An integral part of Swimming Canada’s mission is to inspire Canadians to be active and healthy. Masters Swimmers are the embodiment of this. Swimming Canada recognizes that Masters Swimmers are magnificent ambassadors and advocates for our sport, both with their friends and families, and within the community at large. Whether training for fitness or to compete, all Masters Swimmers are an essential part of the Swimming Canada family.

Swimming Canada aims to provide the best possible support to the Masters Swimming community, working collaboratively with the provincial sections, to provide meet sanctioning, coach certification, official certification, club services, insurance, etc.   Swimming Canada’s close relationship with our international partners provides recognition of Swimming Canada events and of our member Swimmers’ performances.


We are pleased to announce that the 2021 Canadian Masters Swimming Championships will be held May 21st to 23rd in Quebec City.  We are excited to be returning to Quebec City for this event last hosted there in 2017. The PEPS of the Université de Laval is a beautiful facility with two 25 m, 10 lane competition pools and a warm-up/cool down pool.

The City of Quebec provides spectacular scenery in the historic old city, a UNESCO World Heritage treasure. It is the only fortified city north of Mexico with over 400 years of history. The renowned restaurants of the City are sure to please all palates and the surrounding countryside is breathtaking and worth taking extra time to visit and enjoy.


The April challenge results are available HERE.

Congratulations to all our participating members and clubs.  A special thank you to the Swimmers who took the time to drop us a note!
Our participation prizes, a 25$ gift certificate to the Swimming Canada on-line store, go to:

Julie Stenner                        YMCA Calgary Masters
Patricia Grant                        Halifax Chronos Masters
Hélène Jacques                  Club Natation Maitre Nageurs Québec
Shannon Roen                     YMCA Calgary Masters


Our pools are empty of Swimmers but Swimmers are still active out of the water. We have heard from many of you about your new reality. The rediscovered joys of family time. Board games, bon fires, cycling, binge watching, Yoga, picking up the yard, volunteering, home-schooling.  Thank you to those of you who have taken a moment to drop us a line.

The High Performance Mental Health Advisor to Swimming Canada, Dr. Carla Edwards, proposed that we take the opportunity being presented to us with the changing times to re-connect with a passion or interest that we have put aside due to lack of time.

The Swimming Canada offices have been closed since March 16th however, we continue our planning for all Swimmers. Please consult the Swimming Canada web page regularly for updates. A COVID-19 resource hub has also been created for the sharing of information, though much of it is focused towards our High-Performance Swimmers there is useful information for all. Our communications department is also sharing stories and features regularly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, please follow us there.

We would like to take this occasion to thank the Etobicoke Olymium Masters Swim Club for the preparation work they completed for the hosting the 2020 Canadian Masters Swimming Championships. Though the event has been cancelled and their efforts will not be fruitful, we are confident that the event would have been spectacular.

We are looking for up-lifting stories to celebrate our members and their contributions to their communities during these times. Please drop us a line to tell us about yourself, a teammate or a ‘young’ person in your entourage who is contributing.

We encourage all of you to continue practicing government safety measures including self-isolation, physical distancing, hand washing and all other recommendations.

Swimming Canada will continue to communicate with it’s members encouraging a healthy lifestyle during these challenging times.

Be well, be safe and look out for one another. WE WILL SWIM AGAIN


Canadian Masters Records for individual and relay events are now available on with the Swimrankings records page , look for Canada in the record list and Canadian Masters Records subsequently.


Canadian rankings are now available on the Swimming Canada web page HERE . Select the age group to see top times in each event in the selected age group.

Clicking on the event will display all rankings. Clicking on a time will display time details and ranking details. Clicking on a name will display the swimmer’s best times.

SwimRankings also displays Canadian rankings HERE . You can view provincial rankings and club rankings as well. Just add the province/club to the url like this:  (Change the last 2 letters to your provincial code).  (Change the last  letters to your club code).


Each month a new challenge will be posted to be completed within the month, the details of which will be shared with each challenge. Swimmers/coaches will tabulate the results of the challenge and forward them to [email protected]. Prizes will be awarded, keep up the good work!

May’s Mail-in challenge has been launched and is available in the resource section of the Swimming Canada Masters page. This month we are inviting you to complete the activities listed, while maintaining physical distancing, to help keep your body and mind active and you spirit high. Check off that you have completed as many of the activities as possible and submit your participation. This will be our last challenge of the 2019-2020 season. We hope you have enjoyed them and we look forward to presenting them again during the 2020-2021 season.

The April challenge data is due back by May 5th so that results can be compiled and prizes awarded. Remember April results can be submitted individually HERE .

The March challenge results are available HERE.

Congratulations to all our participating members and clubs. A special mention to the 6 Swimmers who completed all of the events along with the Manitoba Marlins who completed the events in a long course pool!
Our participation prizes, a 25$ gift certificate to the Swimming Canada on-line store, go to:

Pierre Boily                             Club Natation Mont-Tremblant
Quinton Collister                    Brandon Bluefins Masters Swim Club
Sarah McAvoy                       Manitoba Marlins
Linda Stanley Wilson            White Rock Waves


Nominations are now closed for the 2020 Swimming Canada Masters Swimming Awards including the Award for Long-term contribution to Masters Swimming in Canada. The Excellence in Coaching Award for an exceptional coach. Masters Swimming Excellence award in recognition of Masters Swimmers who have demonstrated consistent and outstanding results at the highest level of competition in Masters Swimming.


 Results from swim meets which are not Swimming Canada sanctioned do not appear automatically in our results and rankings. When competing at a meet, while representing your Canadian swim team, sanctioned by a foreign federation, recognized by FINA, it is important to communicate your participation to us. We will require the results files produced by the meet management software. Please provide these files or a meet contact so that they can be requested.

If you missed our previous bulletins, please consult them HERE

Any questions may be directed to [email protected] where we will endeavor to respond or direct you to the proper channels.

 “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”

Spock, The Wrath of Khan (1982)

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