National Teams

Senior National Team

Samuel Belanger

  • Age 24
  • Height 189 cm / 6 ftin
  • Club Rouge et Or/ Université Laval
  • Coach Nicholas Perron
  • Hometown Québec City, QC
  • Residence Laval, QC

National Team Highlights

Singapore 2015 FINA World Junior Championships1

Samuel’s Bio

  • At the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Belanger finished 19th in the 200-m freestyle.
  • At the 2017 Canadian Swimming Championships, Belanger placed fourth in the 200-m freestyle and eighth in 400-m freestyle.
  • Belanger took part in the Relay Takeoff Camp in April 2017. This camp identified future national team members, 100 and 200-m freestyle swimmers, in preparation for Tokyo 2020.
  • Belanger was part of the 4×200-m freestyle relay team alongside Markus Thormeyer, Carson Olafson, and Javier Acevedo that finished fifth at the 2015 FINA World Junior Swimming Championships.
Quick Facts
  • Instagram: @sam200to400
  • Favourite Movie: Batman (Christopher Nolan)
  • Favourite Books: Le parfum, Patrick Süskind
  • Favourite TV Show: Westworld
  • Favourite Band: Kaleo
  • Music behind the blocks: J-wright/ NF/ Token
  • Pre-race meal: Pasta

Samuel’s Personal Bests

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100m Freestyle50mEssai de T
200m Freestyle Laps25mChampionnat provincial universitaire RSEQRELAY
50m Freestyle Laps50mCoupe Universitaire 3RELAY
50m Breaststroke50m11e Meeting National des Hortillons
100m Freestyle Laps25mCoupe universitaire 2RELAY
100m Breaststroke25mFestival par equipe section 2
50m Butterfly25mFestival par equipe section 2
100m Freestyle Laps50mCanadian Swimming ChampionshipsRELAY
100m Breaststroke50mCoupe du Quebec (Senior et PARA) - Ete1
200m Medley50mCoupe du Quebec (Senior et PARA) - Ete1
400m Medley25mChampionnat de natation universitaire RSEQ
200m Butterfly25mDefi Nez-Rouge
50m Breaststroke Laps25mCoupe Universitaire #3RELAY
100m Butterfly50mCoupe du Quebec (Senior et PARA) d'ete1
200m Breaststroke25mDefi Nez-Rouge 2017 groupe d'age
100m Backstroke25mDefi Nez-Rouge 2017 groupe d'age
50m Freestyle25mDefi Nez-Rouge 2017 groupe d'age
100m Medley25mInvitation provinciale
200m Backstroke25mInvitation provinciale
50m Freestyle Laps25mFestival provincial par equipe section 2RELAY
50m Backstroke50mCoupe du Quebec Ete
50m Butterfly50mDefi UL en bassin de 50 m
50m Freestyle50mDefi UL en bassin de 50 m
200m Butterfly50m54th Annual Mel Zajac International
200m Freestyle25mDefi Nez-Rouge
50m Breaststroke25mDefi Nez-Rouge
200m Medley25mDefi Nez-Rouge
100m Butterfly Laps50mChampionnat provincial AA-AAA junior et seniorRELAY
200m Freestyle50mCanadian Olympic Swimming Trials
50m Backstroke25mDefi Nez-Rouge 2015 : A-AA-AAA et 10 ans et moins)
100m Butterfly25mDefi Nez-Rouge 2015 : A-AA-AAA et 10 ans et moins)
100m Freestyle25mOntario Junior International
400m Freestyle25mOntario Junior International
200m Freestyle Laps50mFINA: 5th World Junior ChampionshipsRELAY
400m Freestyle50mCanadian Championships1
200m Backstroke50mDefi UL en 50 m
1500m Freestyle25mFestival provincial par equipe section 1
800m Freestyle25mFestival provincial par equipe section 1SPLIT
800m Freestyle50mCanadian Swimming TrialsSPLIT
1500m Freestyle50mCanadian Swimming Trials
100m Backstroke50mDefi rouge et or en 50 m
400m Medley50mCanadian Swimming Trials
50m Butterfly Laps25mJeux du QuebecRELAY
50m Butterfly Laps50mChamp. provincial AQUAM groupes d'age, senior et paranatationRELAY
200m Breaststroke50mSection 1 - Champ. provincial par equipe