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O’Croinin wins another gold in the 400-metre freestyle

2018 RBC Canadian Junior Championships –

Winnipeg — On the final night of the competition, Emma O’Croinin from Edmonton Keyano Swim Club wowed with another gold medal in the women’s 15 to 17 400-metre freestyle at 4:15.47. This brings O’Croinin’s total medal count to six.

By Liam Harrap

“It was good. I think it was around what I did last week, so I’m pretty happy with that to do that again. There were some really good girls in the race so it’s always fun to race girls like them,” said O’Croinin.

She won the 800-metre free, 1500-metre free, 200-metre free, 400-metre medley, and got a bronze in the 100-metre free.

“I’m really happy with it. Coming into this I really didn’t know what to expect. Coming out of it I’m really happy with how it turned out,” said O’Croinin.

She will be going to the Junior Pan Pacific Championships next month in Fiji and the FINA Junior Open Water Championships in September in Israel.

Kyla Ross from Island Swimming Club came second in the 400-metre freestyle at 4:19.82.

Another big winner today was Guillermo Cruz Zuniga from CAMO Swim Club. He took gold in the men’s 16 to 18 50-metre freestyle at 23.07.

Zuniga said he’s trying to prefect his swim stroke.

“I’m smaller than the other guys on sprints so I’m focusing more on swimming technique. I think that helped a lot,” said Zuniga.

He also won the 100-metre butterfly and 100-metre freestyle earlier in the weekend. Overall, Zuniga said he’s pleased with his performance.

“The races went pretty well. I’m happy with what I’m doing right now.”

In an exciting finish, Asia Minnes from Neptune Natation won the women’s 15 to 17 200-metre medley at 2:18.13.

“It was really hard at the end, but that you expect after not training for a few weeks,” said Minnes.

Shannon Meadway was close behind at 2:18.42.

Another big win was by Raben Domman. He took gold in the men’s 16 to 18 400-metre free at 3:59.56.

“It was alright. Better than last week. All my swims were better than last week. So, I’m happy,” said Domman.

He is also going to FINA Junior Open Water Championships and said he’s going to focus on training as much as possible to prepare.

“A lot of swimming. I’m going to try to get as much open water training as I can. Other than that, it’s just me and my coach and a few other kids in the group working hard. Get as fit as I can.”

The high point award for the girls went to Katrina Bellio from the Etobicoke Swim Club and Emma O’Croinin. For the boys, the winners were Cole Pratt from Cascade Swim Club and Raben Dommann.

The Girl’s banner went to Etobicoke Swim Club and the Boys banner went to Cascade Swim Club. The Team banner winner will be announced tomorrow after the Open water events.

The team scores at the end of the night were Etobicoke Swimming with a strong lead at 1577, Cascade Swim Club at 1236.5, and Pointe-Claire Swim Club at 1195.

The RBC Canadian Junior Championships continue through to Monday at the Winnipeg Pan Am Pool and is being webcast at

For full results from the competition:

Here is a complete list of medal winners from tonight’s action.

Girls 50 – freestyle

  • 13-14

o            Gold: Andrea Kraetzer, KWIC

o            Silver: Elan Daley, ESWIM

o            Bronze: Dylan Scholes, OAK

  • 15-17

o            Gold: Sarah Watson, UMAN

o            Silver: Raphaelle Dandois-Samson, CAMO

o            Bronze: Elizabeth Ling, UCSC

Boys 50-m freestyle

  • 14-16

o            Gold: Joshua Liendo, NYAC

o            Silver: Edouard Fallum-Huot, NN

o            Bronze: Cole Pratt, CASC

  • 17-18

o            Gold: Guillermo Cruz Zuniga, CAMO

o            Silver: James LeBuke, CSSSC

o            Bronze: Daniel Boguski, SEALS

Girls 200-m Individual Medley

  • 13-14

o            Gold: Ashley McMillan, KISU

o            Silver: Katrina Bellio, ESWIM

o            Bronze: Catherine Minic, GPP

  • 15-17

o            Gold: Asia Minnes, NN

o            Silver: Shannon Meadway, USC

o            Bronze: Emma O’Croinin, EKSC

Boys 200-m Individual Medley

  • 14-16

o            Gold: Cole Pratt, CASC

o            Silver: Jacob Gallant, FAST

o            Bronze: Ramy Ghaziri, LBN

  • 17-18

o            Gold: Graysen Bernard, TSC

o            Silver: James Lebuke, CSSSC

o            Bronze: James Steele, GMAC

Girls 400-m Freestyle

  • 13-14

o            Gold: Katrina Bellio, ESWIM

o            Silver: Naeva Scott Boris, UVPCS

o            Bronze: Christey Liang, EKSC

  • 15-17

o            Gold: Emma O’Croinin, EKSC

o            Silver: Kyla Ross, ISC

o            Bronze: Brooke Switzer, MAC

Boys 400-m Freestyle

  • 14-16

o            Gold: Ian Friesen, CW

o            Silver: Alexander Axon, MAC

o            Bronze: Eric Brown, PCSC

  • 17-18

o            Gold: Raben Dommann, CHENA

o            Silver: Alexander Katelnikoff, CASC

o            Bronze: Dmitriy Lim, SFA

Open Womens 4×100-m medley relay

  • Gold: Etobicoke Swim Club

o            Xiaoran Mao

o            Serena Muizelaar

o            Caroline Carruthers

o            Hanna Henderson

  • Silver: Neptune Natation

o            Olivia Laliberte

o            Asia Minnes

o            Alicia Arcand

o            Florence Lafontaine-Giguere

  • Bronze: Cascade Swim Club

o            Alexandra Butler

o            Isabelle Roth

o            Laura Albers

o            Hannah Bennett

Open Mens 4×100-m medley relay

  • Gold: Etobicoke Swim Club

o            Richie Stokes

o            Alexander Milanovich

o            Ray Yang

o            Justin Konik

  • Silver: Pointe-Claire Swim Club

o            Kyle Douglas

o            Neil Simpson

o            Charles Millette

o            Patrick Hussey

  • Bronze: Cascade Swim Club

o            Sebastian Somerset

o            Mathieu Cyr

o            Cole Pratt

o            Alexander Katelnikoff