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Intro stage of Speedo #RaceAgain Challenge completed, Stage 1 set to begin

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In mid-December, Swimming Canada launched the Speedo #RaceAgain Challenge to allow swimmers across the country a chance to race within their clubs and submit results. The challenge, which is being rolled out in multiple phases, wrapped up the “Intro Stage” on Jan. 10.

This beginning stage saw 562 swimmers participate from 19 clubs across nine provinces and territories.

“We understand how difficult the timing of the Intro Stage was for the #RaceAgain Challenge,” said Senior Manager, Sport Development, Jocelyn Jay. “However, we are happy with the participation numbers and the level of excitement about racing that came from the coaches’ feedback.”

The full Speedo #RaceAgain Challenge will be done in three stages, with Stage 1 set to begin at the end of the month. With many clubs not able to access their full regular pool time into January, the dates of the three stages have been updated with Stage 1 being from Feb. 26 to March 7, presented by All Tides, Stage 2 from April 9-18, presented by Chicken Farmers of Canada, and Stage 3 from May 21-30, presented by Myrtha Pools.

The challenge is open to all registered competitive swimmers, including Masters and Para swimmers. Each age group, gender and multi-class will have a leaderboard, posting the top 10 cumulative point scores per swimmer. This will be a running tally of points across the events swum, and can fluctuate through the challenge.

Clubs will have the ability to run any number of events or sessions within the specified window, according to their needs and provincial requirements. Clubs and coaches are responsible for running their events safely with the most current health and safety protocols and risk mitigation plans as determined by their province.

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