National Teams

Senior National Team

Brayden Taivassalo

  • Age 19
  • Club High Performance Centre - Ontario
  • Coach Ryan Mallette
  • Previous Coaches Sean Baker
  • Hometown Newmarket, ON
  • Residence Toronto, ON

National Team Highlights

Santiago 2023 Pan American Games111

Brayden’s Bio

  • At the 2023 Pan American Games, Taivassalo won two medals including a silver in 200-metre breaststroke in a personal best time and was part of the team to help secure a spot in the 4×100 medley final which would take bronze.
  • At his first World Championships in Fukuoka, Japan, in 2023, Taivassalo finished 30th in the 200-metre breaststroke.
  • Qualified for his first senior World Championships team by winning the men’s 200 breaststroke at the 2023 Bell Canadian Swimming Trials.

Brayden’s Personal Bests

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100m Breaststroke Laps50m19th Pan American GamesRELAY
200m Breaststroke50m19th Pan American Games
50m Breaststroke Laps50mSummer Ontario ChampionshipsRELAY
50m Breaststroke50mCanadian Trials
100m Breaststroke50mCanadian Trials
50m Breaststroke25mOntario Junior International
200m Medley25mOntario Junior International
200m Breaststroke25mOntario Junior International
100m Breaststroke25mOntario Junior International
100m Butterfly25mOntario Junior International
50m Breaststroke Laps25mAge Group InternationalRELAY
50m Freestyle25mAge Group InternationalRELAY
100m Medley25mFINA: World Cup No 2 - 2022 Series
50m Freestyle50mISCA Summer Senior Blast
50m Freestyle Laps50mISCA Summer Senior BlastRELAY
200m Freestyle Laps50mOntario Provincial ChampionshipsRELAY
400m Medley50mOntario Youth-Junior Championships
200m Freestyle50mOntario Youth-Junior Championships
200m Backstroke50mDr. Ralph Hicken International
100m Freestyle50mEastern Canadian Championships
200m Medley50mCanadian Swimming Trials
100m Freestyle25mMAC in house racing March 9
200m Freestyle25mMAC in house racing March 9
100m Freestyle Laps50mWinter Ontario Youth-Junior ChampionshipsRELAY
400m Freestyle25mCentral Region B SC Championships
800m Freestyle50mMallards Winter LC Invitational
800m Freestyle25mAB Meet
50m Butterfly25mWAC Border City International
50m Freestyle Laps25mWAC Border City InternationalRELAY
100m Backstroke25mWAC Border City International
200m Backstroke25mStingrays Fall Invitational
100m Backstroke50mAge Group International
400m Freestyle50mAge Group International
100m Butterfly50mNewmarket Stingrays May LC Invitational
400m Medley25mA-B Meet
50m Backstroke25mHarvest/Autumn InvitationalRELAY
50m Butterfly50mNewmarket Stingrays April LC Invitational
1500m Freestyle50mNewmarket Stingrays April LC Invitational
200m Butterfly50mMallards Long Course Challenge
100m Freestyle Laps25mOntario Winter Festival ChampionshipsRELAY
50m Butterfly Laps50mCentral Region A ChampsRELAY
50m Backstroke50mRHAC Launch into Long Course
200m Butterfly25mOntario Summer Festival
100m Breaststroke Laps25mOntario Winter FestivalRELAY
1500m Freestyle25mA - B Meet
100m Butterfly Laps50mNewmarket Stingrays Long Course InvitationalRELAY
50m Butterfly Laps25mOntario Winter Short Course FestivalRELAY
100m Butterfly Laps25mOntario Winter FestivalRELAY