National Teams

Alex Loginov

  • Age 28
  • Height 198.12 cm / 6 ftin
  • Club Toronto Swim Club
  • Coach Byron MacDonald
  • Hometown Toronto, ON
  • Residence Vanvouver, BC
  • Event 50 FR

Alex’s Meets

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DateCity (Nation)CourseMeet
Toronto50mWinter Ontario Swimming Championships
Unionville50mGTA Skins @ Markham PanAm Pool
Toronto25mMcMaster OUA Invitational
Toronto50mGrand Prix
Atlanta (USA)50mUS National Championships
Toronto25mDowntown Fall Sprint Meet
Winnipeg50mCanadian Swimming Championships
Toronto50mSummer Ontario Swimming Championship
Vancouver50mMel Zajac Jr. International Swim Meet
Toronto50mCanadian Swimming Trials
VancouverU SPORTS Odlum Brown Swimming Championships
Surrey50mPSW Winter Invitational
Vancouver50mLMR Invitational
Burnaby25mSFU vs UVic vs UBC
Hangzhou (CHN)25mFINA: 14th World Short Course Championships
Calgary25mCanada West Championships
Vancouver25mOdlum Brown Colleges Cup Pacific Hosted by UBC
Edmonton50mCanadian Swimming Trials
Etobicoke50mOntario Summer Provincial Championships
Santa Clara (USA)50mPro Swim Series
Vancouver50m55th Annual Mel Zajac Jr. International
Unionville50mHicken International
Montreal50mCanadian Swimming Championships
Vancouver50mSwim BC Senior Open - Winter
Austin (USA)50mPro Swim Series
Taipei (TPE)50mXXIX Universiade
Budapest (HUN)50mFINA: 17th World Championships
Toronto50mOntario Summer Provincial Championships
Etobicoke50mAge Group International
Unionville50mHicken International
Victoria50mCanadian Swimming Trials
Etobicoke50mCentral Region 'A' Champs Winter
Edmonton50mCanadian Swimming Championships
Charlotte (USA)50mArena Pro Swim Series
Toronto50mCanadian Olympic Swimming Trials
Vancouver50mLong Course Swim BC Open
QuebecChampionnat canadien universitaire
Austin (USA)50mArena Pro Swim Series
Vancouver50mVPSC/UBCD Senior Cup
Federal Way (USA)50mUS Winter National Championships
Vancouver25mCanada West University Championships
Vancouver25mOdlum Brown Colleges' Cup - Pacific
Victoria50mSwim BC 2015 October Senior Circuit
Pointe-Claire50mCanadian Championships
Toronto50mPan American Games
Vancouver50mMel Zajac Junior International
Toronto50mCanadian Swimming Trials
Vancouver50mSwimBC Senior Open
VictoriaCIS University Championships
Vancouver50mSwimBC Senior Circuit #2
Vancouver25mTime Trials
Vancouver50mUBCD/VPSC Senior Cup
Lethbridge25mCanada West Swimming Championships
Vancouver25mOdlum Brown College's Cup - Pacific
Victoria25mSwim BC October Senior Circuit
Montreal50mCoupe Canada / Coupe Quebec 2014 (A Claude-Robillard)
Toronto50mTime Trials
Victoria50mCanadian Swimming Trials
Victoria50mSwim BC Open (LC)
Toronto25mCIS Swimming Championships
Calgary25mCanada West
Richmond50mSwim BC Senior Circuit #2
Toronto25mCoupe Canada Cup
Toronto25mDowntown Fall Meet
Pointe-Claire50mCanadian Summer Championships
Montreal50mCoupe Canada / Coupe Quebec
Etobicoke50mAge Group International
Etobicoke50mHicken International Swim Cup
Victoria50mWorld Championships Trials
Saskatoon25mWestern Canadian Championships
Vancouver25mVPSC Dash For Cash
New Estminster25mHyack Icebreaker Classic
Vancouver25mTime Trials
Victoria50mSwimBC Senior Championships
Etobicoke25mCoupe Canada Cup
Vancouver50mTime Trials
Indianapolis (USA)50mUS National Championships - Time Trials
Indianapolis (USA)50mUS National Championships
Edmonton50mCanadian Championships
Montreal50mCoupe Canada / Coupe Quebec
Etobicoke50mAge Group International
Montreal25mChampionnat Canadien Universitaire Sic
Vancouver25mTime Trials
Edmonton25mCanada West Swimming Championships
New Estminster25mHyack Icebreaker Classic
Vancouver25mTime Trials
EtobicokeCanada Cup
Calgary25mCascade Speed Meet "GOLD"
Calgary25mDinos University Invitational
Victoria50mTAS SwimBC Senior Circuit
Pointe-Claire50mSummer Nationals
Montreal50mCoupe Canada / Coupe Quebec
Etobicoke50mAge Group Meet
Etobicoke50mDr. Ralph Hicken Invitational
Victoria25mEast vs West Dual Meet
Victoria50mWorld Trials
Toronto50mSwim Ontario LCM Timed Final Invitational
Newmarket25mStingrays Invitational
London25mEastern Canadian Championships
Toronto50mOntario Cup
Etobicoke25mYouth Cup
Etobicoke25mCanada Cup
Etobicoke25mHarvest Invitational
Toronto25mDowntown Sprint Meet
Victoria50mCanadian Championships
Montreal50mCoupe Canada/Coupe Quebec
Etobicoke50mAge Group International
Etobicoke50mDr. Ralph Hicken Invitational
NepeanDivision 1 Team Championships
Montreal50mPan Pacific Trials
Toronto50mTime Trials
Etobicoke25mSC Junior and PARA Provincials
Ottawa25mEastern Canadian Championships
Toronto25mOntario Cup
Etobicoke25mAB Meet
Etobicoke25mYouth Cup
Toronto25mCanada Cup
Brantford25mSwim Meet
Etobicoke25mHarvest Invitational
Toronto25mHall of Fame Meet
Montreal50mCanadian World Championship Trials
Montreal50mGrand Prix - Coupe Canada - Coupe du Quebec
Toronto50mSr. Provincials and AGI
Toronto50mAjax Sprint Meet
Toronto50mDivision 1 Team Champs
Toronto25m2009 Central Region SC Champs
Toronto25mDolphins Swim Club meet #2
Toronto25mOntario Cup
Markham25mAlex Baumann Invitational
Toronto25m2008 Harvest Invitational
Toronto25mHall of Fame
Toronto25mCompetitive Swim Meet
Toronto50mAge Group Invitational
Hamilton50mJack MacCormick Invitational