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Liam Desjarlais

    Liam’s Personal Bests

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    100m Butterfly50mCircuit senior etape 3
    200m Medley50mInvitation provinciale de Noel CAMO 2019 groupes d'age incluant 10 ans et moins
    100m Medley25mNeptune International de Noel 25m
    100m Butterfly Laps25mNeptune International de Noel 25mRELAY
    50m Butterfly25mNeptune International de Noel 25m
    50m Butterfly Laps25mFestival par equipe section 1RELAY
    200m Butterfly50mEastern Canadian Championships
    200m Freestyle Laps50mEastern Canadian ChampionshipsRELAY
    50m Butterfly50mEastern Canadian Championships
    100m Breaststroke25mInvitation Provinciale AA-AAA Pointe-Claire
    200m Breaststroke50mInvitation Provinciale AA-AAA Pointe-Claire
    100m Freestyle50mCanadian Swimming Trials
    50m Backstroke25mCircuit Senior Etape 1 - CSPO
    100m Butterfly Laps50mCanadian ChampionshipsRELAY1
    100m Freestyle25mU Sports- Championnat canadien universitaire
    100m Freestyle Laps25mU Sports- Championnat canadien universitaireRELAY
    200m Butterfly25mChampionnat provincial universitaire1
    50m Freestyle Laps25mFestival par equipe - section 1RELAY
    100m Backstroke25mFestival par equipe - section 1
    100m Freestyle Laps50mCanadian Swimming ChampionshipsRELAY
    50m Freestyle50mCanadian Swimming Championships
    50m Freestyle Laps50mFestival par equipe section 2RELAY
    50m Butterfly Laps50mSpeedo Eastern Canadian OpenRELAY1
    200m Freestyle Laps25mInvitation CSLA groupe d'age des f?tesRELAY
    100m Butterfly25mInvitation CSLA groupe d'age des f?tes
    50m Freestyle25mInvitation CSLA groupe d'age des f?tesRELAY
    25m Freestyle25mIntraclub 1 2015-2016 Neptune
    10000m Freestyle50mCoupe du Monde FINA 10 km
    1500m Freestyle50mCanadian Swimming Trials
    400m Freestyle50mCanadian Swimming Trials
    800m Freestyle50mCanadian Swimming Trials
    200m Freestyle50mCanadian Swimming Trials
    1500m Freestyle25mOntario Junior International
    200m Freestyle25mThunderbolt Junior International
    400m Freestyle25mThunderbolt Junior International
    50m Breaststroke Laps50mXTRASLUSH SAMAK Groupe d'AgeRELAY
    100m Backstroke50mFestival par equipe - Section 3RELAY
    50m Breaststroke50mInvitation LC du printemps Groupe d'age P1 et P2 (au Centre Claude-Robillard)
    800m Freestyle25mOntario Age Group Championships
    400m Medley25mEastern Championships
    200m Medley25mInvitation de Noel
    200m Breaststroke25mInvitation de Noel
    50m Breaststroke Laps25mInvitation 18e ''Challenge'' Provinciale Groupe d'ageRELAY
    200m Backstroke50mInternational 2012 P1-P2 Samak
    50m Backstroke50mSection 3 - Championnat par equipeRELAY
    400m Medley50mEastern Canadian Championships
    200m Backstroke25mInvitation Noel P1 et P2 avec finales (25m)
    50m Breaststroke25mInvitation provinciale 16e Challenge P1-P2
    100m Breaststroke50mInternational Xtraslush - P1-P2
    25m Breaststroke25m3eme Intraclub
    25m Backstroke25m3eme Intraclub
    100m Breaststroke Laps25mChampionnat provincial par equipe - section 5 sudRELAY