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Canadian Chicken Farmers Announce World Championship Medal Incentive Recipients

2015 FINA –

Team Canada won four medals at the FINA World Championships in Russia. As a result, Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC) will be providing $18,000 to Canadian swimmers and regional food banks as part of their recently announced incentive program.

Each medal-winning swimmer, (nine in all) will be receiving $1,000 from CFC. In addition, each swimmer will get to choose a food bank to receive an additional $1000 donation from CFC on behalf of each athlete.

“We are proud to support and celebrate our swimmers’ achievements, and it’s a win-win situation as we also get to further support Canada’s food banks.” says Dave Janzen, Chairman of CFC. “We take pride in their outstanding results and are pleased to extend that support financially to both them and the food banks in their respective regions.”

Ryan Cochrane, winner of two of Canada’s medals, said the food bank aspect of the incentive was appreciated. “After a successful World Championships, it’s humbling to receive awards for our results, but just as important is our ability to give back to our communities. Thank you to the Chicken Farmers of Canada for helping us to make a difference in our neighbourhoods”.

“Recognizing our athletes’ performances in this way is fantastic,” says John Atkinson, Swimming Canada High Performance Director. “The fact that Chicken Farmers of Canada has also chosen to recognize all six swimmers that won a relay bronze medal is tremendous, and very much reinforces our team philosophy.”

Canada’s medal winning athletes at the FINA World Championships were:

Ryan Cochrane, Two Bronze – 400 Freestyle 1500 Freestyle

Emily Overholt, Bronze – 400 IM

Yuri Kisil, Bronze – 400 Mixed Freestyle Relay

Santo Condorelli, Bronze – 400 Mixed Freestyle Relay

Karl Krug, Bronze – 400 Mixed Freestyle Relay

Sandrine Mainville, Bronze – 400 Mixed Freestyle Relay

Victoria Poon, Bronze – 400 Mixed Freestyle Relay

Chantal Van Landeghem Bronze – 400 Mixed Freestyle Relay