 12
CBSBLogan GosseNL09:51.4011 to 12
CASCAlexander CurdovAB09:51.5011 to 12
BrantLandyn RonsonON09:51.911 to 12
CARATJeanne TousignantQC09:51.9715 and Over
NORACConnor DewON09:51.9911 to 12
GLENLily HarriganAB09:52.0013 to 14
GLENLily HarriganAB09:52.0113 to 14
TRITKelti AntonyAB09:52.2211 to 12
CNMTJosephine MckenzieQC09:52.810 & Under
CARATThéodore TurgeonQC09:52.8511 to 12
KSCEthan NgoAB09:53.0011 to 12
KISURyan PetersBC09:53.3713 to 14
NCSAConnor SchaanAB09:54.0013 to 14
NORACMackenzie RossON09:54.1515 and Over
WAACRob TeasdaleON09:54.21Master
PABPKolby MusseauNL09:54.2815 and Over
GOIsaiah ZewdieON09:55.0011 to 12
NCSAHannah LyonAB09:55.0013 to 14
NESAlexandre MichaudNB09:55.1015 and Over
FASTBeatrice SinclairNB09:55.6011 to 12
CASCMihira PatelAB09:55.7911 to 12
ROCSMax AndrisonON09:56.0011 to 12
CASCArthur GuerraAB09:56.7910 & Under
FASTJesse TheriaultNB09:57.2011 to 12
PSWJack WangBC09:57.2010 & Under
WAACCarter KellyON09:57.5911 to 12
WLBFHayden PetrukBC09:57.6915 and Over
WLBFNiomi NeufeldBC09:57.9613 to 14
CAJTyler Van RyON09:58.3013 to 14
MJKFFAaron FreemanSK09:58.3011 to 12
BrantOlivia HobbsON09:58.411 to 12
WLBFMaya RobinsonBC09:58.4810 & Under
WAACQuinn DurnanON09:58.5013 to 14
MJKFFMark GraySK09:58.8911 to 12
AUROTerri CorsoON09:59.0Master
CASCSofia TurkAB09:59.0915 and Over
PICKDANICA RILEYON09:59.4011 to 12
NESMyriam PlourdeNB09:59.7113 to 14
WDSCKyla MarshallBC09:59.9910 & Under
LOSCRobyn HillerBC10:00.0010 & Under
AUROElizabeth MoultrayON10:00.0Master
BrantMeara VezsenyiON10:00.011 to 12
CWCKevin SalgadoAB10:00.0013 to 14
LASCKate HillAB10:00.013 to 14
PICKMALIA ELDERON10:00.1510 & Under
DUCKSJerry ZhangON10:00.2015 and Over
GOTuanh HuynhON10:00.8011 to 12
CAJRayah PhonprasithON10:01.0011 to 12
MPMMaria GoodlandNL10:01.0010 & Under
MPMMaria GoodlandNL10:01.0011 to 12
GSHCiara VillenueveON10:01.2013 to 14
WAVESJames ColeAB10:01.4211 to 12
FASTVera RosalesNB10:01.8911 to 12
NKBAva ThomlinsonON10:02.1011 to 12
WAACMatteo BarnabiON10:02.2411 to 12
GOLDSwayde WatersSK10:02.6013 to 14
TRITDanika BierAB10:02.7111 to 12
CARATNabil BorslaQC10:02.9513 to 14
SEALSMakeela BeelMB10:03.0011 to 12
DUCKSJacob MosesON10:03.2013 to 14
SSATAum PandyaON10:04.0013 to 14
FASTEwan O'ConnorNB10:04.0811 to 12
PABPJack StricklandNL10:04.7215 and Over
GOLDMadison IanowskiSK10:04.8011 to 12
AUROVanessa BertoneON10:05.0Master
KSCPablo ZendejasAB10:05.0011 to 12
PSWPaul XuBC10:05.0013 to 14
SCARMayoori GiritharanON10:05.0013 to 14
OSACTaryn WepplerON10:05.2011 to 12
CBSCCali BreenNL10:05.7015 and Over
KSCGrace Mills-RushAB10:06.0013 to 14
USCCole SheridanON10:06.0013 to 14
USCAlex McCabeON10:07.0011 to 12
COMOXSophia JiangBC10:07.0010 & Under
CASCKeira KennedyAB10:07.4013 to 14
WAACRyder BrennanON10:08.5911 to 12
FASTIla WrightNB10:09.6810 & Under
KISUBree CutjarBC10:10.4511 to 12
KISULachlynn LemieuxBC10:10.4710 & Under
KISUNina McEachernBC10:10.7811 to 12
GOLDLauren RussellSK10:10.9011 to 12
GOClaire KearneyON10:11.0011 to 12
ENCHarrer AlexandraQC10:12.1813 to 14
NORACKeira EveristON10:13.0315 and Over
TRITJeremy WileAB10:13.0913 to 14
GMACJulia KranjecON10:13.1711 to 12
RAPIDAnthony LiuBC10:13.3710 & Under
CASCElie Hoover LacasseAB10:13.4010 & Under
MJKFFTaylor DuncanSK10:14.5713 to 14
ROCSDaniel SeelyON10:14.9010 & Under
PICKBEN CAPSONON10:15.0511 to 12
GOGeorgia OdgenON10:15.1010 & Under
CASCJames CairnsAB10:15.3510 & Under
FASTJinghan HuNB10:15.9711 to 12
LOSCLandon FriesenBC10:16.0011 to 12
WLBFIsabelle  GroundwaterBC10:16.0313 to 14
RDCSCRyan FalkAB10:16.3010 & Under
GOLDJillian RussellSK10:16.6013 to 14
RAPIDAlex LiBC10:16.9810 & Under
NKBLaura ErmuthON10:17.3913 to 14
ROCSAlyssia OmaON10:17.4010 & Under
KLACCalleigh OulletteON10:18.011 to 12
BrantSeth DuCheneON10:18.411 to 12
ROCSAlexander DoON10:18.4010 & Under
DUCKSZIQIAO GAOON10:18.8110 & Under
CAJLiam BassinON10:19.2010 & Under
BrantEmma BrockON10:19.911 to 12
GOMatteo ZewdieON10:20.0010 & Under
NESMyriam DoucetteNB10:20.0415 and Over
BrantIsla HaaseON10:20.210 & Under
DUCKSVivien NagyON10:20.2713 to 14
ROCSGrace ArbuthnotON10:20.5011 to 12
DUCKSMason GuON10:20.5911 to 12
OSACOlivier LafleurON10:21.0011 to 12
CNJAMélody TremblayQC10:21.4913 to 14
BrantAnnika WahtrasON10:22.411 to 12
FASTNicholas WallaceNB10:22.5013 to 14
PSWRyan LuBC10:22.7013 to 14
PSWRyan LuBC10:22.7011 to 12
GOLDJocelyn Von HagenSK10:23.0010 & Under
OSACScarlett MucinoON10:23.0011 to 12
NKBAidyn BurrowsON10:23.4011 to 12
CARATVictoria DuclosQC10:23.8511 to 12
CWCMathilda KerryAB10:24.0011 to 12
PSWSimon ZhaoBC10:24.2011 to 12
PSWSimon ZhaoBC10:24.2013 to 14
RDCSCEmersynn FlinnAB10:24.3011 to 12
CBSCHala ParsonsNL10:24.6011 to 12
FASTHazel WrightNB10:24.9210 & Under
KBMMarcus RothON10:25.0011 to 12
STRATJack CookAB10:25.4013 to 14
GOLDGokaviBailey ZahraSK10:25.9011 to 12
BrantJillian BerkelON10:26.013 to 14
CARATMagalie DuclosQC10:26.3511 to 12
GORui DongON10:26.4010 & Under
DUCKSRichard InON10:26.4213 to 14
COMOXNoah LewallBC10:27.0011 to 12
MJKFFRichard LaiSK10:27.8911 to 12
GMACLauren PyperON10:28.7110 & Under
CBSCHolly BurkeNL10:28.8011 to 12
MJKFFLeif AbrahamsonSK10:29.2213 to 14
RAPIDWyatt PanerioBC10:29.9310 & Under
BBFCedric NelsonQC10:30.0010 & Under
KLACaddison ivanovON10:30.011 to 12
MPMReed SomertonNL10:30.0011 to 12
MPMReed SomertonNL10:30.0011 to 12
RDCSCKingston HitchcockAB10:30.3011 to 12
CASCElla VargaAB10:31.0115 and Over
BrantSofia RobertsonON10:31.711 to 12
KISUMiles IllingworthBC10:31.7011 to 12
USCIndira BartonON10:32.0011 to 12
GOReed ArnoldON10:32.0010 & Under
GOMaggie LamorieON10:32.0011 to 12
FASTGabrielleAnne BanquicioNB10:33.9611 to 12
CARATRaphaëlle GagnonQC10:34.1310 & Under
GOSam FowlerON10:34.5011 to 12
BTSCBridget RobinsonON10:35.0011 to 12
DUCKSZhenyuan LinON10:35.0215 and Over
GMACYara StuartON10:35.1410 & Under
PICKCHLOE HACHEMON10:36.0710 & Under
WLBFIan  FosterBC10:36.6313 to 14
CARATLaurie TemblayQC10:36.6811 to 12
CWCMillicent GrasbyAB10:37.0013 to 14
CASCCarmen MillanAB10:37.1010 & Under
ROCSTara KaushikON10:37.2011 to 12
CASCSophie IdleAB10:37.6015 and Over
COMOXNico SaccucciBC10:38.0010 & Under
RAPIDMina WangBC10:39.8011 to 12
KISUChloe OrgeBC10:40.7713 to 14
GOSara Poitras-GeorgeON10:40.9010 & Under
CASCOlivia DeleonAB10:42.6010 & Under
FASTMichael TselichtchevNB10:43.0510 & Under
DCSCJANE MORASHNS10:44.0010 & Under
SEALSSadie BlacherMB10:44.1010 & Under
BrantSophia AdamsON10:44.910 & Under
BBFSarah NelsonQC10:45.0011 to 12
CWCCelia ForsythAB10:45.0010 & Under
NKBAmelia FeeON10:47.0011 to 12
DUCKSEmma YacoubON10:47.6313 to 14
USCDelaney AlannaON10:50.0013 to 14
AUROHinLun LeeON10:50.1Master
ROCSYuna Min-NielsenON10:50.1010 & Under
BrantSophia GillisON10:50.510 & Under
BrantHannah SchmidtzON10:51.411 to 12
SSATSimon DindartON10:51.4111 to 12
BrantAnnika DobrockyON10:51.911 to 12
AUROSarah WoolcottON10:52.0Master
NKBRuby ButerON10:52.1511 to 12
KISULezandro LouwBC10:53.0011 to 12
NKBRose LeuschenON10:53.0011 to 12
PABPKyle MusseauNL10:53.2215 and Over
NKBNina TatomirovicON10:54.0010 & Under
CPWDAbigale McIntyreON10:54.0811 to 12
GOAnamika DaveON10:55.3011 to 12
MJKFFGrace PennaSK10:55.4511 to 12
GOMei Al-DawodiON10:55.5010 & Under
ROCSAidan MooreON10:56.1013 to 14
USCAva MilenovON10:58.0010 & Under
NKBKira SimpsoON10:58.8311 to 12
BrantAlexia VelcuON11:00.011 to 12
WAACShaylin McInnesON11:00.5210 & Under
BTSCMateo DrudgeON11:01.0011 to 12
UCSCKatarina GIBBSAB11:02.6110 & Under
KISUElin KontkanenBC11:03.0010 & Under
DCSCANIKA MARTINNS11:04.0013 to 14
CWCAzlynn FlamanAB11:04.0010 & Under
DCSCEMILE GUNNNS11:04.2011 to 12
UCSCAnca LECHKUNAB11:04.5411 to 12
UCSCElla DOUGLASAB11:04.8115 and Over
SEALSCamryn ThomasMB11:06.1010 & Under
GMACAva AnstettON11:06.2510 & Under
WLBFHunter Stokes BC11:06.6411 to 12
NCSAReece SaumierAB11:07.0013 to 14
CWCKeeva HindmarshAB11:08.0011 to 12
MJKFFMia YeSK11:09.2411 to 12
BTSCDaniel CaraballoON11:10.0011 to 12
PSWIsabel GuoBC11:10.2011 to 12
GOAlyssa RobertsonON11:10.4011 to 12
BrantSamual HopmanON11:11.911 to 12
NNChristine LeQC11:12.4315 and Over
CASCJaydon ThamAB11:12.8015 and Over
KISUAdriene ClarkBC11:13.4113 to 14
KISUOlivia SeddonBC11:13.4210 & Under
BTSCAvery HobsonON11:15.0011 to 12
PICKRYAN COHOLANON11:15.1011 to 12
CASCDustin RichardAB11:15.2610 & Under
GOLDKevin SunSK11:15.5013 to 14
GONoah PatryON11:15.9010 & Under
WLBFWill GauleyBC11:15.9211 to 12
RDCSCSeth HitchcockAB11:16.7010 & Under
MJKFFSophie TrzaskowskiSK11:17.2811 to 12
PSWJessie QiuBC11:20.5011 to 12
PSWJessie QiuBC11:20.5011 to 12
CBSCNicholas FlynnNL11:21.1015 and Over
UCSCElla MONARAB11:22.8611 to 12
CARATOdile JalbertQC11:23.1311 to 12
KISULorenzo AtilanoBC11:24.0011 to 12
CCSCAriele GrillmayerON11:24.0011 to 12
KLACerika mcginnisON11:25.011 to 12
GOEllianne TheriaultON11:25.2010 & Under
NKBDavid YaoON11:26.0010 & Under
MJKFFGradey MartinSK11:28.6711 to 12
AUROMark ColwellON11:30.0Master
OSACRosemary HoganON11:30.0011 to 12
CASCSarah MarkwartAB11:30.7013 to 14
UCSCRussell NORTHAB11:31.0113 to 14
BrantAlyssa SysiukON11:31.011 to 12
CBSBAvery MurphyNL11:31.7011 to 12
FASTJackson HoytNB11:31.7611 to 12
CCSCAshley BlakeyON11:31.9011 to 12
LOSCAdam AbdelhameedBC11:33.0010 & Under
GOLDLoch LamontSK11:33.1011 to 12
KISUJayden Vanden PolBC11:33.5311 to 12
KISUCallie-Anne BartonBC11:36.5110 & Under
MJKFFRuby PennaSK11:36.5310 & Under
MJKFFXander PennerSK11:37.2010 & Under
CPWDAustin VoisineON11:37.6610 & Under
WAACJacob FowlerON11:37.7111 to 12
NKBSierra StrattonON11:39.0010 & Under
PSWMaiya DhaBC11:40.0011 to 12
PSWDominic ZhaoBC11:40.3011 to 12
WLBFGavin ReedmanBC11:41.6610 & Under
UCSCAmy OLUBANIYIAB11:41.7511 to 12
AUROLoreen JablonskiON11:42.0Master
PICKSTELLA TRENTON11:42.0011 to 12
CARATKelly HubertQC11:42.7010 & Under
UCSCCamilo ESTRADAAB11:44.8111 to 12
GOCaroline FisherON11:45.0011 to 12
ROCSGrace MacIntoshON11:45.8011 to 12
SSATLiam WatsonON11:46.5910 & Under
AUROCarolyn BoudreauON11:47.0Master
FASTMiriam FieldNB11:47.1710 & Under
CBSCJack JacobsNL11:47.7015 and Over
AUROTom LegerON11:48.1Master
ROCSAva McLeanON11:48.1011 to 12
GOLDLily SuSK11:49.2013 to 14
FASTCaleb GriffithsNB11:49.5910 & Under
CASCSteven MclaughlinAB11:50.9011 to 12
CBSBRylan MartinNL11:52.1013 to 14
KLACLandon bulluckON11:53.010 & Under
FASTJacob EbbettNB11:54.0713 to 14
KISUCaoimhe LongmoreBC11:54.0913 to 14
FASTJillian MacDonaldNB11:54.1210 & Under
UCSCBianca DESOUZAAB11:54.8311 to 12
CWCClaire CaraherAB11:55.0013 to 14
FASTSophie RickettsNB11:55.5510 & Under
LLBWCooper OkrainecAB11:57.1611 to 12
LLBWCooper OkrainecAB11:57.1611 to 12
ROCSEmily McLeanON11:58.1013 to 14
CPWDReid McGrathON11:58.9111 to 12
PSWTristan OlsonBC12:00.4011 to 12
PSWTristan OlsonBC12:00.4011 to 12
PSWLi ZhangBC12:01.6011 to 12
UCSCKaleigh DALLAMOREAB12:01.6711 to 12
GOAnte BulatON12:01.8010 & Under
AUROJack SoON12:02.0Master
CWCJosephine CollinsAB12:05.0011 to 12
GOBlaise OrlichON12:05.4010 & Under
GOCharlotte Boudreau-LavoleON12:05.7010 & Under
SSATAlma Da Silva CastillejoON12:06.8711 to 12
WLBFHazel PareBC12:08.8210 & Under
CASCAli MaksoudAB12:13.9315 and Over
SSATLogan FrostON12:16.8611 to 12
PSWIsla SlaterBC12:19.6010 & Under
NKBViolet LeuschenON12:21.0010 & Under
WAACAmiera Black ON12:25.60Para-Swimmer
KISUTaija DelormeBC12:27.0911 to 12
CWCAdam YunkerAB12:28.0011 to 12
UCSCJosselin DYCKAB12:30.0311 to 12
FASTYutong(Eric) LiNB12:31.3113 to 14
ROCSAliya KhaliliON12:31.8011 to 12
ROCSEthan SoON12:34.5011 to 12
CARATEmma-Rose AllardQC12:34.8210 & Under
AUROAnne StevensonON12:39.0Master
KISUSean CribbBC12:39.3310 & Under
CCSCChristian FerrieraON12:39.7411 to 12
GOMarcus LapnerON12:40.9010 & Under
PSWRhianna JiangBC12:44.5010 & Under
CBSBMichael PendergastNL12:45.1013 to 14
ROCSLex MilneON12:46.1010 & Under
NKBZoe BertrandON12:47.0010 & Under
FASTBraelyn EdwardsNB12:47.0610 & Under
FASTCiana ChiassonNB12:47.0611 to 12
FASTJacob McLeanNB12:48.7810 & Under
FASTLuke AddisonNB12:50.4010 & Under
ROCSCaleb RideoutON12:51.1013 to 14
AUROPatrick RussellON12:54.0Master
LLBWBroheden RolphAB12:56.5015 and Over
ROCSColten McGarryON12:57.1011 to 12
WAACKaylee GriswoldON12:57.3110 & Under
NKBAlexandra NormandON12:59.0010 & Under
LOSCDaniel FinnBC13:00.0010 & Under
BrantAudrey PedleyON13:01.411 to 12
KLACArthur valairON13:09.011 to 12
BrantCarson Ion-ciccotelliON13:11.911 to 12
CASCMacey ReneauAB13:13.5011 to 12
FASTAmro MahfudNB13:16.5210 & Under
GOKevin WangON13:20.6010 & Under
FASTAmelia SherwoodNB13:21.7010 & Under
CBSCLily MilesNL13:23.4011 to 12
CCSCLiam O'BrienON13:24.9111 to 12
MJKFFNajma AbdelgadirSK13:33.5810 & Under
PSWSydney WeepersBC13:34.7011 to 12
KISUAnne-Marie MolachyckBC13:44.2110 & Under
KISUMMelanie StephensBC13:50.00Master
MJKFFSeann TerrySK13:50.9411 to 12
UCSCMarlow DALLAMOREAB13:53.6711 to 12
KLACDanielle KmetON14:00.010 & Under
KISUKierra LongmoreBC14:00.7411 to 12
KLACavery fortinON14:10.010 & Under
WDSCJacob zabudskyBC14:11.9911 to 12
WLBFAlex Walker BC14:13.5911 to 12
WLBFTaia BrownBC14:13.5911 to 12
ROCSKyle StruthersON14:16.2011 to 12
AUROSheryl PotterON14:27.1Master
KLACgeorge valairON14:30.010 & Under
LLBWCorben RolphAB14:31.1613 to 14
KISUEmmanuel HagelBC15:42.6010 & Under
KLACOlivia WincikabyON15:51.010 & Under
SSATHarper CoulterON16:19.3211 to 12
KLACDelia KingON17:26.010 & Under
KLACcarys dubreuilON17:59.010 & Under
KLACRobyn ValairON18:15.010 & Under
GPPMikayla LaurinAB20:00.0011 to 12
MUMSVanessa ValiquetteQC40:00.00Master

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