The results of the October monthly challenge are now available HERE

Congratulations to all our participating members and clubs.
Our participation prizes, a 25$ gift certificate to the Swimming Canada on-line store, go to:

Allison Bennett            Aurora Master Ducks
Nick Van Alphen         Owen Sound Aquatic Club Leftovers
Natalie Tardif                Calgary Masters Swim Club
Christina Leddy          Masters Pointe-Claire


Welcome to November. Masters Swimmers now have a couple of months of training under their belts and may even have competed in a competition as the fall of 2019 continues. More than 5000 Masters Swimmers are now registered for the season and we are pleased to count you all as members of the Swimming Canada family.

We have continued our work towards preparing projects for Masters Swimmers and are pleased to share our progress with you.


Since September 1st, Swimming Canada has received notifications from FINA for the following World Records:

Rasmussen Kalis EOMAC SWIMON 50 BREAST SC 01:32.51 28/04/2019 95-99
Rasmussen Kalis EOMAC SWIMON 100 BACK SC 02:42.13 27/04/2019 95-99
Rasmussen Kalis EOMAC SWIMON 100 BREAST SC 03:33.91 28/04/2019 95-99
Rasmussen Kalis EOMAC SWIMON 200 BACK SC 05:42.83 28/04/2019 95-99
Rasmussen Kalis EOMAC SWIMON 200 BREAST SC 07:22.30 28/04/2019 95-99
Rasmussen Kalis EOMAC SWIMON 100 BREAST LC 03:47.36 23/06/2019 95-99
Rasmussen Kalis EOMAC SWIMON 200 BREAST LC 07:42.36 23/06/2019 95-99
Rasmussen Kalis EOMAC SWIMON 50 BREAST LC 01:38.21 23/06/2019 95-99
MPC FNQ 4X100 Medley SC 08:00.03 25/05/2019 320-359
Whittaker Gail MPC FNQ 4X100 Medley SC 25/05/2019 320-359
Lui Helena MPC FNQ 4X100 Medley SC 25/05/2019 320-359
Oliver Judie MPC FNQ 4X100 Medley SC 25/05/2019 320-359
Waldie Mae MPC FNQ 4X100 Medley SC 25/05/2019 320-359
Brussel Betty WRW SWIMBC 200 BREAST SC 08:27.91 14/04/2019 95-99
Brussel Betty WRW Swim BC 50 BREAST SC 01:36.37 2/3/2019 95-99
Mabee Cindy VICM Swim BC 50 BACK LC 00:31.59 6/7/2019 50-54
Mabee Cindy VICM Swim BC 100 BACK LC 01:08.71 6/7/2019 50-54

Please join us in congratulating them for their achievements!


Following feedback and questions pertaining to the criteria for a Masters Swimming Canadian Record, two modifications have been made.

Un-attached swimmers are now clearly defined as being eligible for records.

Performances must be from FINA, Swimming Canada or Provincial section sanctioned MASTERS swim meets.

As always we appreciated your feedback, thank you.

Hy-tek and Splash files have been created for up-loading into your competition software with the most current records. These files will be updated regularly upon receipt of the paperwork for Canadian Record applications. The forms are provided on the Swimming Canada web site

The current Canadian Masters Records can be found  HERE.

We are working closely with the personnel at SwimRankings to have all Records and Rankings available on the Swimming Canada web page.  Records will be presented in the same format as the Canadian age group records. Swimming Canada Power Rankings display Masters Swimmers ranking by year of birth for competitions with results submitted to Swimming Canada. This feature will be developed as competition organizers continue to upload their results to the Swimming Canada web page. also provides swimmer statistics. Please visit the ranking web page HERE to access these sites. 


Swimmers wishing to register without a Masters Swim Club as an unattached swimmer should contact their provincial association. Please see the links HERE


The Etobicoke Olympium Masters Aquatic Club (EOMAC) is finalising their organising committee for the hosting of the 2020 Canadian Masters Swimming Championships to be held at the Etobicoke Olympium from May 22nd to 24th. Once the details are final the meet package will be posted. Check back on our web site in the coming days to see the complete details for your 2020 Canadian Masters Swimming Championships.


 Swim meets will appear on the Swimming Canada Events & Results  / Upcoming Meets PAGE as they are listed by the host club. Competitions appear as ‘’listed’’ until the meet package is approved, the meet then has the ‘’sanctioned’ status and the meet information is made available.

The top bar will allow you to filter the swim meets by ‘’meet type’’ regrouping all Masters meets together for easier review.

You may also select specific provinces in the top of the page. Each month must be reviewed individually at this time.

Some provincial web pages do contain a list of their competitions for the season. Please consult your Provincial Associations web page for this information. HERE


Mail-in challenges continue in November. Each month a new challenge will be posted to be completed in the month. Swimmers/coaches will tabulate the results of the challenge and forward them to Results will be compiled using the age group distributions as per competitions. Prizes will be awarded each month. The details will be elaborated with each challenge.

The November challenge is launched and is available  in the resources section below. This month we are inviting you to complete a timed 50m, 100m, 200m and 400m freestyle. All distances are done using a push (in the water) start. Times will be added-up for the 750m for compilation. You may also submit your results HERE

The October challenge data is due back by November 5th so that results can be compiled and prizes awarded.


 We are working to update the Masters Web page to better consolidate the information pertinent to Masters Swimmers and Masters Swim Clubs. Please feel free to provide feedback at


A platform is being developed at this time which will allow swimmers a ‘’one-time dump’’ of their previously tracked distances and a tracking mechanism for further accumulated distances. More good news to follow concerning this project, stay tuned and keep counting your distances.


We are hoping to profile Masters Swimmers and Masters Swim Clubs from across the country on the Swimming Canada web site.

We know there are many stories out there about Swim Clubs doing fun events, important activities outside of the pool from volunteering to fund raising. Swim Clubs who have amazing coaches keeping them motivated and engaged in watching the black line at the bottom of the pool.

We know there are Masters Swimmers who have been showing up at the pool for years. Swimmers who have overcome physical conditions by getting back in the pool. Swimmers who persevere. Swimmers who are changing the world they live in through their actions outside of swimming.

We want to hear these stories, who impresses you? Who motivates you? Why do you go to the pool week in week out? What else do you do; sports, art, literature, big business, volunteer? What are your passions?

Questionnaires are available on our web page and upon request at . If you have a story to tell we would love to hear it! Swimmer Profile   Club Profile.

If you missed our October bulletin, please consult it HERE

Any questions may be directed to where we will endeavor to respond or direct you to the proper channels.




Name Resource
Monthly Challenge 2019-10 RESULTS - Revised 2019-11-07 Monthly-Challenge-2019-10-RESULTS-2.pdf
Monthly Challenge 2019-11 Monthly-Challenge-2019-11.xlsx
Masters Bulletin 2019-11 Masters-Bulletin-2019-11.pdf
Masters Bulletin 2019-10 Masters-Bulletin-2019-10.pdf
Swimming Canada CEO Masters message 2019-08 Dear-Masters-Swimmers-2019-08.pdf