National Teams

Para-Swimming Team

Jagdev Gill

  • Age 18
  • Height 195 cm / 6 ftin
  • Club Upper Canada Swim Club
  • Coach Marty McKend
  • Hometown Brockville, ON
  • Residence Brockville, ON

National Team Highlights

Madeira 2022 World Para Swimming Championships3

Jagdev’s Bio

  • At the Madeira 2022 World Para Swimming Championships, Gill was a member of the mixed 4×100-m medley 34 points relay that placed 8th and broke the Canadian record. Individually, Gill placed 7th in the 400-m freestyle S10, 8th in the 50-m freestyle S10, and 10th in the 100-m breaststroke SB9.
  • At the 2022 Bell Canadian Swimming Trials, Gill captured silver in the 50-m freestyle multi-class and earned bronze in the 100-m breaststroke multi-class. His performances qualified him for the 2022 World Para Swimming Championships.
Quick facts
  • Instagram: @jacksgill
  • Nickname: Jack
  • Favourite movie: Shawshank Redemption
  • Favourite TV show: Brookyln 99
  • Pre-race meal: Pasta or Eggs
  • Superhero: Spiderman
  • Music Behind the blocks: Rap/Hip hop
  • Other Sports: Basketball
  • Favourite Place to Visit: Jamaica
  • Guilty Pleasure: Donuts

Jagdev’s Personal Bests

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50m Breaststroke50mCoupe universitaire 4EXH
100m Backstroke50mKen Demchuk International Invitational
100m Freestyle25mCoupe universitaire 1 - UdeS
50m Butterfly25mCoupe universitaire 1 - UdeS
50m Freestyle25mSplash Meet
100m Breaststroke Laps50mEastern Canadian ChampionshipsRELAY
50m Freestyle50mCanadian Swimming Trials
100m Freestyle50mCanadian Swimming Trials
400m Freestyle50mCanadian Swimming Trials
100m Breaststroke50m36. Internationale Deutsche Para Meisterschaften
400m Medley50m36. Internationale Deutsche Para Meisterschaften
200m Medley50mTrials Selection Prep Invite
100m Butterfly50mTrials Selection Prep Invite
200m Freestyle50mU.S. Paralympics Championships
50m Butterfly50mU.S. Paralympics Championships
200m Breaststroke25mLasers SC 2021 Swim Meet
400m Freestyle25mLasers SC 2021 Swim Meet
200m Medley25mLasers SC 2021 Swim Meet
200m Freestyle25mLasers SC 2021 Swim Meet
50m Breaststroke25mLasers SC 2021 Swim Meet
100m Butterfly25mCSL Snowflake Invitational
100m Breaststroke25mTime Trials
100m Freestyle Laps50mNKB Winter Invitational (Long Course)RELAY
800m Freestyle50mNKB Winter Invitational (Long Course)
200m Backstroke25mGrand Prix Gatineau
50m Freestyle Laps25mGrand Prix GatineauRELAY
800m Freestyle25mSnowflake Invitational Swim Meet
100m Backstroke25mFall Five
100m Medley25mSplash N Grill
200m Breaststroke50mEastern Ontario Regional Long Course Championships
200m Backstroke50mNKB Winter Invitational
50m Backstroke25mGrand Prix
50m Breaststroke Laps25mCSL Snowflake InvitationalRELAY
50m Backstroke50mEastern Ontario Long Course Regional Championships
1500m Freestyle50mInvitation provinciale Neptune avec finales - CSPO
50m Breaststroke Laps50mNKB Winter InvitationalRELAY
1500m Freestyle25mGrand Prix Gatineau
50m Freestyle Laps50mEastern Ontario Long Course Regional ChampionshipRELAY