Équipes nationales

Murray Duncan

  • Âge 21
  • Club Red Deer Catalina Swim Club

Murray: Meilleurs temps

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50m Dos25mVivos JP Fiset Invitational
50m Libre25mVivos JP Fiset Invitational
50m Brasse25mKSC SC Invitational
100m 4 nages25mKSC SC Invitational
100m Dos25mSpeed Meet
100m Libre25mSpeed Meet
100m Dos50mSummer ChampionshipsRELAY
200m Dos50mSummer Championships
50m Dos50mSummer Championships
200m 4 nages50mCSI
400m Libre50mCSI
100m Libre Laps50mCSIRELAY
200m Libre Laps50mWestern Canadian ChampionshipsRELAY
50m Libre50mOSC Last Chance Qualifier
100m Papillon50mSpring Championships
100m Libre50mSpring ChampionshipsRELAY
200m Libre50mSpring ChampionshipsRELAY
400m 4 nages50mGoldfins Brainsport Winter Classic
50m Libre Laps50mGoldfins Brainsport Winter ClassicRELAY
50m Papillon50mGoldfins Brainsport Winter Classic
800m Libre50mGoldfins Brainsport Winter Classic
400m 4 nages25mBlue Bears
200m Papillon25mBlue Bears
800m Libre25mBlue Bears
50m Papillon25mJP Fiset Invitational
200m Dos25mJP Fiset Invitational
200m Libre25mJP Fiset Invitational
50m Libre Laps25mJP Fiset InvitationalRELAY
100m Papillon25mKSC SC Invitational
400m Libre25mCascade Speed Meet
200m 4 nages25mCascade Speed Meet
100m Brasse50mCatalina Freeze or Fry
1500m Libre50mKeyano International (EKI)
1500m Libre25mCatalina Valentine Invitational
100m Brasse25mCatalina Valentine Invitational
50m Brasse50m18th Annual Silver Cup
200m Brasse25mCatalina Valentine Invitational
25m Brasse25mFall Kick Off
25m Libre25mFall Kick Off
25m Papillon25mPool Sharks Cookie Classic
25m Dos25m23rd Silver Tide Poppy Invitational