Équipes nationales

Maya McGhan

  • Âge 19
  • Club McGill University

Maya: Meilleurs temps

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50m Brasse50mEastern Ontario Regional Championships - Summer
400m 4 nages50mTime Trials Olympic & Paralympic Trials
1500m Libre50mCandian Olympic & Paralympic Trials
100m Papillon50mTime Trials Olympic & Paralympic Trials
800m Libre50mU SPORTS Swimming Championships
50m Libre25mU SPORTS Swimming Championships
200m 4 nages50mU SPORTS Swimming Championships
400m 4 nages25mU SPORTS Swimming Championships
100m Libre Laps50mU SPORTS Swimming ChampionshipsRELAY
200m 4 nages25mChampionnat universitaire RSEQ
200m Libre Laps25mChampionnat universitaire RSEQRELAY
100m Libre Laps25mChampionnat universitaire RSEQRELAY
50m Libre Laps25mChampionnat universitaire RSEQRELAY
100m Papillon25mCoupe universitaire 4_uOttawa 01212024
50m Papillon Laps25mCoupe universitaire 3RELAY
50m Papillon25mCoupe du Quebec Senior
50m Papillon50mCoupe du Quebec Senior
50m Libre50mCoupe du Quebec Senior
400m Libre25mCoupe du Quebec Senior
400m Libre50mCoupe du Quebec Senior
200m Libre25mCoupe universitaire 2 - USHER
100m Libre25mCoupe universitaire 1
200m Papillon50mISCA Summer Senior Blast
50m Brasse Laps50mISCA Summer Senior BlastRELAY
200m Libre Laps50mSummer Ontario ChampionshipsRELAY
200m Libre50mSummer Ontario Championships
100m Libre50mSummer Ontario ChampionshipsRELAY
50m Libre Laps50mSummer Ontario ChampionshipsRELAY
100m Papillon Laps50mEastern Ontario Regional Championship (Summer)RELAY
100m Brasse50mEastern Ontario Regional Championship (Summer)
100m Brasse25mOntario Junior International
100m 4 nages25mNKB SC Fall Invitational
200m Brasse25mNKB SC Fall Invitational
100m Brasse Laps50mOntario Provincial ChampionshipsRELAY
200m Brasse50mSpring Forward Invitational Weekend - MPAC
800m Libre25mNKB Black vs Green Dual Meet
100m Dos50mInvitation decembre Pointe-ClaireRELAY
200m Dos25mInvitation international de Noel
50m Brasse25mInvitation international de Noel
100m Dos25mInvitation international de Noel
200m Dos50mEastern Ontario Regional Championships (SC/LC)
50m Dos50mEastern Ontario Regional Championships (SC/LC)
50m Dos25mGrand Prix GatineauRELAY
50m Brasse Laps25mGrand PrixRELAY