Équipes nationales

Adam Giles

  • Âge 20
  • Club Goulbourn Sea Hawks

Adam: Meilleurs temps

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100m Libre50mWinter Ontario Youth-Junior Championships
100m Brasse50mWinter Ontario Youth-Junior Championships
100m Libre Laps50mWinter Ontario Youth-Junior ChampionshipsRELAY
50m Brasse Laps50mWinter Ontario Youth-Junior ChampionshipsRELAY
50m Papillon50mGO GeeGee Winterlude Long Course Invite
50m Brasse25mEastern Ontario Regional Championships (SC/LC)
100m Libre25mEastern Ontario Regional Championships (SC/LC)
50m Libre25mEastern Ontario Regional Championships (SC/LC)
200m Libre25mEastern Ontario Regional Championships (SC/LC)
800m Libre50mNKB Winter Invitational (Long Course)
400m Libre25mBeast Cup
200m Dos25mBeast Cup
100m Dos25mBeast Cup
800m Libre25mBeast Cup
100m 4 nages25mBeast Cup
400m Libre50mEastern Ontario Regional Long Course Championships
200m Papillon50mFestival of Spring
50m Brasse50mOYO Long Course Invitational
50m Dos50mOYO Long Course Invitational
200m 4 nages50mSpring Ontario Youth-Junior Championships
200m Libre50mSpring Ontario Youth-Junior Championships
200m Brasse50mSpring Ontario Youth-Junior Championships
50m Libre50mSpring Ontario Youth-Junior Championships
100m Dos50mGo Gee Gee Long Course Invitational
100m Papillon50mGo Gee Gee Long Course Invitational
200m Dos50mGo Gee Gee Long Course Invitational
400m 4 nages50mGo Gee Gee Long Course Invitational
200m 4 nages25mEastern Ontario Regional Championships (SC/LC)
100m Brasse25mGrand Prix
200m Brasse25mGrand Prix
50m Brasse Laps25mGO Fall InvitationalRELAY
400m 4 nages25mGO Fall Invitational
50m Dos25mTrojan Pentathlon
50m Papillon25mTrojan Pentathlon
50m Libre Laps25mHuronia Regional SC ChampionshipsRELAY
1500m Libre50mStratten & Bond Invitational
200m Papillon25mTrojan Cup
100m Papillon25mTrojan Cup
1500m Libre25mTrojan Cup
50m Libre Laps50mMB Junior Open Provincials Long CourseRELAY
25m Dos25mOOSC Fall Invitational
25m Libre25mOOSC Fall Invitational