#SwimAgain Challenge

It’s time to #SWIMAGAIN!

Each week, for 6 weeks, swimmers from our High Performance Centres and clubs will be challenging all swimmers across the country to participate in and submit their results via their coaches.  These fun and simple challenges will be broadcast on social media and the results will be posted below.


The #SwimAgain Challenge launches September 28, 2020.

  • A member of the National Team will lead a Zoom chat with swimmers of the winning club as well as participate in a Q & A.
  • The winning club will receive gift cards to a participating restaurant for their swimmers who participated in the challenge.
  • The winning club will be chosen by random draw at the conclusion of the 6 weekly challenges.
  • Speedo product
  • All Tides Gift Cards
  • Swimming Canada Online Shop Gift Cards
  • These weekly prizes will be drawn from the designated demographic of the week, who participated in that week’s challenge
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15 & Over Prizes


13-14 Prizes


11-12 Prizes


10 & Under Prizes


Para Swimmer Prizes


Masters Prizes




Week 6 Results

Full NameClub CodeProvinceTimeAge Group
Justin FotherbyKISUBC00:57.5015 and Over
Tyler Wall KISUBC00:58.6215 and Over
Jacob GallantTIDENB00:58.6615 and Over
Matt DansCASCAB00:59.3115 and Over
Addison ButlerCASCAB01:00.8715 and Over
David WangVPSCBC01:00.9115 and Over
Phillip WeeksMPMNL01:02.7315 and Over
Tom WielemakerFASTNB01:02.7515 and Over
Tyler BlaisCADACQC01:03.0015 and Over
Adam ConnellCASCAB01:03.1015 and Over
Iden FarzadehVPSCBC01:03.1615 and Over
Albert ChenVPSCBC01:03.4113 to 14
Caleb GaineCASCAB01:03.6715 and Over
Dawson SheehanCASCAB01:03.6715 and Over
Liam WallichKISUBC01:03.7915 and Over
Diego PazKCSBC01:03.9015 and Over
Ashley McMillanKISUBC01:04.0315 and Over
Kian PrattCASCAB01:04.1015 and Over
Ryan McMillanKISUBC01:04.1113 to 14
Luka TomicWAACON01:04.1415 and Over
Euain FinlaysonVPSCBC01:04.4015 and Over
Tadahiro HirukiVPSCBC01:04.4415 and Over
Victor CoutuBBSTON01:04.4915 and Over
Thomas CarusoKISUBC01:04.5513 to 14
Ethan NestorukFASTNB01:04.5515 and Over
Isaac AllenWSON01:04.7115 and Over
Steven LettGOON01:04.9015 and Over
HenryPink PinkOSACON01:05.0015 and Over
Nicholas DuncanUCSCAB01:05.0013 to 14
Alexander D'AlessioROCSON01:05.1015 and Over
William RiskROCSON01:05.2015 and Over
Theodore TrinhVPSCBC01:05.3015 and Over
Advay BhaleESWIMON01:05.3015 and Over
Vincent BisasorESWIMON01:05.4015 and Over
Jack CameronKCSBC01:05.5015 and Over
Ryan TomSLSCON01:05.5015 and Over
Haoxi HuVPSCBC01:05.5415 and Over
Jacky TangVPSCBC01:05.5415 and Over
Jacob WindsorCASCAB01:05.6215 and Over
Matthew NowakWSON01:05.7715 and Over
Nicolleta PanosVPSCBC01:05.8315 and Over
Matthew GauthierTRUWBC01:05.9015 and Over
Finn TuckUSCON01:05.9015 and Over
Sean KellyWSON01:05.9815 and Over
Jeremy SlinnWDSCBC01:06.0013 to 14
Calvin SlinnWDSCBC01:06.0015 and Over
Tyler LeeVPSCBC01:06.0115 and Over
Mat LegareTIDENB01:06.0515 and Over
Alex ChabanOSACON01:06.1015 and Over
Akash SinghWSON01:06.1515 and Over
Josh ArbuckleWSON01:06.1515 and Over
Jackson WaddellROCSON01:06.4015 and Over
Eryk HalickiESWIMON01:06.5015 and Over
Kevin MaherESWIMON01:06.6013 to 14
Isaac MilneCASCAB01:06.6515 and Over
Macarther BrennanWAACON01:06.6815 and Over
Alvin ChanVPSCBC01:06.7213 to 14
Kale DuongESWIMON01:06.9013 to 14
Yaseen DaoudUCSCAB01:06.9015 and Over
Matt DahlgrenGOON01:06.9015 and Over
Sam BernardGOON01:06.9015 and Over
Kaethen HillCASCAB01:06.9815 and Over
Max AngoveKCSBC01:07.0015 and Over
Jeffrey HouESWIMON01:07.1015 and Over
Johaan KhanESWIMON01:07.1015 and Over
Ethan ThomasSLSCON01:07.1015 and Over
Benjamin CabildoWSON01:07.2415 and Over
Austin LinMJKFFSK01:07.3115 and Over
Alex BuehlowWAACON01:07.37Masters
Regan RathwellGOON01:07.5015 and Over
Jordano PiccoliSLSCON01:07.5015 and Over
Aidan HarveyWGBYT01:07.5015 and Over
Marcus VaillancourtTIDENB01:07.5115 and Over
Margaret QuinnTIDENB01:07.6315 and Over
Ryan BossyWAACON01:07.6515 and Over
Patrick TurnerCNMTQc01:07.6715 and Over
Alex PitrewWGBYT01:07.7015 and Over
Ben DaigleTIDENB01:07.7715 and Over
Alex HusseyTIDENB01:07.7813 to 14
Jacob PawlakROCSON01:07.8013 to 14
Dalen LabayenESWIMON01:07.9013 to 14
Owen GoogeBBSTON01:07.9215 and Over
Abby McKinleyTIDENB01:07.9415 and Over
Will DauphineeTIDENB01:07.9715 and Over
Julia DenesBTSCON01:08.0013 to 14
Aiden HarrisESWIMON01:08.0013 to 14
Loic LaroucheCADACQC01:08.0015 and Over
Jorick Simard CNMNQC01:08.0015 and Over
Thomas BakicaWGBYT01:08.0015 and Over
Ethan WilliamsBBSTON01:08.0213 to 14
Jordi VilchezBTSCON01:08.0615 and Over
Alexandre LandryVEWON01:08.1115 and Over
Daniel OrtizSLSCON01:08.3015 and Over
James HilgartnerCASCAB01:08.4015 and Over
Ethan CampbellWSON01:08.4515 and Over
Benjamin WinterbornKBMON01:08.5013 to 14
Olivier RiskROCSON01:08.5015 and Over
Jacob RappWSSCON01:08.5115 and Over
Elaine ChenVPSCBC01:08.5515 and Over
Antoine DestangESWIMON01:08.6011 to 12
Cameron Eusanio TRITAB01:08.6313 to 14
Brayden VanDeWynckelWAACON01:08.6515 and Over
Hudson WowkUCSCAB01:08.7013 to 14
David GlazerESWIMON01:08.7013 to 14
Harry LeungVPSCBC01:08.7215 and Over
Gracin Black WAACON01:08.8315 and Over
Daniel PearceCBSBNL01:08.8815 and Over
daniel suVPSCBC01:08.8913 to 14
ROUSSEAU LOICABCQC01:08.9015 and Over
Logan MilneROCSON01:08.9013 to 14
Ingrid WilmCASCAB01:08.9515 and Over
Olaf JansenESWIMON01:09.0015 and Over
Alexander BaethkeCASCAB01:09.0715 and Over
Hana EdwardsCASCAB01:09.0815 and Over
Isabelle LeiPSWBC01:09.1015 and Over
Cadence JohnsMJKFFSK01:09.1115 and Over
Austin WilliamsBBSTON01:09.1511 to 12
Aaron AllardWSSCON01:09.1915 and Over
Roan CliffordCASCAB01:09.2015 and Over
Keton MurphyCASCAB01:09.3013 to 14
Ethan JantziWAACON01:09.3015 and Over
Parker DeshayesCASCAB01:09.4013 to 14
Nina KucheranSLSCON01:09.4015 and Over
Brynne LeRoyTIDENB01:09.4115 and Over
Michael RupESWIMON01:09.5015 and Over
Trevor LauplandKCSBC01:09.5015 and Over
William MitchellWSON01:09.5215 and Over
Andrew LiVPSCBC01:09.6313 to 14
Jack SerreBTSCON01:09.6415 and Over
Edward Major GingrasKYPSON01:09.67Para-Swimmer
Connor SortlandUCSCAB01:09.7013 to 14
Acacia BennKISUBC01:09.7215 and Over
Jalen RamsaranROCSON01:09.8015 and Over
Liam GrantUCSCAB01:09.8015 and Over
Adam ZielinskiESWIMON01:09.8015 and Over
Darcy ButlerMPMNL01:09.8413 to 14
Brayden MannWAACON01:09.8513 to 14
Jack HannCBSBNL01:09.8915 and Over
Matthew BaraniakESWIMON01:09.9015 and Over
Fangxun WangVPSCBC01:09.9113 to 14
Alexander LiniarskiCASCAB01:09.9315 and Over
Charles ChangGATORBC01:09.9515 and Over
James MonkWINBC01:10.00Masters
Travers Hartley-SmithBTSCON01:10.00Masters
Jeffery HuangGOON01:10.0015 and Over
Jesh Anthonypickon01:10.0015 and Over
Kadin Werner EnnsCASCAB01:10.0115 and Over
Keese EerkesCASCAB01:10.0115 and Over
Ruitong ZhangVPSCBC01:10.0613 to 14
Cohen ChanEKSCAB01:10.1013 to 14
Max MacNeilTIDENB01:10.1715 and Over
Sawyer BosleyROCSON01:10.2015 and Over
Sirius(Sirui) WangVPSCBC01:10.2313 to 14
Zack MurphyTIDENB01:10.3913 to 14
Bronwyn PasloskiWGBYT01:10.5015 and Over
Evan Macarthur WAACON01:10.5115 and Over
Dylan MurrayWSON01:10.5213 to 14
Dylan Gambin-Murphy MPMNL01:10.5715 and Over
Huy Nguyen NKBON01:10.6013 to 14
Sela WistKCSBC01:10.6015 and Over
Cooper ScottUCSCAB01:10.7015 and Over
Nathan DunbarGSHON01:10.7015 and Over
Carisma AnanthVPSCBC01:10.7815 and Over
Noah RothCAJON01:10.8015 and Over
Keaton TrichiloBTSCON01:10.8813 to 14
Laila OravskyBTSCON01:11.0013 to 14
Simon RasmussenDUCKSON01:11.0013 to 14
Ben CluleyBTSCON01:11.0015 and Over
Dhruv SapraESWIMON01:11.0015 and Over
Jerome Grimard-SpaldingCADACQC01:11.0013 to 14
Loïk Vinette CNMNQC01:11.0015 and Over
Brody FowlerGOLDSK01:11.02Masters
Liam TweedieMPMNL01:11.0215 and Over
Keegan LePageSLSCON01:11.1015 and Over
Grayson AlmasiCASCAB01:11.1815 and Over
Maxine ClarkUCSCAB01:11.2011 to 12
Cara MacDonaldSWOTTON01:11.2015 and Over
Gabriel LegareTIDENB01:11.2015 and Over
Ashley AllaireBBSTON01:11.3015 and Over
Sydney StewartUCSCAB01:11.3013 to 14
Henry HoVPSCBC01:11.3015 and Over
Luke PettypieceLLSTON01:11.3215 and Over
CALLUM MYERSDCSCNS01:11.4015 and Over
Josephine StreppelCAJON01:11.4015 and Over
Murphy RileyGOON01:11.4015 and Over
Kali MetuzalsGOON01:11.5015 and Over
Cuyler McNeilCWCAB01:11.5115 and Over
Janice TangVPSCBC01:11.5215 and Over
Jordan Souch TremblayKISUBC01:11.5315 and Over
Sean PetersKISUBC01:11.5615 and Over
Karina GrusonSWOTTON01:11.6015 and Over
Sydney WilsonKISUBC01:11.6215 and Over
Preston DongVPSCBC01:11.6315 and Over
Gregory PeckhamWSON01:11.6815 and Over
Tyrone HoWSSCON01:11.6915 and Over
Thomas GishlerWGBYT01:11.7115 and Over
Lily BuderVPSCBC01:11.7315 and Over
Connor BreenTIDENB01:11.8515 and Over
Nicole LauDUCKSON01:11.8615 and Over
Sophia DilleTRITAB01:11.8811 to 12
Claire MacLeodESWIMON01:11.8815 and Over
Rainie YangVPSCBC01:11.8915 and Over
Zan PapadakosWAACON01:11.8915 and Over
Maya McGhanSWOTTON01:11.9015 and Over
Quinton RodgersOSACON01:11.9015 and Over
Noah RiouxSLSCON01:11.9013 to 14
Yuto LeeNKBON01:11.9613 to 14
Ryan ZhuangCASCAB01:11.9613 to 14
Patryk DandaBTSCON01:12.0013 to 14
Greyson MezeiESWIMON01:12.0013 to 14
Dominic AmblerKCS01:12.0015 and Over
Mackenzie BlaisCADACQC01:12.0015 and Over
David Harviepickon01:12.0015 and Over
Jesus baylonpickon01:12.0015 and Over
Sarah DiemertOSACON01:12.0015 and Over
Daniel XuWSON01:12.1515 and Over
Christian DerbyWSON01:12.1515 and Over
Ian JohnsonWSON01:12.1515 and Over
Lewis CrightonKBMON01:12.2015 and Over
Martha ScottSWOTTON01:12.2015 and Over
Robert ChenDUCKSON01:12.2213 to 14
Erika ThomasBTSCON01:12.2315 and Over
Edward TreissCAJON01:12.2315 and Over
Sienna Angove KCSBC01:12.3013 to 14
Westley Martin-RootWAACON01:12.3013 to 14
Marlee CarusoKISUBC01:12.3115 and Over
Isabel LangridgeGOON01:12.4015 and Over
Matthew VanDeWynckelWAACON01:12.4313 to 14
Liam WeberFASTNB01:12.4415 and Over
Ben SchellSLSCON01:12.5013 to 14
Bella MastroianniSLSCON01:12.5015 and Over
Adrian KanVPSCBC01:12.5415 and Over
Ethan Van VlietCASCAB01:12.5515 and Over
Logan HicksBBSTON01:12.5613 to 14
Madilyn ConnellCASCAB01:12.5813 to 14
Nolan Lebelle NKBON01:12.5913 to 14
Megan HoldenMPMNL01:12.6315 and Over
Dyllon CoubroughBTSCon01:12.6415 and Over
Joshua WarringtonVPSCBC01:12.6613 to 14
Zac MonminieLLSTON01:12.6913 to 14
Alexandros PanosVPSCBC01:12.7213 to 14
Mia BarraultWGBYT01:12.7415 and Over
Erik SoDUCKSON01:12.7513 to 14
Kathlyn Buckley NKBON01:12.7713 to 14
Cameron HuttonSSATON01:12.7815 and Over
Mikhaela JohnsonSSATON01:12.7815 and Over
Sparsho ChakrabortySWOTTON01:12.8013 to 14
Freddy Chandler-BaasROCSON01:12.8015 and Over
Chloe JohnsMJKFFSK01:12.8213 to 14
Trevor CampbellWSON01:12.8813 to 14
Nolan PittmanWSON01:12.8813 to 14
Justin JiangPSWBC01:12.9113 to 14
Brendan MacQuarrieBBSTON01:12.9213 to 14
Jack TeveleinCASCAB01:12.9315 and Over
Alex BertrandCNMTQc01:12.9515 and Over
Zachary CattoDUCKSON01:12.9615 and Over
Monica OleszczukUCSCAB01:13.0013 to 14
Trinity BoydESWIMON01:13.0013 to 14
Patrick BrundageBTSCON01:13.00Masters
Lauren AnstettOSACON01:13.0015 and Over
Viktor Vragavicpickon01:13.0015 and Over
Brad HuangVPSCBC01:13.0315 and Over
Lorenzo FloresLLSTON01:13.0913 to 14
Kiet KongWSSCON01:13.1011 to 12
Ali MaksoudCASCAB01:13.1015 and Over
Matthew DaviesWSSCON01:13.1513 to 14
Tristan VanVlietCASCAB01:13.1913 to 14
Ema MasicESWIMON01:13.2013 to 14
Johnny MarrongelliROCSON01:13.2015 and Over
Elliot HornsbyNCSAAB01:13.2113 to 14
Camryn DaleCASCAB01:13.2313 to 14
Alex ChernomorchenkoPSWBC01:13.3015 and Over
Corah WilsonCASCAB01:13.3215 and Over
Rowan BagloleWSON01:13.3411 to 12
Ryan Ait mamarROCSON01:13.4013 to 14
Adam GilesGSHON01:13.4015 and Over
Anna WhittakerSWOTTON01:13.5013 to 14
Sophie IdleCASCAB01:13.5415 and Over
Leticia BensebaGOON01:13.5515 and Over
Kailee CraneEKSCAB01:13.6013 to 14
Delia LloydESWIMON01:13.6013 to 14
Ethan Di PietroESWIMON01:13.6015 and Over
Parker CameronKCSBC01:13.7015 and Over
Megan Drover-SmithWSON01:13.7515 and Over
Sabrina RoszakESWIMON01:13.8013 to 14
Lilian LjuckanovWSON01:13.9013 to 14
Aly GanaGOON01:13.9013 to 14
Danika EitherGOON01:13.9015 and Over
Damian ChartrandMJKFFSK01:13.9515 and Over
Wookie ChoTIDENB01:13.9915 and Over
Kelly QiWDSC01:14.0011 to 12
Adam Moustakim CNMNQC01:14.0013 to 14
Alivia ChuimeraSWOTTON01:14.0015 and Over
Naomi ColeWDSCBC01:14.0015 and Over
Sonia BakhshiUCSCAB01:14.0011 to 12
Chloe VertueESWIMON01:14.0013 to 14
Eggcy LiVPSCBC01:14.0613 to 14
Brody SkeochGMACON01:14.0913 to 14
Hailey LynchWSON01:14.0915 and Over
Matthew PainKBMON01:14.1013 to 14
Anthony DufortCNMTQc01:14.1715 and Over
Tyler LaliberteROCSON01:14.2013 to 14
Sylvia StatkeviciusESWIMON01:14.2013 to 14
Andrew YanGOON01:14.2015 and Over
Joey MolnarCASCAB01:14.2711 to 12
Francis BrennanBBSTON01:14.2911 to 12
Maxwell Hall-SmithWAACON01:14.2913 to 14
Fiona StewartSWOTTON01:14.3015 and Over
Bryan StartupGATORBC01:14.3015 and Over
Claire BennettUCSCAB01:14.3015 and Over
Nick DuguayFASTNB01:14.3415 and Over
Dale CooneyMPMNL01:14.3613 to 14
Aliceyn WarrenMPMNL01:14.3915 and Over
Katie PainKBMON01:14.4015 and Over
James ClarkeGSHON01:14.4215 and Over
Chris YipWSON01:14.4515 and Over
Blake CurrieVPSCBC01:14.4815 and Over
Jake GyselKCSBC01:14.5015 and Over
Aidan NelsonOSACON01:14.5015 and Over
Spencer McFarlaneNCSAAB01:14.5013 to 14
Coheed HingstSLSCON01:14.5013 to 14
Taylor ElliottGOON01:14.5015 and Over
Emma MclennanGOON01:14.5015 and Over
Sean MaileCAJON01:14.5513 to 14
Carlos SolaresESWIMON01:14.6015 and Over
Samuel KlieverKISUBC01:14.6615 and Over
Lillian ZouGOON01:14.7013 to 14
Alan DengPSWBC01:14.7015 and Over
Darby WalshPSWBC01:14.7015 and Over
Noah ThompsonTRITAB01:14.7613 to 14
Antonia HoSWOTTON01:14.8013 to 14
Zach PantarottoSWOTTON01:14.8013 to 14
Hannah KingscoteWGBYT01:14.8115 and Over
Jonah SmithCASCAB01:14.8313 to 14
Dominic RunnallsWSON01:14.9413 to 14
Breanne KeaneTRITAB01:14.9813 to 14
Emie BoulangerCADACQC01:15.0013 to 14
Becky VanderhaegheCADACQC01:15.0015 and Over
Natan Charruau CNMNQC01:15.0015 and Over
Nicholas SkavinskiESWIMON01:15.0011 to 12
Cassandra JonesHALTNS01:15.00Masters
Teah ForbesGOON01:15.0015 and Over
Ali BertrimSLSCON01:15.0015 and Over
Maya SleeEKSCAB01:15.1013 to 14
Jordan LeRoyTIDENB01:15.1413 to 14
Maggie RhodesCCSCON01:15.1415 and Over
Ella LightheartBTSCON01:15.1915 and Over
Isabella KorczewskiUCSCAB01:15.2013 to 14
Michael McCormickSWOTTON01:15.2013 to 14
Gwyn HargadonSWOTTON01:15.2015 and Over
Sam PurcellTIDENB01:15.2413 to 14
Maxwell WeberGMACON01:15.2715 and Over
Alexander Alonso SutersDUCKSON01:15.2815 and Over
Danielle MossSWOTTON01:15.3015 and Over
Sebastain VanWieringenOSACON01:15.3015 and Over
Evan MilencofOSACON01:15.3015 and Over
Ethan ZhongPSWBC01:15.3011 to 12
Emma LawsonPSWBC01:15.3015 and Over
Annalise GeremiaCWCAB01:15.3915 and Over
Talyn BrownKBMON01:15.4013 to 14
Aiden GoetzCASCAB01:15.4013 to 14
Alex GuoPSWBC01:15.4015 and Over
Zoe MajicESWIMON01:15.4015 and Over
Sophia KocherOSACON01:15.4015 and Over
Mia FarrellMPMNL01:15.4315 and Over
Andrew ChiltonEKSCAB01:15.5013 to 14
Bethany WoodhouseOSACON01:15.5015 and Over
Saiva DhillonESWIMON01:15.5015 and Over
Amy MehargWAACON01:15.5415 and Over
Marcus HoGATORBC01:15.5715 and Over
Jason YangCASCAB01:15.5713 to 14
Olivia ZanderESWIMON01:15.6013 to 14
Lukas VadeikaUSCON01:15.6015 and Over
Milo LjubisicWAACON01:15.6115 and Over
YeeMingEric LiuDUCKSON01:15.6411 to 12
Dylan Pacitto PotapczukDUCKSON01:15.6415 and Over
Ian MacKenzieVEWON01:15.6915 and Over
Katie FeddersonUCSCAB01:15.7015 and Over
Alexa BuchananBBSTON01:15.7315 and Over
Sammy LancaSWOTTON01:15.7813 to 14
Lydia James-BrennanSWOTTON01:15.8015 and Over
Hugo NguyenEKSCAB01:15.8015 and Over
Darren GaoROCSON01:15.8015 and Over
Maiya DaltonROCSON01:15.8015 and Over
Elia LarocheESWIMON01:15.8015 and Over
Gleb EllikWSSCON01:15.8715 and Over
EmmaJane Fowler WAACON01:15.8915 and Over
Ellie Enticknap-SmithSWOTTON01:15.9015 and Over
Julia HusseyTIDENB01:15.9015 and Over
Lucas TrigerVPSCBC01:15.9115 and Over
Benjamin JodinGOON01:15.9513 to 14
Logan BelangerSSATON01:15.9515 and Over
Olivia BaethkeCASCAB01:15.9515 and Over
Eleaunah PhillipsEKSCAB01:16.0013 to 14
Henry MackayEKSCAB01:16.0013 to 14
Connor WilsonBTSCON01:16.0013 to 14
Elsa WiebeROCSON01:16.0015 and Over
Taylor BarbourBTSCON01:16.0015 and Over
Peyton CroteauCWCAB01:16.0113 to 14
Abbi SolomonBBSTON01:16.0213 to 14
Callum MacGreggorSWOTTON01:16.0313 to 14
Ben DavidsonKISUBC01:16.0315 and Over
Jesse CanneyFASTNB01:16.05Para-Swimmer
Patrick Graham NKBON01:16.0715 and Over
Tristan CostoyCASCAB01:16.0715 and Over
Abby TenoNORACON01:16.0815 and Over
Rachel WiggintonUCSCAB01:16.1013 to 14
Reese WessingerCCSCON01:16.1613 to 14
Beatrice Weiss-ReidGOON01:16.2015 and Over
Rada GeorgievaESWIMON01:16.2015 and Over
Viviane PartridgeGOON01:16.2713 to 14
Mairin LeitchVPSCBC01:16.2815 and Over
Hannah KoopmansBTSCON01:16.2815 and Over
Megan EmonSWOTTON01:16.3015 and Over
Payton SheehanCASCAB01:16.3213 to 14
Sean LeeDUCKSON01:16.3215 and Over
Jasmine LiNKBON01:16.3513 to 14
Stephanie AtkinsonGOON01:16.3715 and Over
Benjamin NazifVPSCBC01:16.3815 and Over
Brian YooVPSCBC01:16.4013 to 14
Alexandra WarrenCASCAB01:16.4013 to 14
Mackenzie WarringtonVPSCBC01:16.4415 and Over
Mark ZhitnitskyVPSCBC01:16.4615 and Over
Kennedy NeilsonCASCAB01:16.5115 and Over
Olivia JohnsonWSON01:16.5313 to 14
Josie SantaguidaWSON01:16.5515 and Over
Ella BrewerGOON01:16.6013 to 14
Taha AlmangushGOON01:16.6013 to 14
Brielle WoodruffPSWBC01:16.6015 and Over
Ally QuinnTIDENB01:16.6215 and Over
Andreas NordlundKISUBC01:16.6815 and Over
Sophie QinGOON01:16.7013 to 14
Miguel SandriWSON01:16.7115 and Over
Jayden MacDonaldBBSTON01:16.7113 to 14
Myriam PlourdeNESNB01:16.7713 to 14
Terrance WenGATORBC01:16.7713 to 14
Minh NguyenGOLDSK01:16.7713 to 14
Chloe TaylorWSON01:16.7715 and Over
Jacob ShewVPSCBC01:16.7915 and Over
Sam RosselOSACON01:16.8013 to 14
Jordan VertueESWIMON01:16.8013 to 14
Leah ZankerESWIMON01:16.8015 and Over
Erik JensenGMACON01:16.8115 and Over
Jack CroswellCAJON01:16.8215 and Over
Hailey AbbottCCSCON01:16.8415 and Over
Ty De WachterWSON01:16.8613 to 14
Logan BagloleWSON01:16.8613 to 14
Ethan HaasSSATON01:16.8713 to 14
Amelia MayrCASCAB01:16.8813 to 14
Mike LendrumCWCAB01:16.9113 to 14
Luke SmithSWOTTON01:16.9513 to 14
Olivia DavisGOON01:16.9715 and Over
Zach McLeodWDSCBC01:17.0013 to 14
Emmanuell Cundanganpickon01:17.0013 to 14
Dante Reidpickon01:17.0013 to 14
Clare BoltSWOTTON01:17.0015 and Over
Dylan WalesEKSCAB01:17.0015 and Over
Emma PobolESWIMON01:17.0011 to 12
Caleb JohnstonESWIMON01:17.0011 to 12
Victoria ChenUCSCAB01:17.0013 to 14
Melika GhattaESWIMON01:17.0013 to 14
Hayley GalbraithGOON01:17.0013 to 14
Connor DoyleWINBC01:17.00Masters
Isabella SeabrookWSON01:17.0015 and Over
Ashley WoodwardESWIMON01:17.0015 and Over
Josh BaergwinBC01:17.0015 and Over
Eli RiceTRITAB01:17.0313 to 14
Kalena KrahnNKBON01:17.0513 to 14
Nolan RoseneggerCWCAB01:17.0613 to 14
Meredith ChiciloUCSCAB01:17.1013 to 14
Madison SimoniniROCSON01:17.1015 and Over
Broden KellyCASCAB01:17.1113 to 14
Neil AtkinsGMACON01:17.1313 to 14
Dilara PamukGSHON01:17.2015 and Over
Emilia BurczykESWIMON01:17.2015 and Over
Olivia ColmanESWIMON01:17.2015 and Over
Sophie BeauchesneSWOTTON01:17.2015 and Over
Annika HolloGOON01:17.3011 to 12
Maya BesselingUCSCAB01:17.3015 and Over
Ethan DeryawNORACON01:17.3111 to 12
Monica LisESWIMON01:17.4013 to 14
Amari DeLima-BarilSWOTTON01:17.4015 and Over
Emily LinMJKFFSK01:17.4111 to 12
Noah DeschambaultVPSCBC01:17.4213 to 14
James ElliottMPMNL01:17.4315 and Over
Pearl PublowWSON01:17.4513 to 14
Madeleine DawsonWSON01:17.4515 and Over
Tara TavoularisWSON01:17.4515 and Over
Nathan AndrewsCBSBNL01:17.4615 and Over
Kaleigh StewartOSACON01:17.5015 and Over
Sienna RodgersUCSCAB01:17.5011 to 12
Jonathan XiongGATORBC01:17.5113 to 14
Daniel WangPSWBC01:17.6015 and Over
Kiara LambertVPSCBC01:17.6015 and Over
Hank ShihWSSCON01:17.6015 and Over
Allison Low-RingESWIMON01:17.6015 and Over
Harper BennettGOLDSK01:17.69Masters
Louis LalondeROCSON01:17.7013 to 14
Joanne PatryGOON01:17.7015 and Over
Heather HynesGOLDSK01:17.74Masters
Evan HullVEWON01:17.7615 and Over
Ella SledzCWCAB01:17.7715 and Over
Dan ThompsonAUROON01:17.80Masters
Connor GashMPMNL01:17.8215 and Over
Camille PlanetGOON01:17.8415 and Over
Sebastian NasrGOON01:17.8515 and Over
Tea BouchardGOON01:17.9013 to 14
Grace CharnessSWOTTON01:17.9015 and Over
Erica ZinnMJKFFSK01:17.9215 and Over
Sky YuFASTNB01:17.9315 and Over
Kailey MurrinMPMNL01:17.9415 and Over
Nathan RobertsWSON01:17.9615 and Over
Harrison LackenbauerWAACON01:17.9615 and Over
William BantonSSATON01:17.9715 and Over
James TraverseCBSBNL01:17.9811 to 12
Alex BrownSWOTTON01:18.0013 to 14
Flavie ThebergeCADACQC01:18.0013 to 14
Bodey IversonWDSC01:18.0013 to 14
Victor CharronCADACQC01:18.0015 and Over
Emma WangGOON01:18.0013 to 14
Jessican MoranESWIMON01:18.0013 to 14
Tyra ReciESWIMON01:18.0013 to 14
Eric HouESWIMON01:18.0013 to 14
Avery LenoESWIMON01:18.0013 to 14
Merin BoydROCSON01:18.0015 and Over
Meghan MerkelWINBC01:18.00Masters
Kayla ScholtenFASTNB01:18.0015 and Over
Abby MarshallBTSCON01:18.0015 and Over
Joey CluneyCBSBNL01:18.0713 to 14
David ArchibaldKISUBC01:18.0715 and Over
Lauryn PetersKISUBC01:18.0915 and Over
Hugo GasconGOON01:18.1011 to 12
Jakob RogersGSHON01:18.1015 and Over
Silas CampbellWAACON01:18.1111 to 12
Kaelyn AlbertSSATON01:18.1115 and Over
Isabel MagusGOLDSK01:18.1311 to 12
Nathan TraceyKYPSON01:18.13Para-Swimmer
Nathalie NgGATORBC01:18.1313 to 14
Jenny XuGATORBC01:18.1315 and Over
Aimée GagnonPRSCAB01:18.1415 and Over
Alex OlfertRODSK01:18.2013 to 14
Brooke AndersonEKSCAB01:18.2013 to 14
Isla PulsiferSWOTTON01:18.2513 to 14
Edison LiuPSWBC01:18.3015 and Over
Thomas BurrGOON01:18.3115 and Over
Emily GerrardGMACON01:18.3315 and Over
Kate WaldenbergerMJKFFSK01:18.3813 to 14
EmmaLee JacquesBTSCON01:18.4113 to 14
Dylan LeadlayPRSCAB01:18.4115 and Over
Tayissa GallantWSON01:18.4313 to 14
Maizie MoustgaardNKBON01:18.4413 to 14
Nicholas DavisPABPNL01:18.4415 and Over
Aiden MacKenzieVEWON01:18.45Masters
Charlie AndersonSWOTTON01:18.4711 to 12
Ian GenestGOLDSK01:18.4713 to 14
TuNhi HuynhGOON01:18.5011 to 12
Yeonsoo LeeVPSCBC01:18.5313 to 14
Mateah PurdyMJKFFSK01:18.5813 to 14
Emma CyrGOON01:18.5913 to 14
Taylor SauveWSON01:18.6013 to 14
Martina BasermanROCSON01:18.6015 and Over
Jericho MordasiewiczKBMON01:18.6015 and Over
Emily DagassoTRUWBC01:18.6015 and Over
Stephanie DoerksenCWCAB01:18.6215 and Over
Pavit JhinjarTRITAB01:18.6315 and Over
Alexander ChanPSWBC01:18.6413 to 14
Jacqueline AllmanWSON01:18.6515 and Over
JoeJinHua LiangDUCKSON01:18.6913 to 14
Stella GuestSWOTTON01:18.7013 to 14
Camilla NunesNKBON01:18.7015 and Over
Keira KennedyCASCAB01:18.7013 to 14
Robin VadeikaUSCON01:18.7015 and Over
Isabella SkinnerESWIMON01:18.7015 and Over
Zafar KhanNCSAAB01:18.7313 to 14
Cindy ShuPSWBC01:18.7515 and Over
Dian ShengVPSCBC01:18.7515 and Over
Ben ThomsonROCSON01:18.8013 to 14
Cameron DobkoWSON01:18.8215 and Over
Isaac LouieGOLDSK01:18.8313 to 14
Mason LeRouxNORACON01:18.8413 to 14
Sawyer BrennanWAACON01:18.8913 to 14
Alexis DuquetteNESNB01:18.9013 to 14
Maria WheelerNKBON01:18.9013 to 14
Alex EbbettFASTNB01:18.9115 and Over
LUKE ROBERSDCSCNS01:18.9115 and Over
Chris Cressman WAACON01:18.95Masters
Victor BlaisCADACQC01:19.0013 to 14
Raphaelle LerouxCADACQC01:19.0013 to 14
Sarah-Kim LatourCADACQC01:19.0013 to 14
Felicia SassCADACQC01:19.0015 and Over
Noah MacNeilESWIMON01:19.0011 to 12
Amelie RobichaudESWIMON01:19.0011 to 12
Peter ChuPSWBC01:19.0013 to 14
Dalton BoonWINBC01:19.00Masters
Molly HossackVPSCBC01:19.0311 to 12
Jozsi McKeeSWOTTON01:19.0415 and Over
Jackson MeyerWAACON01:19.0615 and Over
Abigail SammutESWIMON01:19.1015 and Over
Leona SmithSWOTTON01:19.1015 and Over
Logan TanakaSWOTTON01:19.1015 and Over
Heidi AlbinusCASCAB01:19.1111 to 12
Olivia WilsonBTSCON01:19.1615 and Over
JAEGER DWYERDCSCNS01:19.1715 and Over
Brooke LewisDUCKSON01:19.1915 and Over
Gwen CreskeySWOTTON01:19.2013 to 14
AlecksisFrance EguiaEKSCAB01:19.2013 to 14
Griffin ShultzNCSAAB01:19.2213 to 14
Claire SmillieNCSAAB01:19.2213 to 14
Matthew ChuDUCKSON01:19.2213 to 14
Dominic ViveriosWAACON01:19.2315 and Over
Austin FollestadKISUBC01:19.2515 and Over
Rhett SmithGOLDSK01:19.2713 to 14
Maya KalmakoffCWCAB01:19.2811 to 12
NIARA SMITHDCSCNS01:19.3011 to 12
Thomas CraigCASCAB01:19.3115 and Over
Jennifer RitsemaGMACON01:19.3315 and Over
Maryam BalaaGOON01:19.4013 to 14
Adam JamnickyNORACON01:19.4115 and Over
Griffin OldmanWSON01:19.4513 to 14
Isabella Ste MarieWSON01:19.4513 to 14
Leland MullinKISUBC01:19.4713 to 14
Rachel WangUSCON01:19.5013 to 14
Maya TroupCAJON01:19.5511 to 12
Anthony Della ValleSWOTTON01:19.5613 to 14
Euan Van StrattenSWOTTON01:19.5613 to 14
Kaelum FrederickWSON01:19.5813 to 14
Ramon Siytangco S14SB14SM14VPSCBC01:19.59Para-Swimmer
Ana CimiliucPSWBC01:19.6013 to 14
Chelsea ZhouPSWBC01:19.6015 and Over
Katherine ToyPSWBC01:19.6015 and Over
Alexandra Rodriguez DimitrescuWINBC01:19.60Masters
Sydni Grant-BairdESWIMON01:19.6015 and Over
DOMINIC COTEDCSCNS01:19.6013 to 14
Lauren AndersonGOLDSK01:19.6313 to 14
Angelina CattelanGOON01:19.6315 and Over
Chelsea KeelerKISUBC01:19.6615 and Over
Elisa DumanskiSSATON01:19.7715 and Over
Sohnal VarathanWSON01:19.7815 and Over
Elle BakerCASCAB01:19.7913 to 14
Ajete EggersBTSCON01:19.7915 and Over
Queline PitreSLSCON01:19.8015 and Over
SOPHIA DEANEDCSCNS01:19.8013 to 14
Ekin AtakanNKBON01:19.8613 to 14
Emma HeinbuchWAACON01:19.8615 and Over
Sophie PenneyFASTNB01:19.8715 and Over
Selina JiangPSWBC01:19.9011 to 12
Cyan QingquiPSWBC01:19.9013 to 14
Alice WangKISUBC01:19.9115 and Over
Remo CramerCWCAB01:19.9913 to 14
Yinan ZhoWDSCBC01:20.0015 and Over
Sarah Lacypickon01:20.0015 and Over
megan wrightpickon01:20.0015 and Over
Alex OttodinotoBTSCON01:20.0013 to 14
Andy ShkolnikESWIMON01:20.0013 to 14
Natalia DudekESWIMON01:20.0015 and Over
Reighan TeggartBTSCON01:20.0015 and Over
wayne ThompsnWINBC01:20.0015 and Over
MATHIAS BÉRUBÉABCQC01:20.0115 and Over
Abigail StefuroczkiWSON01:20.0413 to 14
MariaPilar GarciaWSON01:20.0615 and Over
Jenah BarmaniaWSON01:20.0615 and Over
Grace ThomasSLSCON01:20.1013 to 14
Sergey ChernomorchenkoPSWBC01:20.1015 and Over
Kiera O'CroininEKSCAB01:20.1013 to 14
Alyssa GutersonCASCAB01:20.1313 to 14
Aamiya SidhuVPSCBC01:20.1315 and Over
Aaron XuWSON01:20.1513 to 14
Daniel HanESWIMON01:20.2011 to 12
Gala GomezDUCKSON01:20.2013 to 14
Thomas Birnie-WortlyKBMON01:20.2015 and Over
Sora YungVPSCBC01:20.2515 and Over
Trinity LeGMACON01:20.2915 and Over
Elijah HutzalCWCAB01:20.3011 to 12
Fred LuFASTNB01:20.3213 to 14
Addison CardWSON01:20.3313 to 14
Adam FosterGOLDSK01:20.3313 to 14
Paul FinklesteinDUCKSON01:20.3615 and Over
Kendra HusseyWAACON01:20.3715 and Over
Karah PetersenUCSCAB01:20.4013 to 14
Mina VuorinenNCSAAB01:20.4213 to 14
Amelia SmithCBSBNL01:20.4813 to 14
Lukas RoczniakSWOTTON01:20.4813 to 14
Catherine AlexanderTIDENB01:20.4813 to 14
Ridley O'ReganESWIMON01:20.5011 to 12
Oliver AllenPSWBC01:20.5013 to 14
Jadyn CoombsWAACON01:20.5313 to 14
Julia TrippCCSCON01:20.5415 and Over
Sam LiuPSWBC01:20.5613 to 14
Jamie LougheedFASTNB01:20.5815 and Over
Rachel WangROCSON01:20.6013 to 14
Lucas HeerKCSBC01:20.6015 and Over
Eva HeggeSWOTTON01:20.6015 and Over
Keiran DyckGOLDSK01:20.6113 to 14
Maddox BloodworthGOON01:20.6513 to 14
Josie GirvanGOON01:20.6515 and Over
Claire BagloleSWOTTON01:20.6513 to 14
Rylee GillettLLSTON01:20.6813 to 14
MADISON SLACKDCSCNS01:20.7015 and Over
Coralie BernierVEWON01:20.7113 to 14
Isaac LauWSSCON01:20.7413 to 14
Eunsoo OhPSWBC01:20.8013 to 14
Maxwell WhiteWSON01:20.8213 to 14
Ryan ZhangPSWBC01:20.8713 to 14
Isla HardieGOON01:20.9013 to 14
MariaVictoria ZhuVPSCBC01:20.9111 to 12
Jacob CameronGOLDSK01:20.9213 to 14
Chloe LauDUCKSON01:20.9713 to 14
Addison BairdNKBON01:21.0011 to 12
Vanessa HunterBTSCON01:21.0013 to 14
Sophia HalldorsonESWIMON01:21.0013 to 14
Sierra ToderelESWIMON01:21.0013 to 14
Emma DuricESWIMON01:21.0013 to 14
Rowan SerreBTSCON01:21.0015 and Over
Zack AlbertCADACQC01:21.0013 to 14
Nibel Rebai CNMNQC01:21.0013 to 14
Emma MoEKSCAB01:21.0013 to 14
Kennedy SmithSWOTTON01:21.0015 and Over
Isabelle RapierWDSCBC01:21.0015 and Over
Leticia Smaili CNMNQC01:21.0015 and Over
Kamal BalaaGOON01:21.1013 to 14
Haley MacFarlaneSSATON01:21.1015 and Over
Hailey WignallOSACON01:21.1013 to 14
Ayden MundtPRSCAB01:21.1515 and Over
JOHN CLUETTDCSCNS01:21.2013 to 14
OLIVER DAWOODDCSCNS01:21.2015 and Over
Victoria YuNKBON01:21.2011 to 12
Jillian DaltonKBMON01:21.2013 to 14
Emily ParsonsGSHON01:21.2115 and Over
Arthur GalianoROCSON01:21.3011 to 12
Phoenyx UgaleESWIMON01:21.3015 and Over
Veronica BelshFASTNB01:21.3015 and Over
Lauren RichardsonSWOTTON01:21.3015 and Over
Paul ShortisWSSCON01:21.3211 to 12
Robert PopWAACON01:21.3511 to 12
Kaylee HoangGATORBC01:21.3513 to 14
Jack TolsonWAACON01:21.3513 to 14
Kaylee DavidsonWSON01:21.3615 and Over
Dalia BouazizGOON01:21.4011 to 12
Olive RogersESWIMON01:21.4011 to 12
Erinne TianGOON01:21.4013 to 14
Leta RainerGATORBC01:21.4213 to 14
Olivia HoweGOON01:21.4515 and Over
Justine MckaleCNMTQc01:21.4513 to 14
Rebekah WrightMJKFFSK01:21.4715 and Over
Ella XuGOON01:21.5013 to 14
Molly PriestmanUSCON01:21.5013 to 14
Makaya ArnottMJKFFSK01:21.5213 to 14
Marina XuCASCAB01:21.5815 and Over
Ray CaoPSWBC01:21.6013 to 14
Alana CarageaCASCAB01:21.6013 to 14
Jordan LloydUCSCAB01:21.6013 to 14
Jonathan ChenGOON01:21.6013 to 14
Tara CoulterKBMON01:21.6015 and Over
Isabel Wettlaufer-WangSWOTTON01:21.6015 and Over
Sarah AndrewsKISUBC01:21.6113 to 14
Holly RicherCAJON01:21.6515 and Over
Aidan ZhangVPSCBC01:21.7011 to 12
Sarah MarkwartCASCAB01:21.7113 to 14
Peyton Morey_S10SB9SM10CASCAB01:21.7315 and Over
Jessica HickeyFASTNB01:21.7315 and Over
Chloe DanksSWOTTON01:21.7513 to 14
Elina HuangPSWBC01:21.8011 to 12
Thomas TravesGOLDSK01:21.80Masters
Ella CaronCAJON01:21.8013 to 14
Jack BashukEKSCAB01:21.8013 to 14
Hannah RuttenKISUBC01:21.8111 to 12
Zoe BenningGOLDSK01:21.8113 to 14
Ava NormanGOLDSK01:21.8113 to 14
Maddy KortBBSTON01:21.8511 to 12
Riley PatayGMACON01:21.8711 to 12
Nathaniel EibnerNKBON01:21.9013 to 14
Andrea MintisGMACON01:21.9113 to 14
Talia NixonFASTNB01:21.9115 and Over
Jakub MikolajczakNKBON01:21.9713 to 14
Jordan Jolly SsamulaNKBON01:21.9911 to 12
Olivia JodoinGOON01:22.0011 to 12
Dorothy DongBTSCON01:22.0011 to 12
Simon MacLureESWIMON01:22.0011 to 12
Dylan BoydESWIMON01:22.0011 to 12
Lilli WilfordBTSCON01:22.0013 to 14
Richard MuryginESWIMON01:22.0013 to 14
Max ChaikouskiBTSCON01:22.0013 to 14
Ellie MuxlowBTSCON01:22.0015 and Over
Tatum McLeanBTSCON01:22.0015 and Over
Frederique DanisCADACQC01:22.0013 to 14
Charlotte RoySWOTTON01:22.0015 and Over
Peter HanVPSCBC01:22.0315 and Over
Caitlyn KowalKISUBC01:22.0615 and Over
Thomas Pelley_S14SB14SM14MPMNL01:22.08Para-Swimmer
Sophie BaeulieuNKBON01:22.0915 and Over
Sawyer LeBlancMPMNL01:22.0913 to 14
Cecily GoddardROCSON01:22.1013 to 14
Georgia LePageSLSCON01:22.1013 to 14
Molly BarberSWOTTON01:22.1611 to 12
Andrew ArmstrongGMACON01:22.1613 to 14
Rachel SlaneyCBSBNL01:22.1711 to 12
Jack MoyerGMACON01:22.1713 to 14
Joseph WestBBSTON01:22.2213 to 14
Logan RobertsVPSCBC01:22.2413 to 14
Avery GilchristWSON01:22.2513 to 14
Ian SmillieNCSAAB01:22.2613 to 14
Kate LendrumCWCAB01:22.3313 to 14
Alex BodellCCSCON01:22.3413 to 14
Monica JayTIDENB01:22.3611 to 12
Eugene LeggeSWATNS01:22.3611 to 12
Sofia MclachlanGMACON01:22.3815 and Over
Ella MacNeilGMACON01:22.3915 and Over
Michelle XuDUCKSON01:22.4111 to 12
Keaton ClarkMJKFFSK01:22.4113 to 14
Lydia ZielkeCASCAB01:22.4611 to 12
Olivia RogersLLSTON01:22.4711 to 12
Sara BulzWAACON01:22.4813 to 14
Grace MacleodGOON01:22.5013 to 14
Hannah CaronCAJON01:22.5015 and Over
Eumi FinlaysonVPSCBC01:22.5213 to 14
Sofia TurkCASCAB01:22.5315 and Over
Capri MawhinneyVPSCBC01:22.5411 to 12
Hailey MurdochCAJON01:22.5411 to 12
Alice ParsonsGMACON01:22.5413 to 14
Kevin LiSSATON01:22.5613 to 14
Graham NoseworthyMPMNL01:22.5713 to 14
Matthew SchroederCCSCON01:22.6115 and Over
Erik KarySSATON01:22.6213 to 14
James ZhaoVPSCBC01:22.6411 to 12
Morgan TutschkaTIDENB01:22.6711 to 12
Jack DavisSJLNL01:22.7113 to 14
Carly GomesNORACON01:22.7315 and Over
Milayna MildenbergerGOLDSK01:22.7411 to 12
Isabelle ChenNKBON01:22.7513 to 14
Iain BullaNESNB01:22.7815 and Over
Nik SoDUCKSON01:22.7913 to 14
Iva PeshevGOON01:22.7913 to 14
Omar GanaGOON01:22.8011 to 12
Marlowe HalloranNKBON01:22.8013 to 14
Amelia RaynerKBMON01:22.8013 to 14
Catie BrownSWOTTON01:22.8015 and Over
Bianca GrossiLLSTON01:22.8211 to 12
Grace PettypieceLLSTON01:22.8213 to 14
Matthew De SousaNKBON01:22.8215 and Over
Thomas BestSJLNL01:22.8313 to 14
Alexandra BirdNCSAAB01:22.8413 to 14
Alicia LazarWAACON01:22.8515 and Over
Dan WielemakerFASTNB01:22.8715 and Over
Meredith FranksKCSBC01:22.9013 to 14
Maeve MullowneyGOON01:22.9013 to 14
Isabella CurrieCBSBNL01:22.9013 to 14
Noah BradwinGMACON01:22.9213 to 14
Mateya OlszynskiGOLDSK01:22.9415 and Over
Jaxon KwanCASCAB01:22.9711 to 12
Emma FazakasGOON01:22.9815 and Over
Sophia YoungESWIMON01:23.0011 to 12
Maya MolitorROCSON01:23.0013 to 14
Shea GillespieBTSCON01:23.0013 to 14
Tierney RodgersESWIMON01:23.0013 to 14
Rocco De OliveiraBTSCON01:23.0013 to 14
Clara IppercielCADACQC01:23.0013 to 14
Stella Spoto CNMNQC01:23.0013 to 14
Isabella MadyWDSC01:23.0013 to 14
Abigail MayersTIDENB01:23.0013 to 14
Emmanuelle LeeWSON01:23.0415 and Over
Inass RachidiNESNB01:23.0515 and Over
Carley ShortBBSTON01:23.0515 and Over
Joseph ShaoGOLDSK01:23.0713 to 14
Kate MaudieNCSAAB01:23.0715 and Over
Makayla DuffWAACON01:23.0715 and Over
Emma SinclairFASTNB01:23.0915 and Over
Andrew EdgeAUROON01:23.10Masters
Nathan BedardCCSCON01:23.1113 to 14
Ilias RachidiNESNB01:23.1115 and Over
Stephanie DeschampsCNMTQc01:23.12Masters
Kamryn LalondeCCSCON01:23.1413 to 14
Quinn FitzgeraldNKBON01:23.1511 to 12
Ryan Layton-MatthewsKBMON01:23.2011 to 12
Sunelle BrinkKCSBC01:23.2013 to 14
Madison FoxCASCAB01:23.2713 to 14
Ellie TowaijSWOTTON01:23.3015 and Over
Nanami Fukamachi-JonesDUCKSON01:23.3511 to 12
ROSALYN TATEDCSCNS01:23.4013 to 14
Taryn LeeOSACON01:23.4013 to 14
Meghan CalhounOSACON01:23.4015 and Over
Lily MolitorROCSON01:23.4011 to 12
Samantha JanssenROCSON01:23.4013 to 14
Brooke-Lynn LitwillerCAJON01:23.4315 and Over
Mya RezacBBSTON01:23.4411 to 12
Mia TomicWAACON01:23.4611 to 12
Laura WilsonCAJON01:23.4715 and Over
Julia RobbinsWGBYT01:23.5015 and Over
Nigella SinghGOON01:23.5015 and Over
Kerissa ProwseOSACON01:23.5013 to 14
Benjamin WeirCASCAB01:23.5111 to 12
Simon PoeluevWAACON01:23.5113 to 14
Ella HaasSSATON01:23.5315 and Over
Claire LiCASCAB01:23.5511 to 12
Holden LeesGOLDSK01:23.5613 to 14
Isabella ColalilloDUCKSON01:23.5915 and Over
Delphine WangPSWBC01:23.6015 and Over
Brynn BainKBMON01:23.6015 and Over
Catherine AveryOSACON01:23.6011 to 12
Michelle KocherOSACON01:23.6011 to 12
Ella YoungNKBON01:23.6115 and Over
Abigail GebhardtGOLDSK01:23.6213 to 14
Elizabeth HannaKISUBC01:23.6513 to 14
Rahim JeelaniWSSCON01:23.6613 to 14
Nicole KirbyFASTNB01:23.6615 and Over
TristanLevente PethoDUCKSON01:23.6811 to 12
Caelen CalderBBSTON01:23.7013 to 14
Corbin CaronVEWON01:23.7513 to 14
Petronella SummersKBMON01:23.8011 to 12
Rachel RonqueGATORBC01:23.8313 to 14
Karman WongGATORBC01:23.8313 to 14
Hayley ClancyWSON01:23.8513 to 14
Kat HamiltonFASTNB01:23.8615 and Over
Katelin RiveroWSSCON01:23.8713 to 14
Quincy LeeWSSCON01:23.8715 and Over
Pippa ShorttNCSAAB01:23.8813 to 14
Elena PavlovaCASCAB01:23.8915 and Over
Alexa PollardWAACON01:23.9015 and Over
Jorja OlverPSWBC01:23.9515 and Over
Karsten SenftWAVESAB01:23.9515 and Over
Gemma MezeiESWIMON01:24.0011 to 12
Lucian VilchezBTSCON01:24.0011 to 12
Yan YaciniCNMNQC01:24.0013 to 14
Makenna GunsonBTSCON01:24.0013 to 14
Claire wrightpickon01:24.0013 to 14
Krisana MacleodTIDENB01:24.0013 to 14
Aymane Mastadi CNMNQC01:24.0013 to 14
Trip MorrisOSACON01:24.0013 to 14
Julianne Maltais CNMNQC01:24.0013 to 14
Beatrice BureauCADACQC01:24.0015 and Over
Rosalie BonenfantCADACQC01:24.0015 and Over
Lucas PollardNKBON01:24.0113 to 14
Jackie FrithGOLDSK01:24.02Masters
Natalie MarkinNCSAAB01:24.0313 to 14
Okyana Le Clair-HaddadSWOTTON01:24.0511 to 12
Gemma RudnickiGOON01:24.0615 and Over
Hercules GilmanKISUBC01:24.1211 to 12
Kinley ColeSWOTTON01:24.1311 to 12
Alexander PershukevichSWOTTON01:24.1311 to 12
Alex LiuVPSCBC01:24.1711 to 12
Anastasia SasataGOLDSK01:24.1915 and Over
Michael ZhangESWIMON01:24.2011 to 12
Isabella DeanROCSON01:24.2013 to 14
Elise MarierSWOTTON01:24.2015 and Over
AnaMaria AndreiCNMTQc01:24.2115 and Over
Kale MasseWGBYT01:24.2113 to 14
Hannah McIntoshCASCAB01:24.2215 and Over
Mark AddisonFASTNB01:24.2311 to 12
Erica RoySWOTTON01:24.3015 and Over
Simon VargasVPSCBC01:24.3215 and Over
June VarbanCASCAB01:24.3413 to 14
Alice de VliegerSWOTTON01:24.3413 to 14
Folk AbigailUSCON01:24.4011 to 12
Mary StricklandSJLNL01:24.4013 to 14
Grace PoulosESWIMON01:24.4013 to 14
Olivia CumminsFASTNB01:24.4113 to 14
Rebecca BrossardCNMTQc01:24.4213 to 14
Isaac CurrieRODSK01:24.4813 to 14
Manuela AttardoESWIMON01:24.5011 to 12
Emily ZhouNKBON01:24.5013 to 14
Hannah HoogUSCON01:24.5015 and Over
Naomi LeBlancSWOTTON01:24.5311 to 12
Tessa McGhanSWOTTON01:24.5313 to 14
Charlotte MacGowanVPSCBC01:24.5411 to 12
Gavin BakerVPSCBC01:24.5511 to 12
Cassidy DarlingGOLDSK01:24.5615 and Over
Evan SabourinUSCON01:24.6013 to 14
Annabella TuckerNCSAAB01:24.6113 to 14
Gabrielle AgnewWSON01:24.6313 to 14
NikaAndersen DuguayNESNB01:24.6513 to 14
Adonis PagiamtzisDUCKSON01:24.6613 to 14
Bronwen Feeney-SvabNKBON01:24.6815 and Over
Tess BaslerEKSCAB01:24.7013 to 14
Grace DavidGOON01:24.7115 and Over
Dani SchroederCCSCON01:24.7313 to 14
Megan MoyGATORBC01:24.7315 and Over
Sarah TenoNORACON01:24.7815 and Over
Lauren JenkinsEKSCAB01:24.8015 and Over
Katherine GebhardtGOLDSK01:24.8711 to 12
Chantal AbbottCCSCON01:24.8713 to 14
Jessica SitNKBON01:24.9011 to 12
Harold FanNKBON01:24.9013 to 14
Charlotte GlynesKISUBC01:24.9411 to 12
Quin Markus-PawliukKISUBC01:24.9513 to 14
Owen JungGOON01:25.0010 & Under
Adriana MartoneBTSCON01:25.0013 to 14
Sydney ColquhounBTSCON01:25.0013 to 14
Maddy KellyBTSCON01:25.0013 to 14
Sue MyskoBTSCON01:25.00Masters
Sohie RaffaiWDSC01:25.0011 to 12
Ulysse NoelCADACQC01:25.0013 to 14
kendra Murraypickon01:25.0013 to 14
Cate WhartonKCSBC01:25.0015 and Over
Nadya StefirtaWDSC01:25.0015 and Over
Callie McGilleypickon01:25.0015 and Over
Tulia WuDUCKSON01:25.0111 to 12
Victoria DarlingGOLDSK01:25.0111 to 12
Ginger YuSJLNL01:25.0813 to 14
Makynna NuttallTRITAB01:25.0911 to 12
Willow ParaskevasGOON01:25.0915 and Over
Natasha LawsonSWOTTON01:25.1013 to 14
Lauren BuchowskiSLSCON01:25.1013 to 14
Alexa ManenWGBYT01:25.1015 and Over
Avery KnightsCCSCON01:25.1211 to 12
Marlee WinserKISUBC01:25.1311 to 12
Haiden GreenCCSCON01:25.2113 to 14
Julian TwistSWOTTON01:25.2511 to 12
Zoe CantelonGMACON01:25.2613 to 14
Sean HughsonGOON01:25.3013 to 14
Vina ChenRODSK01:25.3013 to 14
Kendall BoldtBBSTON01:25.3213 to 14
Olivia PearsonCWCAB01:25.3313 to 14
Addison StorieNKBON01:25.3713 to 14
Emily LaoSWOTTON01:25.4111 to 12
Fayrouz MeckyBBSTON01:25.4213 to 14
Sarah DentingerWSON01:25.4313 to 14
Siena BegemannWAACON01:25.4413 to 14
Jaelyn SelingerRODSK01:25.5013 to 14
Matt FriesenWDSC01:25.5011 to 12
Kennedy SearsSJLNL01:25.5213 to 14
Mikayla HeeleyCAJON01:25.5413 to 14
Alexander ChuiVPSCBC01:25.5515 and Over
Melinda ForbesNORACON01:25.5515 and Over
JACOB FORTINABCQC01:25.6013 to 14
Steven TangDUCKSON01:25.6313 to 14
Tisiane WembouWSON01:25.6313 to 14
Orlaina FernandesCCSCON01:25.6315 and Over
Gabriel ChakowskiNCSAAB01:25.6413 to 14
David ZhangNESNB01:25.6613 to 14
Sarah TurnerMPMNL01:25.6715 and Over
Maeve DalleySWOTTON01:25.6911 to 12
JadaAdelinaGabriella DiTottoDUCKSON01:25.6915 and Over
Jewel BuckleyCAJON01:25.7415 and Over
Jean JanzenAUROON01:25.80Masters
Mollie O'TooleROCSON01:25.8013 to 14
William GaoROCSON01:25.8013 to 14
Kiyomi MillerROCSON01:25.8015 and Over
Nicole GrayMJKFFSK01:25.8413 to 14
Charlotte BaaderGMACON01:25.8815 and Over
Isabella BickleWSON01:25.9515 and Over
Reese AhmadWSSCON01:25.9613 to 14
Maea KnightsCCSCON01:25.9913 to 14
Alexandra LenoESWIMON01:26.0010 & Under
Henry de VliegerSWOTTON01:26.0011 to 12
Grace SottanaGOON01:26.0011 to 12
Conor KellyESWIMON01:26.0011 to 12
Alexander DoubinskyiESWIMON01:26.0011 to 12
Chris DallinWINBC01:26.00Masters
Kathy McKnightAUROON01:26.00Masters
Talan DeklevaKISUBC01:26.1613 to 14
Bradley ReidWSSCON01:26.2113 to 14
Kira CharapovaGOON01:26.2311 to 12
Abigail WillisPABPNL01:26.2811 to 12
Alyssa BruleNKBON01:26.2813 to 14
Jakin JohnstonTIDENB01:26.2813 to 14
Brynna LalondeWGBYT01:26.3015 and Over
Chloe Campbell-DoidgeSWOTTON01:26.3413 to 14
Elise ForsythCWCAB01:26.3713 to 14
Sami BenningGOLDSK01:26.3911 to 12
Eden HarbecCCSCON01:26.3915 and Over
Sarah AveryOSACON01:26.4011 to 12
Camila HallockWGBYT01:26.4115 and Over
Ethan HuynhWSSCON01:26.4413 to 14
Maria LaoESWIMON01:26.5011 to 12
Ryan LuPSWBC01:26.5111 to 12
Natalie DossDUCKSON01:26.5115 and Over
Elizabeth BurnettBBSTON01:26.5211 to 12
Quincy DawsonNKBON01:26.5313 to 14
Logan AlbertNESNB01:26.5411 to 12
Autumn JohnstonTIDENB01:26.5415 and Over
BenIsadore KarmazynDUCKSON01:26.5713 to 14
Cameron MacLarenCCSCON01:26.5713 to 14
Julia GarnettGSHON01:26.6015 and Over
Eva WilsonWSSCON01:26.6113 to 14
Reid LeRoyTIDENB01:26.6211 to 12
Kiran O'BrienSJLNL01:26.6413 to 14
Matthew MarsellaGMACON01:26.6913 to 14
Gabriella SteinerWSSCON01:26.6913 to 14
Simon ThibaudeauUSCON01:26.7013 to 14
Kiera NechalaOSACON01:26.8013 to 14
Paige LegerGOON01:26.8015 and Over
Sophie O'NeillBBSTON01:26.8113 to 14
Tracy YePSWBC01:26.9413 to 14
Sophia AnstettGMACON01:26.9611 to 12
Liam PatersonCCSCON01:26.9711 to 12
ClaireR FrenchSJLNL01:26.9713 to 14
Emma PowerCBSBNL01:26.9813 to 14
Allan BordovskyGOON01:27.0011 to 12
Iselin LancerinESWIMON01:27.0011 to 12
Gavin BurkeGOON01:27.0011 to 12
Ayla StrankESWIMON01:27.0011 to 12
Evan KimWAACON01:27.0013 to 14
Michela BartucciESWIMON01:27.0013 to 14
Caitlyn FowlerWDSC01:27.0011 to 12
Jacob BlackwoodWDSC01:27.0013 to 14
Chloe NewellEKSCAB01:27.0013 to 14
Mihaela Dimitrova CNMNQC01:27.0015 and Over
Sassy BusbyWDSC01:27.0015 and Over
Emma ArandaVPSCBC01:27.0313 to 14
Abby GerrardGMACON01:27.0413 to 14
Cadelle RobertsVPSCBC01:27.0711 to 12
Madeline ThomasWSON01:27.0813 to 14
Lauren ReeveWAACON01:27.1013 to 14
Alex LebelNESNB01:27.1411 to 12
Ruby Van BuskirkPSWBC01:27.2013 to 14
Camile GuerraCASCAB01:27.2313 to 14
Maddy Cody-CoxSWOTTON01:27.3015 and Over
Emma PointAUROON01:27.30Masters
Wray MarynUSCON01:27.3011 to 12
Matthew PowerSWATNS01:27.3013 to 14
Teagan KnelsenGSHON01:27.3015 and Over
Emma StaffordMJKFFSK01:27.3213 to 14
Ben LevitSWATNS01:27.3311 to 12
Riley St MichaelNKBON01:27.3513 to 14
Clara NascuWAACON01:27.3615 and Over
Johan RoczniakSWOTTON01:27.3711 to 12
Natalie ChebottWSON01:27.3813 to 14
Gurcharan UppalTRUWBC01:27.4015 and Over
Shona CassidyWAACON01:27.4111 to 12
Paul XuPSWBC01:27.4313 to 14
Christina WangSWOTTON01:27.4513 to 14
Theresa KliemGOLDSK01:27.45Masters
Sophie HayESWIMON01:27.5013 to 14
Kennedy CounahanOSACON01:27.5015 and Over
Taylor KennedyWSSCON01:27.5413 to 14
Sophia CaronTRITAB01:27.6011 to 12
Katelyn StoweMPMNL01:27.6215 and Over
BiancaSuniya IacoucciDUCKSON01:27.6411 to 12
Alexander BeyeaNKBON01:27.6711 to 12
Dylan MacDougallPABPNL01:27.6715 and Over
Paige LangloisSLSCON01:27.7015 and Over
Stephen AntoniosDUCKSON01:27.7313 to 14
NiccolaGabriella Di BattistaDUCKSON01:27.7315 and Over
Daniel IsturizCASCAB01:27.7711 to 12
Chalie O'LearyWAACON01:27.7813 to 14
Noah DeanCBSBNL01:27.7913 to 14
Caitlin CoxGSHON01:27.8115 and Over
Claire YeoGOLDSK01:27.8313 to 14
Christy BoswellSWOTTON01:27.8413 to 14
Shirin BhatEKSCAB01:27.8413 to 14
Rowynn BiffartWAVESAB01:27.8611 to 12
Abigail PlaskettWSON01:27.9415 and Over
Anna HarperCASCAB01:27.9611 to 12
Linda ChabotCADACQC01:28.0013 to 14
Harriet LiEKSCAB01:28.0015 and Over
Ryder BrennanWAACON01:28.0011 to 12
Elianne GravelleGOON01:28.0011 to 12
Zoe TomoryESWIMON01:28.0011 to 12
Cassandra ChartrandGOON01:28.0011 to 12
Noemi BlakeBTSCON01:28.0011 to 12
Nathan DouglasBTSCON01:28.0011 to 12
Blake Dube WAACON01:28.0013 to 14
Victoria TrangGOON01:28.0013 to 14
Sian KniaziewLLSTON01:28.0013 to 14
Molly ZhangPSWBC01:28.0211 to 12
Murray BriandSWATNS01:28.0611 to 12
Sophie LakatosLLSTON01:28.0711 to 12
Samantha DelisleKBMON01:28.1015 and Over
Angela ZhuGMACON01:28.1111 to 12
Timofey MordukhaiDUCKSON01:28.1111 to 12
Jacey LutzeGOLDSK01:28.1411 to 12
Sammie OrrWAACON01:28.1613 to 14
Amy LegerVEWON01:28.16Masters
Natalie MokDUCKSON01:28.2313 to 14
Luke ColeWAVESAB01:28.2715 and Over
Tristan LehariAUROON01:28.30Masters
Scott HeinbignerGOLDSK01:28.3111 to 12
Emerson ScottFASTNB01:28.3115 and Over
Erin OvertonNKBON01:28.3213 to 14
Mohamed ElshahatFASTNB01:28.3911 to 12
Karissa ManlowBBSTON01:28.4213 to 14
Abigal Werner EnnsCASCAB01:28.4311 to 12
Sarah NazifVPSCBC01:28.4611 to 12
Kate McCullaghKCSBC01:28.5015 and Over
Sophia NikitovicRODSK01:28.5013 to 14
Alexandre MichaudNESNB01:28.5415 and Over
Nathan FisherBBSTON01:28.5513 to 14
Annabel PentonSJLNL01:28.5713 to 14
Megan BlackCCSCON01:28.5713 to 14
Remi Hayes WAACON01:28.6513 to 14
Josephine O'KellyEKSCAB01:28.7013 to 14
Hilary JohnsonNORACON01:28.7315 and Over
Jacob OkrainecLLBWAB01:28.7413 to 14
Ethan MurphySSATON01:28.7415 and Over
Celine MaWSSCON01:28.7515 and Over
Myles JacksonBBSTON01:28.7611 to 12
Spencer AdlingtonCCSCON01:28.8011 to 12
Hannah BaangVPSCBC01:28.8111 to 12
Jordan PawlakROCSON01:28.9011 to 12
Jason WenSWOTTON01:28.9011 to 12
Sophia KellyNKBON01:28.9011 to 12
Emma FraserROCSON01:28.9013 to 14
Morgan ZhangCASCAB01:28.9113 to 14
Abby GriffinSWOTTON01:28.9813 to 14
Emmanuelle LivingstonGOON01:29.0011 to 12
Cassandra CesconESWIMON01:29.0011 to 12
Andie RoseBTSCON01:29.0013 to 14
Ryan BlakeBTSCON01:29.00Masters
Mike StarkoWINBC01:29.00Masters
Bryan Wrightpickon01:29.0011 to 12
Nikki MinchinAUROON01:29.00Masters
Shelagh GreenwoodAUROON01:29.05Masters
Annika LebenNKBON01:29.0713 to 14
Alana MercierSWATNS01:29.0811 to 12
Aleida NelsonOSACON01:29.1013 to 14
Mira JamalVPSCBC01:29.1315 and Over
Emerson Kavelaars-EakinsVPSCBC01:29.1411 to 12
Isabel WillsonWAACON01:29.1511 to 12
Anna MacDonaldFASTNB01:29.1911 to 12
Marko EftimovRODSK01:29.2013 to 14
Lachlan HarkerWAACON01:29.2013 to 14
Carter MatthewsLLSTON01:29.2215 and Over
Justin HuangPSWBC01:29.2511 to 12
Nathan ZhuangCASCAB01:29.2711 to 12
Elizabeth RobertsVPSCBC01:29.2813 to 14
George SaraPABPNL01:29.2815 and Over
Melia PierceyGMACON01:29.2911 to 12
Alice BaigentESWIMON01:29.3011 to 12
Shakthii KarthikeyanWSON01:29.3311 to 12
Maria PrettyMPMNL01:29.3615 and Over
Tristan HolmesCWCAB01:29.37Para-Swimmer
Gursharan UppalTRUWBC01:29.4015 and Over
Sofia ProkopowiczWSON01:29.4313 to 14
IlariaIsabella Di BattistaDUCKSON01:29.4813 to 14
Eric MeikleOSACON01:29.5011 to 12
Emma FayROCSON01:29.5013 to 14
Lily PinzinUSCON01:29.5013 to 14
Muqing(Emma) ZhangVPSCBC01:29.5910 & Under
Gabby WadeCCSCON01:29.6615 and Over
Charlotte GeroTIDENB01:29.7911 to 12
Zackary BoucherROCSON01:29.8011 to 12
Collins XuFASTNB01:29.8813 to 14
Dominic ZhaoPSWBC01:29.8913 to 14
Arielle Viner LemelinSWOTTON01:29.9113 to 14
Adam HusseyTIDENB01:29.9411 to 12
Emma VavasourSJLNL01:29.9613 to 14
Korina DufourWDSC01:30.0013 to 14
Daija OliveriaWAACON01:30.0011 to 12
Jordyn GardnerBTSCON01:30.0011 to 12
Tyler ChenESWIMON01:30.0011 to 12
Michaela ClarkUSCON01:30.0011 to 12
Ella JeffelsBTSCON01:30.0011 to 12
Clare PrettyBTSCON01:30.0013 to 14
Emmy HankinBTSCON01:30.0013 to 14
Alexandria BisasorESWIMON01:30.0013 to 14
Shane McMillanBTSCON01:30.00Masters
Julia NotebomerWAACON01:30.0113 to 14
Margot FrostadCWCAB01:30.0413 to 14
Kalei CarrollGMACON01:30.0511 to 12
Bianka VitielloVEWON01:30.0611 to 12
Dayla YamaokaKISUBC01:30.0810 & Under
Matthew CaoPSWBC01:30.1010 & Under
Maja MolyneuxVPSCBC01:30.1010 & Under
Alex KaulbachRODSK01:30.1013 to 14
Anthony D'AlessioKBMON01:30.1013 to 14
Jade KamermanTIDENB01:30.1313 to 14
Jaida LawsonSWOTTON01:30.1311 to 12
Gavin LyonsTRITAB01:30.1313 to 14
Mylie HollingworthROCSON01:30.2011 to 12
Kira AllenKBMON01:30.2015 and Over
Hunter MandelWAVESAB01:30.2113 to 14
Rori GainesFASTNB01:30.2311 to 12
Maria BanksCASCAB01:30.2811 to 12
Tahlia FournierVEWON01:30.3011 to 12
Steven HouESWIMON01:30.3011 to 12
Noelle DeschambaultVPSCBC01:30.3210 & Under
Sophia SalgadoCWCAB01:30.3313 to 14
Oceane ParentNESNB01:30.3413 to 14
Jillian DavisFASTNB01:30.3911 to 12
Chloe XuTIDENB01:30.5011 to 12
Calum MacDonaldSWOTTON01:30.5313 to 14
Stella BeesleyNKBON01:30.5715 and Over
Katie JanssenROCSON01:30.6011 to 12
Cole SheridanUSCON01:30.6013 to 14
Daniel CallahanKISUBC01:30.6511 to 12
Max Weiss-ReidROCSON01:30.7011 to 12
Laurel NaikNKBON01:30.7011 to 12
Tyler GawleyBBSTON01:30.7211 to 12
Nick WallaceFASTNB01:30.8013 to 14
Alexandra SeamanROCSON01:30.8015 and Over
Jenna ZaitlinSWOTTON01:30.8113 to 14
Megan BreenTIDENB01:30.8313 to 14
Ryan PozerVPSCBC01:30.8411 to 12
Neely McGrathCBSBNL01:30.8513 to 14
Lyla WeilerSWOTTON01:30.8613 to 14
Steven MclaughlinCASCAB01:30.8911 to 12
Valentina PerezESWIMON01:30.9011 to 12
Magnolia WinsorESWIMON01:30.9013 to 14
Alayna EganWAACON01:30.9311 to 12
Julia ThomsSJLNL01:30.9613 to 14
Benjamin SosWAACON01:31.0011 to 12
Alexandra LettGOON01:31.0011 to 12
Anna PizzaleBTSCON01:31.0011 to 12
Jackson AcornUSCON01:31.0013 to 14
Veronica MacfieBTSCON01:31.0013 to 14
Serzh KotanjyanESWIMON01:31.0013 to 14
Francie HanniganBTSCON01:31.00Masters
Jiaxing(Justin) GuoVPSCBC01:31.1410 & Under
Emily Gaudet SWATNS01:31.1513 to 14
LÉA CIMONABCQC01:31.1515 and Over
Julia StirlingKISUBC01:31.1611 to 12
Jacob MarkGMACON01:31.1711 to 12
Anya CaronVEWON01:31.1711 to 12
Jasper JenkinsEKSCAB01:31.2013 to 14
Ellie GadzosNKBON01:31.2015 and Over
Lilah ThiessenCASCAB01:31.2111 to 12
William HarveySJLNL01:31.2713 to 14
Anika LiGOLDSK01:31.2913 to 14
Mackenzie KlinkerFASTNB01:31.3911 to 12
Gwyneth SalisnyESWIMON01:31.4010 & Under
Kage SenftWAVESAB01:31.4411 to 12
Dayna NewberryMJKFFSK01:31.4513 to 14
Alexa CarterMPMNL01:31.4915 and Over
Madison ColeSWOTTON01:31.5013 to 14
Emma JeonESWIMON01:31.5011 to 12
Gracie Hardy-MacdonaldCBSBNL01:31.5413 to 14
Sadie DeapFASTNB01:31.5611 to 12
Victor ZhengPSWBC01:31.5813 to 14
Elleigh WiseCASCAB01:31.6210 & Under
Mary OliveiraROCSON01:31.6513 to 14
Lauren MacQuarrieBBSTON01:31.6911 to 12
Maxim CherdantsevWDSC01:31.7013 to 14
Richard QinRODSK01:31.8010 & Under
Sarah KradovillWAVESAB01:31.8011 to 12
Angus JohnstoneNKBON01:31.8413 to 14
Abigail LamontagneFASTNB01:31.8913 to 14
Jack Rollins-MondouxNKBON01:31.9013 to 14
Ivy Shulte-HosteddeSLSCON01:31.9013 to 14
Jordan HollowayCCSCON01:31.9110 & Under
Taigan WalkerWAVESAB01:31.9113 to 14
Emma AngelovaSJLNL01:31.9213 to 14
Matea DuvallFASTNB01:31.9415 and Over
Carter GreenCCSCON01:32.0010 & Under
Dennis NykolynESWIMON01:32.0011 to 12
Brigid DavidsonBTSCON01:32.0011 to 12
Julianna KimballUSCON01:32.0013 to 14
Helena ScullionGOON01:32.0013 to 14
Justin MaGOON01:32.0013 to 14
Quinn MacKenzieBTSCON01:32.0013 to 14
Rhys SerreBTSCON01:32.0013 to 14
Jack BarryUSCON01:32.0013 to 14
Sofia LavertyBBSTON01:32.0413 to 14
Sydney ColesSWOTTON01:32.0613 to 14
Colleen PattersonGOLDSK01:32.07Masters
Dylan PantarottoSWOTTON01:32.1611 to 12
Gregory HoweGOON01:32.1711 to 12
Ania CampbellKBMON01:32.2015 and Over
Emma BishopMPMNL01:32.2315 and Over
Loredana HorvatCNMTQc01:32.24Masters
Emery RobertsonCASCAB01:32.2610 & Under
Noah KranjecGMACON01:32.2711 to 12
Payton DuwynOSACON01:32.3013 to 14
Corina MotorcaWAACON01:32.3813 to 14
Emily GoodallNORACON01:32.3913 to 14
Sophie Jimenez LeivaROCSON01:32.4011 to 12
Ella RickardBBSTON01:32.4713 to 14
Danica LicariSWOTTON01:32.4810 & Under
Emily CantwellNKBON01:32.5013 to 14
Sierra WilsonWSON01:32.5111 to 12
Kira PummellWSSCON01:32.5813 to 14
Emma PoeWSON01:32.6315 and Over
Anasofia Emmond PolaSWOTTON01:32.6313 to 14
Adam CaseBBSTON01:32.6511 to 12
Kyden HurstKISUBC01:32.6911 to 12
Morgan LewisSWATNS01:32.7011 to 12
Lauren MooresSJLNL01:32.7613 to 14
Julia DwyerSJLNL01:32.7613 to 14
Liam KoNKBON01:32.8010 & Under
Liya RavardROCSON01:32.8011 to 12
Noelle MacDougallPABPNL01:32.8413 to 14
Myriam DoucetteNESNB01:32.8915 and Over
Jenny PetersROCSON01:32.9013 to 14
Lori HawsAUROON01:33.00Masters
Alison Harviepickon01:33.0015 and Over
William LangridgeGOON01:33.0013 to 14
Isabella ConroneoGMACON01:33.0111 to 12
Sam ChengWSSCON01:33.0811 to 12
Michael TselichtchevFASTNB01:33.1110 & Under
Barton EdithNKBON01:33.1111 to 12
Rui JinGOON01:33.1211 to 12
Max WuPSWBC01:33.2011 to 12
Kailey StricklandPABPNL01:33.2215 and Over
Allie HaringaWAACON01:33.2315 and Over
Leigha MeaneyMPMNL01:33.2713 to 14
Andrew DavidsonWSON01:33.3311 to 12
Marijah JadavjiWAACON01:33.3713 to 14
Abby ArmstrongSWOTTON01:33.3813 to 14
Naomi PankiwNCSAAB01:33.5015 and Over
Aila CourtyKBMON01:33.5015 and Over
Maya HagenMPMNL01:33.6113 to 14
Hannah ChurchillMPMNL01:33.6115 and Over
Aramis Lerma GarabedianWSON01:33.6115 and Over
Oliver GenestGOLDSK01:33.6511 to 12
Annika JensenWSON01:33.6713 to 14
Evelyn LiROCSON01:33.7011 to 12
Philippa TomitaVPSCBC01:33.7013 to 14
Beckett CameronSWOTTON01:33.7311 to 12
Georgia HarderNCSAAB01:33.7313 to 14
Naomi GeorgesLLSTON01:33.7911 to 12
Brelyn CourtnayKISUBC01:33.8113 to 14
Charlotte WatchornSWOTTON01:33.9113 to 14
Andersen HulshofCCSCON01:33.9211 to 12
Lucas LiuGOON01:34.0010 & Under
Tess WeyersWAACON01:34.0011 to 12
Luke HazeltonESWIMON01:34.0011 to 12
Nea DodgeGOON01:34.0013 to 14
Sarah HankinBTSCON01:34.0013 to 14
Dalton wrightpickon01:34.0011 to 12
Mackenzie NorrisFASTNB01:34.0311 to 12
Rayan MeckyBBSTON01:34.0411 to 12
Isabella MiddletonWAVESAB01:34.0413 to 14
Gabriel AndersonSWATNS01:34.1011 to 12
Andrew BehaggWSON01:34.1113 to 14
Merieliss LyleGOLDSK01:34.1813 to 14
Lindy KingstonOSACON01:34.2013 to 14
Erick LiNKBON01:34.2011 to 12
Angela ZhangWSON01:34.2013 to 14
Violet GilmanKISUBC01:34.3111 to 12
Logan PriceTRITAB01:34.3113 to 14
Emiliano Cardenas-GranadosCAJON01:34.3413 to 14
Kiera NorbratenWSON01:34.3613 to 14
Andrew LiSSATON01:34.3810 & Under
Audrey ZhangDUCKSON01:34.3810 & Under
Celia CarbonneauCNMTQc01:34.3911 to 12
Jada RobertsSJLNL01:34.5413 to 14
Gabrielle ForestierSWOTTON01:34.6311 to 12
Elly StaffordCBSBNL01:34.6811 to 12
Logan GosseCBSBNL01:34.6911 to 12
Daria VorobievaESWIMON01:34.7011 to 12
Annie Mallet-TheriaultVEWON01:34.7013 to 14
Inaya SerajSWOTTON01:34.7315 and Over
Olivia JenkinsFASTNB01:34.7611 to 12
Sofia JonesNORACON01:34.7711 to 12
Molly SteevesNORACON01:34.7711 to 12
Anna CookNKBON01:34.8011 to 12
Adelyn ChandlerNKBON01:34.8013 to 14
Bronwyn RenwickWSON01:34.8610 & Under
Kian WuGOLDSK01:34.8711 to 12
Andrew MitchellAUROON01:35.00Masters
Alexia LeungESWIMON01:35.0010 & Under
Zach MannWAACON01:35.0011 to 12
Sam TakacsBTSCON01:35.0011 to 12
Quinn DurnanWAACON01:35.0013 to 14
Amelia HalickiESWIMON01:35.0013 to 14
Catherine MorganBTSCON01:35.00Masters
Georgia BurnsSSATON01:35.1411 to 12
Mia MartelNKBON01:35.1613 to 14
Liana LjuckanovWSON01:35.2111 to 12
Larry JinVPSCBC01:35.2113 to 14
Skylar WallCBSBNL01:35.5313 to 14
Paige FitzpatrickCAJON01:35.5413 to 14
Poppy Challenger WAACON01:35.5613 to 14
Sebastian PawelczakCASCAB01:35.5711 to 12
George ZhouNKBON01:35.6010 & Under
Samantha LaliberteROCSON01:35.6013 to 14
Jacob zabudskyWDSC01:35.6011 to 12
Samuel RaymondNESNB01:35.6113 to 14
Micah AbbottCCSCON01:35.6810 & Under
Ella WoodCCSCON01:35.7811 to 12
Yejun ParkKISUBC01:35.8413 to 14
Ava AndersonVPSCBC01:35.9010 & Under
Gillian KimensRODSK01:35.9010 & Under
Noemi ChasséNESNB01:35.9013 to 14
Alyssa ParkGOLDSK01:35.9111 to 12
Karys KingKISUBC01:35.9311 to 12
Tristan MerepezaNORACON01:35.9411 to 12
Claire WilliamsonWSON01:35.9613 to 14
Kristine KingWAACON01:36.0011 to 12
Arielle OuimetGOON01:36.0011 to 12
Grace McIntoshGOON01:36.0011 to 12
Stefan MitranESWIMON01:36.0011 to 12
Jerry ChengESWIMON01:36.0011 to 12
Cameron ChanGOON01:36.0011 to 12
Sofia MessoriESWIMON01:36.0011 to 12
Eric BrebaumGOON01:36.0013 to 14
Tiffany HoWDSC01:36.0011 to 12
Jack SoAUROON01:36.00Masters
John CruzAUROON01:36.01Masters
Jeremy WileTRITAB01:36.0213 to 14
Daniel VorsterCASCAB01:36.0511 to 12
Adie SilvaPSWBC01:36.0911 to 12
Tim GuoPSWBC01:36.1011 to 12
Cole HrechkaMJKFFSK01:36.1610 & Under
Abbie ParaskevasGOON01:36.2313 to 14
Juno KimVPSCBC01:36.2711 to 12
Erin SongNCSAAB01:36.3113 to 14
Maya Schutte CamposCASCAB01:36.3211 to 12
Louisa BegemannWAACON01:36.3310 & Under
Elizabeth ColenuttMJKFFSK01:36.3311 to 12
William ParsonsGMACON01:36.3411 to 12
Kaitlyn CardWSON01:36.4011 to 12
Richard InDUCKSON01:36.4013 to 14
ÉLIANE PIGEONABCQC01:36.4011 to 12
Kadence StandishKISUBC01:36.4515 and Over
Vera RosalesFASTNB01:36.5111 to 12
Michael PendergastCBSBNL01:36.5113 to 14
Sarah LudmerSWOTTON01:36.5611 to 12
Briana LydonFASTNB01:36.5711 to 12
Aleksandar MizdrakESWIMON01:36.6011 to 12
Rassim AhmiaNESNB01:36.6213 to 14
Summer RochonNORACON01:36.6515 and Over
Jack StratfordNORACON01:36.6515 and Over
Allan CrawfordVPSCBC01:36.6811 to 12
Angelina WangFASTNB01:36.7010 & Under
Faith LinGMACON01:36.7511 to 12
Paul HaffendenAUROON01:36.90Masters
Tristan OlsonPSWBC01:36.9413 to 14
Naomi MynottWDSC01:37.0011 to 12
Chloe WalkerUSCON01:37.0010 & Under
Bailey EwanchukWAACON01:37.0011 to 12
Ava degrauuwWAACON01:37.0011 to 12
Madeleine MeredithGOLDSK01:37.0813 to 14
Lucy PashbyVPSCBC01:37.1011 to 12
Zoe ZimonickGOLDSK01:37.1011 to 12
Sergiu LazarWAACON01:37.1111 to 12
Madelyn DuffinNKB ON01:37.2011 to 12
Laney WansboroughBBSTON01:37.2111 to 12
Filip MilosevskiVPSCBC01:37.2410 & Under
Charlotte PattersonNORACON01:37.2411 to 12
Rylan MontgomeryMJKFFSK01:37.2511 to 12
Ella IlijanicSJLNL01:37.2713 to 14
Ayla DoveNKBON01:37.3011 to 12
Eloise LadouceurCNMTQc01:37.3115 and Over
Aurora NolanFASTNB01:37.4115 and Over
Vlad LadyginWSON01:37.4511 to 12
Kimberly McBrideAUROON01:37.50Masters
Mackenzie WilsonBBSTON01:37.5313 to 14
Jolie KwanCASCAB01:37.5810 & Under
Sophia SkoutajanSWOTTON01:37.5913 to 14
Nihinsa PereraGMACON01:37.7311 to 12
Remi DunfieldWSON01:37.7613 to 14
Ashley GouldCAJON01:37.7615 and Over
Alexandru LupuDUCKSON01:37.7811 to 12
Ava ButtsSWOTTON01:37.8311 to 12
Chloe SchlotzhauerGMACON01:37.8310 & Under
Aidan D'OliveiraGMACON01:37.8511 to 12
Evan CagiannosNKBON01:37.8713 to 14
Lauren DobbieCAJON01:37.8815 and Over
Camille SimardNESNB01:37.9013 to 14
Ryder DurksenWAVESAB01:37.9111 to 12
Lucas YaoGOON01:38.0010 & Under
Saul DeronethGOON01:38.0010 & Under
Daliane CardinalROCSON01:38.0011 to 12
Renee DelongaESWIMON01:38.0011 to 12
Heath BarryUSCON01:38.0011 to 12
Andrew PyperGMACON01:38.0011 to 12
Erika SpeelmanGOON01:38.0013 to 14
Michelle FinlanWINBC01:38.00Masters
Emma BroadbentSSATON01:38.0315 and Over
JuliaMichelle YacoubDUCKSON01:38.0411 to 12
Jesse QiuPSWBC01:38.0511 to 12
Nicolas AndersROCSON01:38.1013 to 14
Rebecca MassieFASTNB01:38.1715 and Over
Jacob MichaudNESNB01:38.1711 to 12
Arthur GuerraCASCAB01:38.1810 & Under
Antonia LamontagneCWCAB01:38.3010 & Under
Judy LuoFASTNB01:38.6311 to 12
Brie ReidSSATON01:38.6811 to 12
Julia HumCNMTQc01:38.7213 to 14
Lewin JiangPSWBC01:38.7513 to 14
Chelsea GoddardNKBON01:38.7613 to 14
Allison KrugerGOLDSK01:38.77Masters
Sophia ValerioCAJON01:38.7811 to 12
Maya RichardsCCSCON01:38.7913 to 14
Daniel Mukasa MayanjaNKBON01:38.8011 to 12
Makayla van TamelenPRSCAB01:38.8611 to 12
Prehan MathewKISUBC01:38.8711 to 12
Kaiden BenningCASCAB01:38.8811 to 12
Zoe KeppieNKBON01:38.9011 to 12
Trinity SchmidtGOLDSK01:38.9711 to 12
Aidan MooreROCSON01:38.9713 to 14
John LiuPSWBC01:39.0011 to 12
Mark MuryginESWIMON01:39.0011 to 12
Ethan SneathUSCON01:39.0011 to 12
Sarah LegerGOON01:39.0013 to 14
Janet MitchellAUROON01:39.00Masters
Keira EveristNORACON01:39.0415 and Over
Ruby SmithFASTNB01:39.0611 to 12
LUKE ELLISDCSCNS01:39.1011 to 12
Aiden-Nicholas FillatorVEWON01:39.1411 to 12
Zander NunesWDSC01:39.2013 to 14
Lilly MeechanROCSON01:39.2015 and Over
Melanie RobertsROCSON01:39.2113 to 14
Maya DoucetteNESNB01:39.2411 to 12
JonathanMeade HelmanDUCKSON01:39.2710 & Under
Jodi FrankenMJKFFSK01:39.2711 to 12
Emily LeDrewMPMNL01:39.2715 and Over
Lily DeLorenziLLSTON01:39.2913 to 14
Cassia MoracciLLSTON01:39.3211 to 12
UditSenapathi JanarthananEKSCAB01:39.4015 and Over
Vonzelle VenterPSWBC01:39.4113 to 14
Benson QiuPSWBC01:39.4213 to 14
Julian MagyarGMACON01:39.5011 to 12
Kayla ShafaieNKBON01:39.5013 to 14
Mason GuDUCKSON01:39.5111 to 12
Zhenyuan LinDUCKSON01:39.5515 and Over
Stella HiltzSWOTTON01:39.5611 to 12
Olivea WadeCCSCON01:39.5713 to 14
Reegan Van VlietCASCAB01:39.5911 to 12
Sophie PageNESNB01:39.6113 to 14
Tyler CloggVPSCBC01:39.6510 & Under
Ben PhillipsSWATNS01:39.7311 to 12
Beatrice SinclairFASTNB01:39.7311 to 12
Landon KennedyGOLDSK01:39.7910 & Under
Haylen LeonardSSATON01:39.8511 to 12
Aurélie LavoieABCQC01:39.8813 to 14
Audrey LangNESNB01:39.8915 and Over
Bella MacLarenCCSCON01:39.8911 to 12
Lily DixonCAJON01:39.9011 to 12
MohamedAmine Mastadi CNMNQC01:40.0011 to 12
Lucas LivingstonGOON01:40.0010 & Under
Vianna TranESWIMON01:40.0010 & Under
Jona SulstarovaESWIMON01:40.0011 to 12
Alex McCabeUSCON01:40.0011 to 12
Eric LapnerGOON01:40.0011 to 12
Owen AlexanderBTSCON01:40.0011 to 12
Austin HeinbuchWAACON01:40.0011 to 12
Trevor Johnson WAACON01:40.0013 to 14
Addison SmithSWOTTON01:40.0310 & Under
Nate MackBBSTON01:40.1011 to 12
Violet MaierTIDENB01:40.1411 to 12
Leah HudacinBBSTON01:40.1911 to 12
Camila MunozDUCKSON01:40.2213 to 14
Will CarterSWATNS01:40.2311 to 12
Addison PurvisVEWON01:40.2311 to 12
Rayah PhonprasithCAJON01:40.2311 to 12
Denise GilewiczGOLDSK01:40.25Masters
Adrian BlackBBSTON01:40.2611 to 12
Ayla AshleyCAJON01:40.3311 to 12
Kelti AntonyTRITAB01:40.3911 to 12
William BrownSWOTTON01:40.4111 to 12
Liam BassinCAJON01:40.5610 & Under
Cooper OkrainecLLBWAB01:40.5711 to 12
Ileana Jaaskelainen LozanoSWOTTON01:40.6311 to 12
Keira ZepedaWDSC01:40.7013 to 14
Lyndon KlusPRSCAB01:40.7011 to 12
Marley PedersenCAJON01:40.7811 to 12
Katie WorkunCWCAB01:40.8011 to 12
Brooke PopovichWSON01:40.8213 to 14
Joshua SeelyROCSON01:40.8311 to 12
Owen MalindzakSWOTTON01:40.9313 to 14
JACOB LessardABCQC01:40.9411 to 12
Danika BierTRITAB01:40.9411 to 12
Tristan LabrieGOON01:41.0010 & Under
Blythe BenderWAACON01:41.0011 to 12
Jasmine RogozaRODSK01:41.0011 to 12
Eloise AbramowitzESWIMON01:41.0011 to 12
Madeline OliverESWIMON01:41.0011 to 12
Connor RaskBTSCON01:41.0011 to 12
Bridget RobinsonBTSCON01:41.0011 to 12
Aythem Bouyahiaoui CNMNQC01:41.0013 to 14
Abigail McLeodWDSC01:41.1010 & Under
Logan MoreauNKBON01:41.1011 to 12
Natalie LebitkaCWCAB01:41.1011 to 12
Owen WilliamsLLSTON01:41.1113 to 14
Reidun ChristensenCWCAB01:41.2011 to 12
Molly VanBusKirkCBSBNL01:41.2211 to 12
Ainsley MurdochCAJON01:41.2310 & Under
Kate KennedyCAJON01:41.3315 and Over
Max XiaoPSWBC01:41.3513 to 14
Sofia FrancoliROCSON01:41.4011 to 12
Matias RaffaiWDSC01:41.4010 & Under
Patrick RussellAUROON01:41.50Masters
HinLun LeeAUROON01:41.50Masters
AntheiaCheukKi YipDUCKSON01:41.5110 & Under
Teagan MacDonaldNKBON01:41.6010 & Under
Zack FonagyFASTNB01:41.6811 to 12
Pranay SriramNKBON01:41.7011 to 12
Ava MagyarGMACON01:41.7210 & Under
Nyla McIntyreSWOTTON01:41.7313 to 14
Kolby MusseauPABPNL01:41.8115 and Over
Philip BileskyTRITAB01:41.8411 to 12
Jane AtkinLLBWAB01:41.8915 and Over
LJ LiuPSWBC01:41.9010 & Under
Alexander OraziettiSSATON01:41.9911 to 12
Carter KellyWAACON01:42.0011 to 12
Allina MeulemannWAACON01:42.0011 to 12
Joshua TanRODSK01:42.0011 to 12
Jacob ZegersGOON01:42.0011 to 12
Andrei MitranESWIMON01:42.0013 to 14
EllieYeryn HanDUCKSON01:42.0110 & Under
Vivien NagyDUCKSON01:42.0613 to 14
Mariah WeberGOLDSK01:42.0910 & Under
Landon Arbeau SWATNS01:42.12Para-Swimmer
Jesse TheriaultFASTNB01:42.1311 to 12
Ahmad SolimanCASCAB01:42.1510 & Under
Kenzie SparrowCCSCON01:42.1710 & Under
Myles JonesWAACON01:42.2011 to 12
Sophia SongGMACON01:42.2311 to 12
Logan DunlopWSON01:42.2611 to 12
TJ CampbellFASTNB01:42.2811 to 12
Makayla LawtonTIDENB01:42.2913 to 14
Connor DewNORACON01:42.2911 to 12
Luca MoscibrodzkiCASCAB01:42.3011 to 12
Ava PiersonCAJON01:42.3113 to 14
Li ZhangPSWBC01:42.3811 to 12
Lauren GravelleROCSON01:42.4213 to 14
Molly MackMJKFFSK01:42.5010 & Under
Piper LejbakGOLDSK01:42.5710 & Under
Jessica TinneyKYPSON01:42.58Para-Swimmer
Jack WangPSWBC01:42.6010 & Under
Kinnon SenCWCAB01:42.6010 & Under
Elizabeth YaoNKBON01:42.6013 to 14
Hilary NorrisFASTNB01:42.6510 & Under
Sadie Black WAACON01:42.6611 to 12
GabrielleAnne BanquicioFASTNB01:42.7111 to 12
Nora Liaghati NasseriDUCKSON01:42.7113 to 14
Rosalie SinclairFASTNB01:42.7210 & Under
Katelyn LeggGOLDSK01:42.7411 to 12
Ryan NguyenGSHON01:42.7415 and Over
Carter HollowayGMACON01:42.7811 to 12
Danielle Dela CruzWAACON01:42.8313 to 14
Charlene ZaidenGOLDSK01:42.86Masters
Jaclyn BartlettGOLDSK01:42.87Masters
Anneliese KingWAACON01:42.9311 to 12
Beatrice OgerSWOTTON01:42.9811 to 12
Saoirse DeronethGOON01:43.0010 & Under
Charlotte RourkeUSCON01:43.0011 to 12
Filip DudekESWIMON01:43.0013 to 14
Keira LeclairWAVESAB01:43.0311 to 12
ÉMILE DUBÉABCQC01:43.0911 to 12
Jeffrey SongPSWBC01:43.1011 to 12
Maggie MaCASCAB01:43.1613 to 14
Griffen MatthewsPABPNL01:43.1913 to 14
Jasmine Keindel-JelisavacGOLDSK01:43.2911 to 12
Alan LongGOLDSK01:43.35Masters
Maude CroteauCNMTQc01:43.4011 to 12
Nevaeh GottlobPRSCAB01:43.4111 to 12
Charlotte HarveyGMACON01:43.4211 to 12
Racheal SwartzBBSTON01:43.4411 to 12
Rowan DuffySWOTTON01:43.5011 to 12
Kaden GoffinetWAVESAB01:43.5111 to 12
Gabriel YaoWSON01:43.5911 to 12
Augustus ManuelWSON01:43.6313 to 14
Macy LariveeWAACON01:43.6910 & Under
Logan SmithWAVESAB01:43.7413 to 14
Adi MotorcaWAACON01:43.7511 to 12
Simon DindartSSATON01:43.7811 to 12
Ellie ScottGOLDSK01:43.7910 & Under
Tom LegerAUROON01:43.90Masters
Oliver KalavriziotisGMACON01:43.9311 to 12
Claire KearneyGOON01:44.0011 to 12
Catherine SemianiukESWIMON01:44.0011 to 12
Natalie KoenigESWIMON01:44.0011 to 12
Melissa NiESWIMON01:44.0013 to 14
Mayssa Ouadah CNMNQC01:44.0011 to 12
Ismail Sefrioui Manar CNMNQC01:44.0011 to 12
Doug LegallaisAUROON01:44.00Masters
Kimberly GormanPRSCAB01:44.0410 & Under
Anna OberthierVEWON01:44.0513 to 14
Jack StricklandPABPNL01:44.3815 and Over
Sophia LiSSATON01:44.4610 & Under
Alma Da Silva CastillejoSSATON01:44.4611 to 12
Rylan MartinCBSBNL01:44.4913 to 14
Mattayeh SpeersCWCAB01:44.5011 to 12
Audrey SharplesSWATNS01:44.5311 to 12
Maisie WalshBBSTON01:44.5311 to 12
Eleni PappasBBSTON01:44.5311 to 12
Adam BarabasWAACON01:44.6411 to 12
AlisonWingYan WongDUCKSON01:44.6611 to 12
Hannah ShulzLLBWAB01:44.8015 and Over
Thomas CarrierNESNB01:44.9011 to 12
Gabby MacArthurWAACON01:45.0011 to 12
Cathi BrownBTSCON01:45.00Masters
Sue BrookerBTSCON01:45.00Masters
George MorcousNKBON01:45.0313 to 14
Cody RobinsonPRSCAB01:45.2111 to 12
Stella SchmidlinNORACON01:45.3511 to 12
Elizabeth LendrumCWCAB01:45.4011 to 12
Lea Min-NielsenROCSON01:45.4411 to 12
Melinda BehaggWSON01:45.4711 to 12
Borui ZhangPSWBC01:45.5011 to 12
Sophia GrecoNCSAAB01:45.5115 and Over
Brennan LawOSACON01:45.6011 to 12
Hannah HammillCAJON01:45.6715 and Over
Noemie SivretFASTNB01:45.8111 to 12
Jinghan HuFASTNB01:45.8111 to 12
Kimya AfsharyDUCKSON01:45.8613 to 14
Taylor MurphyWAACON01:46.0011 to 12
Matthew GeremiaCWCAB01:46.0011 to 12
Rachel LiuESWIMON01:46.0011 to 12
Kaegan LagerquistWSON01:46.0713 to 14
Atticus BylWSON01:46.2311 to 12
Eunyeong JeonFASTNB01:46.4813 to 14
Carys EarleNKBON01:46.5011 to 12
Caroline ChadwickSWOTTON01:46.5611 to 12
Gabriela Bracho ParisCASCAB01:46.5911 to 12
Ariella ToscanoNKBON01:46.7011 to 12
Liston BrownOSACON01:46.7011 to 12
Evan JohnsonWSON01:46.7111 to 12
Isabel GuoPSWBC01:46.8311 to 12
Mia LloydSSATON01:46.8511 to 12
Charles StuartGMACON01:46.9510 & Under
Isabella SmartWSON01:46.9511 to 12
ErinYaeseul KimDUCKSON01:46.9810 & Under
Oscar AkersWAACON01:46.9915 and Over
Grace BachWAACON01:47.0011 to 12
Daniel CaraballoBTSCON01:47.0011 to 12
Lily MeyerWAACON01:47.0013 to 14
Emma BarrettSWOTTON01:47.1011 to 12
Owen Newsome SWATNS01:47.1413 to 14
Hallie LuptonBBSTON01:47.1811 to 12
Rendall LackenbauerWAACON01:47.2911 to 12
Nathanial PelzerRODSK01:47.4011 to 12
Alex PopeFASTNB01:47.4213 to 14
Ava AnstettGMACON01:47.4610 & Under
Deven JetlyNKBON01:47.4811 to 12
James DeLathouwerGOLDSK01:47.5410 & Under
Felix-Antoine DuquetteNESNB01:47.5511 to 12
ALEXANDRE Couillard ABCQC01:47.7411 to 12
Carter RobinsonGOON01:48.0011 to 12
Olaf KuklinskiGOLDSK01:48.0110 & Under
Miriam FieldFASTNB01:48.0810 & Under
Avery MurphyCBSBNL01:48.2211 to 12
Rodion IasinskyiPSWBC01:48.3011 to 12
Owen HayesWAACON01:48.3613 to 14
Keelin MaherSSATON01:48.4313 to 14
Rowan GrayMJKFFSK01:48.4813 to 14
Andre SoulieresCNMTQc01:48.50Masters
Zahra Gokavi BaileyGOLDSK01:48.6310 & Under
Jordan ChenCWCAB01:48.7013 to 14
Mathilda KerryCWCAB01:48.8011 to 12
Bradie DenikeWSON01:48.8410 & Under
Azlynn FlamanCWCAB01:48.9010 & Under
Sara PermeESWIMON01:49.0013 to 14
Michelle DoddWINBC01:49.00Masters
Annali BuchananWDSC01:49.0011 to 12
Marley DoddWDSC01:49.0011 to 12
Emma McCulloch-JonesWAVESAB01:49.0211 to 12
William MillerWAVESAB01:49.0711 to 12
Hayden ChauCASCAB01:49.0813 to 14
Rhianna JiangPSWBC01:49.1210 & Under
MIA BOWSERDCSCNS01:49.1711 to 12
Ally ThompsonNCSAAB01:49.2415 and Over
Jackson HoytFASTNB01:49.2811 to 12
Mark GrayMJKFFSK01:49.3011 to 12
Agnes PolentaROCSON01:49.5711 to 12
Chase WiseCASCAB01:49.5711 to 12
Katie TylerAUROON01:49.60Masters
William McCormickSWOTTON01:49.6311 to 12
Max AndrisonROCSON01:49.6711 to 12
Athan LynchPRSCAB01:49.8310 & Under
Dalton Lugemwa MuskasaNKBON01:49.8710 & Under
Jacob FowlerWAACON01:49.9211 to 12
Leif AbrahamsonMJKFFSK01:49.9413 to 14
Sadie HegiRODSK01:50.0011 to 12
Elizabeth McCabeUSCON01:50.0011 to 12
Adrian HanciuBTSCON01:50.0011 to 12
Molly McDowellWINBC01:50.00Masters
Kyla MarshallWDSCBC01:50.1010 & Under
Eddie Wang NKBON01:50.2711 to 12
Ava SearsCBSBNL01:50.2913 to 14
Richard LaiMJKFFSK01:50.3611 to 12
Maude DejardinsNESNB01:50.4611 to 12
Avery HouleGOLDSK01:50.5511 to 12
Celia ForsythCWCAB01:50.6010 & Under
Mckinley BarberSWOTTON01:50.6611 to 12
Fiona FinnNKBON01:50.7811 to 12
Ava ThomlinsonNKBON01:50.9011 to 12
Calum MacLeodWAACON01:51.0011 to 12
Jane StephenRODSK01:51.0011 to 12
Mark MartynetsESWIMON01:51.0011 to 12
Barb BaergWINBC01:51.0015 and Over
Isabelle ClarkCWCAB01:51.1010 & Under
Tayte BorrelliSSATON01:51.1411 to 12
Kevin SalgadoCWCAB01:51.2013 to 14
Aidyn BurrowsNKBON01:51.4011 to 12
Emily FahlgrenAUROON01:51.40Masters
Madeline RoseBBSTON01:51.5311 to 12
Sophie LoughranGOLDSK01:51.6311 to 12
Alexsa StewartOSACON01:51.6511 to 12
Maxwell ThilleGOLDSK01:51.6911 to 12
Chelsea HarkerWAACON01:51.7811 to 12
Katie OberthierVEWON01:51.8510 & Under
Cash PochynokVPSCBC01:51.8813 to 14
Nathan LiNKBON01:51.9210 & Under
Kara LaddGOON01:52.0011 to 12
Angie ErnstWINBC01:52.0015 and Over
Paula IngermanCNMTQc01:52.03Masters
Matilda GordonSWOTTON01:52.1110 & Under
Sophie ChafeWSON01:52.1911 to 12
Sarah HaririSWOTTON01:52.3411 to 12
Aimee McNichollROCSON01:52.3813 to 14
Jacob McLeanFASTNB01:52.4811 to 12
Kirsty GurneyGOLDSK01:52.54Masters
Jayda SmithWAVESAB01:52.6111 to 12
Yara StuartGMACON01:52.9310 & Under
Kale KumpulaLLBWAB01:52.9511 to 12
Mackenzie SherwinESWIMON01:53.0010 & Under
John CooperWAACON01:53.0011 to 12
Indira BartonUSCON01:53.0011 to 12
Manuela LordBTSCON01:53.00Masters
Tanja EpnersWINBC01:53.0015 and Over
Theoren DolejsiWDSC01:53.0011 to 12
Zeina KhalifaWDSC01:53.0011 to 12
William SmithWAVESAB01:53.0813 to 14
James LittlejohnAUROON01:53.10Masters
Suzanne LesonGOLDSK01:53.11Masters
Kate MouldsSWOTTON01:53.1611 to 12
Mia TocchiROCSON01:53.4310 & Under
Julia KranjecGMACON01:53.5211 to 12
Aaron FreemanMJKFFSK01:53.6011 to 12
Josephine MckenzieCNMTQc01:53.6510 & Under
Olivia HoffmannGOLDSK01:53.7310 & Under
Ashlynn FraynePRSCAB01:53.9511 to 12
Andrew MartynetsESWIMON01:54.0010 & Under
Ava MilenovUSCON01:54.0011 to 12
Charlotte GreenhamGOON01:54.0011 to 12
Dawn FitpatrickWINBC01:54.00Masters
Sarah WoolcottAUROON01:54.00Masters
Stefanie LeeAUROON01:54.00Masters
Mila BandrowskiCCSCON01:54.0711 to 12
Cameron MaugerPABPNL01:54.1913 to 14
Guanwen HuangFASTNB01:54.5013 to 14
Max CampbellWAACON01:54.5311 to 12
Caitlyn EverndenNKBON01:54.5711 to 12
William MacLarenCCSCON01:54.6210 & Under
Brian McGeeAUROON01:54.70Masters
Madelyn TaccognaWSON01:54.7011 to 12
Adam YunkerCWCAB01:54.7011 to 12
Stefan PshonkaNKBON01:54.7710 & Under
Delfina OnistoAUROON01:54.80Masters
Dahlia SabryESWIMON01:55.0010 & Under
Avery HobsonBTSCON01:55.0011 to 12
Nixon Bevington NKBON01:55.0510 & Under
Elliott BirdWAACON01:55.0910 & Under
Jack ReevesCCSCON01:55.3711 to 12
Darren VianAUROON01:55.40Masters
Sarah WignallOSACON01:55.7011 to 12
Alistair WarkCCSCON01:55.8610 & Under
Ciana ChiassonFASTNB01:55.8811 to 12
Olivier GasconGOON01:56.0010 & Under
Elena WielandESWIMON01:56.0010 & Under
Isabella OttavinoESWIMON01:56.0010 & Under
Aashi SharmaESWIMON01:56.0011 to 12
Amy MalenfantNESNB01:56.1010 & Under
Abygail Campbell TRITAB01:56.1210 & Under
Abby BowlesMJKFFSK01:56.1311 to 12
Megan Montreuil MorneaultNESNB01:56.1410 & Under
Alex JonesWAACON01:56.2111 to 12
Luke KollmarWSON01:56.3113 to 14
Lea RiouxNORACON01:56.3411 to 12
Michelle De VosWSON01:56.3811 to 12
Taryn WepplerOSACON01:56.4011 to 12
James ColeWAVESAB01:56.4311 to 12
Eloise MurdochSSATON01:56.5011 to 12
Maiya DhaPSWBC01:56.5811 to 12
Sydney CampbellWAACON01:56.6411 to 12
Linus QianPSWBC01:56.6913 to 14
Vani MahajanOSACON01:56.7013 to 14
Tamsin TaylorNKBON01:56.8210 & Under
Damita Namayanja Muskasa NKBON01:56.9410 & Under
Aaron Lebouthiller NKBON01:56.9411 to 12
Mariam FaresGOON01:57.0011 to 12
Aiden KellyWAACON01:57.00Para-Swimmer
Olivier LafleurOSACON01:57.1011 to 12
Alex NehmeNKBON01:57.1111 to 12
Tyler Johnson WAACON01:57.2611 to 12
Laya PicheSWOTTON01:57.2611 to 12
Nathan MeakinCCSCON01:57.2611 to 12
Lara JordanWAVESAB01:57.3911 to 12
Hazel WrightFASTNB01:57.4710 & Under
Avery SchaubWAACON01:57.7411 to 12
Surina KeithGOON01:58.0011 to 12
Aiden WolfeWDSC01:58.0010 & Under
Emma ClancyWSON01:58.0510 & Under
Grace MacIntoshROCSON01:58.0911 to 12
Joshua GannonNKBON01:58.5211 to 12
Kyle MusseauPABPNL01:58.9415 and Over
Colleen JordanAUROON01:59.00Masters
Emmett StongWAACON01:59.0611 to 12
Charles MoherSWOTTON01:59.1311 to 12
Sabastian* MassabiePSWBC01:59.20Para-Swimmer
Cree ChakasimSSATON01:59.2611 to 12
Maya VermaOSACON01:59.3011 to 12
Ewan O'ConnorFASTNB01:59.4511 to 12
Jasper TchirSSATON01:59.9110 & Under
Caleb RideoutROCSON01:59.9713 to 14
Tess CavanaghOSACON02:00.0011 to 12
Joshua Austin-KoylRODSK02:00.0011 to 12
Ainsley SherwinESWIMON02:00.0011 to 12
Iantria SamanthaUSCON02:00.0013 to 14
Logan HusseinNKBON02:00.0411 to 12
Tara KaushikROCSON02:00.1711 to 12
Martine Mallet-TheriaultVEWON02:00.37Masters
Anoushey LotiaDUCKSON02:00.4111 to 12
Erikka KumpulaLLBWAB02:00.4410 & Under
Kerrington BidgoodWSON02:00.5410 & Under
Jordan TuckerGMACON02:00.59Para-Swimmer
Ariele GrillmayerCCSCON02:00.6711 to 12
Thomas YeVPSCBC02:00.8513 to 14
Harbour SeamanESWIMON02:01.0010 & Under
Brooke BurchillGOON02:01.0011 to 12
Grace PennerMJKFFSK02:01.0711 to 12
EMILE GUNNDCSCNS02:01.1011 to 12
Ethan LeeNKBON02:01.1110 & Under
Reid Vanden HovenROCSON02:01.1810 & Under
Rae LeblancCCSCON02:01.3111 to 12
Liam WatsonSSATON02:01.4010 & Under
Alyssia BergeronNESNB02:01.4515 and Over
Ethan ZhangWSON02:01.9410 & Under
Julia ZinnMJKFFSK02:02.1011 to 12
Alexander DoROCSON02:02.3210 & Under
Elsa BarlowSWOTTON02:02.7611 to 12
Kira SimpsonNKBON02:02.8311 to 12
Carolyn BoudreauAUROON02:02.90Masters
Katherine McLarenAUROON02:02.90Masters
Liam O'BrienCCSCON02:02.9311 to 12
Isabelle CarletonRODSK02:03.0011 to 12
Delaney AlannaUSCON02:03.0013 to 14
Rayane Lehad CNMNQC02:03.0011 to 12
Emma YacoubDUCKSON02:03.1613 to 14
Caden BagloleWSON02:03.3110 & Under
Iris PitcherWAACON02:03.4110 & Under
Olivia McIntyreSWOTTON02:03.5911 to 12
Alyssia OmaROCSON02:03.7710 & Under
Oliver BennettoSSATON02:03.8210 & Under
Zahara KhanVPSCBC02:03.9113 to 14
Poppy LiuWDSC02:04.0010 & Under
Victoria HoskinGOON02:04.0010 & Under
Maddie DalbyUSCON02:04.0011 to 12
Christian FerreiraCCSCON02:04.0811 to 12
Kaylee GriswoldWAACON02:04.3410 & Under
Abby MacLureESWIMON02:05.0010 & Under
Michela KennedyUSCON02:05.0011 to 12
Barb JohnsonBTSCON02:05.00Masters
Nancy ClarkWINBC02:05.0015 and Over
Amro MahfudFASTNB02:05.2310 & Under
Kyle GuVPSCBC02:05.2311 to 12
Ella BondPRSCAB02:05.2711 to 12
Katie MaundWAACON02:05.7610 & Under
Charles RubiaPABPNL02:05.9713 to 14
Ben OlfertRODSK02:06.0011 to 12
Evan EleuterioGOON02:06.0011 to 12
sheila DavisWINBC02:06.0015 and Over
Christyan FillatorVEWON02:06.0710 & Under
Rosemary HoganOSACON02:06.2011 to 12
Amiera Black WAACON02:06.66Para-Swimmer
Foster FourneyGOLDSK02:06.8411 to 12
Kaitlyn Matthews-DicksonSWOTTON02:06.9410 & Under
AlfaroukAbdelhamid MoultalaCNMNQC02:07.0010 & Under
Emma IppolitoESWIMON02:07.0010 & Under
Hanne CavanaghOSACON02:07.2011 to 12
Quinn WellsCCSCON02:07.3110 & Under
Zaara Glimer NKBON02:07.4710 & Under
Ila WrightFASTNB02:07.4910 & Under
Bree LerousPRSCAB02:07.5111 to 12
Sebastian StefuroczkiWSON02:07.7211 to 12
ErikStephen IzyumovDUCKSON02:07.9410 & Under
Florence HoNKBON02:07.9710 & Under
Nicole HavilandWSON02:07.9810 & Under
Anne StevensonAUROON02:08.00Masters
Michael ChanPSWBC02:08.2011 to 12
Yuna Min-NielsenROCSON02:08.3010 & Under
Taylor DuncanMJKFFSK02:08.7413 to 14
Grace ArbuthnotROCSON02:08.8711 to 12
Caleb GriffithsFASTNB02:08.9410 & Under
Max Wechselberger-VickersNKBON02:09.1311 to 12
William DobkoWSON02:09.4113 to 14
Aubrey LapointeROCSON02:09.6111 to 12
Avyn MunshawGOLDSK02:09.8611 to 12
Shane HimbeaultGOLDSK02:09.9111 to 12
Wiliam DuxsburyWDSC02:10.0010 & Under
Chungyee Leung-HagesteijnAUROON02:10.00Masters
Alex ChuiESWIMON02:10.0011 to 12
Valencia FogelbachWSON02:10.1310 & Under
Alexander BravenerSSATON02:10.1611 to 12
Matteo BarnabiWAACON02:10.2111 to 12
Kyle StruthersROCSON02:10.5311 to 12
Aliya KhaliliROCSON02:10.5511 to 12
Ketan NaikNKBON02:10.7211 to 12
George Guo NKBON02:10.8410 & Under
Neil NairESWIMON02:11.0010 & Under
Michael MaksymivESWIMON02:11.0010 & Under
Daniel GongWDSC02:11.0013 to 14
Jonas TamWDSC02:11.0013 to 14
Sarah ButtNKBON02:11.0211 to 12
Madison SarrazinNKBON02:11.9910 & Under
Sarah GaoWDSC02:12.0010 & Under
Daniela KlyushkinaDUCKSON02:12.0310 & Under
MyLa TschinkelWSON02:12.1910 & Under
Jack KollmarWSON02:12.1911 to 12
Liam O'BrienPABPNL02:12.19Para-Swimmer
Samuel DutrizacROCSON02:12.2310 & Under
Logan FrostSSATON02:12.2711 to 12
Emily McLeanROCSON02:12.3213 to 14
Shauna SalomoneAUROON02:12.60Masters
Gradey MartinMJKFFSK02:12.7010 & Under
Ashley BlakeyCCSCON02:12.9711 to 12
Ainsley Jordan-KnoxWDSC02:13.0010 & Under
Elaine DonnellyAUROON02:13.00Masters
JANE MORASHDCSCNS02:13.2010 & Under
Gracie KuttschrutterWAACON02:14.3410 & Under
Shaylin McInnesWAACON02:14.3910 & Under
Ayden RoehrigCCSCON02:14.5210 & Under
Daniel SeelyROCSON02:14.6010 & Under
Makayla WangFASTNB02:14.9010 & Under
Scarlett MucinoOSACON02:14.9011 to 12
Kaitlyn Crinjala FacaROCSON02:14.9210 & Under
Alina PaulWDSC02:15.0010 & Under
Amelie LancerinESWIMON02:15.0010 & Under
Melanie StephensKISUMBC02:15.00Masters
Andreas BalteanuROCSON02:15.4711 to 12
Ava McLeanROCSON02:16.0711 to 12
Karl KrokkerESWIMON02:18.0010 & Under
Vanessa HeimWINBC02:18.0015 and Over
Iris BuffittWSON02:18.2810 & Under
Madison DeleneyNKBON02:18.4011 to 12
Delaney MadisonNKBON02:18.4011 to 12
Ruby PennaMJKFFSK02:18.4910 & Under
Amelia SherwoodFASTNB02:18.5610 & Under
Eric LiFASTNB02:18.5613 to 14
Mia YeMJKFFSK02:18.8311 to 12
Alexis EfstathiouWSON02:18.8711 to 12
Anne ClarkeAUROON02:19.00Masters
Paxton DoucettePRSCAB02:19.2411 to 12
Jocelyn Von HagenGOLDSK02:19.4310 & Under
Katherine SullivanNKBON02:19.5810 & Under
Maya HaradaGOON02:20.0010 & Under
Clara LaneGOLDSK02:20.5910 & Under
Ethan SoROCSON02:20.8711 to 12
Lena KassimWSON02:21.0511 to 12
Jillian MacDonaldFASTNB02:21.9710 & Under
Evelyn LovelessWDSC02:22.0010 & Under
Tenley RoginaRODSK02:22.0010 & Under
Arsen SokolESWIMON02:22.0011 to 12
Liam WestwillWAACON02:22.2111 to 12
Fernanada HoWINBC02:23.00Masters
Isla WarkCCSCON02:23.6410 & Under
Michael ChangBTSCON02:25.00Masters
Dawn Dela CruzWAACON02:25.9210 & Under
Nikita NairESWIMON02:26.0010 & Under
Xavier PakNKBON02:26.1410 & Under
Judith GidluckGOLDSK02:26.19Masters
Clara Wang NKBON02:26.4010 & Under
Mary KingGOLDSK02:26.45Masters
Ellianna JohnsonWSON02:26.5910 & Under
Lex MilneROCSON02:27.6410 & Under
Isla NoordhofGOON02:28.0010 & Under
Emily TutatuaWDSC02:29.0010 & Under
Sydney WeepersPSWBC02:29.9411 to 12
Sheryl PotterAUROON02:30.20Masters
Feriel Fellag CNMNQC02:32.0010 & Under
Gavin IversonWDSC02:34.0011 to 12
Parastou JadidiAUROON02:34.00Masters
Hugo RoseWSON02:34.4510 & Under
Colten McGarryROCSON02:37.2811 to 12
Braelyn EdwardsFASTNB02:37.5110 & Under
Nathan CardWSON02:38.2610 & Under
Jake BaillieCCSCON02:38.3810 & Under
Lily MannWAACON02:39.5210 & Under
Najma AbdelgadirMJKFFSK02:40.7610 & Under
Seann TerryMJKFFSK02:41.4911 to 12
Julia KnightsCCSCON02:43.3810 & Under
Eoghan ReillyRODSK02:44.0010 & Under
Olivia SchaubWAACON02:48.5310 & Under
Megan ReadWSON02:51.2010 & Under
Eli Howland-DueckMANTAMB02:53.5215 and Over
Allie McCrankCCSCON02:53.9310 & Under
Gavin FowlerWAACON02:54.6510 & Under
Tanya SmithGOLDSK02:56.33Masters
Lauren MoldawaESWIMON02:59.0011 to 12
Nathan HennessyESWIMON03:00.0010 & Under
William YaoNKBON03:02.5011 to 12
Marise LevesqueNESNB03:09.55Masters
Pheonix PakNKBON03:26.4310 & Under
Parker CaronVEWON03:35.5410 & Under
Rylin GlorMANTAMB03:38.0213 to 14
Wilhelm van den HeeverMANTAMB03:42.0211 to 12
Matthew MiMANTAMB03:42.2011 to 12
Henry NguyenMANTAMB03:46.3015 and Over
Zoe Davis-WeitzelMANTAMB03:47.3111 to 12
Tiana PalettaMANTAMB03:47.9713 to 14
Alex WangMANTAMB03:49.9215 and Over
Brielle MenardTRITAB03:50.113 to 14
Emma DuboisMANTAMB03:50.3213 to 14
Daniel StarheusMANTAMB03:52.5113 to 14
Emma GallantMANTAMB03:54.1011 to 12
Brooklyn DoucetTRITAB03:54.513 to 14
Emma HarveyMANTAMB03:55.8511 to 12
Kennedy ChambersMANTAMB03:56.4411 to 12
Rimnso NkechikaMANTAMB04:06.6311 to 12
Dakota TraverseMANTAMB04:06.9111 to 12
Dawson WongMANTAMB04:09.4713 to 14
Alexa Howland-DueckMANTAMB04:13.0011 to 12
Mary LyeMANTAMB04:17.0011 to 12
Quang LeMANTAMB04:22.0011 to 12
Angad GrewalMANTAMB04:29.0010 & Under
Charlton TurcotteMANTAMB04:35.0013 to 14
Brody BoilleMANTAMB04:36.0011 to 12
Jane GorchynskiMANTAMB04:48.0010 & Under
Ethan LangMANTAMB05:22.0011 to 12
Abderraouf KadriMANTAMB05:58.0010 & Under
Avery BlouwMANTAMB05:58.0011 to 12
Lauren SymthiesWINBC19:00.00Masters
Dave ColterWINBC26:00.00Masters

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