Équipes nationales

Isabelle Hemstead

  • Âge 16
  • Club Goulbourn Sea Hawks

Isabelle: Meilleurs temps

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400m 4 nages50mFestival of Spring
200m Papillon50mOpen Gatineau
50m Libre50mOpen Gatineau
100m Papillon50mOpen Gatineau
50m Papillon Laps50mOpen GatineauRELAY
50m Papillon50mOpen Gatineau
400m Libre50mNKB Cup
800m Libre50mNKB Cup
100m Brasse50mOYO Long Course Invitational
50m Brasse25mSheri Ohlman Invitational
1500m Libre25mSheri Ohlman Invitational
800m Libre25mSheri Ohlman InvitationalSPLIT
400m 4 nages25mSheri Ohlman Invitational
100m Dos25mSheri Ohlman Invitational
100m Brasse25mSheri Ohlman Invitational
200m Brasse25mSheri Ohlman Invitational
200m Libre25mEastern Regionals Short Course Championships
400m Libre25mEastern Regionals Short Course Championships
200m 4 nages25mEastern Regionals Short Course Championships
100m Libre50mNKB January Invitational
200m Libre50mNKB January Invitational
200m 4 nages50mNKB January Invitational
100m Libre25mInvitation Pointe-Claire Invitational
100m Papillon25mInvitation Pointe-Claire Invitational
200m Dos25mOYO 2022 Short Course Invitational
50m Papillon25mSHL Season Sizzler Pentathlon
100m 4 nages25mSHL Season Sizzler Pentathlon
50m Dos25mSHL Season Sizzler Pentathlon
50m Brasse50mEastern Ontario Regional Championship Meet
100m Papillon Laps50mNKB Festival of SpringRELAY
100m Libre Laps50mNKB Festival of SpringRELAY
100m Dos50mNKB Festival of Spring
200m Dos50mNKB Alterna Cup
50m Dos50mNKB Alterna Cup
200m Papillon25mGrand Prix Gatineau
50m Libre Laps25mGrand Prix GatineauRELAY
50m Libre25mHalloween Welcome Bat to Racing
200m Brasse50mOYO Long Course Invitational
25m Brasse25mSpooky Halloween Meet
25m Papillon25mSpooky Halloween Meet